These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Nationals Rr Division 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cyrus Pearo University of Colorado Denver
2 Daniel Rowen University of Colorado Boulder
3 W Grant ellwood University of Colorado Boulder
4 Maxwell Ackermann University of Wisconsin- Madison
5 George Simpson Colorado State University
6 Daniel Willett US Air Force Academy
7 Noah Granigan University of Colorado Boulder
8 Glenn Ferreira University of Delaware
9 Samuel Boardman University of California-Los Angeles
10 Jack Niewold University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
11 Jack R tanner University of Colorado Boulder
12 David Greif University of Arizona
13 David Kessler Rhode Island School of Design
14 Leo Yip University of California-Davis
15 Sam Quinby University of California-Davis
16 Ben Bradley Tulane University of Louisiana
17 Colin Patterson California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
18 Ethan Call Dartmouth College
19 Dominik Cinka University of California-Santa Barbara
20 Robert Pearce University of California-Los Angeles
21 Phillip Kearns University of Idaho
22 Maxx Chance University of Colorado Boulder
23 Rupert Cox University of California-Los Angeles
24 Eric Brunner University of Colorado Boulder
25 Sam Fritz University of Minnesota-Duluth
26 Juan Duarte University of California-Berkeley
27 Omar Nunez Texas A & M University
28 Kenny Mcneill Northeastern University
29 David Lombardo University of Wisconsin- Madison
30 Eric Sasse Johns Hopkins University
31 Eric Bryan University of California-Los Angeles
32 Nicholas Besse University of California-Santa Barbara
33 Alex Kellum University of Pennsylvania
34 Andrew Giniat DePaul University
35 Timothy Welsh University of Washington-Seattle
36 Bryan Little University of Arizona
37 Brady Reed Texas A & M University
38 Ethan Frankel University of California-Los Angeles
39 Andrew Einspanier University of Wisconsin- Madison
40 Russell Clarida Stanford University
41 Ben Omalley Colorado State University
42 Scott Coblentz Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
43 Laszlo Jakab University of Chicago
44 Alexander Deroche��� University of California-Los Angeles
45 Charles Ramsbotham Appalachian State University
46 Henry York Colorado School of Mines
47 Chaz Hogenauer Colorado State University
48 Scott Allen Eastern Washington University
49 Benjamin Peterson Western Washington University
50 Emerson Glassey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
51 Nikita Lindgren University of Arizona
52 Reese Levine University of California-Berkeley
53 Blane Maddox Virginia Polytechnic University
54 Dustin Denton University of California-Davis
55 Theo Floor Western Washington University
56 James Evans Stanford University
57 Thomas Brown University of Arkansas
58 Keith Sollers University of California-Davis
59 Alec Cunningham University of New Hampshire
60 Brian Alba Northeastern University
61 Adam Ruff US Military Academy
62 Zach Hostetler Baylor University
63 Tyler Wolfe Johns Hopkins University
64 Josiah Poler Eastern Washington University
65 Brian Lea University of Arkansas
66 Benjamen Shrewsberry Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
67 Ben Rothschild Georgia Institute of Technology
68 Andrew Scott Princeton University
69 Coul Hill Montana State University
70 Simon Lynn US Air Force Academy
71 Hoel Wiesner Duke University
72 Zachary Berkow Dartmouth College
73 Justin Runac University of California-San Diego
74 Benjamin Spain Tulane University of Louisiana
75 Scott Miller University of Washington-Seattle
76 Andrew Pryhuber University of Washington-Seattle
77 Joshua Spokes University of Maryland-College Park
78 Kenneth Englert US Military Academy
79 Brian Hardy US Naval Academy
80 Luis Leme Virginia Polytechnic University
81 Taylor Adams US Naval Academy
82 Rees York Colorado State University
83 Remy Cantoadams California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
84 Derek Hall US Air Force Academy
85 Evan Schmit James Madison University
86 Alexander Gilliam College of William and Mary
87 Blake Ollweiler Colorado School of Mines
88 Zachary Morrison Northern Arizona University
89 Adam Oster US Naval Academy
90 Raymond Lee California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
91 Jacob Shupe Purdue University
92 Justin Bandoro Massachusetts Institute of Technology
93 Scott Jones Arizona State University
94 Jake Wands Colorado School of Mines
DNF Hao Sun North Carolina State University at Raleigh
DNF Chase Wark University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
DNF Daniel Svedberg University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
DNF Logan Grace University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
DNF Colin Catlin University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
DNF James Pratt University of Notre Dame
DNF Darin Alleman Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
DNF N.n. 129
DNF Ian Whaley Colorado State University
DNF Andrew Castagneri Colorado State University
DNF Alex Mahlandt University of Maryland-College Park
DNF Scott Cohen University of California-Davis
DNF Andrew Frank The University of Montana
DNF Logan Everts US Naval Academy
DNF Ian Haupt Western Washington University
DNF Zander Guzy-sprague Whitman College
DNF Dan Mcmahon Colorado School of Mines
DNF Nate Morse Furman University
DNF Trevor Rolette University of Wisconsin- Madison
DNF Josh Mesner University of Wisconsin- Madison
DNF Daniel Blumberg University of Wisconsin- Madison
DNF Zachary Isaacs Dartmouth College
DNF Matt Sloyer Appalachian State University
DNF Marcel Gutierrez Appalachian State University
DNF Josh Prattferguson University of Arizona
DNF Joey Iuliano University of Arizona
DNF Castle Gay University of Arizona
DNF Jacob Miller University of California-Berkeley

Men Nationals Rr Division 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Squire Westminster College
2 Cormac Mcgeough Fort Lewis College
3 Jonah Meadvancort Lindenwood University
4 Ryan Trimble Western State Colorado University
5 Mauro Rato Colorado Mesa University
6 Thomas Revard Marian University
7 Kyle Ellis King University
8 Brice Brookshire Marian University
9 Brannan Fix Colorado Mesa University
10 Lucas Rowton Fort Lewis College
11 Andre Bos Fort Lewis College
12 Zach Nehr Marian University
13 Pablo Cruz Midwestern State University
14 Kevin Callahan Fort Lewis College
15 Nolan Vanderzwaag Lees-McRae College
16 Ian Mcpherson Fort Lewis College
17 Zachary Carlson Marian University
18 Andrew Guelzo Piedmont College
19 Fausto Crapiz King University
20 Peter Foerster Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta
21 Alec Hoover Lees-McRae College
22 Ben Schmutte Marian University
23 Hugo Scala Marian University
24 Bill Ash Midwestern State University
25 Sam Winters Marian University
26 Austin Gomes Lindenwood University
27 Paul Wright Warren Wilson College
28 Emmanuel Gagne Fort Lewis College
29 Eivind Roed Colorado Mesa University
30 Evan Blankenship Lindenwood University
31 Liam Earl Colorado Mesa University
32 Jack Perry Lees-McRae College
33 Evan Hartig Lindenwood University
34 James Brookshire Milligan College
35 Dylan Cantrell Piedmont College
36 Clayton Stone Savannah College of Art & Design - Savannah
37 Erich Mesquita lima Mars Hill University
38 Brian Sciba Milligan College
39 Carlo Villarreal Milligan College
40 Evan Christenson Lees-McRae College
41 Sam Morkal williams Warren Wilson College
42 Mark Johnson Adams State University
43 Matthew Turner Fort Lewis College
44 Peter Behm Fort Lewis College
45 Jeremy Norris Adams State University
46 Josiah Peterson Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Jos Chalmers Marian University
DNF Gabe Morgan Liberty University
DNF Ryan Hopkins Lindsey Wilson College
DNF Reece Oleson Lindenwood University
DNF Wesley Phipson Lindenwood University
DNF Nathaniel Schoonover Lindenwood University
DNF Konrad Witt Lindenwood University
DNF Jacob Jones Lees-McRae College
DNF Zachery Carmel Mars Hill University
DNF Arne Egner Colorado Mesa University
DNF Gabriel Gutierrez flores Colorado Mesa University
DNF Grayson Brookshire Milligan College
DNF Spencer Crowe Milligan College
DNF David Duquette Milligan College
DNF Sam Wentworth Milligan College
DNF Artur Sagat Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta
DNF Andrew Scarano Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta
DNF David Vargas Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta
DNF Nolan Tankersley King University
DNF Trey Hedgecock Belmont Abbey College
DNF Keith Mullaly Belmont Abbey College

Women Nationals Division 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erica Clevenger University of Arizona 30:32
2 Heidi Franz Seattle University 30:50
3 Lily Williams Northwestern University 30:56
4 Jessica Bobeck University of Colorado Boulder 31:43
5 Hayley Bates Colorado College 35:11
6 Samantha Fox Drexel University 35:13
7 Brenna Gibbons University of Wisconsin- Madison 35:13
8 Katherine Shields Wake Forest University 35:14
9 Daniela Deschamps Stanford University 35:14
10 Jenna Stauffer University of Denver 35:14
11 Danielle Clark Furman University 35:14
12 Maddy Ward University of California-Los Angeles 35:15
13 Emily Schaldach University of Colorado Boulder 35:15
14 Kristina Vrouwenvelder University of Colorado Boulder 35:31
15 Elizabeth Huuki US Military Academy 37:19
16 Danielle Morshead Brown University 38:38
17 Claire Vanekdom University of California-Los Angeles 38:43
18 Elenor Wiseman University of California-Berkeley 38:47
19 Catherine Culkin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 39:06
20 Lillian Mccormick University of California-San Diego 39:08
21 Annie Pharr Appalachian State University 39:13
22 Caitlin Neuman University of Wisconsin- Madison 39:17
23 Arielle Little University of California-Berkeley 39:37
24 Katherine Nadler University of California-San Diego 45:05
25 Kathryn Olesnavage Massachusetts Institute of Technology 45:05
26 Jennifer Wilson Stanford University 45:06
27 Patricia Gonzales Stanford University 45:07
28 Austin Thompson Duke University 46:14
29 Anne Raymond Massachusetts Institute of Technology 46:22
30 Josephine Vanloozen Drexel University 46:25
31 Monte Ho US Military Academy 46:57
32 Rachel Geiter Stanford University 47:51
33 Megan Galinat Northeastern University 49:20
34 Christina Rigsby Texas A & M University 49:52
35 Lillian Kuehl Western Washington University 50:28
36 Tori Wuthrich Massachusetts Institute of Technology 51:33
37 Lizzie Wright Rhode Island School of Design 54:09
38 Jesse Hild University of Washington-Seattle 55:48
39 Elisa Woody University of New Mexico 56:12
40 Gina Turrini Duke University 56:51
41 Laura Leonard Colorado School of Mines 58:48
42 Joy Franco Stanford University 01:26
43 Sophie Mittelstadt Colorado College 02:08
44 Lena Stock University of California-San Diego 04:08
45 Anna Martin University of Denver 04:08
46 Sophie Andrews University of Oregon 04:33
47 Erin Paradis Colorado State University 12:44
48 Madeleine Hanley Colorado School of Mines 16:43
49 Alissa Albrecht Arizona State University 17:20
50 Amanda Calvird The University of Tennessee 36:37
DNF Emma Langley College of William and Mary DNF
DNF Sydnee Hyman University of California-San Diego DNF
DNF Emma Edwards Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF Jennifer Quijada Northern Arizona University DNF
DNF Pearl Dixon University of Arizona DNF
DNF Shelby Hoglund University of Arizona DNF
DNF Alaina Yung University of Northern Colorado DNF
DNF Laura Leaton University of Virginia DNF
DNF Rachel Parker US Naval Academy DNF
DNF Erin Thamm US Naval Academy DNF
DNF Fiona Bennitt Whitman College DNF

Women Nationals Division 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erica Allar Piedmont College 31:26
2 Mackenize Myatt Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta 31:27
3 Laurel Rathbun Marian University 31:27
4 Ashlyn Woods Lees-McRae College 31:27
5 Emma Swartz Marian University 31:27
6 Janelle Cole Brevard College 31:28
7 Madison Kelly Marian University 31:29
8 Natalia Franco Colorado Mesa University 31:29
9 Annika Teschke Lindenwood University 33:53
10 Charlotte W backus Fort Lewis College 34:02
11 Hannah Arensman Brevard College 37:22
12 Ashley Weaver Lindenwood University 37:23
13 Josefine Dreier Colorado Mesa University 37:23
14 Hannah Swan Milligan College 37:24
15 Katherine Santos Marian University 37:26
16 Brissia Montalvo Midwestern State University 37:27
17 Amy Floyd Midwestern State University 37:27
18 Kelsay Lundberg Fort Lewis College 37:30
19 Emelie Persson Colorado Mesa University 37:32
20 Ellen Campbell Fort Lewis College 40:11
21 Helen Mitchell Milligan College 42:42
22 Maxyna Cottam Midwestern State University 42:44
23 Victoria Kanizer Milligan College 42:49
24 Marta Morris Marian University 44:10
25 Ellie Morgenthaler Lindenwood University 44:11
26 Ariane Horbach Colorado Mesa University 44:16
27 Morgan Miller Milligan College 51:17
28 Stephanie Cucaz Milligan College 52:07
29 Rachel Swan Milligan College 52:08
30 Paige Shook Mars Hill University 52:10
31 Gabriella Arnold Marian University 52:15
32 Tristen Musselman Fort Lewis College 52:15
33 Stacey Hyslolp Lees-McRae College 52:16
34 Zoe Frazier Marian University 52:50
35 Erin Sferrazza Lees-McRae College 08:15
36 Keren Wallace Western State Colorado University 09:30
37 Emily Strange Mars Hill University 09:34
DNF Rachel Cross Marian University DNF
DNF Zoe Mullins Milligan College DNF
DNF Diana Ramos Milligan College DNF