These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Juniors (10-18)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chase Martin Krystal / SCV
2 Eric Cooper Tri-Cities Road Club
3 Garrett Smith Tri-Cities Road Club
4 Anthony Bailey TCRC Juniors p/b Anytime Fitness
5 Walker Robison MOAB/Middle Tennessee Velo

Masters Men (30+/40+)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Jenkins Windsong Bike Shop p/b Cloninger-Dr. Roy
2 Steven Carpenter Hincapie Development Team
3 Matt Botting Carolina Flyers
4 Gordon Stiel Carolina Flyers
5 Charlie Brown Windsong Bike Shop p/b Cloninger-Dr. Roy
6 Tim Bell Krystal - / SCV
7 Jay Charles Carolina Flyers
8 Jay Westbrook Chainheart Cycling Studio
9 Bill Robison SVMIC Cycling
10 Bert Hull Krystal - / SCV
11 Luke Winger Lees-McRae College
12 Bob Wright Chainheart Cycling Studio
13 Lawrence Russell Tri-Cities Road Club

Masters Men (50+/60+)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jackie Brian Boston Mountain Cyclists
2 Tony Adair SVMIC Cycling
3 Edward Mcclarty SVMIC Cycling
4 David Stevens Raleigh Allstars Cycling Club
5 Ralph Schmook Global BMW-Mini p/b Economy Honda Masters
6 Perry Cannon Tri-Cities Road Club
7 Tom Gee St Louis Cycling Club
8 Jack Evans Cumberland Cycles
9 Greg Palevo Acme MultiSports
10 Mark Kadowaki Tri-Cities Road Club
11 Charles Gundlach Acme MultiSports
12 Dwayne Letterman MSG Cyclocross
13 Thomas King TVB Race/ Tomato Head
14 Steven Strain Global BMW-Mini p/b Economy Honda Masters

Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Oscar Clark
2 Mike Stone Hincapie Development Team
3 Brian Sheedy
4 Edison Turner Hincapie Development Team
5 John Hart Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
6 Tyler Karnes Hincapie Development p/b Holowesko Partners
7 Spencer Gaddy KENDA Pro Cycling presented by GEARGRINDER
8 Winston David Team Globalbike
9 Nick Housley Chemstar
10 Peter Haile Lees-McRae College
11 Robert Binkley Krystal - / SCV
12 Isaac Enderline Hincapie Development Team
13 Shawn Gravois Team Globalbike
14 Dirk Pohlmann Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
15 John Delong Hincapie/Green Creation Cycling Team
16 Jake Arnold Hincapie/Green Creation Cycling Team
17 Parker Kyzer Hincapie Development Team
18 Will Richter Hincapie Development Team
19 Brian Hill Chemstar / Four 2 One Sports
20 Jeffrey Mcgrane Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
21 Jonathan Atwell Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
22 Sean Weddell Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Cycling
23 Zachary Hoover Krystal - / SCV
24 Bradley Spears Hincapie/Green Creation Cycling Team
25 Kent Bostick Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
26 Jason Jeansonne Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
27 Zach Nave Team Ville LLC
28 Stephen Bassett Prochain Cycling
29 Justin Lowe Hincapie Development Team
30 Tim Valentine Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
31 Richard Heishman Harper Auto / Knox Velo
32 Austin Hilliard
33 Adam Winck Charlottesville Racing Club
34 Jon Wilton Harper Auto / Knox Velo
35 Alder Martz Hincapie Development Team
36 Chris Uberti Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
37 Scotland Leman
38 Stephen Leotis Athens Velo Club
39 Todd Farrell Williams Cycling
40 Jay Cox Mock Orange Racing
41 Joseph Carpisassi Mock Orange Racing
42 Michael Midlarsky
43 Hunter Garrison Athens Velo Club
44 Nathaniel Cornelius Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
45 Lucas Livermon Mock Orange Bikes
46 Clayton Omer Papa John's Racing Team
47 Richard Bailey Team Ville LLC
48 Reid Peacock Athens Velo Club
49 Edward Krei Cumberland Transit Cycling
50 Scott Stewart Team Type 1
51 Noah Niwinski Boone Bike/Specialized
52 Stefan Swecker Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
53 Jonathan Crowson Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling)
54 Michael Palevo Team Bikers Choice
55 Michael Biegalski Harper Auto / Knox Velo
56 Andrew Scarano Womack Carbon Technology
57 Ben Page 352 Racing p/b Bikes and More
58 Damien Dunn Athens Velo Club
59 Alan Tripp Mock Orange Racing

Senior Men Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ben Knoernschild Marx & Bensdorf Cycling / ACCM
2 Michael Thomas McDonalds Cycling Team
3 Timothy J. killelea Krystal - / SCV
4 Tim Tidwell Micro Metals/Bike Zoo/Sunspot
5 John Mckenna Rogues Racing
6 Andrew Bailey Tri-Cities Road Club
7 Zeb King Charlottesville Racing Club
8 David Hoffman Team Gran Fondo
9 Michael Crouch Homegrown Bicycles
10 Scott Harris
11 John King Marx & Bensdorf Cycling / ACCM
12 Michael Walters Tri-Cities Road Club
13 Nolan Tankersley Tri-Cities Road Club
14 Todd Whitescarver
15 Chad Capobianco Athens Velo Club
16 Matthew Russell TCRC Juniors p/b Anytime Fitness

Senior Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Claytonsyrrist Team Traveller
2 Andy Baggenstoss Krystal / SCV
3 Neil Smoot Krystal / SCV
4 Daniel Price Krystal / SCV
5 Dan Baur Team Traveller
6 Derek Johnson Rogues Racing
7 Paul Low Team Traveller
8 Anthony Williams
9 Don Humphreys Krystal / SCV
10 Steven Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
11 Micaiah Rockwell
12 David Bradbury Team Gran Fondo
13 Connor Tankersley Tri-Cities Road Club
14 Victor Franklin Team Traveller
15 Danny Boone BPC Cycling / ACCM
16 Noah Hendrix Calfkiller Cycling Team
17 Jaroslaw Kanski Rogues Racing
18 Aaron Peet ABRC
19 Jacob Hendrix Calfkiller Cycling Team
20 Aaron Casey MSG Cyclocross
21 Caleb Wilson Calfkiller Cycling Team
22 Jesse Stidham Tri-Cities Road Club
23 Jason Cooper Tri-Cities Road Club
24 Upton Dabney Cookeville Bicycles
25 Thomas Wilkinson

Senior Men Category 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Hicks
2 Rex Robichaux Dire Wolf Racing
3 Michael Rawdon Cookeville Bicycles
4 Chris Cannon Tri-Cities Road Club
5 Richard Brookover Calfkiller Cycling Team
6 Christopher Leclair
7 Dennis Custer Krystal / SCV
8 Zachary Slaymaker
9 Timothy Murray Tri-Cities Road Club
10 Brian Higgs

Senior Women Category 1-3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashley James Team Kenda presented by Geargrinder
2 Colleen Cornelius Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
3 Robyn Wilham Mystique Cycling Team
4 Mary Cerkey Team Traveller
5 Kelsey Markham
6 Cali Ewing Team Belladium
7 Parri Gilbride Team Belladium
8 Nina Laughlin Appalachian State University
9 Jessica Owings SVMIC Cycling
10 Shannon Dawkins Mystique Cycling Team
11 Kailin Acheson Team Belladium
12 Stephanie Rynas Mystique Cycling Team

Senior Women Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amy Phillips Mystique Cycling Team
2 Jenny Delong Mystique Cycling Team
3 Amanda Ragle Cumberland Transit Cycling
4 Kaitlyn Ryan SVMIC Cycling
5 Anna Mcfarland Team Belladium
6 Shelly Collins Team Belladium
7 Melissa Presnell Mystique Cycling Team
8 Lisa Check Team Belladium
9 Valerie Nagoshiner Team Belladium
10 Jonell Smith Team Belladium
11 Allison Falin Tri-Cities Road Club
12 Adrienne Wilson Cookeville Bicycles
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