These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laurent Rivard Qcw Cycling P.b. Breakawaybikes 53:28:00
2 Greg Maccarty Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes s.t.
3 Andrew Idell Wooden Wheels Racing Inc. s.t.
4 Gabriel Tonin Cuevas Jr Development Pb Roadru s.t.
5 Michael Green Arrow Racing s.t.
6 Paul Daniels Ingamba s.t.
7 Adriano Hauck Rohan Cycling s.t.
8 Wanya Cave Tri-state Velo / Amoroso's Raci s.t.
9 Trevor Raab s.t.
10 Jeffrey White Kissena s.t.
11 Loren Barisch World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Te s.t.
12 Leo Kirkpatrick baird Kms Cycling - Killington Mounta s.t.
13 Daniel Langlois Arrow Racing s.t.
14 Michael Miller Arrow Racing s.t.
15 Lane Randolph Shirks Racing s.t.
16 Dan Lichtenberger Team Fec P/b Trek Bikes s.t.
17 Blake Rubin Arrow Racing s.t.
18 Justin Dipalma Rothman Institute P/b Talksoft 10
19 Myles Lund Philadelphia Ciclismo 1:07
DNF Ian Buss T-town Elite
DNF Sean Butler Blue Bell Private Wealth Management P.b. Cannondale
DNF Michael Coyle Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Ross Creed Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Paul De santis Bmorehumane P/b Gvc
DNF Jonathan Elison
DNF James Flaherty Collingswood Cog
DNF Michael Henasey Psracing/btb
DNF Weldon Hill Rohan Cycling
DNF Mark Leusner Pro Pedals Racing
DNF Kevin Marriner Fuji Bikes - Tic
DNF Araron Miller Thru It All Body Shop
DNF Julius Erwin quito Crca/dave Jordan Racing
DNF John Rais Team
DNF Tom Reeb Bicycle Therapy
DNF Marty Smith Bmorehumane P/b Gvc
DNF Jordan Thompson
DNF Kensaun Vadnais Bold Racing / Endurancewerx
DNF Jerry Rodriguez Cuevas Jr Development Pb Roadrunners Bicycles
DNF Howard Rincon Cuevas Jr Development Pb Roadrunners Bicycles
DNF Miguel Gomez Cuevas Jr Development Pb Roadrunners Bicycles
DNF Edwin Dawkins
DNF Robert Mayfield Holtey Law P/b Peak Condition
DNF Alex Smith
DNF Philip Daniels

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Novemsky Montclair Bikery Racing 54:26:00
2 Edward Bennett Crca/lupus Racing Team 12
3 Alessandro Matteucci Healthy And Happy Racing 30
4 Jeffrey Miesemer MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q s.t.
5 Mynor Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
6 Mark Gorman L'equipe Deville 32
7 Jon Yu Trianglecyclist 37
8 Ramon Benitez Hydromonkey 38
9 Kevin Molloy Crca / The Weather Channel Spec s.t.
10 Christopher Chong-tenn Crca - Diehard s.t.
11 Shawn Teske Pro Pedals Racing s.t.
12 Eric Anderson Team Somerset s.t.
13 Mark Light Cycle Solutions s.t.
14 David Grant Activeyards / Chester County Ve s.t.
15 Glenn Schneider Bill Bone/ Lc Tri Shop s.t.
16 Johann Burrowes We Stand United (w.s.) s.t.
17 Glenroy Griffith Nyc Fire Dept s.t.
18 Carlos Rogers s.t.
19 Mark Huber s.t.
20 Kevin Saint clair Team Skyline 42
21 Eric Ragot Bicycle Habitat-verge Sport s.t.
22 Wasyel Danysh Us Military Endurance Sports s.t.
23 John Olsen Crca/dave Jordan Racing s.t.
24 Christopher Shaw Crca/rockstar Games 48
DNF David Margolin High Gear / Trek / Ww
DNF Chris Romero Crca
DNF Timothy Shea Sunapee/continental Paving/buchikas
DNF Ron Short Pro Pedals Racing
DNF Samuel Martinez Berroa Racing
DNF Jeffrey Appeltans Mambo Kings Racing/d&q
DNF Cecil Bernard Team Aggress
DNF Frederick Billet Tri State Velo/amoroso
DNF Thomas Clisby Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Richard Gonzalez Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
DNF Aubrey Gordon Libety Cycle
DNF James Joseph Ws United
DNF Ronald Koller Team Somerset
DNF David Lowe Philadelphia Ciclismo

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephen Hall Pa Lightning 1:12:44
2 Geron Williams Crca Foundation s.t.
3 Stefan Matzner s.t.
4 Jayson Jacobs Team Cycleton s.t.
5 Michael Margarite Crca/the Weather Channel Specia s.t.
6 Guillaume Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team 16
7 Gilberth Gomez Valverde Team Somerville Bicycle Shop 1:06
8 Michael Chauner Pa Lightning s.t.
9 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team 1:08
10 John Durso High Gear/trek/ww s.t.
11 Juan Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
12 Carne Groube L&m Group Rico s.t.
13 Hamzah Eastman 1:11
14 Salvatore Scotto divetta Team Metra / Xrcel / Cycles 54 s.t.
15 Chris Strumolo Crca/lupus Racing Team s.t.
16 Daniel Mullen Qcw Cycling P.b. Breakawaybikes s.t.
17 Michael Black Qcw P/b Jlve s.t.
18 Clint Dager Integrated Sports Medicine P/b s.t.
19 Alec Ratzell Cs Velo s.t.
20 Derrick Butler Cs Velo s.t.
21 John Minturn Team Skyline s.t.
22 Cody Lacosta High Gear/trek/ww 1:14
23 Michael Goret High Gear/trek/ww 1:19
24 Anthony Rodriguez morel Team Somerville Bicycle Shop 1:37
25 Zachary Kovalcik Black Lodge Cycling 1:41
DNF Gerald Adasavage Crca/the Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team
DNF Roger Ainslie
DNF Greg Armstrong Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Christopher Baccash Tri-state Velo / Amoroso's Racing Team
DNF Donovan Clarke Crca/the Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team
DNF Gregory Dorsch
DNF Jack Drummond Arrow Racing
DNF Matthew Fischel Integrated Sports Medicine P/b Brown's Subaru
DNF Jason Hammond
DNF Brett Houser Tri-state Velo/amoroso's
DNF Nick Iacovelli High Gear/trek
DNF Tomas Ketcham Crca/blue Ribbon-pennell Venture Partners
DNF Daniel Lehmann High Gear/trek/ww
DNF Felipe Nystrom
DNF Mynor Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Karl michael Rahn Crca/the Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team
DNF Matthew Randolph Shirks Racing
DNF Ryan Rapolas Qcw P/b Felt Bicycles-jlvelo
DNF Aaron Ritz Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Nick Rogers Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Christopher Shaw Crca/rockstar Games
DNF Collin Tellechea Tri State Velo
DNF Phillip Truppelli Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF Colton Valentine P/b Felt Bicycles-jl Velo
DNF Joel Yates Team Skoda Racing
DNF Shaquel Agonol
DNF Ian Whaley Van Dessel Factory Team
DNF Colton Valentine Qcw Cycling P.b.
DNF Paul Burrowes
57 Jermaine Burrowes

WoMen Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anita Stenberg Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team 45:46:00
2 Dori Buckethal Abrt s.t.
3 Deborah Leedalebrown Team Eps/css P/b Shebell & Sheb s.t.
4 Emily Underwood Team Eps/css P/b Shebell & Sheb s.t.
5 Anne Vag High Gear Cyclery-trek- s.t.
6 Emma Workowski Maloja Pushbikers Future Stars s.t.
7 Patty Buerkle Team Skyline s.t.
8 Taryn Mudge Bicycle Therapy s.t.
9 Masami Yamashita The Velo Shop s.t.
10 Elspeth Huyett Qcw Cycling P/b Breakaway - Jl s.t.
11 Travis Rabbit Team Skyline s.t.
12 Shaina Kravitz Team Eps/css P/b Shebell & Sheb 5
13 Jacqueline Paull High Gear Cyclery-trek-ww s.t.
14 Taylor Armstrong Qcw Cycling P.b. Breakawaybikes 7
15 Annette Weaver Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org/ Ma 9
16 Michelle Ritondo Mathletes Racing 11
DNF Heidi Goodson Mathletes Racing
DNF Michelle Lee Mathletes Racing
DNF Gabrielle Longchamp Team Eps/css P/b Shebell & Shebell
DNF Denise Matheny Team Fec P/b Trek Bikes
DNF Jacqueline Mcclure Cadence Racing
DNF Jennifer Rhodes Team Skyline
DNF Tatyana Rozental
DNF Alexandra Schafer Cadence Cycling And Multisport
DNF Emily Smith Team Eps/css P/b Shebell & Shebell
DNF Josephine Vanloozen Mathletes Racing
DNF Jill White Velo Classic P/b Stan's Notubes