These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 45-49 Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derek Wilford Team Spin / Litzler Automation
2 William Boone Once Again Nut Butter
3 Chris Tirone Finish Strong/BBC/Fast Frankie
4 Stephen D'amico Premium Mortgage Cycling
5 Peter Hoag The Bike Zone/ Dansville Collision
7 Krzysztof Kurzawinski kurzawinski coach-bike zone
8 Graham Thomas Wheels of Bloor
9 Unknown Rider
10 Patrick Elliott Team PBR p/b
11 Chris Schreck Premium Mortgage Cycling Team
12 David Hansen Empire Brewing/Syracuse Bicycles
13 Thomas Emrich
14 Bryan Bonn Independent Health Cycling
15 John Kingston Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing p/b LCC
16 John Moore
17 Mark Davis Team Spin/Litzler Automation
18 Scott Dorfman Handlebars CC
19 Joe Giovenco Buffalo Cycling / Buffalo Bicycling Club
20 Scott Farrell Buffalo Bicycling Club
21 Jose Rosario Tryon Bike/Hoselton
22 Frank Grillo Buffalo Bicycling Club
23 Robert Brnilovich Snakebite Racing
24 Rory Heinlein Once Again Nut Butter Multi Sport TeamLCC
25 Jonathan Rosen Buffalo Bicycling Club

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ed Veal RealDeal Racing
2 Nat Faulkner Morning Glory Cycling Club
3 Matt Brophy Nalgene / Borah Teamwear Cycling
4 Dylan Pudiak Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
5 Tanner Cookson Cycling Team
6 Nicholas Diniz NCCH p/b MGCC
7 Julian Georg Syracuse University
8 Cory Kuhns Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
9 Jeremy Paul Spin/Litzler Automation
10 Jonathan Lewis NCCH Elite p/b MGCC
11 Casey Roth Ride With Rendall p/b Biemme
12 Steven Mongielo Buffalo Bicycling Club
13 Unknown Rider
14 Unknown Rider
15 Brad Loyd Remote Geo Cycling Team
16 Mike Little Ascent Cycling
17 Greg Maccarty Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes
18 Chris Neag SnakeBite Racing
19 Troy Rutherford Premium Mortgage Cycling Team
20 Christopher Bushover Handlebars Cycle Company
21 Matt Ronan Independent Health
22 John Hunter Nalgene / Borah Teamwear Cycling
23 Unknown Rider
24 Nick Demarchi TBS Racing
25 Luke Chronister Snakebite Racing
26 David Steiner Team Spin/Litzler Automation
27 Christopher Rowley Cycling Team
28 Timothy Paul Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing p/b LCC
29 Jake Castor Once Again Nut Butter multi sport racing/LCC
30 Sean Baker MIDWEEK
31 Jonathan Siuta Buffalo Bicycling Club/Campus Wheel Works
32 Robert Hengel Buffalo Bicycling Club Race Team
33 Ryan Nye Raging Gorilla Racing
34 Zachary Chappell Snakebite Racing
35 Kevin Howard Tryon Bike/Hoselton Auto Mall
36 Daniel Barney Nalgene / Borah Teamwear
DNF Thomas Goetz Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
DNF Simon Fothergill Ascent Cycling
DNF David Havill NCCH pb MGCC
DNF Scott Bentley Sound Solutions
DNF Andrew Auld Team PBR p/b
DNF James Costello BBC Elite Cycling Team
DNF Scott Laliberte LaBicicletta
DNF Seamus Lavell NovoFit- Girrardin

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Rae SCCC
2 Jonathan Bottoms Toms Pro Bike
3 Aaron Mccarter Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team
4 Dylan Bibic Midweek CC
5 Patrick Brown
6 Oliver Campbell Midweek Cycling Club
7 Anthony Sylor Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing p/b LCC
8 Adam Wojcik Local Openers p/b Tenspeed Hero
9 Shannon Connell Tryon Bike / Hoselton Auto Mall
10 Robert Leipler Toms Pro Bike
11 Kevin Smith Toms Pro Bike
12 Michael Leonard Racer Sportif / Mattamy Homes Cycling Club
13 Bruce Camacho Full Throttle cycle club
14 Brian Degnan TBS Racing
15 Jeff Murphy Team PBR
16 Ryan Scully Toms Pro Bike
17 James Hedgcock Madonna Wheelers
18 Steve Hart Lapdogs Cycling Club
19 Peter Treacy Newmarket Eagles
20 Gregory Cherr TBS Racing
21 Anthony R mueckl Toms Pro Bike
22 Trevor Vowles Local Openers p/b Ten Speed Hero
23 James Schuler Independent Health Cycling
24 Jeff Moote Team CF
25 Andrew Scott Midweek Cycling
26 David Bibic Midweek CC
27 Chris Lonzi Toms Pro Bike

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Reed Livengood Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team
2 Jeff Sipos Campus WheelWorks
3 Sean Conway Toms Pro Bike
4 Steve Quenneville Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club
5 Orian Falk-dotan Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting
6 Benjamin Kuch Toms Pro Bike
7 Matthew Castilloux
8 Derek Bell JRA Racing
9 John Stoveld T3 Multisport
10 Daniel Deemer Syracuse Bicycle Race Team
11 Sandro Verrelli Newmarket Eagles
12 Jeff Schneider Once Again Nut Butter Multisport Race Team / LCC
13 Matthew Rankin Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
14 Andrew Schuyler GVCC
15 Mitchell Reichert
16 Paul Sims EFPR Group - TREK
17 John Embow Campus Wheelworks
18 John Feroleto Shikluna Hive
19 Patrick Duffin Campus WheelWorks
20 Jeff Mangini Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
21 Unknown Rider
22 Joseph Sims EFPR Group - TREK
23 Owen Gill Madonna Wheelers
24 Dwayne Humes
25 Robert Maulucci Campus Wheelworks
26 Gregory Rivera
27 Andrew Emborsky Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing/Livingston Cycling Club
28 William Bibic Midweek CC
29 Cole Dempster Midweek cycling club
30 John Goetz

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Candice Moote Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting
2 Sarah Rasmussen SAS-Macogep-Acquisio propulsee par MAZDA
3 Elizabeth Archbold Madonna Wheelrs
4 Alison Merner Nickel City Cycles
5 Traci Cummings
6 Unknown Rider
7 Rebecca Erb Just Ride/Buffalo Bicycling Club
8 Sandra Leary
9 Jennifer Bushover Handlebars/QCC
10 Maria Rosenfeld CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
11 Natalie Koch

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Andrews Once Again Nut Butter Multi-Sport Racing p/b LCC
2 Carrie Freshour
3 Jennifer Bell Just Ride Womens Racing
5 Madison Dempster Midweek cycling club
6 Marina Mann
7 Sarah Larocque Just Ride
8 Janel Nye
9 Rachel Morello Just Ride Womens Cycling Team/Buffalo Bicycling Club
10 Alicia Blodgett Just Ride
11 Katie Roll Just ride
12 Kristen Degnan Just Ride Womens Cycling
13 Claire Schen TBS Racing