These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Fixed Gear

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mat Stephens Arapahoe Resources / Garneau 29:11
2 Erik Hausknecht Bicycles Plus Racing 29:11
3 Richard Zawada State Bicycle Co/Redbull 29:29
4 Shawn Bentley Bicyles Plus Racing 29:30
5 Shane Sirignano Grifen Cycling Collective 29:30
6 Matt Shaner Weaver Technologies Racing 31:32
7 Ryan Raeke @1Lap
8 Jose Rueda @1Lap
9 Jr Belmontes @1Lap
10 Earvin Gavino @1Lap
11 Ian Smith @1Lap
12 Michael Major @1Lap
13 Bryce Nickels @1Lap
14 Esther Garza Bicycle Heaven @2Lap

Men Pro-Cat 12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julio Padilla Arapahoe Resources/Garneau 1:04:57
2 Nick Torraca UCI CT: Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling 1:04:57
3 John Purvis Oklahoma Bicycle Project 1:04:57
4 Grant Koontz Arapahoe Resources / Garneau 1:04:58
5 Adam Koble Oklahoma Bicycle Project 1:04:59
6 Connor Sallee Bicycles Plus Racing 1:04:59
7 Kevin Girkins ELBOWZ Racing p/b Synergy.O 1:05:00
8 Tanner Ward Oklahoma Bicycle Project 1:05:00
9 Preston Glace 787 Racing 1:05:01
10 David Gaona Oklahoma Bicycle Project 1:05:01
11 Evan Bausbacher Matrix/RBM 1:05:01
12 Alejandro Padilla Arapahoe Resources/Garneau 1:05:03
13 Fred Vincent Elevate-KHS 1:05:04
14 Kyle Swanson Matrix/RBM 1:05:05
15 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing p/b Synergy.O 1:05:09
16 Jonathan Brown UCI CT: Axeon Hagens Berman 1:05:11
17 Ricky Randall Arapahoe Resources / Garneau 1:05:14
18 Mat Stephens Arapahoe Resources / Garneau 1:05:14
19 Evan Bybee Arapahoe Resources / Garneau 1:05:43
20 Brandon Melott JE Dunn Elite Road Racing 1:05:53
21 Tristan Uhl Team CCR Roofing 1:07:07
22 John Ryan Matrix/RBM 1:07:27
23 Pablo Cruz MSU / Hotter'N Hell Hundred 1:07:27
24 Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing 1:07:27
25 Lance Abshire Team LaS'port 1:07:27
26 Jefferey May Dallas Racing 1:07:27
27 Austin Robertson 7 Brothers Racing 1:07:27
DNF Tyler Cloutier Matrix Cycling Club
DNF Michael Johnson Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Juan Martinez Dallas Racing
DNF Devin Parker Team Yacht Club
DNF Jake Lanoux Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling
DNF Eric Franklin Oklahoma Bicycle Project
DNF Troy Reynolds Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing
DNF Randy Lee Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Jeff Henry Blue Agave Racing
DNF Mathew Davis Team LaS'port
DNF David Wenger Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling
DNF Dan Ajer Super Squadra
DNF Collin Davis Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Chris Carlson RBM/Matrix Racing
DNF Michael Lalla Team Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Taylor Hanegan Team LaS'port
DNF Adam Biwan Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Davis Dombrowski Matrix/RBM
DNF Juan Restrepo Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Te
DNF Stephen Borski PACC Racing
DNF Gabriel Porterfield Strike Cycling Elite Team
DNF Robert Heatley Crest/RBM Racing
DNF Matthew Mata-aguilar Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Te
DNF Zach Stein Team Yacht Club
DNF Brandon Jackson Bike Lab Racing Team
DNF Richard Zawada State Bicycle Co/Redbull
DNF Paul Dentel Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Miguel Santillanes Joyeria Meza
DNF Todd Gearhart Bicycles Plus Racing
DNF Stephan Hirsch Arapahoe Resources / Garneau
DNF Cesar Serna Oklahoma Bicycle Project
DNF Philip Clarke Dallas Racing
DNF Lawson Craddock UCI PT: Cannondale-Drapac Pro C
DNF Jacob White Oklahoma Bicycle Project

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christina Smith Papa John's Racing p/b TREK 40:53
2 Ashley Weaver Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea 40:53
3 Danielydelvalle Garcia Dallas Racing 40:54
4 Emily Vandyken Team Elevate Racing 40:54
5 Sheri Rothe Athlete Architecture p/b Hypert 40:56
6 Kimberly Pettit Papa John's Racing p/b TREK 40:56
7 Amy Floyd MSU / Hotter'N Hell Hundred 40:57
8 Michelle Montoya October Three Racing 41:00
9 Samantha Goldenstein US Military Endurance Sports 41:14
10 Chelsea Reedy Matrix Cycling Club 41:21
11 Penny Ficker Dallas Bike Works 42:16
12 Kim Chance RBM/Matrix Racing 42:17
13 Hannah Jordan Tulsa Wheelmen 42:17
14 Tracy Carrington Team Elevate Racing 42:18
15 Jolanda Straathof 42:18
16 Brissia Montalvo The Bicycle Company Team 42:19
17 Leigh Ann fields Pandemonium Cycling p/b Hodges 43:18
18 Courtney Bach October Three Racing @1Lap
19 Sheree Benavides Matrix/RBM @1Lap
20 Ryan Gossett Team Bicycles Plus @1Lap
21 Nancy Karrer Team isocentric @1Lap
22 Rana Zahedi Dallas Bike Works @3Lap

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