These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Dugan University of Vermont 0:50:00
2 Chris Ruhl Penn State University 0:50:10
3 Sean Melcher Penn State University 0:50:10
4 Kyle Helder Kutztown University 0:50:10
5 Chris Hamlin University of Vermont 0:50:10
6 Thomas Coupe University of New Hampshire 0:50:10
7 Derek Merkler US Military Academy 0:50:10
8 Marshall Ambros University of Vermont 0:50:10
9 Lee Peters University of Vermont 0:50:10
10 Scott Dolmat-connell University of Vermont 0:50:10
11 Justin Brown Penn State University 0:50:10
12 Brian Gabele Columbia University 0:50:10
13 Jose Soltren Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:50:52
14 Andrew Wheeler US Military Academy 0:51:15
15 Steven Pingree US Military Academy 0:51:21
16 Aaron Meyers Bucknell University 0:51:21
17 Peter Chiu Columbia University P&P
18 Michael Hamilton Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
19 Aaron Cravez Bucknell University P&P
20 Alan Fischer US Military Academy P&P
21 Noah Zitzer Kutztown University P&P
22 John Beers iv Temple University P&P
23 Christopher Redmond Rutgers University P&P
24 Steven Hopengarten Union College P&P
25 Timothy Manzella Drexel University P&P
26 William Cukierski Rutgers University P&P
27 Drew Scoles University of Rochester P&P
28 Alexander Krienke US Military Academy P&P
29 Stefan Grecu Kutztown University P&P
DNF Clayton Barrows Penn State University
DNF Erik Wilburn US Military Academy
DNF Brian Roberts Boston University
DNF Alex Cox University of Vermont
DNF Jim Camut Penn State University
DNF Ian Sullivan University of Vermont
DNF Jesse Chebot University of Vermont
DNF Patrick Bradley Rutgers University
DNF Christopher Hair Boston University
DNF Nathan Kupperstock Boston University
DNF Robert Stumpf University of Pittsburgh

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derek Harnden University of Vermont 0:40:00
2 Matthew Gross Penn State University 0:40:00
3 Daniel Bensen University of Vermont 0:40:00
4 Jeffrey Boehmer Bucknell University 0:40:00
5 Matthew Holub University of New Hampshire 0:40:00
6 Chris Rodgers Penn State University 0:40:00
7 Brian Holmes Princeton University 0:40:28
8 Guo-liang Chew Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:40:31
9 Adam Francis Yale University 0:40:44
10 Ian Rousseau Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:40:44
11 Christian Rose Columbia University 0:40:44
12 Max Korus University of Pennsylvania 0:40:44
13 Andrew Webster Millersville University 0:40:44
14 Mark Theeman Northeastern University 0:40:44
15 John Roper Northeastern University 0:40:44
16 Nic Magliocco University of Vermont -1 lap
17 Jonathan Marshall Shippensburg University P&P
18 Joseph Bylund Columbia University P&P
19 Justin Bosley University of Pennsylvania P&P
20 Ivan Temnykh Penn State University P&P
21 Ronan Cahill University of Rochester P&P
22 Rocco Repetski Princeton University P&P
23 Charles Thompson Rutgers University P&P
24 Mike Mccafferty Penn State University P&P
25 Leonard Klipper University of Pennsylvania P&P
26 Paul Salipante Dartmouth College P&P
27 Zachary Labry Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
28 Daniel Fuehrer Kutztown University P&P
29 David Kim Rutgers University P&P
30 Adam Leman Drexel University P&P
31 Daniel Wood Bucknell University P&P
32 Corey Williams Columbia University P&P
DNF Arnaud Borner Penn State University
DNF Owen Laurion University of Rochester
DNF Isaac Dinner Columbia University
DNF Gregg Izzo Northeastern University
DNF Kevin Curran Bucknell University
DNF Ross Marklein University of Pennsylvania
DNF Robert Burnett Franklin and Marshall College

Men C1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Mccahill Harvard University 0:30:04
2 David Collier Columbia University 0:30:11
3 Kyle Bruley Boston University 0:30:11
4 David Carbonell Columbia University 0:30:11
5 Sean Berry University of New Hampshire 0:30:11
6 Brent Doscher University of New Hampshire 0:30:11
7 Nevin Rallis University of Vermont 0:30:11
8 Keith Groshans Penn State University 0:30:11
9 Patrick Galvin University of New Hampshire 0:30:11
10 Jordan Thompson Penn State University 0:30:11
11 Samson Mchugh University of Pittsburgh 0:30:11
12 Ben Emmert-aronson Columbia University 0:30:11
13 Jacob Bobrow University of Vermont 0:30:11
14 Collin Buesser Northeastern University 0:30:11
15 Andrew Seitz University of Pittsburgh 0:30:11
16 Matthew Casserly Boston University 0:30:11
17 Jingyuan Ma University of Pennsylvania 0:30:11
18 Kyle Macfarlane University of Pittsburgh 0:30:11
19 Steven Derkits Penn State University 0:30:11
20 Michael Desmarais University of Vermont 0:30:11
21 Neal Martorelli University of Vermont 0:30:11
22 Michael Longeri University of New Hampshire 0:30:28
23 Nathan Oriol University of New Hampshire 0:31:15
24 Tristan Baldwin University of Vermont 0:31:24
25 Hughes Burridge Northeastern University P&P
26 Chad Husko Columbia University P&P
27 Andrew Mina Penn State University P&P
28 Eric Rundstrom Rutgers University P&P
29 Noah Morganstern University of Pennsylvania P&P
DNF Michael Dunstan University of New Hampshire
DNF Damon Monticello Columbia University

Men C2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Hagerty Rochester Institute of Technology 0:30:24
2 David Kahn Yale University 0:30:24
3 Joseph Perez US Military Academy 0:31:11
4 Brandon Sullivan Lehigh University -1 lap
5 Patrick Ryan US Military Academy -1 lap
6 William Sutherland US Military Academy -1 lap
7 Matt Cocola Bucknell University -1 lap
8 Jonathan Wu Yale University -1 lap
9 Will Pisarello Rochester Institute of Technology -1 lap
10 Ross Baldwin Brown University -1 lap
11 Raymond Junkins Stevens Institute of Technology -1 lap
12 Erik Newman Dartmouth College -1 lap
13 Jeremy May US Military Academy -1 lap
14 Max Grant Princeton University -1 lap
15 David Gordon Stevens Institute of Technology -1 lap
16 Alex Osigian US Merchant Marine Academy -1 lap
17 Joshua Parker Brown University -2 laps
DNF David Wagner Yale University
DNF John Churan Indiana University of Pennsylvania
DNF Wade Baldwin Bucknell University
DNF Anastacio Perez Stevens Institute of Technology
DNF Christopher Ritacco Yale University
DNF Jesse Steiner Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Wookie Kim Yale University
DNF Duane Corbett Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Men D1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eian Prohl University of New Hampshire 0:30:10
2 Preston Buehrer Boston University 0:30:17
3 Joshua Grolman University of Massachusetts 0:30:17
4 Andrew Goodale University of New Hampshire 0:30:17
5 Brian Devaney University of Vermont 0:30:54
6 Troy Stram Penn State University 0:30:54
7 Matthew Lewis Columbia University 0:30:54
8 Alex Turnwall Northeastern University 0:30:54
9 David Garguilo Boston University 0:30:54
10 Zachary Repp Penn State University 0:30:54
11 Tom Draskovic Penn State University 0:30:54
12 Steve Aliberti Penn State University 0:30:54
13 Colum Lang University of New Hampshire 0:31:13
14 James Bolognani University of New Hampshire 0:31:13
15 Zenon Halatyn Rutgers University P&P
16 David Almeida Northeastern University P&P
17 Jake Rozin Northeastern University P&P
18 Jeff Buzin University of Pittsburgh P&P
19 Brian Wilson Penn State University P&P
20 Lee Burwasser University of Pennsylvania P&P
21 Nicholas Fiolo Penn State University P&P
22 Felix Herrera Penn State University P&P
23 Kehvon Thomas Boston University P&P
24 Matthew Loomis Penn State University P&P
25 Jason Goodman Penn State University P&P
26 Everardo Tapia Penn State University P&P
27 John Jackson University of Pittsburgh P&P
DNF Michael Shulman Columbia University
DNF Rashid Sadki Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Brent Dilella Penn State University
DNF Andrew Dilla University of Pittsburgh
DNF Sean Montgomery Penn State University

Men D2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nick Garcia US Military Academy 0:25:18
2 Christopher Mondiek Rochester Institute of Technology 0:25:18
3 Garrett Olsen Villanova University 0:25:18
4 Nicholas Walulik Stevens Institute of Technology 0:25:18
5 Gregory Keith US Military Academy 0:25:18
6 Jacob Yundt Rochester Institute of Technology 0:25:18
7 Daniel Summers Rochester Institute of Technology 0:25:18
8 Brenden Siekman US Military Academy 0:25:18
9 Michael Mchugh Kutztown University 0:25:18
10 Joe Pawelczyk Villanova University 0:25:18
11 William Blakeley Dartmouth College 0:25:18
12 James Thornton US Military Academy 0:25:18
13 Brent Heverly Drexel University 0:25:18
14 Steven Bremer Indiana University of Pennsylvania 0:25:18
15 Brandon Fischer University of Pennsylvania 0:25:18
16 Armando Peralta US Military Academy 0:25:18
17 Zachary Ybarra Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:25:18
18 Gregory Wesolowich Millersville University 0:25:33
19 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College 0:25:42
20 Jason Herrling Rochester Institute of Technology 0:25:42
21 Anthony Castiglia Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
22 Isaac Spingarn Stevens Institute of Technology P&P
23 Rashid Sadki Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
24 Kevin Cullen US Merchant Marine Academy P&P
25 Brian Tino Bucknell University P&P
26 Timothy Raggets Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
27 Jacob Gerber Millersville University P&P
28 Zachary Browning Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
29 Daniel Rossi Franklin and Marshall College P&P
30 Leo Barber Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
31 Mike Driscoll Bucknell University P&P
32 Orlando Martinez Stevens Institute of Technology P&P
33 Chieh chih Chiang Brown University P&P
34 Jonathan Perkins Villanova University P&P
35 Cody Wertz Shippensburg University P&P
36 Edan Golomb Stevens Institute of Technology P&P
DNF Ryan Morcrette Drexel University
DNF Andrew Mitstifer Franklin and Marshall College
DNF Matthew Ciccocioppo Shippensburg University
DNF Zachary Ellwood DeSales University
DNF Brett Houser Drexel University

Men Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Sbordone Rochester Institute of Technology 0:08:16
2 Adric Quackenbush Franklin and Marshall College 0:08:16
3 Syed Qadri Penn State University 0:08:26
4 Chris Langer Rochester Institute of Technology 0:09:02
5 Mikael Garabedian Drexel University 0:09:25

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Geist DeSales University 0:38:50
2 Margaret Shirley Columbia University 0:38:50
3 Anna Olivier Yale University 0:38:50
4 Martha Buckley Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:39:43
5 Frances Morrison Mount Holyoke College -1 lap
6 Christine Levy Yale University -1 lap
7 Kelsey Hassin US Military Academy -1 lap
8 Morgan Farnsworth Penn State University -1 lap
9 Anna Eisenstein Boston University -1 lap
10 Lauren Shirock Penn State University -2 laps
11 Nicole Hilaire US Military Academy -2 laps
DNF Rose Long University of Vermont
DNF Emma Bast Mount Holyoke College
DNF Claire Mckenna Dartmouth College

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Kutz Penn State University 0:26:43
2 Maggie Sullivan Northeastern University 0:26:43
3 Stephanie Taplin University of New Hampshire 0:26:43
4 Alynn Kakuk University of Vermont 0:26:43
5 Sarah Bowman Yale University 0:26:43
6 Katy Applin Northeastern University 0:27:03
7 Dana Prey Boston College 0:27:03
8 Emily Gassman University of Vermont 0:27:03
9 Shane Ferro Columbia University 0:27:03
10 Karina Demair Rutgers University 0:27:25
11 Nicole Seekely Columbia University 0:27:25
12 Janis Sandlin Yale University 0:27:36
13 Caroline Savage Columbia University 0:27:36
14 Stacie Burak US Military Academy P&P
15 Eun young Choi Harvard University P&P
16 Taylor Rojek DeSales University P&P
17 Katherine Lovejoy Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
18 Aimee Layton Columbia University P&P
19 Molly Hurford Rutgers University P&P
20 Amy Gassman University of Vermont P&P
21 Margaret Hartman Bucknell University P&P
22 Melissa Gymrek Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
23 Cassandra Mooshian University of New Hampshire P&P
24 Chelsea Amengual Boston College P&P
25 Amanda Feirstein Boston College P&P
26 Samantha Noe Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
27 Allison Gehnrich University of New Hampshire P&P
28 Nicki Devanny University of Vermont P&P
29 Elizabeth Marcello Columbia University P&P
30 Rebekah Morris Bucknell University P&P
31 Jaime Lawlor Boston College P&P
32 Caitlin Mcardle US Military Academy P&P
33 Erin Beattie University of Pennsylvania P&P
DNF Amy Schwarzenberg University of New Hampshire
DNF Jessica Davis US Military Academy
DNF Isabella Oleksy University of New Hampshire

Women Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samantha Schneider Franklin and Marshall College 0:08:12
2 Rebecca Woods Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:08:12
3 Leah Ross University of New Hampshire 0:08:12
4 Katie Steere Northeastern University 0:08:12
5 Rachel Marcuson Stevens Institute of Technology 0:08:12
6 Christina Birch Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:08:12
7 Laura Sneider Stevens Institute of Technology 0:08:12
8 Lisa Harvey University of New Hampshire 0:08:12
9 Constance Chang Yale University 0:08:29
10 Marie Weber Mount Holyoke College 0:09:16
11 Ana Vitorino University of Pennsylvania 0:09:16
DNF Rachael Robins Mount Holyoke College
DNF Savy An Rutgers University
DNF Julie Burkett Rochester Institute of Technology