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Renfrew R�s

Butler, PA

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Renfrew R�s Presented by Pa. Elite Velo Club/Hershey Cancer institute/GPOA/Cannondale Cycling Team Butler, PA Sunday, July 12, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Mens 1/2/3
Finish    KOM     First         Last             TEAM
1         2       Nathaniel     Thompson         Team Latitude/ABRT
2                 Joseph        Ruggery          Freddie Fu Cycling Team
3         1       Stephen       Cummings         Indiana Regional Medical Center
4                 Eddie         Gryster          Amstel / RC13
5         3       Brian         Fouche           Latitude ABRT
6                 Ryan          Serbel           U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC
7                 Steve         Schott           Trek of Pittsburgh
8                 Turner        Johnson          Hershey Cancer Institute - GPOA
9                 Jason         Mills            Steel City Endurance
10                Steven        Kurpiewski       Iron City Bikes
11                Christopher   Kuhl             Hershey Cancer Institute - GPOA
12                Dave          Shaffer          Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem (Allegheny Cycling Association)
DNF               Justin        Brown
DNF               Adam          Farabaugh
DNF               Elliot        Gaunt
DNF               Ed            Krall            Indiana Regional Medical Center
DNF               Eric          Lundgren         Iron City Bikes
DNF               Glen          Moley
DNF               Samuel        Morrison         Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem (Allegheny Cycling Association)
DNF               Matthew       Neigh            AABC
DNF               Bret          Rothmeyer        Allegheny Cycling Association
DNF               Kris          Siatkowsky       Pro Graphics
DNF               Bob           Stumpf           Indiana Regional Medical Center

Mens 4/5
Finish PlaKOM     First         Last             TEAM
1         1       Eric          Milbrandt        UPMC Cycling
2                 John          Cotter
3         2       Chris         Reynolds
4                 Bob           Milyak           Speedgoat
5                 Kevin         Kralik           University of Pittsburgh
6                 Edward        King-Smith       iron city bikes
7                 Michael       Runco            North Hills Velo
8                 Benjamin      Stephens         Steel City Endurance
9                 EJ            Hubstenberger    Steel City Endurance
10                Dan           Netzer           Team Fitness Together
11        3       Rob           Riddell          West Liberty Cycles
12                Donald        Splitstone       Team In Training (LLS)
13                Tyler         Emerick
14                Michael       Scaffardi        ProGraphics
15                Will          Groves
16                Victor        Alvira           ACA / Roomful Express
17                Chris         Schott           Trek of Pittsburgh
18                Thomas        Hansen           Pro Graphics
19                Jason         Justi
20                Stephen       Marlette         Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem
23                Jay           Myers            Acidotic RACING
24                Joseph        Biss
25                Josh          Henderson
26                T.Lyle        Ferderber        Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem (Allegheny Cycling Association)
27                Butch         Rittelmann
28                Aaron         Bovalino         Beaver Valley Velo
29                Jerry         Swink
30                Grant         Jackson          University of Pittsburgh
31                Will          Corey
32                Mark          Runco
33                Gene          Nacey
DNF               Timmy         Ayers
DNF               Dusten        Clark
DNF               Hung-Chun     Huang
DNF               Chad          Huddy
DNF               Ryan          Kalbach
DNF               Gary          Snyder
Steven        Brewer, Jr.      AG1R
John          McDanel

Finish PlaLast    TEAM          First            USAC License
1         Patton  PRO Graphics CGray             280898
2         George  Steel City EndPatricia         271762
3         Wilczek Global Ride   Nina             One Day
4         GrabowskSteel City EndBarbara          135462
5         StambaugPanther CyclinStephanie        247989
6         Milavec Steel City EndPamela           162601
7         Fraley                Susanna          One Day
DNF       SlovenecNorth Hills VeSharon           214935

Mens 40+
Finish PlaLast    TEAM          First            USAC License
1         ZimmermaFreddie Fu CycJason            69951
2         Pflug   Speedgoat/SPK Gerry            27999
3         WieczoreFreddie Fu CycBrian            38143
4         GottliebThree Rivers BRobert           46469
5         Hodos   UPMC Cycling PEric             217362
6         Henry   Pedalshop/Old Ed               134611
7         MillikenTeam Latitude/Doug             24504
8         Sota                  James            276756
9         Corbett Trek of PittsbFrank            116276
10        DemboskyUPMC Cycling PLuke             228537
11        Zagami                Paul             One Day
DNF       Barnhart              Ron              51467
DNF       Gavinski              Eric             One Day
DNF       Nyer    Freddie Fu CycJack             60507

Finish PlaLast    TEAM          First            USAC License
1         Kukieza               Kyle             One Day
2         Stauffer              Cameron          One Day
3         Pelligrino            Patrik           One Day
4         Baun    Allegheny CyclIan              295295
5         Clair   IRMC          Nathan           288219
6         Ekas                  Bradley          One Day