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30th Anniversay Witches Cup Criterium

Salem, MA

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

30th Anniversay Witches Cup Criterium Presented by Salem Cycle / Comprehensive Racing / Wachusett Brewing Co. Salem, MA Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men Pro/1/2                               100 Starters                                              26.5 Miles
1    1    Adam          Myerson           Team Mountain Khakis                Boston           MA   56:17
2    3    Mark          McCormack         Team FUJI fueled by Clif Bar        Foxboro          MA   st
3    55   Jerome        Townsend                                              Punneta          MA   st
4    79   Ward          Solar             Spooky / NCC / Kenda                Wakefield        MA   st
5    95   Dylan         McNicholas        CCB Racing                          Stratham         NH   st
6    4    Luciano       Pavan                                                 Fitchburg        MA   st
7    56   Ciaran        Mangan            CCB/ RACING                         Brighton         MA   st
8    82   Ernest        Tautkus           Exodus Road Racing                  Uncasville       CT   st
9    43   Morgan        Hiller            CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast         Marion           MA   st
10   81   Steve         Stockwell         Sunapee/S&W Racing Team             Hopkinton        NH   st
11   87   Stephen       Weller   / Cannondale            Montague         MA   st
12   12   Will          Dugan                                                 Beverly          MA   st
13   60   Tim           Mitchell          MetLife Cycling Team                Ashland          MA   st
14   93   Benjamin      Zawacki           Richmond Pro Cycling                Weare            NH   st
15   32   J. Alain      Ferry             Millwork One Racing -   Boston           MA   st
16   6    Colin         Jaskiewicz        CCB Racing                          Upper Montclair  NJ   st
17   8    Gary          Aspnes            Horst-Benidorm-Property Research CorRockville        RI   st
18   85   Brad          Warren            Northampton Cycling Club / NCC      Fitchburg        MA   st
19   59   Greg          Melone            gear works cyclery                  Groton           MA   st
20   25   Leo           Devellian         CCB/Volkswagen                      Topsfield        MA   st
21   5    Kurt          Schmid            COMPREHENSIVE RACING/SALEM CYCLE    Marblehead       MA   st
22   67   Peter         Bradshaw          Embrocation Cycling Journal         Boston           MA   st
23   52   Joshua        Lehmann           NorEast Cycling                     Weare            NH   st
24   71   Patrick       Ruane             Sunapee/Continental Paving          Webster          NH   st
25   98   Damien        Colfer                                                Newmarket        NH   st
26   49   Matthew       Kressy            Millwork One Racing/     Wellesley        MA   st
27   11   Jon           Bernhard          CCB Racing                          Newburyport      MA   st
28   74   Tobi          Schultze          Team FUJI Clif Bar                  Foxboro          MA   st
29   17   James         Combs             Embrocation Cycling Journal         Somerville       MA   st
30   9    Josh          Austin            NorEast Cycling                     Durham           NH   st
31   89   Ben           Forbes            Base36/GorhamBike&Ski/Smcc/         Portland         ME   st
32   91   Matthew       Jamieson          Exodus Road Racing                  Chester          CT   st
33   63   Todd          Paoletti          CCB/Volkswagon                      Winchester       MA   st
34   40   Harrison      Harb              Sunapee/S&W                         Contoocook       NH   st
35   76   Brad          Sheehan           MetLife Cycling                     Bow              NH   st
36   48   Ryan          Kelly             NorEast Cycling                     Portsmouth       NH   st
37   70   Mike          Rowell            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Bedford          MA   st
38   10   Sam           Morse                                                 Cohasset         MA   st
39   41   Craig         Harrison          Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving RacinBartlett         NH   st
40   92   Jackson       Weber             Embrocation Cycling Journal         Holyoke          MA   st
41   26   Bruce         Diehl             SUNAPEE/S&W                         Jackson          NH   st
42   73   Michael       Sabatini          Svelte Cycles                       Hingham          MA   st
43   19   Chris         Coutu             MetLife Cycling Team                Upton            MA   st
44   35   Keith         Ford              Sunapee/S&W Racing Team             Enfield          NH   st
45   2    Timothy       Johnson           OUCH Pro Cycling Team presented by  Beverly          MA   st
46   62   James         Nash              CCB Racing                          North Hampton    NH   st
47   61   Tyler         Munroe            CCB/Volkswagen                      No. Andover      MA   st
48   57   Bill          Mark              NBX/Narragansett Beer               Providence       RI   st
49   33   Ryan          Fleming           MetLife Cycling Team                Portsmouth       NH   st
50   58   Corey         Masson            MetLife Cycling Team                Seabrook         NH   st
51   84   Landen        Wark-Acebo        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Waltham          MA   st
52   65   Keith         Reynolds          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Chelmsford       MA   st
53   37   Michael       Garrett           Kahala - La Grange                  Cambridge        MA   st
54   75   Timothy       Shea              BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-GoodAmherst          NH   st
55   30   Jeremy        Durrin            Northampton Cycling Club / NCC      Fitchburg        MA   st
56   90   Mark          Gunsalus          Team FUJI Clif Bar                  Dudley           MA   st
57   39   John          Grenier           Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar        Lewiston         ME   st
58   47   Jeremy        Jo                Green Line Velo                     Somerville       MA   st
59   94   Jim           Thomas            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   West Yarmouth    MA   st
DNF  7    Joseph        Ackerman          NEBC                                Woburn           MA
DNF  13   Kyle          Bruley            Green Line Velo                     Boston           MA
DNF  14   John          Buser             Paradise Racing                     Westminster      VT
DNF  15   James         Carrington        Michael and the Cyclonauts          Haverhill        MA
DNF  16   David         Chiu              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Brookline        MA
DNF  18   John          Corriveau         B.O.B. / STONEYFIELD FARM / GOODALE'Bedford          NH
DNF  20   Matt          D'Alessio         Threshold Cycling .com              Brookline        MA
DNF  21   Christopher   Dale              NBX/Narragansett Beer               North Kingstown  RI
DNF  22   Gary          Dalton            Cox Communications Cycling Team     Wakefield        RI
DNF  23   Michael       Dameron           Cox Communications Cycling Team     Uncasville       CT
DNF  24   Chandler      Delinks           ZTeam Cycling                       Ipswich          MA
DNF  27   Jeffrey       Dixon             Base36/SMCC/Gorham Bike             Windham          ME
DNF  28   Paul          Dolan                                                 New Milford      CT
DNF  29   Stephen       Dowsett           BCA/ Tosk                           Pittsfield       MA
DNF  31   Scott         Fader             CCB                                 Hanover          MA
DNF  34   Skip          Foley             360 Racing                          Harvard          MA
DNF  36   Jon           Frederick         Millwork One Racing                 Medford          MA
DNF  38   Scott         Giles             Exodus Road Racing                  Newport          RI
DNF  42   Toby          Marcot                                                Falmouth         MA
DNF  44   Byron         Holt              N/A                                 Arlington        MA
DNF  45   Steven        Hopengarten       Green Line Velo                     Lincoln          MA
DNF  46   Mike          Jinks             BikeWorks Racing                    Stafford         VA
DNF  50   Andrew        Krulewitz         Ciclismo Classico                   Somerville       MA
DNF  51   Sean          Lamontagne        Sunapee/S&W Sports/Continental PavinWebster          NH
DNF  53   Michael       Lorion            Team Bike Alley                     Millbury         MA
DNF  54   Joseph        Lynch             OA Masters                          Windham          ME
DNF  64   Jim           Peters            NBX/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech     North Kingstown  RI
DNF  66   Paul          Richard           CCB Racing                          Amesbury         MA
DNF  68   Aaron         Ross              Landry's bicycles                   Norwood          MA
DNF  69   Matt          Rossman           NorEast                             Morrisville      VT
DNF  72   Christian     Rynkiewicz        TARGETREINING                       Worcester        MA
DNF  77   Ari           Shocket                   Walpole          MA
DNF  78   Kyle          Smith             Embrocation Cycling Journal         Allston          MA
DNF  80   Matthew       Spaits            Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart FramesSomerville       MA
DNF  83   David         Uchenick          Arc en ciel                         Westford         MA
DNF  86   Scott         Washburn          MBRC/Bicycle Link                   Marshfield       MA
DNF  88   Christopher   Akana             Harvard University Cycling AssociatiCambridge        MA
DNF  96   Tim           Buckley           Sunapee / S&W Team                  Henniker         NH
DNF  97   Aron          Buterbaugh        OA/Cyclemania                       South Portland   ME
DNF  99   Tom           Prugar            NorEast Cycling                     York             ME
DNF  100  Ted           Shanstrom         Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team             Wakefield        RI

Women Open                                27 Starters                                               17.5 Miles
1    218  Rebecca       Wellons           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Woburn           MA   43:04
2    202  Nicole        Freedman                                              Jamaica Plain    MA   st
3    227  Sally         Annis                                                 Nashua           NH   st
4    219  Brooke        O'Connor          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Billerca         MA   st
5    223  Amy           McGuire           Hub Racing                                           MA   st
6    225  Yuri          Matsumoto                                             Cambridge        MA   st
7    205  Kathryne      Carr              Sunapee S&W/Continental Paving      Easthampton      MA   st
8    204  Jennifer      Bonaccorsi                                            Portsmouth       NH   st
9    210  Maryann       Martinez          CVC/Subaru of New England           Waterbury Center VT   st
10   216  Clara         Kelly             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Boxford          MA   st
11   208  Kendra        Jarratt           Unattached                          Portland         ME   st
12   201  Lyne          Bessette          October Factory Racing              Beverly          MA   st
13   206  Debony        Diehl             SUNAPEE/S&W                         Jackson          NH   st
14   222  Natalia       Gardiol           Cambridge Bicycle                   Cambridge        MA   st
15   207  Lenore        Imhof             Team EPS/CSS - Riptide Cycling, Inc.Bloomfield       NJ   st
16   217  Natalie       Dumont            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Fitchburg        MA   st
17   211  Cathy         Rowell            NEBC/CycleLoft/DevonshireDental     Bedford          MA   st
18   215  Silke         Wunderwald        Team Kenda                          Stonington       CT   st
19   224  Laura         Ralston                                               Boston           MA   st
20   209  Kerry         Litka             University of New Hampshire/Terry PrNashua           NH   st
21   212  Danielle      Ruane             Sunapee S&W/Continental Paving      Webster          NH   st
DNF  203  Sara          Shugars           Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle    Peabody          MA
DNF  213  Katherine     Snell             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Nashua           NH
DNF  214  Maggie        Sullivan          Unattached                          Jericho          VT
DNF  220  Vana          Trudeau                                               Danversport      MA
DNF  221  Hannah        Sarnov                                                Cambridge        MA
DNF  226  Ashley        Thrower                                               Windham          NH

Men 4/5                                   75 Starters                                               21.2 Miles
1    117  Guo-Liang     Chew              MIT Cycling / FXDD                  Cambridge        MA   48:03
2    110  Alfred        Bissell           Essex County Velo                   Boxford          MA   st
3    101  Kenneth       Thoman            Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle    Salem            MA   st
4    109  Stuart        Beaulieu          Essex County Velo                   Salem            MA   st
5    149  Geoff         McIntosh          New Hampshire Cycling Club          Concord          NH   st
6    141  Jean          Lacroix           Onion River Racing                  East-Montpelier  VT   st
7    156  Stephen       Owens             Green Line Velo                     Niskayuna        NY   st
8    118  Curt          Comber            Threshold Cycling                   Charlestown      MA   st
9    147  Dustin        Marshall                                              Ashby            MA   st
10   122  Christopher   Darling           Portland Velo Club                  Lovell           ME   st
11   140  Zachary       Labry             MIT Cycling / FXDD                  Cambridge        MA   st
12   134  Gerald        Harris            Team Harris                         Peabody          MA   st
13   115  Gregory       Brown             Drummond Custom Cycles              Grantham         NH   st
14   111  Michael       Brier             Refunds Now                         Providence       RI   st
15   160  Brian         Roche             NEBC                                Rockland         MA   st
16   136  Gregg         Izzo              Green Line Velo                     Boston           MA   st
17   138  Chris         Jordan            Colavita Racing, Inc.               Portland         ME   st
18   127  Nate          Morse                                                 Cohasset         MA   st
19   171  Jay           Trojan            Century Drywall Inc.                Lincoln          RI   st
20   157  Jim           Paolantonio       North Atlantic Velo/Giant/Pedros    Narragansett     RI   st
21   169  Bernard       Tan               NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Medford          MA   st
22   145  Keith         Limberg           NorEast Cycling                     Exeter           NH   st
23   130  Richard       Granger           dragon slayers                      Worcester        MA   st
24   143  Randall       Levere            Threshold Cycling                   Boston           MA   st
25   166  Curtis        Singmaster        Colavita Racing Inc.                Arlington        MA   st
26   129  Ben           Goss              Slouch/Ripstick                     Portsmouth       NH   st
27   124  Chuck         Dopfel            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Wayland          MA   st
28   128  Richard       Gervais           Millwork One Racing/     Weymouth         MA   st
29   161  Jonathan      Ruffus            Slouch / Ripstick Squad             Hampton          NH   st
30   162  Todd          Savage            Minuteman Road Club                 Westboro         MA   st
31   167  Liam          Somers            Colavita Racing, Inc.               Saco             ME   st
32   151  Matthew       Miller            OrganicAthlete                      Roslindale       MA   st
33   114  Kyle          Butler            Green Line Velo                     Cambridge        MA   st
34   108  John          Baker             putney/westhill                     Putney           VT   st
35   152  Harris        Navelski          Lindscott/Fluid/GU/KENDA/Rudy ProjecFalmouth         ME   st
36   112  Collin        Buesser           Greenline Velo                      Boston           MA   st
37   154  Justin        Neviackas         Cape Cod Racing                     West Yarmouth    MA   st
38   173  Ian           Whittle           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Jamacia Plain    MA   st
39   146  Paul Kieran   Lynch             Cycle Taiwan/Velocite               Somerville       MA   st
40   163  Jeff          Seger             SMCC                                Cape Elizabeth   ME   st
41   119  Dennis        Connelly          Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle  Salem            MA   st
42   150  Les           Merrill           BOB/Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bikes N. Chelmsford    MA   st
43   104  Paul          Penaskovic        Comprehensive Racing Team           Bedford          NH   st
44   123  John          Disciullo         Boston Road Club                    Newtonville      MA   st
DNF  102  Carey         Murphy            Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle  Salem            MA
DNF  103  Todd          Crumb             Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle  Hampstead        NH
DNF  105  Patrick       Smith             Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle  Salem            MA
DNF  106  Scott         Wilson            Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle  Methuen          MA
DNF  107  David         Almeida           Green Line Velo                     Ludlow           MA
DNF  113  Alexander     Bulger            Velo de Mer                         Marblehead       MA
DNF  116  Tim           Abbott                                                Concord          NH
DNF  120  Andrew        Cooper                                                Nashua           NH
DNF  121  Steven        Curran            MassBay RoadClub                    Quincy           MA
DNF  125  Rami          El Rayess         NorEast Cycling / Slouch            Portsmouth       NH
DNF  126  Chris         Field                                                 Salem            MA
DNF  131  Mark          Greve             Refunds Now                         Providence       RI
DNF  132  James         Hall              NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Hudson           NH
DNF  133  Seth          Hanapole          Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle    Marblehead       MA
DNF  135  Seth          Haskell           Colavita Racing Inc.                Northport        ME
DNF  137  Paul          Jobin             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Merrimack        NH
DNF  139  Andrew        Kennedy           Cambridge Bicycle /  Igleheart FrameSomerville       MA
DNF  142  John          Land              NorEast/Slouch Squad                York             ME
DNF  144  John          Libront                                               North Andover    MA
DNF  148  Ian           McElroy           12 CENT racing                      Bozeman          MT
DNF  153  Matthew       Nelson            MBRC/                Scituate         MA
DNF  155  Chris         Ohara                                                 Bedford          NH
DNF  158  Evan          Patten            NorEast Cycling                     Portsmouth       NH
DNF  159  Jason         Rice                                                  Peabody          MA
DNF  164  Michael C     Sheahan                                               Somerville       MA
DNF  165  Antonio       Silva             Refunds  Now                        Providence       RI
DNF  168  Jonathan      Sussman           CBRC                                Slingerlands     NY
DNF  170  Rich          Thomas            Paradise Sports                     Windsor          VT
DNF  172  Jamie         Waldinger         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental   Andover          MA
DNF  174  Alexander     Wilson            Green Line Velo                     Jamaica Plain    MA
DNF  175  Gregory       Wright            Corner Cycle Cape Cod               Brewster         MA