Sunday, October 25, 2009

DOWNEAST CYCLOCROSS UCI 2 Presented by Maine Cycling Club NEW GLOUCESTER, ME Sunday, October 25, 2009

The sun shone down on the Verge NECCS today in New Gloucester, but the mud hung like a black cloud over the head of many racers. Maureen Bruno-Roy (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles) and Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs/RGM/Radix), on the other hand, had great days in the saddle, each doubling up on the weekend and extending their series leads.

Bruno-Roy kept herself upright through the start of the race, but that was the only change from Saturday as she dominated from the gun to the finish. On the first half lap, she had pushed out a twelve second lead and never looked back. Behind the surging Bruno-Roy was a chase group much like on the day before with Mary McConneloug (Kenda/Seven/NoTubes), Natasha Elliott (Garneau/Club Chaussures/Ogilvy), Andrea Smith (Minuteman Road Club) and Amanda Carey (Kenda/ On the second to last lap, the gaps among the chasers began to open with McConneloug and Elliott securing the second and third steps of the podium, leaving Smith and Carey behind for fourth and fifth, respectively.

The elite men began with a flurry of surprises, not the least of which was the early attack of Kirt Fitzpatrick of team Sexual Camel. Taking advantage of a pileup on a muddy downhill, Fitzpatrick attacked, leaving the field in his wake. With four to go, he held a lead of ten seconds on a group of Mike Broderick (Kenda/Seven/NoTubes), Luke Keough (Team Champion Systems), Gavin Mannion (Hot Tubes Junior Development Team) and Justin Lindine (�s Garage/IF). It was not to be as a resurgent Dan Timmerman came through the chase group, followed by a red-hot Derrick St John (Garneau/Club Chaussures/Ogilvy). The attacks caused a reshuffling at the top with Lindine taking the lead and opening a gap on Timmerman of nearly thirty seconds. With three to go, Mannion had been pushed off the back of his chase group as St John rode through the competition with a vengeance. St John had moved into third place on the road when he fell victim to one of the many broken derailleurs on the day with only half a lap to go, he managed to slog through on foot and hold on for eighth. Lindine seemed to be in control, coming through the pit but Timmerman found another gear and threw down, catching Lindine in the woods halfway through the bell lap. When the two came to the pavement, Timmerman led with Lindine glued to his wheel, poised to come around. Dan Timmerman once again set a pace that could not be matched and Lindine settled for a strong second. Shortly behind, Mannion pulled some late-race heroics as well, recatching Luke Keough and holding him at bay for third and victory in the U-23 field. Another Sachs rider, Josh Dillion, who had for a second day mashed his way through the field, ran out of time finishing fifth in front of the surprise of the day, Kirt Fitzpatrick. Keough�s fourth place pushed him past the absent Tim Johnson into second overall in the elite series, while holding onto his U-23 leader�s jersey.

The masters� race seemed poised to be a repeat of yesterday with Johnny Bold and Kevin Hines of Corner Cycle and Roger Aspholm from Westwood Velo dominating the field. From the beginning the three were off the front but today Bold was not able to dial the course quite as well as Hines and Aspholm, falling back to a chase group of three on the third lap. Aspholm and Hines rode like two champions, matching each other through every section of the course, unable to create any space until the final lap, when Aspholm turned on the gas, securing yet another NECCS victory. Bold�s group with Curtis Boivin (Planet Bike) and Kurt Perham ( held together until the final paved stretch as Bold showed his prowess with an emphatic third leaving Perham fourth and Boivin fifth. The victory catapulted Aspholm back into the series leader�s jersey with Bold and Hines close behind.

The U-19 men looked to have a repeat of Joshua Lehmann (Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving)�s dominance as he took a large early lead. This time, though, Corner Cycle�s Jesse Keough and Quad Cycle�s Ryan Packard were not about to let him get away. Keough managed to bring Lehmann back with smooth navigation of the deep mud that covered nearly the whole course. Keough took victory with Lehmann second and Packard third, only fifteen seconds back. With a second and first on the weekend, the leader�s jersey stays with Keough.

The Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series will be contested over 7 weekends in 2009, starting with the New England Cross-toberfest of Cycling: 3 straight weekends of UCI calendar racing to be held in Williston VT, Gloucester MA, and Providence RI. After a weekend of much needed rest, the series will continue with stops in New Gloucester ME on Oct 24, Northampton MA on Nov 7, Sterling MA on Nov 28, and the series finale in Warwick RI on Dec 5. This year series is generously supported by Verge Sport, makers of fine cycling clothing and products since 1993; by Cycle-Smart, purveyors of personalized cycling coaching and solutions for riders across the country; by, the official online registration service of the NECCS; by Paul Weiss Photo/Video, the official photographer of the NECCS, by October Handmade Bicycles, and by Ryders Eyewear. You can visit these sponsors and get more information on the series by going to the web at

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

UCI Elite/U23 Men                               43 starters
Place  U23 Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:56:18 DAN         TIMMERMAN        RICHARD SACHS - RGM WATCHES - RADIX                 ITHACA             NY
2          0:00:00 JUSTIN      LINDINE          BIKEREG.COM / JOE'S GARAGE / IF                     NEW SALEM          MA
3      1   0:01:22 GAVIN       MANNION          HOT TUBES JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT TEAM                   DEDHAM             MA
4      2   0:01:41 LUKE        KEOUGH           TEAM CHAMPION SYSTEM                                SANDWICH           MA
5          0:02:22 JOSH        DILLON           RICHARD SACHS - RGM WATCHES - RADIX                 ESSEX JUNCTION     VT
6          0:02:33 KIRT        FITZPATRICK      SEXUAL CAMEL                                        SAN FRANCISCO      CA
7          0:02:58 MICHAEL     BRODERICK        KENDA-SEVEN-NOTUBES                                 CHILMARK           MA
8          0:03:04 DERRICK     ST JOHN          GARNEAU-CLUB CHAUSSURES-OGILVY                      CORNWALL           ON
9          0:03:48 ADAM        MYERSON          CYCLE-SMART                                         BOSTON             MA
10     3   0:04:14 JEROME      TOWNSEND         BIKEREG.COM / JOE'S GARAGE / IF                     PRINCETON          MA
11         0:05:17 BRIAN       WILICHOSKI       CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                                 DANVERS            MA
12     4   0:07:10 MANNY       GOGUEN           BIKEREG.COM / JOE'S GARAGE / IF                     HOPEDALE           MA
13         0:08:02 ALEC        DONAHUE          NERAC CYCLING                                       HADLEY             MA
14         0:08:16 TODD        WHEELDEN         KONA/OA/CYCLEMANIA                                  KENTS HILL         ME
15         0:08:42 PHILIP      WONG             SEASIDE CYCLE - SPECIALIZED                         MANCHESTER         MA
16         0:09:31 NATHANIEL   WARD             BIKEREG.COM / JOE'S GARAGE / IF                     ALBANY             NY
17         0:09:31 RICKEY      VISINSKI         ECHAPPE EQUIPMENT ELITE TEAM                        BRIDGEPORT         CT
18         0:09:44 Thom        Coupe   / Cannondale                            Plymouth           NH
19         0:10:45 SHAUN       ADAMSON          JUVENTUS                                            EDMONTON           AB
20         0:14:42 DAVY        YEATER           RIVER CITY BICYCLES                                 PORTLAND           OR
21                 JOHN        HANSON           IF/LIONETTE'S                                       NEW BEDFORD        MA
22                 KEVIN       SWEENEY          INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTER                        MEDFORD            MA
23                 COLIN       REUTER           INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE/CROSSRESULTS.COM              SOMERVILLE         MA
24                 JOHN        BURNS            BIKEMAN.COM                                         YARMOUTH           ME
25     5           MATTHEW     GREEN            SPOOKY BIKES                                        HATFIELD           MA
26                 DAVID       WILCOX           GEEKHOUSE BIKES / BOSTON ROCK GYM                   JAMAICA PLAIN      MA
27                 IAN         BROWN            RIVER CITY/TONICFAB.COM                             PORTLAND           OR
28         lap     PETE        SMITH            EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL / MAD ALCHEMY           MERRIMAC           MA
29         lap     Michael     Rea              American Flatbread Cycling p/b GMBC                 Hanover            NH
30         lap     John        Peterson                                  Easton             MA
31         lap     TOM         GOSSELIN         PEAK PERFORMANCE MULTISPORT                         OLD ORCHARD BEACH  ME
32         lap     WILLIAM     DUGAN            RICHARD SACHS - RGM WATCHES - RADIX                 BEVERLY            MA
33         lap     ADAM        SULLIVAN         CYCLE-SMART / NCC                                   NORTH KINGSTOWN    RI
34     6   lap     Thomas      Sampson          Rhino Bike Works                                    Plymouth           NH
35         lap     GREG        WHITNEY          BACK BAY BICYCLES / ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFFE           ALLSTON            MA
36         lap     PETER       RUBIJONO         EMBROCATION/IGLEHEART/MADALCHEMY                    SOMERVILLE         MA
37         2 lap   Peter       Bradshaw         Embrocation Cycling Journal                         Boston             MA
dnf     JAKE        KEOUGH           TEAM CHAMPION SYSTEM                                SANDWICH           MA
7   dnf     NICK        KEOUGH           TEAM CHAMPION SYSTEM                                SANDWICH           MA
dnf     PATRICK     GOGUEN           NE VELODROME & CYCLING PARK/ BOBCAT OF NH           HOPEDALE           MA

UCI Elite Women                22 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:37:41 MAUREEN     BRUNO ROY        MM RACING P/B SEVEN CYCLES                          ARLINGTON          MA
2          0:00:27 MARY        MCCONNELOUG      KENDA-SEVEN-NOTUBES                                 CHILMARK           MA
3          0:00:19 NATASHA     ELLIOTT          GARNEAU-CLUB CHAUSSURES-OGILVY                      CAMBRIDGE          MA
4          0:01:29 ANDREA      SMITH            MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 MEDFORD            MA
5          0:02:19 AMANDA      CAREY            KENDA/TRAINWITHERIC.COM                             VICTOR             ID
7          0:03:31 ANNA        BARENSFELD       MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 BROOKLINE          MA
8          0:03:55 LINNEA      KOONS            OCTOBER FACTORY RACING                              SOMERVILLE         MA
9          0:04:29 KAREN       POTTER           ZANCONATO                                           SHREWSBURY         MA
10         0:05:49 KARIN       HOLMES           SUNAPEE S&W                                         BEVERLY            MA
11         0:06:12 ANNA        MILKOWSKI        BIKEREG.COM / JOE'S GARAGE / IF                     ANDOVER            MA
12         0:06:12 KATE        HARRIS           OCTOBER FACTORY RACING                              CAMBRIDGE          MA
13         0:07:16 EMMA        BAST             CYCLE-SMART / NCC                                   HINESBURG          VT
14         0:07:16 PERRI       MERTENS          EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL / MAD ALCHEMY           NORFOLK            MA
15         0:08:21 REBECCA     BLATT            US ARMY/ CENTRAL WHEEL                              WEST HARTFORD      CT
16         0:09:54 CHRISTINA   TAMILIO          MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 BRIGHTON           MA
17         0:10:26 NATALIA     GARDIOL          CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE / IGLEHEART FRAMES                CORNWALL           ON
18         0:11:16 ALLISON     SNOOKS           MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 FRAMINGHAM         MA
19         0:11:16 CALLIE      GORDON           CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                                 SALEM              MA
20         lap     CLARA       KELLY            NEBC/CYCLE LOFT/DEVONSHIRE DENTAL                   BOXFORD            MA
dnf     ANN         D'AMBRUOSO       MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 WALTHAM            MA
dnf     EMILY       CURRY            JOE'S GARAGE                                        STURBRIDGE         MA

Juniors 15-18                  10 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:42:06 Jesse       Keough           Corner Cycle Cycling Club                           Sandwich           MA
2          0:00:04 JOSHUA      LEHMANN          SUNAPEE/S&W/CONTINENTAL PAVING RACING TEAM          WEARE              NH
3          0:00:15 RYAN        PACKARD          QUADCYCLES JUNIOR TEAM                              ARLINGTON          MA
4          0:01:20 NATE        MORSE            CLIF BAR DEVELOPMENT CYCLOCROSS TEAM                COHASSET           MA
5          0:01:52 CURTIS      WHITE            CLIF BAR DEVELOPMENT CYCLOCROSS TEAM                DELANSON           NY
6          0:03:24 AARON       HOUSE            HOUSATONIC WHEEL CLUB                               GT. BARRINGTON     MA
7          0:07:30 Oliver      Hiller           CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                        Marion             MA
8          0:11:03 TOMMY       GOGUEN           MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 HOPEDALE           MA
9          0:11:03 KELLAN      HUMPHRIES        BIKEMAN.COM                                         FREEPORT           ME
10         lap     Ian         Moore            BIKEMAN.COM

Juniors 10-14                  7 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:32:31 AUSTIN      VINCENT          CLNOONAN/KAM/COAST TO COAST                         SIMSBURY           CT
2          0:04:05 PETER       GOGUEN           MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 HOPEDALE           MA
3          0:06:55 COOPER      WILLSEY          WHITES BIKES/GMBC/CATAMOUNT                         HINESBURG          VT
4          lap     Carter      Hall             BIKEMAN.COM
5          lap     GREG        GUNSALUS         TEAM FUJI                                           DUDLEY             MA

Cat 3 Men                      62 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
2          0:00:43 GREG        BURBIDGE         CLAREMONT CYCLE DEPOT                               GRANTHAM           NH
3          0:01:12 Christopher Laflamme         Southern Maine Cycling Club                         Westbrook          ME
4          0:01:19 MICHAEL     WISSELL          BACK BAY BICYCLES/ ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFFE            ALLSTON            MA
5          0:01:39 CARY        FRIDRICH         EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL                         CHARLESTOWN        MA
6          0:02:10 JOSHUA      Austin           Northeast Cycle
7          0:02:10 NATE        CAMPBELL         SEASIDE CYCLE                                       MANCHESTER         MA
8          0:02:10 CHRIS       HAENI            MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 CONCORD            MA
9          0:02:35 COLLIN      HUSTON           CL NOONAN/COAST TO COAST/KAM                        KENNEBUNK          ME
10         0:02:56 WILLIAM     KENNEY           BIKEBARNRACING.COM                                  MIDDLEBORO         MA
11         0:03:44 EVAN        HUFF             CYCLE SMART / NCC                                   RUSSELL            MA
12         0:03:44 LEE         PETERS           WATTS UP RACING                                     TICONDEROGA        NY
13         0:03:57 LEE         WASSILIE         CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE/ IGLEHEART FRAMES                 PORTSMOUTH         NH
14         0:04:13 JOSHUA      WRIGHT           GEEKHOUSE                                           ROSLINDALE         MA
15         0:04:13 RICHARD     BROOKS           NANTUCKET VELO                                      NANTUCKET          MA
16         0:04:22 TIMOTHY     YOUNG            NOREAST CYCLING                                     HENNIKER           NH
17         0:04:22 James       Morrison         Unattached                                          Brighton           MA
18         0:04:42 STEPHEN     WRIGHT           MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                                 HOLLISTON          MA
19         0:04:51 JOHN        GIBBONS          NEBC / CYCLE LOFT / DEVONSHIRE DENTAL               BOSTON             MA
20         0:05:13 CHRISTIAN   EAGER            MAIETTA FACTORY RACING                              SOMERVILLE         MA
21         0:00:46 ZACH        MAGOON           BIKEMAN.COM                                         PORTLAND           ME
22         0:06:24 RYAN        LITTLEFIELD      BASE36/SMCC/GORHAM BIKE & SKI                       PORTLAND           ME
23         0:06:31 COSMO       CATALANO         CYCLOCOSM.COM                                       BOSTON             MA
24         0:06:31 NICHOLAS    MASHBURN         CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE / IGLEHEART FRAMES                CAMBRIDGE          MA
25         0:07:20 ROBERT      POOLE            BIKEBARNRACING.COM                                  BRUNSWICK          ME
26         0:07:36 JASON       MORIARTY         COLAVITA RACING INC.                                STAFFORD           CT
27         0:08:26 JEFF        ZIEGLER          TEAM WHEELWORKS                                     CAMBRIDGE          MA
29         0:08:26 KYLE        SMITH            EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL                         BOSTON             MA
30         0:08:35 PATRICK     CAFFERKY         UVM CYCLING                                         RICHMOND           VT
31         0:08:40 AARON       ROSS             LANDRY'S BICYCLES                                   NORWOOD            MA
32         0:09:02 PATRICK     SNOOP            VERGE SPORT TEST PILOT                              MONROE             NY
33         0:10:10 PETER       ABDU             CLAREMONT CYCLE DEPOT                               HANOVER            NH
34         0:10:22 ZACHARY     WILLS            IBC RACING                                          CAMBRIDGE          MA
35         0:11:19 MATTHEW     CASSERLY         BU                                                  HOLLISTON          MA
36         0:12:29 LOUIS       MONTGRAIN                                                            SUTTON             QC
37         0:12:41 MIKE        ZANCONATO        ZANCONATO RACING                                    MILLBURY           MA
38         0:13:38 JOHN        FENNEL           INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE/GLOBAL                        SOMERVILLE         MA
39         0:18:12 Ian         Schon            Boston University                                   Boston             MA
40         lap     GARY        BAVOLAR          CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE / IGLEHEART FRAMES                BOSTON             MA

Cat 3/4 Women                  23 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:40:00 FRANCES     MORRISON         CYCLE-SMART/NCC                                     FITCHBURG          MA
2          0:00:26 ERIN        BRENNAN          LINSCOTT REAL ESTATE RACING                         PORTLAND           ME
3          0:00:26 OLIVIA      HARKNESS                                                             ESSEX              MA
4          0:02:50 ANDREA      COX              CCB/VOLKSWAGEN                                      HAVERHILL          MA
5          0:04:38 JULIE       LEFEBVRE         INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE/GLOBAL                        SOMERVILLE         MA
6          0:05:20 LORI        KOHLS            BACK BAY BICYCLES/ ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFFE            BOSTON             MA
7          0:06:00 Naomi       Haverlick
8          0:07:14 SARAH       HART             COLBY COLLEGE                                       WATERVILLE         ME
9          0:07:14 REBECCA     LOWE                                                                 NEWPORT            RI
10         0:10:40 LEAH        PAPPAS-BARNES    INDEPENDENT FABRICATION                             ARLINGTON          MA
11                 MARGARET    MOORE                                                                ALLENTOWN          PA
12                 LAUREN      TRACY            COLBY COLLEGE                                       SCHNECKSVILLE      PA
13                 IVY         LUHRS            VELO BELLA                                          MINOT              ME
14                 Jean        Cunningham       Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC)                       Wayland            MA
15                 JILL        MEYER            CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE/IGLEHEART                         BOSTON             MA
16                 Collyn      Smithernam
17         lap     JULIE       LOCKHART         NEBC/CYCLE LOFT/DEVONSHIRE DENTAL / MCRA            DUNSTABLE          MA

Cat 4 Men                      31 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:32:58 NEVIN       RALLIS           BIKEMAN.COM                                         WINDHAM            ME
2          0:01:17 CHRISTOPHER GENDRON                                                              SACO               ME
3          0:01:29 CHRIS       ESPOSITO                                                             GORHAM             ME
4          0:01:52 PAUL        MAGOON           MATHIEUS P/B INSIGHT CENTRAL MAINE CYCLING          CORNVILLE          ME
5          0:03:27 GEORGE      LOWE                                                                 NEWPORT            RI
6          0:03:27 DANIEL      HOMEIER          COLBY COLLEGE                                       SELLERSVILLE       PA
7          0:04:02 DUNCAN      MASLAND          BOWDOIN COLLEGE                                     BRUNSWICK          ME
8          0:05:42 JORGE       MARTINEZ         BOSTON TRIATHLON TEAM                               WATERTOWN          MA
9          0:06:21 NICHOLAS    MAGGIORE         BACK BAY BICYCLES/ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFFE             BRIGHTON           MA
10         0:06:59 IAN         SCHON            BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                   BALTIMORE          MD
11         0:07:22 ANDREW      MURO             GEEKHOUSE BIKES                                     SOMERVILLE         MA
12         0:09:48 ROBERT      MORGAN           GEEKHOUSE BIKES                                     COHASSET           MA
13         0:10:35 DAVID       SHEDD            SMCC/BASE 36                                        PORTLAND           ME
14         0:10:35 ANDREW      PARSONS          BRC/VINTAGE                                         UNDERHILL          VT
15         0:11:12 DAN         ST. GERMAIN      GEEKHOUSE BIKES / BOSTON ROCK GYM                   SOMERVILLE         MA
16         0:11:19 Jeffrey     Hershberger      BIKEMAN.COM                                         Greenwood          ME
17         0:12:13 SEAN        SAVIGNANO        RAINBOW BICYCLE & FITNESS                           AUBURN             ME
18         0:12:29 THOMAS      ESTRADA          CAMBRIDGE BICYCLE                                   SOMERVILLE         MA
19         lap     Matthew     Appleby          COLBY COLLEGE                                       Scituate           MA

Cat 1-3 Masters 35+            39 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:45:06 ROGER       ASPHOLM          WESTWOOD VELO                                       HAWORTH            NJ
2          0:00:23 KEVIN       HINES            CORNER CYCLE                                        E. WAREHAM         MA
3          0:02:14 JONNY       BOLD             CORNER CYCLE                                        MARSTONS MILLS     MA
4          0:02:38 KURT        PERHAM           BIKEMAN.COM                                         BRUNSWICK          ME
5          0:02:38 CURTIS      BOIVIN           PLANET BIKE                                         PROVIDENCE         RI
6          0:03:55 JOHN        FOLEY            GARY FISHER 29ER CREW/BICYCLE CONCEPTS              STURBRIDGE         MA
7          0:04:07 ROB         HULT             GEAR WORKS / SPIN ARTS                              HARVARD            MA
8          0:04:07 STEVE       PROULX           STEVENS RACING                                      OTTAWA             ON
9          0:05:05 JEFF        MOLONGOSKI       JOE,S GARAGE                                        ASHFIELD           MA
10         0:05:17 MIKE        ROWELL           NEBC/CYCLE LOFT/DEVONSHIRE DENTAL                   BEDFORD            MA
11         0:06:03 BILL        SHATTUCK         BIKEBARNRACING.COM                                  BRIDGEWATER        MA
12         0:06:14 ALAN        STARRETT         BIKEMAN.COM                                         PORTLAND           ME
13         0:06:14 JON         BERNHARD         CCB RACING                                          NEWBURYPORT        MA
14         0:06:29 RYAN        RUMSEY           BIKEMAN.COM                                         PORTLAND           ME
15         0:06:36 TODD        BURNS            NANTUCKET VELO                                      NANTUCKET          MA
16         0:06:36 Damien      Colfer           Unattached                                          Newmarket          NH
17         0:08:15 MATTHEW     MYETTE           ZANCONATO RACING                                    SUTTON             MA
18         0:09:16 JOHN        MEERSE           OA/CYCLEMANIA/PVC                                   PORTLAND           ME
19         0:10:05 AARON       MILLETT          ECV                                                 AMESBURY           MA
20         0:11:24 BRANT       HORNBERGER       BIKEREG.COM                                         LEOMINSTER         MA
21         lap     JERRY       CHABOT           PLANET BIKE                                         BOLTON             VT
22         lap     MATT        HERSEY           BIKEMAN.COM                                         READING            MA
23         lap     MATTHEW     THEODORE         CAPE COD RACING/E-CAPS.COM                          MASHPEE            MA
24         lap     ROBERT      KRAMER           RIDLEY FACTORY TEAM                                 BOSTON             MA
25         lap     PAUL        COX              CCB RACING                                          HAVERHILL          MA
26         lap     GARY        ASPNES           HORST-BENIDORM-PROPERTY RESEARCH CORP.              ROCKVILLE          RI
27         lap     CARL        RING             NHCC/TEAM NH - SEVEN CYCLES                         RUMNEY             NH

Cat 4 Masters 35+              36 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:35:00 BRIAN       QUIGLEY          COLAVITA RACING INC.                                SOMERVILLE         MA
2          0:00:25 Erik        Wisenburger
3          0:00:47 MARK        BURNS                                                                CAPE ELIZABETH     ME
4          0:01:15 GEOFF       MCINTOSH         NEW HAMPSHIRE CYCLING CLUB                          CONCORD            NH
5          0:01:32 JAMIE       WRIGHT           SMCC/GORHAM BIKE/BASE 36                            GORHAM             ME
6          0:01:32 CHRISTOPHER DARLING          PORTLAND VELO CLUB                                  LOVELL             ME
7          0:01:49 Rick        Tobin
8          0:02:04 MICHAEL     ZIMICKI                                                              BONDVILLE          VT
9          0:02:04 BOB         THREETON         NOREAST CYCLING                                     NEWMARKET          NH
10         0:02:18 Matthew     Williams         Unattached                                          Somerville         MA
11         0:02:33 JAMES       WILLSEY          GMBC/CATAMOUNT                                      HINESBURG          VT
12         0:02:40 DEKE        ANDREW           PORTLAND VELO CLUB / CYCLEMANIA                     PORTLAND           ME
13         0:03:57 ELI         LEVINE           HUP UNITED !                                        ANDOVER            MA
14         0:04:20 Michael     Chase
15         0:04:53 JOHN        WITMER           GMBC/CATAMOUNT                                      WILLISTON          VT
16         0:05:03 Keith       Kastelic         Unattached                                          Freeport           ME
17         0:05:37 STEFAN      WAWERSIK         NEBC/CYCLE LOFT/DEVONSHIRE DENTAL                   WESTBOROUGH        MA
18         0:05:37 KEITH       LIMBERG          NOREAST CYCLING                                     EXETER             NH
19         0:05:37 TIMOTHY     METZGER          NOREAST CYCLING                                     HAMPTON            NH
20         0:05:58 MICHAEL     HORRISBERGER     LINSCOTT REAL ESTATE RACING                         PORTLAND           ME
21         0:06:06 JOE         PARENT           UNATTACHED                                          FREEPORT           ME
22         0:06:46 JEFFREY     DIXON            BASE36/SMCC/GORHAM BIKE                             WINDHAM            ME
23         0:07:13 ARMAND      RODRIGUE JR.     WWW.BIKEBARNRACING.COM                              CARVER             MA
24         0:08:50 John        Torrey
25         0:08:59 Murray      Carpenter                                                            Belfast            ME
26         0:10:18 George      Babikian
27         0:10:53 Matthew     Camuso

Masters 45+                    30 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:39:44 JOHN        MOSHER           WHEEL WORKS                                         BOXBORO            MA
2          0:00:12 MARK        GUNSALUS         TEAM FUJI CLIF BAR                                  DUDLEY             MA
3          0:01:22 SAMUEL      MORSE            CORNER CYCLE                                        COHASSET           MA
4          0:01:36 DON         SEIB             BIKEMAN.COM                                         CHELMSFORD         MA
5          0:01:53 TIM         GROESBECK        CCB                                                 SHARON             NH
6          0:02:26 PAUL        NYBERG           HORST-BENIDORM-PROPERTY RESEARCH CORP.              AVON               CT
7          0:03:33 Anders      Larson           BIKEMAN.COM
8          0:04:07 KEITH       BUTTON           NOREAST CYCLING                                     NOTTINGHAM         NH
9          0:04:58 GEOFFREY    HOUSE            HOUSATONIC WHEEL CLUB                               GREAT BARRINGTON   MA
10         0:05:18 WAYNE       CUNNINGHAM       TEAM WHEELWORKS                                     WAYLAND            MA
11         0:05:18 KEVIN       CALLAHAN         BICYCLE LINK/MBRC                                   NORWELL            MA
12         0:06:26 Dennis      Flanagan         MTB Mind
13         0:06:35 WAYNE       BARLOW           NH CYCLING CLUB                                     LYME               NH
14         0:06:45 PAUL        LYNCH            BICYCLELINK/MBRC                                    MARSHFIELD         MA
15         0:07:01 CHRISTOPHER BURKE            PROVIDENCE VELO CLUB/PLANET BIKE                    PAWTUCKET          RI
16         0:07:17 WILLIAM     STEVENS          GEAR WORKS/SPIN ARTS CYCLERY                        BOLTON             MA
17         0:07:35 JOHN        ADAMIK           ESSEX COUNTY VELO                                   BYFIELD            MA
18         0:07:46 JOHN        GRENIER          TEAM FUJI FUELED BY CLIF BAR                        LEWISTON           ME
19         0:08:23 TIMOTHY     SHEA             BOB/SHIFT-STONYFIELD FARM-ARIZA-GOODALES            AMHERST            NH
21         0:11:57 DANIEL      RUSSELL          BICYCLE LINK/MBRC                                   MILTON             MA
22         0:12:02 JAMES       MCDONALD                                                             NORTHAMPTON        MA
23         0:12:25 ERIC        LARSSON          OA CENTERS FOR ORTHOPAEDICS/CYCLEMAINA              PORTLAND           ME
24         lap     JOE         RAPUANO          SEASIDE CYCLE/ECV                                   ATKINSON           NH

Masters 55+                    20 starters
Place      Time    First Name  Last Name        Team                                                City               State
1          0:47:07 WILLIAM     SAWYER           GEARWORKS - SPINARTS                                ARLINGTON          MA
2          0:02:25 DAVID       GOODWIN          NORTHAMPTON CYCLING CLUB                            AMHERST            MA
3          0:02:25 STEVEN      ABBOTT           CYCLONAUTS                                          WILLINGTON         CT
4          0:03:21 BARRY       DOUBLEDAY        MASS BAY ROAD CLUB                                  PLYMPTON           MA
5          0:04:25 DAVE        BEALS            NYCROSS.COM / VO MAX / CBRC                         NISKAYUNA          NY
6                  RICHARD     SACHS            RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS - RADIX                 WARWICK            MA
7                  GARABED     MINASIAN         BOB CYCLING/STONEYFIELD /GOODALES                   NASHUA             NH
8                  JACK        CHAPMAN          NAULTS CYCLERY/NAULTS.COM                           AUBURN             NH
9                  JIM         QUINN            THE BICYCLE LINK/MBRC                               WEYMOUTH           MA
10                 MARK        GODIN            CYCLOCROSSWORLD                                     S. HAMILTON        MA
11                 DAVID       HOLMANDER        NAULTS CYCLERY/NAULTS.COM. (NHCC)                   EPSOM              NH
12         lap     Parker      Harrison
13         lap     HERBERT     BATES            NAULTS CYCLERY/NAULTS.COM                           MILFORD            NH
14         lap     DONALD      SNOOP            VICIOUS CYCLES                                      MIDDLEBURGH        NY