Brookside Cyclocross Cup

Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brookside Cyclocross Cup Indiana State Cyclocross Championships Indianapolis, IN Sunday, November 22, 2009
�Counting� the Ways to Win and Lose a Race

The thirteenth race in the Zipp OVCX Tour was held at Brookside Park in Indianapolis today, the second day of a double Indy weekend coming on the heels of the Southeastway Park race yesterday. This race also served as the Indiana State Championships, adding a little extra to the race that already held great meaning for many racers with only two races remaining in the series. The Elite Men�s race was once again captured by Mitchell Kersting, while Nicole Borem managed to grab her third win of the year in the Elite Women's race. The Elite Masters race once again belonged to Mike McShane, taking both the overall and 45+, while Fred Rose grabbed the 35+ crown.

The weather was a non-factor, providing beautiful conditions yet again for both racing and spectating. This was quite a contrast from a year ago, when Brookside was the series finale for the OVCX and was contested in several inches of snow and temperatures in the teens. Brookside's trademark steps to the office complex once again provided the spectators with an absolutely magnificent view of the course as well as the toughest obstacle. Coming down a steep off-camber descent, riders made a right turn to the base of the steps. The concrete steps, consisting of two flights of about 15 steps each with a platform about 30 feet long between them, gave the racers the opportunity to show who had the best off the bike cyclocross skills, while giving spectators the opportunity to stand right next to them and yell encouragement as they crested the steps. Directly across from the base of the steps was the finish line adding to the view. The last 500 meters consisted of a set of barriers leading through a pass where riders made a 180 degree turn onto the pavement for the sprint finish.

Unlike yesterday, when Mitchell Kersting (Rapid Transit Racing) ran away from the field, today was a three-man battle all the way with Kersting, Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen) and Tom Burke (Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles) taking shots at each other the entire hour. Sherer took the lead on the last lap and held it all the way to the finishing stretch. He appeared to be in total control as nobody had managed to win all day when coming into the final barriers without the lead. Burke attempted to pass Kersting at the barriers but failed and ruined his chances for the victory. Kersting sat on Sherer's wheel and as they made the 180 onto the pavement it was all Kersting to the line.

In the Elite Women's race, Nikki Dallaire (Alderfer Bergen) appeared to be in great shape for a double weekend herself, but somehow lost track of the lap count. Dallaire and Nicole Borem (DRT Consulting) had been racing all day when Dallaire attacked and put a big gap on Borem with two laps to go. Dallaire sat up and coasted up the hill through the finish line as she watched Borem motor by. Dallaire clearly thought she was done and had miscalculated her attack. The effort had clearly taken everything she had and even though there were two laps remaining, Borem was relentless as she flew through the final two laps, never giving her opponent a chance.

The Elite Masters race also saw an exciting finish as Mike McShane (Calistoga Racing Team), Don Galligher (DRT Consulting) and Fred Rose ( kept things tight the entire race. Gallagher again did some good work on the front and looked like he might be able to challenge McShane with a sprint, something he couldn't do yesterday. With a couple laps to go, as they reached the top of the steps in a Galligher � McShane � Rose order, Rose decided to attack. He cut to the inside as he dropped his bike to the pavement preparing to mount and gave McShane a friendly push into the bushes. That surely instilled a little extra motivation in McShane, who doesn�t take kindly to being pushed around as he is almost always the smallest guy out there. As they came into the final barriers with McShane leading, it appeared to be over with Galligher and Rose left to battle for 2nd. Galligher slid out and hit the turf leaving the 2nd place spot and Indiana State Championship to Rose.

Next week, the Zipp OVCX Tour heads toward Dayton, Ohio for the Buckingham Financial Ohio State Championship at John Bryan State Park on Sunday, November 29. As at today�s Indiana State Championships, next week�s event in Ohio is open to riders from any state or country, and the highest-placing Ohio residents in each class will be declared 2009 Ohio State Champion. Details and pre-registration for next weekend�s penultimate race on this year�s Zipp OVCX Tour can be found on

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Mitchell Kersting        Rapid Transit Racing
2       Mike Sherer              Alderfer Bergen
3       Tom Burke                Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles
4       Andrew Llewellyn         Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
5       Erik Hamilton            NUVO Cultural Trail
6       Ryan Gamm                Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Spinergy
7       Rob Kendall              BARBASOL / RAPID TRANSIT
8       Jacob Virostko           BIOWHEELS
9       Matthew Belcher          VELOLOUNGE.COM
10      Eric Anderson            NUVO Cultural Trail
11      Weston Luzadder          NOVA CYCLE SPORT INC.
12      Chris Nevitt             Team Louisville
13      Chad Salla               Alderfer Bergen
14      Zachary Edwards          DRT RACING
15      Cory Swihart
16      Katsuhiro Tanda          TEAM ATHENS P/B KT PROTOTYPE
17      Adam Leibovitz           NUVO Cultural Trail
DNF     Mike Kennedy             Barbasol/ Rapid Transit
DNF     Aaron Hawkins            CHRYSALIS VENTURES RACING
DNF     Declan Doyle             NUVO Cultural Trail

Elite Women
Place   Name                     Team
1       Nicole Borem             DRT Consulting
2       Annajean Dallaire        ALDERFER BERGEN
3       Amanda Mckay             BIOWHEELS/REECE-CAMPBELL RACING
5       Briana Kovac             Alderfer Bergen
6       Mary Penta               SCHELLERS FITNESS AND CYCLING
7       Sierra Siebenlist        Marian College Cycling Team
8       Megan Somerville         MARIAN UNIVERSITY CYCLING TEAM
9       Rebecca Finley           MARIAN UNIVERSITY CYCLING TEAM
DNF     Emily Benson             DRT RACING

Elite Masters 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Frederick Rose           BIKEREG.COM
2       Donald Galligher         DRT Racing
3       Morgan Webb              Red Zone Cycling
4       Tom Brockman             LOUISVILLE FIRE FIGHTERS
5       Jason Karew              UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA
6       Brian Andriot            LOUISVILLE FIREFIGHTERS
7       Michael Lantz
8       Harry Clark              Alderfer Bergen
9       Mitch Graham             Bio Wheels Racing
DNF     Steve Bivens             OHIO VALLEY VELO
DNF     Todd Nix                 OHIO VALLEY VELO - EDT

Elite Masters 45+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Michael Mcshane          Calistoga Racing Team
2       Erik Fagerberg           Calistoga Racing Team
3       John Mandrola            Calistoga Racing Team
4       John May, Sr.            Fetzer Cycling Team
5       Dean Peterson            ZIPP FACTORY TEAM
6       Scott Bond               Speedway Wheelmen
7       Matthew Koehn            SPEEDWAY WHEELMEN
8       Greg Youngen             Wild Card Cycling
DNF     John Riedel              ALAN NORTH AMERICA / CHALLENGE

Category 3 Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Josh Johnson             DRT RACING
2       Adam Rodkey              SPEEDAY WHEELMEN
3       John Francisco           RED ZONE
4       Micah Fritzinger         SCHELLERS CYCLING
5       Luke Haley               RED ZONE CYCLING
6       David Neis               HECKAWEE
7       Mark Giganti             INDIE BIKE
8       Matthew Kiel
9       Josh Biven               LOUISVILLE FIREFIGHTERS
10      Joseph Nalley            BIKE CLICKS / TEAM LOUISVILLE
11      Josh Prater              SPEEDWAY WHEELMEN
12      Martin Meadows           Speedway Wheelmen
13      Ryan Kiel                GRAY GOAT SPORTS
14      Scott Catanzaro          WOLVERINE SPORTS CLUB
15      Peter Deucher            Spin
16      Brian Collier            BIOWHEELS/REECE- CAMPBELL RACING
17      John Maggard
18      Dan Lach                 ZWS/CYCLESPORT
19      Joe Czerwonka            BOB'S RED MILL/ROCKY MOUNTAIN
20      David Strole             DRT Racing
21      Ryan Lindsay             ZWS/CYCLESPORT
22      Dave Mundy
23      Andrew Allwein
24      Nicholas Puaca           MORRIS TRUCKING
25      John Ryan
DNF     Cory Rusher              GRAY GOAT CYCLING

Masters Cat. 3 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Steve Bivens             OHIO VALLEY VELO
2       Corey Green              ZEPHYR WHEEL SPORTS
3       Todd Nix                 OHIO VALLEY VELO - EDT
4       Joseph Bellante          BIOWHEELS/REECE-CAMPBELL RACING
5       James Turner             Team IPro
6       Mark Trousdale           Speedway Wheelmen
7       Duane Walker             BIKECLICKS/TEAM LOUISVILLE
8       Matthew Johnson          Alderfer Bergen
9       Rodney Roof              ZWS/CYCLESPORT
10      Dave Aukerman            Some Guys Cycling

Masters Cat. 3 45+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Mike Otting              7HILLS RACING
2       Rick Toler               Team Columbus
3       Kenny Sipes              CENTRAL KY WHEELMEN RACING
4       Scott Belcher
5       Mitchell Beckner         One Call Now
6       Greg Youngen             Wild Card Cycling
7       Craig Reynolds           INDIANA HAND CENTER
8       Charles South            3RVS - Koehlinger/Kelley
9       Harry Wicks              Bio Wheels Racing
10      Jonathan Spicker         QUEEN CITY WHEELS
11      John Harris              ROGUE RACING PROJECT
12      Doug Hamilton            BIOWHEELS/REECE-CAMPBELL RACING
13      James Pontius
14      Steven Vorderman         DRT

Cat. 3/4 Women
Place   Name                     Team
1       Briana Kovac             Alderfer Bergen
2       Nancy Henderson          COBC
3       Elizabeth Cobb
4       Hannah Mossman           ONE CALL NOW
5       Cooper Ambjorn           RESER FUSION VELO EXPERIENCE
6       Caitlin Coar

Cat. 3/4 Masters Women 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Bridget Sempsrott        Bio Wheels Racing
2       Malissa Petrov           UNATTACHED
3       Shellie Heggenberger     16 Paws
4       Claudia Fritzinger       ROGUE RACING PROJECT
5       Karen Hamilton           Bio Wheels Racing
6       Mary Bill

Category 4 Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Tony O'Neill
2       Ian McShane              RED ZONE CYCLING
3       Cooper Simon             RED ZONE CYCLING
4       Mike Stumpe
5       Isaiah Newkirk
6       Michael Webber           ROGUE RACING PROJECT
7       Chase Moore
8       William Bain             Team Louisville
9       Andy Paskins
10      Tyler Lach               ZWS/CYCLESPORT
11      Scott Allen
12      Scott Murschel           Team Abundance
13      Thomas Standers          Some Guys Cycling
14      Dan Bartholomew          Speedway Wheelmen
15      Jeremy Crumbaugh         Speedway Wheelmen
16      William True
DNF     Matt Herron

Masters Cat. 4 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Shane Nalley             DANS COMPETITION
2       Ryan Shanahan
4       Don Birch
5       Tim Wegner               SUMMIT CITY BICYCLES & FITNESS
6       Mike Shipman             CYCLING & FITNESS WAREHOUSE
7       Christian Ambjorn        RESER FUSION VELO EXPERIENCE
8       Scott Lyle
9       Andy Paskins
10      Joern Brockhaus          Team Dayton Bicycling
11      Bryan Dalman             Speedway Wheelmen
12      Brian Segal              ROGUE RACING PROJECT
13      Matthew Stierwalt        Queen City Wheels
14      Trevor Stith             SCHELLERS FITNESS & CYCLING
15      Pope Mobley              BIKECLICKS/TEAM LOUISVILLE
16      John Downey              UNATTACHED
17      Tom Mulpagano            SHAMROCK CYCLES
18      Chad Nay
19      Brian Hazelwood          GEARS 4 BEERS
20      Patrick Lach             PATRICK LACH
21      Yngvar Brynildssen       SPEEDWAY WHEELMAN
22      Eric Schilling
23      John Weber               CYCLING & FITNESS WAREHOUSE
24      Joe McGuire
25      Gerald Rusin

Masters Cat. 4 45+
Place   Name                     Team
1       David Lane               SUNRISE BAKERY
2       John Schmitz             SPEEDWAY WHEELMEN
3       Kay Ohta
4       Wes Harris               SPEEDWAY WHEELMAN
5       Lee Jackson
6       Bryan Smith              CKW RACING
7       Brian Blackwell          ROGUE RACING PROJECT
8       Kirk Dixon
9       Frank Troiano
10      Dirk Ensley              DANS COMPETITION
11      Rodger Cooper
12      Brien Fields             WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF
13      John Wheeler             MOORE GRAY GOAT
14      Don Bill                 Team Dayton Bicycling
15      John Rademacher          Queen City Wheels

Junior Men 10-12
Place   Name                     Team
1       Spencer Petrov           Lionhearts
2       James Francisco
3       Edward Fritzinger
4       Zachary Ross             Lionhearts
5       Luke Johnson             Alderfer Bergen
6       Nicholas Beirne          Red Zone Cycling
7       Enzo Allwein             QCW LIONHEARTS
8       Nathan Ross              Lionhearts
9       Logan Johnson            Alderfer Bergen

Junior Women 10-12
Place   Name                     Team
1       Eden Webb                Red Zone Cycling
2       Frances Haley            RED ZONE CYCLING
3       Abigail Roof             Lionhearts

Junior Men 13-14
Place   Name                     Team
1       Gavin Haley              RED ZONE CYCLING
2       Ben Glover               RED ZONE JUNIOR CYCLING
3       Jedidiah Fritzinger
4       Will Mandrola            RED ZONE CYCLING
5       Andrew Rademacher        Queen City Wheels
6       Robert Prewitt           Queen City Wheels
7       Michael Gruenwald        QCW LIONHEARTS

Junior Women 13-14
Place   Name                     Team
1       Mackenzie Green          QCW LIONHEARTS
2       Katherine Santos         RED ZONE CYCLING
3       Emily Falk               RED ZONE CYCLING

Junior Men 15-16
Place   Name                     Team
1       Mark Renn                RED ZONE CYCLING
2       Alex Melloy              RED ZONE RACING
3       Nolan Mcqueen            RED ZONE CYCLING
4       John May, Jr.            RED ZONE CYCLING
5       Daniel Santos            RED ZONE

Junior Men 17-18
Place   Name                     Team
1       Will Bain                Team Louisville