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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 17, 2010

AL TOEFIELD MEMORIAL ROAD RACE Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 17, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

First Name	Last Name	Team

Pro-1-2-3  (44 Miles)
1 Godfrey Pollydore		Flying Ace
2 Gavin Robertson		Foundation
3 Stalin Quiterio Cuello	James Vincent Bicycles
4 Anthony Lowe			Die Hard - Think Racing
5 Jermaine Burrowes		CRCA/Dave Jordan Coaching -Zephyr Graffitti
6 Melito Heredia		Innovation
7 David	Lee 			DeMaine Cycling
8 Anthony Taylor		CRCA/Dave Jordan Coaching -Zephyr Graffitti
9 Amauris Perez			GS MENGONI USA
10 Mitchell Jacaruso		CRCA/NYVELOCITY
11 Paul	Chooweenem		Badley and Son Cycling
12 Kevin Rooney			CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez
13 Euris Madera			CRCA/Foundation
14 Andrew Walsh			CRCA/Foundation
15 Chad	Butts 			Champion Systems

WOMEN (37 Miles)
1 Stacey Jensen			CRCA/Radical Media
2 Sarah	Chubb Sauvayre		Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes
3 Donna McMahon			CRCA/Radical Media
5 Erica	Adelberg		CRCA/Radical Media

Masters  (34 Miles)
1 Gary Steinberg		Brauer/Mick Mgmt
2 Juan Pimentel			James Vincent Bicycles
3 Frank	Arroyo			Brauer/Mick Mgmt
4 Haig Marino			Deno�s Wonder Wheel
5 Bernie McGarry		Brauer/Mick Mgmt.
6 Milo	Bastianelli		Skylands Cycling
7 Michael MacLaga		Colavita Racing
8 Dan	Schmalz			CRCA BH/Garneau
9 Brian	Wolf			Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles
10 Alan	Buday			Brauer/Mick Mgmt.

Category 4  (27 Miles)
1 Denis	Mikhaylov		CRCA/OrganicAthlete
2 Benjamin Fackler		CRCA/Luzzo's
3 Christian Venegas		USI
4 John	Anthony			CRCA / NYSketches
5 Juan O. Pimentel		James Vincent Bicycles/JV Racing
6 Eliazar Torres		MEXICO-NEW YORK Cycling Team
7 Eli Mernit			CRCA Junior Development
8 Peter	Kocher			Ride Brooklyn
9 Rene Herrera			kissena cycling club
10 Carl	Nelson			Kissena

Category 5  (17 Miles)
1 Andrew Estevez		inovation bike shop team
2 Erick	Fernandez		Chelsea Bicycles Team
3 Raul	Castano
4 Simon	Shukhman		Major Taylor Development Team
5 Carmelo Ando			CRCA
6 Robert Scarboro
7 Marc	Brumer			CRCA
8 Ed	Liborius
9 Jeff	Condon
10 Alan	McLean