Expo Wheelmen SalvageCross

Manchester, CT

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Expo Wheelmen SalvageCross Presented by Expo Wheelmen Manchester, CT Saturday, December 10, 2011

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 4        Name                        Team
1            Josh          Egan          Benidorm/Createx/EBCC
2            humberto      raposo        SBC
3            Rich          Gauvin        Danielson Adventure Sports
4            Scott         Hock          Adirondack Velo Club
5            Brendan       Mahoney
6            Zachary       Swan          Happy Valley Racing
7            Eric          Henson
8            Kerry         Robair        TEAM EDGE
9            Lance         Jones         Expo/Superior Energy
10           Rich          Allen         Expo/Superior Energy
11           John          Hawkes        Central Cycle
12           Kurt          Percy         Expo/Superior Energy
13           Philip        Hempstead     Northampton Cycling Club
14           Alec          Cunningham    Team Edge
15           Sean          Whitehurst    Chesire Cycle Racing
16           Ken           Hamel         Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
17           Joe           Candeias      SBC
18           Mark          Sondeen       Expo/Superior Energy
19           Gerry         Lafleur       Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
20           Aaron         Meberg        Cicli Devotion
21           manuel        mainardi
22           Patrick D.    Rondeau       Northampton Cycling Club
23           Richard       Hislop        QuadCycles
24           Theo          Niedziela     TIMEX
25           john          torrey        Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
26           Scott         Reekie        Class Cycles
27           Matt          Lichack
28           Jason         Koski
29           dan           benshoff      ESPN
30           Matt          Leon          Expo/Superior Energy
31           John          Hawkes        Centraal Cycle
32           fabian        esponda       Audi Northeast Cycling / Colorado Ski & Bike
33           Jordan        Greenberg     Northampton Cycling Club
34           Jeffrey       Buske         Expo/Superior Energy
35           Tri           Vinh          Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
36           stephen       brault        Cyclonauts Racers
37           Scott         Reekie        Class Cycles
38           Ian           King
39           Michael       DeAngelo      ESPN
40           David         Jacoboski     Expo/Superior Energy
41           Brandon       Zwick         Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
42           Jaska         Miettinen
43           William       Bonin
44           Sam           Neves         Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
45           Cooper        Holland       Northampton Cycling Club
46           Juan          Mendoza       Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
47           Chris         Montross      Team Aetna
48           Shawn         Burdette      Nerac
49           John          Turbak
50           #N/A          #N/A          #N/A
51           matt          carta         Suburban Sports

Men 40+      Name                        Team
1            David         Diviney       Cyclepath Racing
2            Robert        Carmen        TEAM EDGE
3            jonathan      tarbox        Expo/Superior Energy
4            Paul          Nyberg        Horst Engineering Cycling Team
5            Steve         Witkus        Bikeman.com
6            Paul          Wojciak       Pawling Cycle and Sport
7            Christopher   Owen          Northampton Cycling Club
8            michael       kelly         Team Edge
9            Bryan         Atwood        team edge
10           Jason         Moriarty      Expo/Superior Energy
11           Wade          Summers       Horst Engineering Cycling Team
12           Terry         Blanchet      N A V - North American Velo
13           Todd          Holland       Northampton Cycling Club
14           Dominique     Desmonts      Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump
15           Arthur        Roti          Team Horst Engineering
16           royce         yeomans       Competitive edge cycling
17           Andre         Bessette      Danielson Adventure Sports
18           Dave          Geissert      Tolland Bike / NERAC Earth
19           George        Pawle         Cyclonauts Racers
20           Tom           Stevens
21           Joseph        Lellman       Northampton Cycling Club
22           David         Powell        Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
23           Michael       Schmidt
24           Monte         Frank         Cycle Fitness
25           john          weferling     Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
26           Michael       Cyr           Storrs center cycle
27           DEAN          DELIS
28           Bob           Ludecke       Laurel Bicycle Club
29           steven        abbott        Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
30           Donald        Snoop         Hang on Snoopy Racing Team
31           Rob           Gale
32           Michael       Hempstead     Northampton Cycling Club
33           Trent         Sullivan      CVC/Subaru of New England
34           Miles         Ericson       Eastern Bloc Cycling Club

Women Open   Name                        Team
1            Cassandra     Maximenko     Silverbull/Target Training
2            Kirsten       Begg-Swider   Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team
3            Tracy         Gustafson     Danielson Adventure Sports/ QV Velo
4            Catherine     Diviney       Cyclepath Racing
5            Lynn          Cochrane      Cycling Concepts Racing Team
6            Kelly         Mendoza       Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski & Bike
7            Dawn          Dodsworth     Class Cycles
8            Crystal       Gauvin        Danielson Adventure Sports/QV Velo

Men Open     Name                        Team
1            Todd          Bowden        Expo/Superior Energy
2            james         harmon
3            Cliff         Kenyon        Expo/Superior Energy
4            David         Diviney       Cyclepath Racing
5            Timothy       Durrin        Berkshire Cycling Association
6            Jesse         Quagliaroli   Expo/Superior Energy
7            Joe           Kubisek       Cheshire Cycle Racing
8            James         Honda         Expo/Superior Energy
9            Monte         Frank         Cycle Fitness
10           Mike          Andrews       Cycle Fitness
11           Joseph        Tindal        Expo/Superior Energy
12           Bryan         Zieroff       Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
13           Craig         Ross          Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
14           braedan       weller

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