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Mt Holly, NJ

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Mt Holly, NJ
August 11, 2001

Distance: 96 miles (8 laps of 12-mile course)
Weather: Cloudy, 78 degrees, 87 percent humidity; light rain during the race
Winning time: 3 hours, 22 minutes, 7 seconds

Place-Name Team

1-Alex Lavalle Kissena Cycling Team $1,000
2-Tim Unkert Capital Velo Club $700
3-Wilson Vasquez G. S. Mengoni $500
4-Rainiel Sanchez Snow Valley $340
5-Shawn Milne Cannondale-Wheelworks $290
6-Stephan Kincaid Bicycle Therapy $280
7-Ken Vida Ready Pac-Knapp's $260
8-Roosevelt Marte Toga-/CRCA $240
9-Brian Moroney Lateral Stress Velo-Trek $225
10-Conor Hurley Trek-VW-Goodales $210
11-John Verheul Ideal Tile-Brielle Cyclery $195
12-Jon Wirsing Snow Valley $190
13-Eric Min Renaissance $180
14-Eneas Fryre Kissena Cycling Team $170
15-Brian Pinkham Cannondale-Wheelworks $150
16-Chris Peck Cannondale-Wheelworks $140
17-Mynor Pineda Toga-CRCA $130
18-Ted Inoue I.C.E. Target $120
19-Curt Davis Cannondale-Wheelworks $110
20-Dave Black Enzymatic-Therapy-Carrera $100
21-Josh Davison Renaissance -----
22-Sergio Rolando Toga-CRCA -----
23-Jonathan Page Cannondale-Wheelworks -----
24-Greg Sienewicz Ready Pac-Knapp's -----
25-Dave Margolin Team Colavita/MBS -----3:22:36
26-Jeff Rutter BiKyle-Flyers -----
27-Kris Hedges Snow Valley -----
28-Steve Ward Team Colavita/MBS -----
29-Marco Kelsey N.E. Hardware-CJCT -----
30-Todd Herriott SBCG-CRCA -----
31-Scott Zwizanski Bicycle Therap -----
32-John Bravaman Ideal Tile-Brielle Cyclery -----
33-Eric Workowski BiKyle Flyers -----
34-Lincoln Brown Excite-Smartfuel -----
35-Alec Donahue -----
36-Peter Brennan Trek-VW-Goodales -----
37-Tom Nagy I.C.E. Target -----
38-Mike Friedman Mike Fraysse's Sport Resort -----
39-Adam Myserson G.S. Mengoni -----
40-Nathan Baturka Lateral Stress Velo-Trek -----
41-Gran Connelly Lateral Stress Velo-Trek -----
42-Bobby Bailey Excite-Smartfuel -----
43-Eric Juzysta Excite-Smartfuel -----
44-Brian Chikotas Aquafina Cycling Team -----
45-Ron Ruggiero Amoroso-Tri State Velo -----
46-Wayne Work Exzymatic Therpay-Carrera -----
47-Ken Anderson Lateral Stress Velo-Trek -----
48-Kyle Wamsley BiKyle Flyers -----
49-Josh Talor BiKyle Flyers -----
50-John Decahau Mike Fraysse's Sport Resort -----
51-Kevin Browne Team Colavita/MBS -----
52-Joe Papp Mike Fraysse's Sport Resort -----
53-Michael Luther Ready Pac-Knapp's -----
54-Andy Mills Trek-VW-Goodales -----
55-Rich Ross Mambo Kings-D&Q -----
56-Rusty Potts Mambo Kings-D&Q -----
57-Pete Frisco Bicycle Therapy -----
58-Stephan Badger Remax-CRCA -----
59-Marc Silberman Ready Pac-Knapp's -----
60-Matt Loftus -----
61-J.D. Bilodeau -----
62-Mike Stout Amoroso-TriState Velo -----
63-Dave Hudson Mambo Kings-D&Q -----
64-Steve Speaks I.C.E. Taget -----
65-Matt Myers Team Colavita/MBS -----
66-Rob Palachick Bicycle Therapy -----
67-George Menard Snow Valley -----
68-Sean Groom Snow Valley -----
69-Brian Trdina Aquafina Cycling Team -----
70-Josh Beck Aquafina Cycling Team -

1. Kyle Wamsley, BiKyle Flyers 17 $200
2. Todd Herriott, SBCG-CRCA 16 $160
3. Joe Papp, UPMC 15 $110

NOTE: The individual sprint competition replaced the team competition.
Riders get points on their place after each lap for the first seven laps.

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