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SpringSeries 2002 #1

Gill, MA

Saturday, March 16, 2002

SpringSeries 2002 #1
Gill, MA
March 16, 2002

Results Courtesy of Pioneer Event Productions

The opening race of SpringSeries 2002 kicked off today in Gill, Massachusetts.  Under
cloudy skies 126 riders competed on a rolling four mile course through the western
Massachusetts countryside.  With the mild winter, everyone has been putting in the
hours, and it was no suprise when the attacks started soon after the first lap.

In the A race it was Trek-Volkswagon's Skip Foley and CCB's Kurt Hackler who were the
first to make a gap stick.  And fortune would favor the bold, as behind the dynamic
duo the dawdling field was passed by the B race who had started 3 minutes later.  The
only fight came from New York's Andy Ruiz (GMBC), who made the tough guy move of the
day, soloing off the front of the field for several laps in an unsuccessful attempt
to bridge to Hackler and Foley.

With the race coming down to a two up sprint, it was Skip Foley who powered to the
line first, to open the Trek-VW account for the season.  Hackler gave a valiant effort
to go pedal stroke for pedal stroke, but Foley was not to be denied.  Several minutes
behind a small group slipped off the front of the field, with Adam Hodges
Myerson (GS Mengoni) easily outsprinting Dave Youngblood (NCC - for third
place.  Rounding out the top five was the amazing Andy Ruiz, who found a little bit
left in his legs for the finish.  Gearworks - SRP rider Anna Milkowski was the top
women's finisher in the A race, coming in with the main field.

The B race was fast right from the start, but as has been the case in years past, no
one rider or team could put a big enough stamp on the race to avoid the inevitable
field sprint.  It was CVC's Matt White posting the win, over Edward Gravelle (High Speed
Cyclists).  The Cyclonaut's super-dad Jeff Paineau slotted in for third, with Todd
Cristafulli (Boston Bicycle) and ECV's Jason Kanuff rounding out the top five.

SpringSeries 2002 continues next week with the distances for each field increasing eight
miles.  A portion of the proceeds of SpringSeries 2002 benefits the Gill Volunteer Fire
Department and the Pioneer Valley Velodrome fund.

SpringSeries 2002 is supported by Cycle-Smart coaching promotions and management, and by, on-line event registration,
SpringSeries 2002 is produced by Pioneer Event Productions, leading the way in cycling
events.  Check out for more information on SpringSeries 2002 and
other great events.

SpringSeries 2002 race #1
A Race
1. Skip Foley, Trek-Volkswagon
2. Kurt Hackler, CCB International
3. Adam Hodges Myerson, GS Mengoni
4. Dave Youngblood, NCC -
5. Andy Ruiz, GMBC

B Race
1. Matthew White, CVC
2. Edward Gravelle, High Speed Cyclists
3. Jeff Papineau, Cyclonauts
4. Todd Cristafulli, Boston Bicycle
5. Jason Knauff, EVC