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SpringSeries 2002

Gill, MA

Saturday, March 30, 2002

SpringSeries 2002
Gill, MA
March 30, 2002

Results and Report Courtesy of Pioneer Event Productions

The last race of the Gill SpringSeries was held on Saturday, March 30th under
truly spring skies.  A record field of 176 riders in the 2 races rolled out
onto the road of Gill for the longest races of the series, 60 miles for the
A's and 48 for the B's.  There was no hint of the bad weather that forced the
cancellation of last weeks race, and the damp roads at the start quickly gave
way to dry pavement.

It may be labeled a training race, but the emphasis was definitely on the
race.  After only a short while the attacks started in earnest.  Riders would
take turns going off the front in twos and threes, and when several small
groups finally got together the winning break was formed.  With two riders
from GS Mengoni (Adam Hodges Myerson and Ryan Pinkham), two from ECV (Chris
Benoit and Ben Silverfarb), two from Trek-VW (Skip Foley and Scott Plante),
and strong individuals from Saturn Development (Josh Anthony), GMBC (Andy
Ruiz) and CCB (Jeff Cradock), the break had all the horsepower it needed.
In the final drag to the line it was Adam Hodges Myerson of GS Mengoni edging
out week 1's winner Skip Foley of Trek-VW.  Chris Benoit ECV was third,
edging out Jeff Craddock of CCB International, Bobby Bailey (Hawley and Jeff Fisher (Rainbow Bikes).  SRP-Gearworks' Anna Milkowski
was the top women's finisher for the second time in the series.

The B race would finally break the cycle of field sprints for the first time
in SpringSeries history.  The break went early driven by the strong legs of
Belgian transplant Ben Vanmarcke (  Eric Maro of BOB kept
every one of the escapees focused on staying away, and although the gap never
grew beyond a minute, it proved to be enough.

At the finish Mikael Elaisson (BRC) managed to escape the group to win by a
few meters with Kevin Parsons (BCA) dangling off the front of the group for
second.  Mark Cunningham (CVC-Pig Iron) came around Charles Quackenbush
(Capitol Bicycle) for third, and Brian Naughan (Kimball Union) rounded out
the top five.  Verizon's Amanda See was the top woman in the B race.

A race:
1. Adam Hodges Myerson     GS Mengoni
2. Skip Foley              Trek-VW
3. Chris Benoit            ECV
4. Jeff Craddock           CCB International
5. Bobby Bailey            Haley
6. Jeff Fisher             Rainbow Bikes
7. Josh Gerwitz            NECSA
8. Josh Anthony            Saturn Development
9. Mark Lanou              BCA
10. John Morell            Haley

B race:
1. Mikael Elaisson		BRC
2. Kevin Parsons		BCA
3. Mark Cunningham		CVC-Pig Iron
4. Charles Quackenbush	Capitol Bicycle
5. Brian Naughan		Kimball Union
6. Eric Maro			BOB
7. Ben Vanmarke
8. Jason Knauff			ECV
9. James Carrington		BOB
10. Eric Pearce			Minuteman