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Sunday, July 7, 2002


Sponsored by Team Colavita, The Colavita Pasta Company, and The Colavita Olive Oil Company
in cooperation with the Mayor and Council of the Town of Maplewood



Men�s Pro,1,2,3
Rider                Team
1              Vassili Davidenko    Navigators Pro Cycling Team
2              Roosevelt Martes     Gap
3              Sebastian Alexandre  Team Colavita
4              Nathan Rouse         Tri-State Velo/Amoroso
5              Gerardo Bare         UPMC
6              Waclaw Godycki       CRCA
7              Marty Nothstein      Team Colavita
8              Ryan Oelkers         Bikyle
9              Mike Pudlinski       CRCA
10             Scott Bodin          Bethel
11             Melito Heredia       Toga
12             Jim Carey            Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
13             Wilson Vasques       Mengoni
14             Tom Leaper           Navigators Pro Cycling Team
15             Chris Young          Ideal Tile/YSG Racing
16             Robert Horton        Beans
17             Steve Speaks         Mercury Atlantic
18             Rafal Urzedowski     Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery
19             Jose Pineda          Toga
20             Todd Herriott        CRCA-Think Racing

Women�s Pro,1,2,3
Rider                Team
1              Ashley Kimmet        Team Serotta
2              Elizabeth Begosh     Liguria
3              Nina Strika          Polo-RLX
4              Lisa Jellet          CTS/Cranford
5              Tricia Carnila       Mambo Kings
6              Jacquelyn Paull      Somerset
7              Mariko Toi           Bicycle Workshop
8              Veronica Jennings    CTS/Cranford
9              Sarah Sauvayre       CRCA
10             Tara Walhart         3D
11             Kristen LaSasso      Polo-RLX
12             Jane Berger          CRCA
13             Elizabeth Tyrell     Somerset
14             Elizabeth Koch       Montclair Cyclists-Fuji

Masters 35+    Rider                Team
1              Mike Novemsky        Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
2              Aubrey Gordon        Team Squiggle
3              Bruce Donaghy        Morgan Stanley
4              Stephen Cochrane     Mambo Kings
5              Mousa Abuothman      Hermes/Highland Park Cyclery
6              David Buegler        Jersey Rock & Road
7              James Carey          Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
8              Eric Schlauch        Somerset
9              Rich Gonzales        Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
10             Dan Coleman          Team Colavita

Masters 45+    Rider                Team
1              Manny Lopez          CTS/Cranford
2              Dixon Wilde          Team Colavita
3              Chip Berezny         Bikeline
4              Michael Cusack       Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery
5              Doug O�Neill         CTS/Cranford
6              Earl Perretti        Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
7              Neil Sauerwein       Jaeger
8              Danny Chee           Kaieteur
9              Steven Tinston       Westwood Velo

Masters 55+    Rider                Team
1              John Auer            Somerset
2              Philip Stanley       Tri-State
3              Bob Perlee           Jaeger
4              John Autore          Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
5              Joe Saling           Somerset
6              Arthur Berger        CRCA

Men�s Cat 3    Rider                Team
1              Christopher DeLisle  Capital
2              Peter Nielsen        Liberty Cycle
3              David Wiswell        East Coast
4              Joshua Weir          Major Taylor
5              Bill Canan           CRCA
6              Tom Cromie
7              Yasuyuki Toi         Bicycle Workshop
8              Ryan Groff           Mainline
9              John Bracchi         3D
10             Tom Dolan            3D

Men�s Cat 4,5  Rider                Team
1              Justin Hunter
2              George Stergiou      NHCC
3              Nate Rogers          Bates College
4              Todd German          CRCA
5              Tom Luther           NHCC
6              Christopher Esnes    Watchung Wheelman/High Gear Cyclery
7              Michael MacLaga      Team Colavita
8              Michael Harrington
9              Joe Saperstein       Coyote Hill
10             John Terry           Liberty Cycle

Women�s Cat 4  Rider                Team
1              Sophia Savino        Liberty Cycle
2              Jamie Pettinato      East Coast Velo
3              Susan Van Curen      3D
4              Christina Bomfield   Liberty Cycle
5              Elizabeth Sencal     CRCA
6              Naragety Fontana     Montclair Cyclists-Fuji
7              Joscelin McGlynn     Team Colavita
8              Kimille Taylor
9              Robin Read           CRCA
10             Alicia Kahn
11             Nancy Shapiro
12             Laura Carlson        Mambo Kings

Juniors        Rider                Team
1              Keith Norris         Jamis
2              Art Read             CCB
3              Kareem Harris        Fuji
4              David Guttenplan     Atomic
5              Jon Hutchinson       Mapei
6              Pete Carolan         Northeastern Hardware
7              Gavriel Epstein      CRCA
8              Chris Chesebro       Liberty Cycle
9              James Pitman         CCBC
10             Chris Franges        Vortex

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