Central Massachusetts Cyclo-Cross To End Homelessness

Worcester, MA

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Central Massachusetts Cyclo-Cross To End Homelessness
Worcester, MA.
UCI Category 3.

October 12, 2002

National Champion Takes Win at Central Massachusetts Cyclo-Cross To End Homelessness

U.S. National Cyclo-Cross Champion Todd Wells of Mongoose/Hyundai flew the
colors of the stars & stripes jersey he won last December in the first
Central Massachusetts Cyclo-Cross To End Homelessness. Last year's
revelation picked up where he left off last year, breaking away early with
his teammate Marc Gullickson, and taking his first UCI 'cross win of 2002.

A steady rain on race day turned the course into a slick, muddy quagmire by
the time the elite men took the line at 3:00 for the last race of the day.
Wells and Gullickson both had good starts, but the real rocket on lap one
was Clif Bar rider Andy Jaques-Maynes. Jacques-Maynes led the entire first
lap as Wells dutifully followed, waiting no doubt for his teammate who had
become ensnared in traffic. Gullickson soon left the rest of the field in
his wake as he bridged the small gap to the leading duo, and went straight
to the front as soon as he got there. Wells followed, and in less than a lap
the fast-starting Clif Bar rider was left behind. Gullickson and Wells
essentially held a clinic on how to ride together in mud, as the two friends
exchanged the lead smoothly all the way to the finish. Wells took the
victory in style with a comfortable two-hand salute, as his teammate smiled

Behind the Mongoose pair, Jaques-Maynes began a gradual slide back through
the field to eventually finish sixth. The first rider by him was Jon Page
(Richard Sachs), who went straight past in lone pursuit of the two leaders.
In what will likely be his penultimate U.S. appearance before heading to
Switzerland again this year, Page stayed alone in third for the rest of the
day. Native New Englander Mark McCormack followed Page up to Jaques-Mayne,
but was unable to follow when Page went away near the halfway point. The
Saturn rider, with his older brother Frank deftly handling two bike changes
per lap for him, became locked in a three-way battle for fourth with
Jaques-Maynes, and U.S. U23 National Champion Adam Craig (Giant). A late
surge allowed Craig to take the spot, with McCormack a close fifth place.
Craig was also the first U23 finisher, ahead of Alan Obye (Devo) and Jackson
Stewart (Clif Bar).

On the women's side, last week's DownEast Cyclo-Cross winner Mary
McConnelough (Seven Cycles) got another fine start.  She was sandwiched
between Clif Bar riders Gina Hall and Carmen D'Alusio. Hall led the first
lap, with D'Alusio trailing a few meters behind McConnelough. It didn't take
long for McConnelough to take the lead though, and simply ride her
challengers off her wheel. D'Alusio made a great charge in the final three
laps to come within ten seconds of the leader, but that was as close as she
would come. D'Alusio and Hall took second and third respectively, in what
turned into a three woman pursuit.

Canadian National Champion Shauna Gillies-Smith (Gearworks/SRP) rode alone
for most of the race in fourth, while Kathryn Roszko (NCC/Bikereg.com) held
off late charging Anna Milkowski for fifth.

With Saturn Development team rider and U.S. junior national champion Jesse
Anthony trying his hand in the elite race, CCB's Konrad Lebas made an early
attack and soloed away from the rest of the junior field for an excellent
win. Chasing Lebas was the talented Devo rider up from Pennsylvania, Joey
Thompson. Todd Well's younger brother Troy Wells (Kingston Cyclery) took

Other winners on the day were Mike Bernard in Men's 35+, Paul Curley in
Men's 45+, and in Noah Taylor the Men's B race. The Men's C race winner was
Tom Hopper, while Darcy Cornell of the host Bicycle Alley team won the
Women's B race and Alyssa Crowther took the Beginner Junior race over first
time racer Ben Grenier.

The Central Massachusetts Cyclo-Cross To End Homelessness was held in
part to raise awareness and funds for the Worcester People In Peril (PIP)
Shelter. The Worcester PIP Shelter helps people in peril - the homeless, the
poor, indigent alcoholics, drug addicts and the de-institutionalized
mentally ill - by providing opportunities for training, rehabilitation,
education, care, treatment, housing, food and shelter, regardless of gender,
race, color, creed or sexual orientation, with the goal of putting an end to
homelessness. More information on the PIP Shelter can be found at

The event was presented by Cycle-Smart coaching, promotions &
management, in cooperation with Team Bicycle Alley, and the Major Taylor
Association. Race supporters included  Time Sport USA, designer and
manufacturer of cycling pedals, shoes and forks; Honey Stinger, convenient
honey-based energy foods; and Litmus Designs.


Elite Men

1     TODD         WELLS                DURANGO        CO MONGOOSE/HUNDYAI                         1:01:26
2     MARC         GULLICKSON           BOULDER        CO MONGOOSE/HUNDYAI                         1:01:26
3     JONATHAN     PAGE                 NORTHFIELD     NH RICHARD SACHS                            1:01:36
4     ADAM         CRAIG (ESP)          CORINTH        ME GIANT                                    1:02:04
5     MARK         MCCORMACK            N. EASTON      MA SATURN                                   1:02:34
6     ANDY         JACQUES-MAYNES       BERKELEY       CA CLIF BAR                                 1:02:47
7     DAVID        WYANDT               SARATOGA       CA CLIF BAR                                 1:02:51
8     MICHAEL      BRODERICK            CHILMARK       MA SEVEN CYCLES                             1:03:21
9     ALAN         OBYE                 MENDON         VT DEVO/BALANCE BAR                         1:03:36
10    JACKSON      STEWART (ESP)        LOS GATOS      CA CLIF BAR                                 1:04:01
11    MICHAEL      MULLER (ESP)         STEINMAUR      SUICANNONDALE/WHEELWORKS                    1:05:30
12    BRANDON      DWIGHT               BOULDER        CO EXCEL SPORTS/RITCHEY                     1:06:12
13    MATT         SVATEK               CARLISLE       MA CANNONDALE/WHEELWORKS                    1:06:12
14    JESSE        ANTHONY (JR)         BEVERLY        MA SATURN DEV                               1:06:31
15    JONNY        SUNDT                REDMOND        WA K2 BIKE                                  1:06:47
16    CHRIS        PECK                 SOUTHBURY      CT WHEELWORKS/CANNONDALE                    1:06:47
17    ROB          HULT                 HARVARD        MA O'NEILS                                  1:06:59
18    CHRISTOPHE   CHESEAUX             MONTREAL       MA ESPOIR DE LAVAL                          1:07:00
19    MICHAEL      YOZELL               PHILA          PA GUYS BICYCLE CLUB                        1:07:07
20    JEREMY       POWERS (ESP)         NIAMBIC        CT TEAM DEVO                                1:07:36
21    ANDY         APPLEGATE            ASHEVILLE      NC CCA / TREK                               1:07:46
22    JACOB        STECHMANN            RED WINE       MN TEAM FLANDERS                            1:08:14
23    KRIS         AUER                 BALTIMORE      MD LSV/TREK/VW                              1:09:02
24    JON          HAMBLEN              CARLISLE       MA WHEELWORKS/CANNONDALE                    LAPPED
25    JEFF         LEAKE                BENNINGTON     VT NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        LAPPED
26    JOHN         BRUNO                SOMERVILLE     MA QUAD CYCLES                              LAPPED
27    JOHS         HUSEBY               MEDFORD        MA INDEPENDENT FABRICATION                  LAPPED

Elite Women

1     MARY         MCCONNELOUG          FAIRFAX        CA SEVEN CYCLES                             45:15:00
2     CARMEN       D'ALUISIO            WATSONVILLE    CA LUNA                                     45:45:00
3     GINA         HALL                 RICHMOND       CA LUNA                                     46:06:00
4     SHAUNA       GILLIES-SMITH        SOMERVILLE     MA GEARWORKS/SRP                            48:17:00
5     KATHRYN      ROSZKO               NORTHAMPTON    MA NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        50:25:00
6     ANNA         MILKOWSKI            PUTNEY         VT GEARWORKS/SRP                            51:15:00
7     SHIELA       VIBERT (ESP)         PORTSMOUTH     NH REDHOOK                                  51:49:00
8     CORI         PAGE                 NORTHFIELD     MA RICHARD SACHS                            52:20:00
9     KATHY        SARVARY              LUNENBURG      MA CYCLONAUTS                               52:52:00
10    MARIANNE     STOVER                                 GEARWORKS/SRP                            53:42:00
11    SUSAN        MACLEAN              PLAISTOW       NH BOB                                      54:09:00
12    ALICIA       GENEST (ESP)         AMHERST        MA RICHARD SACHS                            LAPPED
13    KERRY        LITKA                SANBORTON      NH WHEELWORKS                               LAPPED
14    SARA         CUSHMAN              NORTH GRAFTON  MA GEARWORKS/SRP                            LAPPED
15    REBECCA      SAX                  WAKEFIELD      RI DANSKO/WHEELWORKS                        LAPPED
16    MELANIE      SWARTZ               FALLS CHURCH   VA TEAM POTOMAC VC                          LAPPED
17    MARGARET     THOMPSON                               MOHAWK VALLEY BICYCLING CLUB             LAPPED
18    REGINA       HAMMOND              NEW YORK       NY CRCA/MIYA SHOJI                          LAPPED

B Men

1     NOAH         TAYLOR               PETERBORO      NH UNATTACHED                               39:17:00
2     MATT         HERSEY               SO. PORTLAND   ME LIQUID MOTION                            39:22:00
3     CONOR        COFFEY               WESTERLY       RI CCB INTERNATIONAL                        39:46:00
4     BYRON        HOLT                 SOMERVILLE     MA BOSTON CROSS                             40:29:00
5     PETER        RUBIJONO             JAMAICA PLAIN  MA BOSTON BICYCLE CLUB                      40:40:00
6     ALAN         STARRETT             PORTLAND       ME BIKEMAN/BATH CYCLE                       41:07:00
7     ROBERT       CAMPOS               RONKONKOMA     NY SO HO CAPITAL                            41:17:00
8     JOEL         DANKE                WESTFORD       CT                                          41:30:00
9     SAMUEL       WHEELER-MARTENIS     BELMONT        MA CCB INTERNATIONAL                        41:36:00
10    BRENDAN      SULLIVAN             ANDOVER        MA BOSTON CROSS                             41:41:00
11    GREG         MONTELLO             WINCHESTER     MA ECV                                      41:41:00
12    SAM          TALBOT               STERLING       MA TBA                                      42:02:00
13    STEVE        LOMBARDO             SPRINGFIELD    MA CVC                                      42:16:00
14    MATTHEW      WHITE                LONGMEADOW     MA PIGIRON BICYCLE                          42:25:00
15    ZACHARY      DAAB                 SOMERVILLE     MA UNATTACHED                               42:30:00
16    JUSTIN       MANVILLE             MANCESTER      CT CS ARDANA                                42:39:00
17    BRANT        HORNBERGER           STOW           MA NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        42:41:00
18    SCOTT        STAUBACH             GILSUM         NH BRC/ATA CYCLES                           42:47:00
19    MATTHEW      MANNA                NASHUA         NH ECV                                      43:17:00
20    MARK         DONAHUE              S. PORTLAND    ME SOUTHERN ME. CYCLING CLUB                43:17:00
21    ROBERT       FRECHETTE            PORTLAND       ME CRUN                                     43:35:00
22    LEE          MOSER                SMITHTOWN      NY CRCA/SOHO CAPITAL                        44:20:00
23    MICKEY       DENONCOURT           EASTHAMPTON    MA NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        44:20:00
24    DANIEL       ABBE                 WARREN         MA TEAM MOUNTAIN CITY                       44:32:00
25    IAN          EVERHARD             N OTTOWA       OT VELOCITY RACING                          44:53:00
26    WILLIAM      TURNE                NORTHBORO      MA LANDREYS                                 44:53:00
27    PAUL         EVERHARD             SOMMERVILLE    MA B2C/COMMUNITY                            45:01:00
28    JOHN         POLAND               FAIRPORT       NY GVCC                                     45:01:00
29    MATT         MONTROSS             BURLINGTON     VT KINGSTON CYCLERY                         45:07:00
30    RICHARD      BATTAGLIA            ARLINGTON      MA SOUTHERN MAINE CC                        45:13:00
31    TODD         CASSAN               NYC            NY EPIC                                     45:42:00
32    ANDREW       PARSONS              WEST ROXBURY   MA BRC/VINTAGE                              45:51:00
33    CRAIG        KENNEDY              EAST GRANBY    CT BENIDORM                                 46:08:00
34    SAM          STEVENS              MIDDLETOWN     CT BERLIN BIKE, EAST BERLIN CT              46:08:00
35    RANDALL      DESCARREAUX          FITCHBURG      MA CS ARDANA                                46:21:00
36    EUCLIDES     AMADO                PAWTUCKET      RI COX COMMUNICATIONS                       46:35:00
37    MARVIN       WANG                                MA BRC                                      46:47:00
38    DAVID        CONNERY              WATERTOWN      MA BOSTON BICYCLE CLUB                      46:47:00
39    JOHN         MOSHER               BOXBORO        MA CYCLOFT                                  47:03:00
40    ROBERT       JEFFERY              WORCESTER      MA TBA                                      47:12:00
41    MARK         ROBSON                              CT TBA                                      47:56:00
42    BRIAN        DAHLMANN             BOSTON         MA B2C/COMMUNITY                            LAPPED
44    MICHAEL      WONDERLY             SALEM          CT                                          LAPPED
45    JUDD         MILNE                ALEXANDRIA     VA PVC                                      LAPPED
46    MARK         WYSOCKI              WORCESTER      MA PEDROS                                   LAPPED


1     MICHAEL      BERNARD              WORCESTER      MA ARC-EN-CIEL                              0:43:40
3     SAM          MORSE                                  MASS BAY ROAD CLUB                       0:43:59
4     SCOTT        WADE                                   GEAR WORKS/SRP                           0:44:22
5     PAUL         CURLEY (M45-1)       TAUNTON        MA TEAM GEARWORKS
6     MARK         STOTZ                                  NCC/BIKEREG.COM
7     TIM          GROESBECK (M45-2)                      CCB/VW
8     MIKE         UMBRELL              WALTHAM        MA MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                      0:44:37
9     TIM          HAITZ                CHARLESTOWN    RI TEAM DUPONT /RITCHEY
10    MIKE         WARD                                   BERKSHIRE                                0:45:16
11    ROBERT       BISSON                                 UNATTACHED                               0:45:47
12    ERIC         MARRO                                  BOB
13    PAUL         LYNCH                MARSHFIELD     MA MISSING LINK BICYCLE CLUB                0:46:37
14    DOUG         ASPINWALL            EASTHAMPTON    MA NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        0:47:00
15    NATHAN       MCHUGH               BURLINGTON     VT
16    DAVE         SCHACHTE (M45-3)                       PVC
17    WILLIAM      CASAZZA              SALEM          NH BOB
18    WILLIAM      SAWYER (M45-4)                         MIDSTATE
19    STEVEN       ABBOTT (M45-5)       TOLLAND        CT
20    ROBERT       KRAMER               BOSTON         MA MASS BAY ROAD CLUB
21    TIM          CROWLEY              MARLBORO       MA MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB
22    GENE         GARNEAU                                MERCY CYCLING
26    DAVE         LEEDBERG                               GEAR WORKS/SRP
27    WAYNE        CUNNINGHAM           WAYLAND        MA NEBC/CYCLE LOFT                          0:48:49
28    MATT         DOMNARSKI                              CYCLONAUTS                               0:48:59
29    DONALD       VESCIO               GRAFTON        MA ARC-EN-CIEL                              0:49:37
30    DAVID        GENEST (M45-6)       JAMESTOWN      RI RICHARD SACHS
31    MICHAEL      OSTER                                  SWAMP YANKEE                             0:50:02
32    SEAN         LEBAS (M45-7)        ANSONIA        CT LAUREL BICYCLE CLUB                      LAPPED
33    THOMAS       SHUFORD                                                                         LAPPED
34    VINCENT      DONOHUE (M45-8)                        WORCESTER CYCLING CLUB                   LAPPED
35    PHIL         BRUBAKER             BRATTLEBORO    VT PUTNEY/WEST HILL                         LAPPED
36    GEORGE       HEBNER                                 CHESAPEAKE WHEELMAN                      LAPPED
37    PETER        WILSON (M45-9)                         CYCLONAUTS                               LAPPED
39    THEO         KINDERMANS           WALTHAM        MA CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                      LAPPED
40    THOMAS       DOWNEY               PLYMOUTH       MA MBRC                                     LAPPED
41    JOHN         JANSEN                                 UNATTACHED                               LAPPED
42    KENNETH      HAMEL                WARWICK        RI AFD/OSVC                                 LAPPED
43    RICHARD      SACHS (M45-10)                         RICHARD SACHS                            LAPPED
44    BRIAN        GEDDES               ROCKY HILL     CT NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        LAPPED
45    GARABED      MINASIAN (M45-11)                      UNATTACHED                               LAPPED
46    CURTISS      BURWELL (M45-12)                    CT LAUREL BICYCLE CLUB                      LAPPED

Juniors 15-18

1     KONRAD       LEBAS                ANSONIA        CT CCB INTERNATIONAL                        42:58:00
2     JOEY         THOMPSON             AVONDALE       PA BALANCE                                  43:37:00
3     TROY         WELLS                ULSTER PARK    NY KINGSTON                                 45:18:00
4     GEOFFREY     JOHNSON              CUMBERLAND     ME PVC                                      45:49:00
5     KEVIN        WOLFSON              BELMONT        MA NEBC / CYCLELOFT                         46:31:00
6     CHARLES      MARZOT               MIDDLEBORO     MA CORNER CYCLE CYCLING CLUB                47:40:00
7     TUCKER       OLANDER              WINDHAM        NH PEERLESS/HNECC                           47:40:00
8     ETHAN        TIEGER               MANCHESTER     MA ESSEX COUNTY VELO                        49:38:00
9     MARK         INTELISANO           PITTSFIELD     MA BCA/TOSK                                 49:38:00

Beginner Men

1     TOM          HOPPER               MEDWAY         MA BOSTON CROSS                             33:16:00
2     BRAD         SHEEHAN (MAS)        BELMONT        NH UNATTACHED                               33:27:00
3     BRIAN        BIGELOW (MAS)        NASHUA         NH B.O.B                                    34:03:00
4     PETER        HUTCHINS             NORTHAMPTON    MA NCC/BIKEREG.COM                          34:45:00
6     BRUCE        PIERCE               MALDEN         MA BOSTON BICYCLE CLUB (COMMUNITY BICYCLE)  35:04:00
7     MARK         WEST (MAS)           NORTHAMPTON    MA NCC / BIKEREG.COM                        35:23:00
8     RICHARD      SELLO                DANBURY        CT BOSTON CROSS                             35:51:00
9     KENNETH      HAMEL (MAS)          WARWICK        RI AFD/OSVC                                 35:51:00
10    MATTHEW      BERIAU (JR)          MILLBURY       MA BIKE ALLEY                               36:16:00
11    BRUCE        THOMPSON (MAS)       SUDBURY        MA MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                      36:31:00
12    JON          FIELDING                               TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY                       36:41:00
14    ROBERT       BAUER                NATICK         MA MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                      37:17:00
15    EDWARD       DISHONG (MAS)                          NHCC                                     37:22:00
16    MICHAEL      NILSSON (MAS)        ATTLEBORO      MA UNION VELO                               37:55:00
17    MICHAEL      VAN RANDWYCK (MAS)   N. GRAFTON     MA BIKE ALLEY                               38:04:00
18    JASON        ARCELAY (MAS)        ARLINGTON      MA NEBC/CYCLELOFT/EMC                       38:10:00
19    BILL         NOONAN               CUMBERLAND     RI BIKE ALLEY                               39:06:00
20    CHRISTOPHER  KADLICK              HOLLISTON      MA MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                      39:10:00
21    ANDREW       CURRY                WASHINGTON     DC SQUADRA COPPI                            39:17:00
22    KENNETH      SCOTT                HUDSON            UNION VELO                               39:36:00
23    RICHARD      MORIN                MILTON         MA UNION VELO                               39:36:00
25    MAKO         SAITO                                  UNATTACHED                               39:56:00
26    CHRISTOPHER  REHM (MAS)           NORTHBORO      MA TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY                       40:12:00
27    LAWRENCE     KING (MAS)                             PVC                                      41:18:00
28    PATRICK      GOGUEN               HOPEDALE       MA NEBC                                     1 LAP
29    JOSE         MONTERROSO (MAS)     ATTLEBORO      MA UNION VELO                               1LAP

Beginner Women

1     DARCY        CORNELL              WORCESTER      MA BIKE ALLEY                               35:21:00
2     KRISTEN      OSBORN               SOMERVILLE     MA NEBC                                     36:54:00
3     ERICA        MILLER               PHILADELPHIA   PA                                          37:17:00
4     STEFANIE     WHITE (JR)           BEDFORD        MA NHJCA                                    39:14:00
5     MICHELLE     KERSBERGEN           FLORENCE       MA NCC/BIKEREG                              39:14:00
6     AMY          BURRER               WORCESTER      MA BIKE ALLEY                               1 LAP
7     COLLEEN      FLAHERTY             ITHACA         NY                                          1 LAP

Juniors 10-14

2     BEN          GRENIER              LEWISTON       ME  CYCLING