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Cherry Blossom Tour, Pro 1-2

Newark, NJ

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Cherry Blossom Tour, Pro 1-2
Branch Brook Park - Newark, New Jersey

Saturday, April 19, 2003

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Race Report - by Joe Papp When Olympic and World Champion Marty Nothstein (Navigators) takes to the line at any flat criterium or circuit race, he must be considered a likely candidate for victory. The odds are even more in favor of �The Blade� when the Navigators� Russian Concussions � Vassili Davidenko and Oleg Grichkine � accompany him as back-up. So it was today at the 100km Cherry Blossom Tour, contested at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ, and won by Nothstein ahead of Joe Papp (UPMC) and Irishman David O�Laughlin (ofoto). A prime-hunting Nothstein attacked early in the event before being joined by a group that included Todd Herriott, winner of the Vuelta a Cuba and recently signed to the Healthnet professional team, Chad Davis (CRCA/Breitling) and Jim Carey (Northeastern Hardware). Colavita-Bolla and GS Mengoni also placed riders in the break, but notably absent were Papp (who just returned the night before from his latest Latin American campaign) and a representative from Ofoto, the other UCI team in the race. While Nothstein continued to drive the escape with strong help from Herriott, O�Laughlin launched himself from the field in pursuit of the leaders. His move on the backstretch caught-out most of the field, and only Papp and a handful of others, including Adam Pantastico of Ideal Tile, could follow the Irishman. Interestingly enough, Papp holds dual citizenship with the USA and Ireland, though he continues to compete with a USCF license. As such, two Irishmen led the chase: O�Laughlin providing the horsepower with his compatriot Papp sharing the work. The chase caught the breakaway after a 6km pursuit, forming a lead group of almost 20 riders. Though all of the major teams were represented in this selection (with several, including GS Mengoni, Northeastern Hardware and Ideal Tile placing two men in the move), the sheer size of the group bogged-down its progress and limited the lead to less than 50 seconds. With the Navigators� men in the field starting a chase in hopes of reshuffling the lead to put more of their men up the road, Herriott, O�Laughlin and Papp took turns attacking the break to force another selection. O�Laughlin finally escaped on his own and gained almost 40 seconds in one lap before a response came from the others. Papp attacked on the backstretch and was followed by Nothstein, Herriott, Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni), Adam Pantastico (Ideal Tile), Craig �Smiley� Lipton (CRCA/Breitling) and John Clifton-Moore (CRCA/Mija Shoji). Herriott, recovered after the Tour of Chile, and an ever-fast Nothstein drove the pursuit with Papp doing his share of the work. New Zealander Lipton pulled through regularly, though Boronow, Pantastico and Clifton-Moore could not match the fitness of the quartet. O�Laughlin was soon caught, though he quickly reintegrated himself with the leaders and shared in the pace making. Having shed the dead weight that hampered the earlier breakaway, this select group rapidly extended its lead on the field. The winner would definitely be one of the eight, though Nothstein, O�Laughlin and Papp were the heavy favorites. With one lap to go, the Ofoto rider attacked on the backstretch and shattered the break. Papp covered his move, but would not work since Nothstein also managed to hang-on. A brief lull saw the group reform, minus Clifton-Moore who was dropped after O�Laughlin�s surge. Mengoni�s Boronow next played his hand, but was quickly covered by the rest. As the leaders entered the homestretch, O�Laughlin attacked again but Papp and then Nothstein immediately followed. Having made two strong but unsuccessful moves, the Irishman seemed too spent to challenge either Nothstein or Papp as the Americans eyed each other in the final straight. Without the help of a lead-out to bring up the pace, Papp stood little chance against the incredible acceleration of the Olympic gold medalist, and the sprint seemed to be but a formality. Sure enough, Nothstein jumped first and gapped Papp, who struggled to match the speed of his rival. With victory assured, Nothstein raised his arms in triumph as Papp smiled and lifted his arms in resignation, almost as if to say, �What could I do?� O�Laughlin, by far the most aggressive rider on the day, crossed the line a respectable third with Boronow fourth and Pantastico fifth. Herriott, who will join his Healthnet teammates on Monday, finished sixth and �Smiley� came 7th. Clifton-Moore outlasted the second group to claim 8th, while Northeastern Hardware�s first finisher was another Irishman, Jim Carey, in 9th. Jason Snyder of G.S. Mengoni rounded out the top-10. RESULTS (courtesy of Place Rider - Team Pro 1/2/3 1 Marty Nothstein - Nagvigators 2 Joe Papp - UPMC 3 David O'Laughlin - O-Foto 4 Eugene Boronow - G.S. Mengoni 5 Adam Pantastico - Ideal Tile 6 Todd Herriott - Wheelworks 7 Craig Lipton - CRCA/Breitling 8 John Clifton-Moore - CRCA/Mija Shoji 9 Jim Carey - Northeastern Hardware 10 Jason Snyder - G.S. Mengoni 11 Jurandir DeAlmeida - Ready-Pac 12 Chris Rodzdilsky - CRCA/Remax 13 Kevin Malloy - CRCA/Sakonette 14 Waclaw Godycki - Ideal Tile 15 Edwin Bull - Colavita-Bolla 16 Lou Schimmel - Northeastern Hardware 17 Marc Silberman - Watchung Wheelman 18 John Verheul - Ideal Tile 19 Ed Beaman - Navigators 20 Rick Ball - Monroe Wheelman Cat 3 Cup 1 Robert Quincy Liberty Cycle 2 Kert Donahue 3D 3 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle 4 Wayne Lumkong Jersey Rock and Road 5 Neal Stoeckel Colavita-Bolla 6 Ken Barreto 508/MBS 7 Ati Bekes 3D 8 Andrew Singson Hermes 9 Jeffery Oliver Northeastern Hardware 10 Michael Ginghina CRCA/Remax 11 Todd Kassan - 12 John Conroy Colavita-Bolla 13 Gary Keblisa CRCA 14 Craig Callan Hermes 15 Christopher Pile Tokeneke Road Club 16 Tim Carpenter Northeastern Hardware 17 Robert Way 3D 18 James Bernstein Somerset 19 Ron Short Propedals 20 Alex Binder 3D 35+ 1 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle 2 Craig Hamilton Colavita-Bolla 3 Eric Schlaugh Somerset 4 Larry Towner Liberty 5 Kevin Joyce Colavita-Bolla 6 Robert Kowal Somerset 7 Edward Trolarello Watchung 8 John Olsen CRCA 9 Daniel Caeman Colavita-Bolla 10 Tom McMenamin Somerset Women 3/4 1 Brooke Wilson Somerset 2 Kimberly Rowe Olde Mill 3 Mariko Toi Bicycle Workshop 4 Carola Berger - 5 Elizabeth Koch Team Bikery/Montclair 6 Margaret Fontana Team Bikery/Montclair 7 Betty Tyrell Somerset 8 Stephanie Bleecher Liberty Cat 4/5 1 Rick Klatt Colavita-Bolla 2 John Primerano CRCA/Strictly 3 Ricky Viapiana CRCA/Strictly 4 Sean Pacadini Team Bulldog 5 Christian Mambelli - 6 Terrence Budhram Park Ridge 7 Diego Rodriguez 508/MBS 8 Rob Atendito Team Bikery/Montclair 9 Doug Hover 3D 10 Bento Pinto 508/MBS 11 Robert Kowal Somerset 12 Rafael Tovar CRCA 13 Nate Buyon - 14 Kenneth Smith Pro Pedals 15 Vincent Tennariello Liberty 16 Brian Gristick Skylands 17 Bladdymir Coronel Westwood 18 Harry Keefe Liberty 19 Michael Shapanka CRCoA 20 Michael Gisler Westwood
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