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Kissena Prospect Park Series

Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Kissena Prospect Park Series
Brooklyn, NY
April 19, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.


1st  David Sommerville   Kissena Cycling Club
2nd  Jason Bremer        GS Mengoni
3rd  David Taylor        CRCA
4th  Robert Lattanzi     CRCA
5th  Thomas Pennell      CRCA
6th  Jan Moore           MCH
7th  Mark Roselver       GS Mengoni
8th  Emelito Heredia     Toga
9th  Haig Marino         FKC
10th Mariusz Brinken     CRCA

Masters  35+

1st  Kevin McNeill       MHB
2nd  Abdul Kabia         Cranford
3rd  Inson Wood          CRCA
4th  Fredrick Horwood    CRCA
5th  Juan Pimentel       MHB


1st  Catherine Powers    Connecticut Yankee
2nd  Caryl Gale          CRCA
3rd  Lisa Jellet         CRCA
4th  Sarah Sauvayre      CRCA
5th  Katherine Kamben    Century

Cat 4
1st  Mark Izhak          Kissena
2nd  Craig Abrams        CRCA
3rd  Matthew Howard      CRCA
4th  Russell Young       Kissena
5th  Matthew Zawalich    Laurel
6th  Torrey Lincoln      CRCA
7th  Seth Rabinowitz     Brooklyn Velo Force
8th  Justin Reid         CRCA
9th  Daniel Zaemslo      Cycle Center Racing
10th Johann Burrows      CRCA

Cat 5

1st  Jim Swigert         Cycle Center Racing
2nd  Eustimo Quintero    unattached
3rd  Scott Demel         CRCA
4th  Gregory Cross       unattached
5th  Thomas Mattioli     CRCA