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Bryan Park Cycling Series

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Bryan Park Cycling Series
June 24, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

The road bicycle event is held on a .8 mile "Criterium" loop in the park.

The 18.4 mile B-Race completed in 46 minutes and 40 seconds.

Place.) Name (Team)

1.) Wes King (Cobblestone)
2.) Larry Lutz (Conte�s)
3.) Charles Gobble (unattached)
4.) Mark Connelly (unattached)
5.) Matthew Marchal (Richmond Ciclismo)

The 24.8 mile A-Race completed in 58 minutes and 33 seconds.

1.) Kyle Mendenhall (3-Sport)
2.) Stephen Selby (Richmond Ciclismo)
3.) Zack Zimmerman (Bike Doctor)
4.) Matt Dinsmore (Richmond Ciclismo)
5.) Mark Plourde (Conte�s)

Kyle Mendenhall of 3-Sport bolted to the front of a five-man breakaway to win
last night�s 24.8 mile Bryan Park Cycling Series� A-Race. The winning group
jumped to a 30-second lead, with six laps to go, after sprinting for a cash-bonus prime.

Mendenhall praised third place Zack Zimmerman of Bike Doctor for his hard
work pushing the pace.

"Zack made the race," Mendenhall said. "With one lap to go, we drafted him
through the last hill to the final sprint."

Richmond Ciclismo�s Stephen Selby sprinted past Zimmerman to take second.
Zimmerman held off fourth place Matt Dinsmore of Richmond Ciclismo and
fifth place Mark Plourde of Conte�s in a fraction of second finish.

Local professional bike racer Wes Seigler of the West Virginia Cycling
Team took the night off. Seigler is undefeated in this year�s A-Race.
Seigler said he wanted to rest this week because he may race in an
upcoming stage race in Asia.

Wes King of Cobblestone sprinted a wheel length past second place Larry Lutz
of Conte�s to win the 18.4 mile B-Race earlier that evening. Richmond
Ciclismo kept the pace fast by sending riders ahead the pack throughout
the race. At the end, the pack of riders grouped together for a cat and
mouse game of drafting for the finish.

"I just pushed to catch these four riders just in front of me," King said.
"I was able to just keep my momentum going to get by them."

Two unattached riders, third place Charles Gobble and fourth place Mark
Connelly, sprinted to the front just behind Lutz. Richmond Ciclismo�s Matthew
Marchal, who at one point of the race held a 30 second lead, still had enough
energy to sprint to the front of the pack for fifth.