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Bryan Park Cycling Series

Richmond, VA

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Bryan Park Cycling Series
Richmond, VA
July 8, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

The road bicycle event is held on a .8 mile "Criterium" loop in the park in Richmond Va.

The 16 mile B-Race completed in 39 minutes and 59 seconds.

Place.) Name (Team)

1.) Larry Lutz (Conte�s)
2.) Elvin Jefferson (Unattached)
3.) Charles Goble (Unattached)
4.) Matthew Marchal (Richmond Ciclismo)
5.) James Revere (Richmond Ciclismo)

The 24 mile A-Race completed in 53 minutes and 17 seconds.

1.) Kyle Mendenhall (3-Sport)
2.) Wes Seigler (West Virginia Pro Cycling)
3.) Matt Mega (Richmond Ciclismo)
4.) Jon Gaudio (Richmond Ciclismo)
5.) Matt Dinsmore (Richmond Ciclismo)

Kyle Mendenhall of 3-Sport upset West Virginia Pro Cycling�s Wes Seigler to win last night�s
24 mile Bryan Park Series A-Race. Seigler had been undefeated the three times he had ridden
the series this season.

Most of the riders shrugged off the upset after the race. Most talked about a common-sense
strategy to watch Seigler during the race.

At the end, with none of the earlier breakaways able to stay away, Seigler led the final lap.

�Wes moved wide in the final turn and let me in,� Mendenhall said. The two seemed more
concerned about a work-out than about final results.

Richmond Ciclismo�s Matt Mega, Jon Gaudio and Matt Dinsmore pulled the rest of the thin
field taking third, fourth and fifth.

Larry Lutz of Conte�s sprinted to the front of the 16 mile B-Race earlier last night. The
steady fast pace forced most teams to think about how to finish in a final field sprint.

Elvin Jefferson, an unattached Richmond rider, took the inside gap and sped for the finish
line, not knowing that Lutz was close behind. Jefferson sat-up and finished second.

�He (Lutz) went by me and the whole time I thought I was 20 yards in front,� Jefferson said.

Many of the unattached riders, from Hanover County, in the B-Race train together and race as
a team together. The teamwork paid Charles Goble with a third place. His cycling partner,
Mark McCoy, led the final lap with Goble drafting close behind.

Matthew Marchal and James Revere, of Richmond Ciclismo, finished fourth and fifth. The
Ciclismo B-Race riders consistently place someone in the top five every week but fail
to get a winner.

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