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Bryan Park Cycling Series

Richmond, VA

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Bryan Park Cycling Series
Richmond, VA
July 15, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
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The road bicycle event is held on a .8 mile "Criterium" loop in the park in Richmond Va.

The Bryan Park Cycling Series is a joint Richmond Ciclismo - PDO Cycling event.

A-Race - 22.4 miles in 51 minutes and 27 seconds.

Place.) Name (Team)

1.)Wes Seigler (West Virginia Pro Cycling)
2.) Matt Forbes (Richmond Ciclismo)
3.) Matt Dinsmore (Richmond Ciclismo)
4.) Tim Mullins (Unattached)
5.) Mark Plourde (Conte�s)

B-Race - 14.4 miles in 36 minutes and 21 seconds.

1.) Charles Goble (unattached)
2.) Larry Lutz (Conte�s)
3.) Steve Perkins (PDO)
4.) J.H. Revere (Richmond Ciclismo)
5.) David Harlow (Unattached)

West Virginia Pro Cycling Team�s Wes Seigler won last night�s Bryan Park Cycling series� A-Race for
the fourth time this season. Seigler, in past races, has forced breaks in the pack to win. This
week, like last, the race finished in a field sprint.

The pack chased hard after any break-away attempt. And there were lots.

Seigler led a group of three, half way into the race, in one attempt that looked as if it might get away.

"We tried to make it work," Seigler said. "Everybody chased hard tonight."

Richmond Ciclismo�s Matt Forbes and Matt Dinsmore took second and third. Glancing at the finishing
order list, one might think some team-work was involved. Richmond Ciclismo�s Steve Selby led the
last lap as he tried one final break that didn�t work. He said he figured to keep pushing as the
pack lined up behind him.

The pack left an exhausted Selby at the final turn.

Unattached rider Tim Mullin placed fourth.

"This week, I tried to wait the first third of the race," Mullins said. He said that in past races he
had exhausted himself by working too hard early in the race.

Mark Plourde, of Contes, took fifth. He commented on being in a break attempt in the race.

"We would be in with what looked like the right guys," Plourde said. "Then everyone�s pace went way up."

Unattached rider Charles Goble outsprinted everyone to win the B-Race. Goble�s unattached group, from
Hanover County, all wear identical jerseys and all race more organized than many of the sponsored teams.

But two of Goble�s team-mates crashed as they tried to set-up a sprint for a lap 5 prime. The crash,
at the course�s sharp downhill corner, put four riders on the ground. Others scrambled to steer through
the corner and catch the three leaders, who were sprinting for the prime.

No one was seriously hurt in the crash. Hanover County�s Dan Trsic had a road rash on his leg. Michael
Savoie landed in the grass after he flipped.

It took about three laps for the entire pack to get back together. No one seemed to want to take advantage
of the situation and push the pace.

With two laps to go, five Richmond Ciclismo riders lined up at the front of the pack. The idea - each rider
take a pull at the front until exhaustion. The team designated Matt Marchal to be the winner. But the
attempt fell short of the finish line.

Larry Lutz of Conte�s pulled to the lead at the crucial last corner. Goble sprinted past. Lutz took second
with Steve Perkins of PDO Cycling behind his wheel in third place.

J.H. Revere, of Richmond Ciclismo, would have been very content to sit up and watch his team-mates take
the glory. Instead he settled as Ciclismo�s top finisher in fourth place.

" We were 500 meters too short," Revere fumed. Revere�s job was to force a gap between front Ciclismo riders
and the rest of the pack. But the group slowed too much at the end.

Unattached rider David Harlow finished in fifth.

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