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Charles City Road Race/VA Senior Championships

Charles City, VA

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Charles City Road Race/VA Senior Championships
August 30, 2003
Charles City, VA

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Matt Forbes of Richmond Ciclismo won the premier 76-mile Charles City Road
Race last Saturday.  The United States Cycling Federation chose this race,
hosted by Richmond Ciclismo, as the Virginia State Road Race Championship.
Forbes forced a 3-man break early in the race only to be caught.  With four
laps, on the 9.5 mile loop, Forbes, Reed Tanger of Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke
and Richmond's Zack Zimmerman, of Bike Doctor/Cannondale, broke away with
two other riders who eventually got dropped. Tanger placed second and
Zimmerman placed third.
"At the end we were just playing cat and mouse," Forbes said. "I jumped,
then sat up to see if anyone would get in front of me.  When they didn't, I
just went."
With the win, Forbes successfully defended the title he had won last year.
"Throughout the race, the Ciclismo kept the pressure up," Forbes said of his

All the races had the unique problem of a USCF enforced neutralized zone
along one mile stretch of route 155.  The rule can be described like a
yellow flag in auto racing.  Race officials cited the traffic along route
155 for the rule.  Under normal racing, riders often break the normal
"center-line" rule. Breaking the "center-line" rule on 155 could have posed
a higher risk.  USCF officials kept pace at a slow 17 mph through the zone.

Two James River Velo Sport team-mates placed first and second in the women's
38 mile race. Michelle Holland drafted Nancy Jadatz then bolted to the front
to win. Throughout the race, many riders tried to break away from the field.
"All the riders pushed hard through the corners and tried to create breaks,"
said fifth place Janelle Hubbard of Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke. "It was hot.
Towards the end of the race, everybody was just kind of conserving and
The last turn of the course marked the final kilometer to the finish line.
"We couldn't get away," Holland and Jadatz answered together when asked
about breaks from the pack. Holland continued, "We started looking for the
last corner.  Then I looked for Nancy's wheel."

Grant Soma of Snow Valley sprinted past Matt Robins, in the 40+ and 50+ age
groups' 47.5 mile race. The two broke away from the field on the last lap.
Soon after the two rolled through, a chase group of seven riders, led-out by
Richmond's Jeff Weatherly of 3-Sports, sped past.  That group had the top
three 50-year-olds. The rest of the pack followed behind by about a minute
and 30 seconds.
"Matt (Robins) attacked on the hill on the other side of the course.  I was
able to catch up to him," said Soma. Though the pack held close, Soma said
of his break companion, "He's a really strong time-trialist. Finally, we got

Brian Crawford of Silver Spring soloed to victory in the 28.5 mile junior
race. Early in the race Crawford bolted to the front on a hill at 27 to 28
"I tried to stay with him (Crawford) as long as a could," said second place
Michael Rozelle, of Chesapeake CC/ All About Bikes. "Then I thought, no
"I looked back and saw that everyone else wasn't keeping up," Crawford said.
As the race progressed, he wondered if he should allow the pack to catch
him. He admitted to slowing for a mile at one point.
"I figured after a mile I should just try to stay in the break away as long
as I could.
"After I crossed the line, after the first lap, I started thinking I could
actually win this event," Crawford said.  "It wasn't until I passed the line
saying '1-K' to go, that I knew that I won the race."
Crawford had a five minute gap on Rozelle, and third place J.R. Miller, of
After Crawford's initial break, Rozelle and Miller agreed the pack had been
too strung out to wait on a chase group.
"After the first lap we just kind of waited for the guys behind us,"
Midlothian native, Miller said.  "But we lost them."

Constantine Tombras, of Northern Virginia's Squadra Coppi, won the 47.5 mile
category 4 race.
Richmond's Mark Connelly described the race as stop and go throughout the
Arlington's Julian Brown of Lantern Rouge placed second.  He described the
race as an attempt to be the first into the final turn.
"In the back stretch, it was very dangerous. Bikes were all over the place,"
Brown said.
Fourth place Wes King, of Cobblestone, said Richmond Ciclismo's Dave
Wiefling led out the pack with one kilometer to go.
"I just got on his wheel and worked it from there," King said.

Chesapeake Cycling's Charles Barker sprinted past Virginia Beach Velo's
Steve Bednash to win the 28.5 mile category 5 event.  A seven man crash with
four miles remaining strung the pack out.
The crash stalled Bednash's team-mate David Winchester.
"I had to unclip my pedal to get around the crash.  Then, I had to chase
back to the pack," Winchester said.  Still, he had enough energy to lead
Bednash in the sprint. "Then, I watched 20 people go by me."

Here are the results of the United States Cycling Federation's Virginia
State Championship Road Race in Charles City, VA on August 30, 2003.
Proceeds of the race benefited the Charles City Parks and Recreation Center.
The race promoter, Richmond Ciclismo, would like to thank the Charles City
Parks and Recreation Center, Charles City County Sheriffs Dept, and the
Virginia State Police for their support.

Pro 1/2/3
1. Matt Forbes (Richmond Ciclismo)
2. Reed Tanger (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
3. Zach Zimmerman (Bike Doctor/Cannondale)
4. Aidan Charles (CVC)
5. Curtis Staples (Cycles De Oro)
6. Michael King (VA Beach Velo)
7. Cameron Holland (Snow Valley)
8. Craig Dodson (Bike Doctor/Cannondale)
9. Kevin Gallow (Squadra Coppi)
10. R. Muoio (Lateral Stress Velo)
11. Tony Lang (NCVC)
12. Paul Basler (Richmond Ciclismo)
13. Pedro Hijor (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
14. Jacob Stephens (Snow Valley)
15. Ian Ayers (3D Racing)
16. Shawn Tunstall (Richmond Ciclismo)
17. Andrew Hong (Red Lantern)
18. Stephen Jadatz (JRVS)
19. Tim Mullins
20. Jay Moglia (NCVC)

1. Michelle Holland (JRVS)
2. Nancy Jadatz (JRVS)
3. Harriet McCoy (King Pawn)
4. Andrea Dvorak
5. Janelle Hubbard (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
6. Janet Edgerton - 1st Category 4
7. Laury Saligman (Rock Creek Racers)
8. Carol Emsner (Tripower)
9. Kristin Andrs (Contes) - 2nd Category 4
10. Lisa Roberson (Squadra Coppi) - 3rd Category 4

Category 4 Men
1. Constantine Tombras (Squadra Coppi)
2. Julian Brown (Lantern Rouge)
3. David Burnette (Pedalshop Racing)
4. Wesley King (Cobblestone Bicycles)
5. David Goodrum (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
6. Stuart Kidston (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
7. Kevin Horudth (Tripower)
8. undetermined
9. Ethan Ensley (Tripower)
10. Mark Connelly
11. Scott Roberson (Squadra Coppi)
12. Victor Siegfried (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
13. Craig Griffin (CRC)
14. Robert George
15. Matt Marchal (Richmond Ciclismo)

Category 5 Men
1. Charles Barker (Chesapeake Cycling)
2. Steve Bednash (VA Beach Velo)
3. Tim Starkey (VA Beach Velo)
4. Micheal Hardin (VA Beach Velo)
5. Joe Malin (Lanterne Rouge)
6. Jason Williams (Contes)
7. Billy Kliner (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke)
8. William Gilmer (Tripower)
9. Paul Raley (Patuxent Velo)
10. Robert Bradley (Lanterne Rouge)
11. Micael Hosang
12. Roger Hunt (Bad Dawg)
13. JH Revere (Richmond Ciclismo)
14. Aaron Isom (CRC)

Mens 40/50
1. Grant Soma (Snow Valley) 40+
2. Matt Robins 40+
3. Paul Leoiusis (Carolina City) 50+
4. Dennis Rainear (Contes) 50+
5. Todd Stout (Atlantic Velo) 40+
6. Paul Evans (MVC) 50+
7. Mark Plourde (Contes) Undetermined
8. Jeff Weatherly (3 Sports) 40+
9. Temple Washington (Evolution/Pedal-n-Spoke) 40+
10. Keith Johnson (Atlantic Velo) 40+
11. Paul Langlois (PoWER/Mama) 40+
12. Gary Hoffman (DC Velo) 50+
13. Bruce Wassel (Carolina Masters) 50+
14. Greg Brown (JRVS) 40+

Mens juniors
1. Brian Crawford
2. Michael Rozelle (Chesapeake CC/All About Bikes)
3. J.R. Miller (Conte's)