Augusta Cyclocross Series

Nina Santiago Liberty Cycle Dover, NJ

Saturday, November 1, 2003

Augusta Cyclocross Series
Race #1
1 November 2003
Promoter:  Team Bulldog

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

It was an incredibly beautiful day for the first of November as I
remember back to the first weekend in November last year...
it was snowing sideways for a short period of time before the start
of Race #1 at Augusta, 2002! But not this year. It was 70 degrees and very nice.

The day began with 30 racers contesting the Men's B race, which was controlled
by Verge Test Pilots Jan Wiejak and Ed Burgess. They took first and second,
respectively, with Skylands Cycling's Kevin Kielty, a first time 'crosser
finishing third.

In the Junior Race, Nina Santiago (13 years old) from Liberty Cycles rode away
with the victory.

The Open Women's race saw a rocket start by Erica Allar (Team Fuji) but only to
get reeled in by CRCA's Rebecca Kah, who finished 3:30 ahead of Allar.

The Men's A Race was pretty stacked with many top racers showing up. Myron Baker
(Table Rock) took an early lead around the 1.75 mile course, but would drop back to
6th by the end of the second lap, and finished 10th. Baker was brought back by the
powerful riding and fluid 'cross technique of Bobby Lea (Team Fuji), Mark Walters
(Navigators), Bill Ellister (Ideal Tile), and Joseph Alachoyan (Ideal Tile). Szymon
Niemotho (Northeast Hardware) was with the group for three laps, but dropped out during
the fourth lap. The lead quartet stayed together until the last lap when Lea and
Walters pulled away from the Ideal Tile duo. It was Lea and Walters into the final
1/4 mile, when Lea put in a quick move over the last barrier/run-up and was able to
edge out Walters by 13 seconds. Ellister and Alachoyan took third and fourth, respectively.
A strong showing was made by Martin Jones of the Somerset Wheelmen, who rode consistent
and smart and kept chipping away at the field. He moved from 10th to 5th over the course
of four laps and was able to maintain that position for the finish.

Thank you to all participants and we hope to see you for the next four races
...11/9, 11/16, 11/22, 11/30.


Place   First Name          Last Name           Club                    City, State              Time
1       Nina                Santiago            Liberty Cycle           Dover, NJ                49:53:00

Open Women
Place   First Name          Last Name           Club                    City, State              Time
1       Rebecca             Koh                 CRCA/Radical Media      New York City, NY        49:35:00
2       Erica               Allar               Fuji                    Fogelsville, PA          53:08:00

Men's B
Place   First Name          Last Name           Club                    City, State              Time
1       Jan                 Wiejak              Verge Test Pilot        NY                       49:21:00
2       Ed                  Burgess             Verge Test Pilot        Newburgh, NY             49:59:00
3       Kevin               Kielty              Skylands Cycling        Franklin, NJ             52:44:00
4       Kurt                Schoerer            Verge Test Pilot        Cornwall, NY             54:08:00
5       Frank               Doty                Bicycle Docter          Otisville, NY            54:08:00
6       Gary                Mangee              High Gear Cyclery       Clinton, NJ              54:12:00
7       John                Fox                 Verge Test Pilot        Hyde Park, NY            54:49:00
8       Jim                 Watkins             Somerset Wheelmen       Skillman, NJ             55:13:00
9       Jim                 Gould               Sports People           Gladstone, NJ            55:37:00
10      Eric                Lowenstein          Unattached              Jersey City, NJ          55:44:00
11      George              Gorel               Somerset Wheelmen       Neschanic Station, NJ    56:13:00
12      Noah                Greenhill           Kissena                 New York City, NY        56:33:00
13      Matthew             McGregormento                               New York City, NY        58:08:00
14      TC                  Perkins             Table Rock              Highlands, NJ            58:44:00
15      Chad                Macheel                                     Bronx, NY                58:53:00
16      Stephen             Blacklocks          Kissena                 Brooklyn, NY             59:00:00
17      Richard             Pinto                                       New York City, NY        49:30:00            (down 1)
18      Bob                 Cary                Skylands Cycling        Sussex, NJ               51:09:00            (down 1)
19      Owen                Speulster           Rock n' Road            Branchville, NJ          52:13:00            (down 1)
20      Mike                Romanovsky                                  Kingston, NY             52:24:00            (down 1)

Men's A
Place   First Name          Last Name           Club                    City, State              Time
1       Bobby               Lea                 Fuji                    Mestztown, PA            67:32:00
2       Mark                Walters             Navigators              Milford, PA              67:45:00
3       Bill                Ellister            Ideal Tile/Brielle CycleEaston, PA               69:33:00
4       Joseph              Alachoyan           Ideal Tile/Brielle CycleBelmar, NJ               70:01:00
5       Martin              Jones               Somerset Wheelmen       High Bridge, NJ          72:22:00
6       Joseph              Picillo             Evolution Racing        Doylestown, PA           72:56:00
7       Richard             Trojanewski         Hampton Velo            Calverton NY             73:15:00
8       Andrew              Crooks              I.F./Hampton Velo       Brooklyn, NY             73:40:00
9       Eric                Ragov               Kissena                 Brooklyn, NY             74:48:00
10      Myron               Baker               Table Roack             Accord, NY               74:58:00
11      Kenneth             Gilliland           Highland Park           Monroe, NJ               76:07:00
12      John                Dunne               Hampton Velo            Hampton Bays, NY         69:12:00            (down 1)
13      Brian               Lariviere           Team Bulldog            Rockaway, NJ             70:23:00            (down 1)
14      Chris               Kerwin              Montclair Bikery        Wallington, NJ           73:49:00            (down 1)
15      Charles             LaPunzina           Kissena                 Brooklyn, NY             74:56:00            (down 1)
16      Larry               Towner              Liberty Cycle           Pomton Plains, NJ        78:25:00            (down 1)
17      Sean                Paladini            Team Bulldog            Newton, NJ               72:15:00            (down 2)
DNF     Szymon              Niemetho            Northeaster Hardware    Trenton, NJ