Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Championship Series

Highland Park, NJ

Saturday, November 15, 2003 Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Championship Series
Round 8: Highland Park Cyclo-Cross (UCI)
Highland Park, New Jersey
November 15, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Clif Bar Sweeps Highland Park 'Cross (UCI)

The Clif Bar Team came into town to contest the Highland Park Cyclo-Cross race, part of the Mid-Atlantic
Championship Cyclo-Cross Series, and left town with three wins under their belt.  Clif Bar literally dominated the day,
taking wins in both the Men's and Women's Elite races as well as the Masters 35+ race.

In the Elite Women's race, Clif Bar teammates Carmen D'Aluisio and Gina Hall established the early pace with Hall on
the front.  D'Aluisio eventually overtook her teammate and rode the remainder of the race solo, increasing the size of
her lead lap after lap.  D'Aluisio cruised in for the win and Hall crossed a minute behind her for second. Anna
Milkowski (Gearworks/SpinArts) who had two strong races in the Mid-Atlantic series last weekend put in another good
ride to overtake Sarah Uhl (Saturn), who had established herself in third place.   Once past Uhl, Milkowski powered
away to pick-up a great third place finish.  Uhl held her position in the field and finished up in fourth.  Marianne
Stover ( Gearworks/Spin Arts) rounded out the top five.

In the Elite Men's race, Ryan Trebon (Kona) got the jump off the line and held down the front for one complete lap.
The combination of his pace and the tough windy conditions rapidly took its toll on the field.  As selections were made,
the lead group that formed consisted of five riders.  Besides Trebon, the group included Marc Gullickson (Redline),
Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hyundai), Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar) and Andy Jacques-Mayne (Clif Bar).  As the group of five
continued to put time on the remainder of the field, it started to appear that Trebon had paid a price for his early
rapid pace.  He appeared to be in difficulty several times as he allowed a gap to form between him and the rest of
the group.  With three laps to go, Trebon fell off the pace one more time and this time, was unable to close the gap.
As the leaders came around towards the start line again, Trebon was still dangling approximately five seconds behind.
With no one wanting to pull into the wind so close to the finish, the four leaders slowed and subtly jockeyed for
position as soon as they hit the pavement. Trebon saw the change in pace and his opportunity to rejoin the group. As
Trebon accelerated, so did the other four and as the riders got the bell, Trebon was still alone.  Heading into the
back part of the course, he was off but as the riders came back into view on the last part of the lap, not only had
Trebon rejoined the group, he was powering along at the front. Heading towards the final assault of the hilly section
of the course, Gully attacked but it was quickly matched by the others.  Gully held position and as they hit the
barriers for the last time, Gully led up the hill.  Gully led up the hill but it was Trebon leading as they came
down the hill.  With all five still together heading into the section past the pit, it looked like it was coming
down to a five-up sprint.  Jacques-Mayne had a different idea about the finish and as the group hesitated coming
around one of the final turns, Jacques-Mayne attacked.  His attack was enough to open up a small gap and he still
had that gap when he hit the pavement with the finish line in sight.  Trebon tried to match his attack but was a
pedal stroke or two too late and was unable to overtake Jacques-Mayne before the line.  Jacques-Mayne rolled across
the line to claim a well-fought UCI win.  Trebon claimed second.  With the remaining three riders hitting the pavement
together, it was a three-way sprint for third.  Jackson Stewart won the sprint, claiming third place with Gullickson
coming in for fourth and Wells for fifth. Jeremy Powers (NCC/ came in tenth to finish as the top-placed Espoir.

Rich Maile (Clif Bar) won the Master's 35+ race winning a three-way sprint over John Verhuel (Ideal Tile) and Rob Hacker (Lite Bites).

Next week the series moves to Western Pennsylvania for Raccoon Township 'Cross. Racing starts at 10am.
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Highland Park Results

Elite Men
Place   Last            First        Team
1       JACQUES-MAYNES  Andy         Clif Bar                            59:55
2       TREBON          Ryan         Easton/Kona/CCA                     st
3       STEWART         Jackson      Clif Bar                            st
4       GULLICKSON      Mark         Redline                             st
5       WELLS           Todd         Mongoose                            st
6       JACQUES-MAYNES  Ben          Family Cycling Center               1:02:12
7       POELVOORDE      Ronny        DURATEC- ZEWIETIES cycling team     st
8       STECHMANN       Jacob        Alan Factory Team                   1:02:38
9       BOWEN           Bart         Kona                                1:02:48
10      POWERS          Jeremy       NCC /                   1:03:01
11      TURNER          Ben          7up/Maxxis                          1:03:10
12      ANTHONY         Jesse         .                                  1:04:20
13      WAMSLEY         Kyle         Fuji                                1:04:51
14      GILLESPIE       BART         Team Biogen                         1:05:17
15      NOBLE           PHIL         Airborne.Net                        1:05:19
16      DONAHUE         Alec         NCC /                   st
17      SHOGREN         Gunnar       FORT/GPOA                           st
18      BOOKWALTER      Brent        Slingshot                           st
19      ALLEN           David        KHS                                 1:06:08
20      REYNOLDS        Joey         Wissahickon                         1:06:32
21      WHITE           Matt         NCC /                   1:07:22
22      ELLISTON        Bill         Ideal Tile                          -1
23      YOZELL          michael      Wissahickon Cycles                  -1
24      TURNER          glenn        Main Line Cycling                   -1
25      WALTERS         Mark         Navigators Pro Cycling Team         -1
26      WITTWER         gregory      LSV/Trek                            -1
27      LEECH           Ryan         FORT/GPOA                           -1
28      FERGUSON        Greg         FORT/GPOA                           -1
dnf     DEIBERT         Nathan       Faulkner Honda Racing
dnf     HANKENS         Kevin        unattached
dnf     LEA             Bobby        T.E.A.M. Fuji
dnf     PICCILLO        Joseph       Evolution Racing
dnf     THOMPSON        Joey         Balance Bar/Devo
dnf     TURNER          Todd         Team
dnf     AUER            Kris         LSV/Trek
dnf     BRADFORD        Aaron        RAD Racing
dnf     KEIM            Eric         Jamis
dnf     BAKER JR        Myron        Table Rock
dnf     ALACHOYAN       Joe          Ideal Tile

Elite Women
Place   Last            First        Team
1       D'ALUISIO       Carmen       ClifBar                             48:16
2       HALL            Gina         ClifBar                             49:14
3       MILKOWSKI       Anna         Gearworks/SpinArts                  50:27
4       UHL             Sarah        Saturn                              52:01
5       STOVER          Mariann      Gearworks/SpinArts                  52:47
6       ITLE            Amber        Wissahickon                         53:18
7       MARTIN          Mindy        Los Malos                           53:31
8       MILLER          Erica        Wissahickon                         54:52
9       SCHAUER         Betsy        FORT/GPOA Cycling Team              st
10      FOURNIER        Sami         Velo Bella                          55:20
11      BILLINGTON      Kathleen     Fuji                                55:29
12      PARSONS         Tara         CRCA                                -1
13      TUEL            Caitlyn      sobe cannondale                     -1
14      MOST            Lisa         Wissahickon                         -1
15      DRUMM           Celeste      Mean Wheels Bike Shop               -1
15      LITKA           Kerry        Dansko Wheelworks                   -1
17      TREMBLAY        Kami         ECV                                 -1
18      EBERSOLE        Tammy        Evolution Racing/IndyFab            -1
19      ANDERSON        Donna        Evolution Racing                    -1
20      SUPLICK         Michelle     wissahickon                         -1
21      STOECKL         Bonnie       Evolution                           -1
dnf     MARTINEZ        maryann      CCB/Volkswagen
dnf     RENDER          Megan        Snow Valley

Men B
Place   Last            First        Team
1       MOLLOY          Kevin        CRCA/SAKONNET TECHNOLOGY            47:47
2       Galegher        Sean         TriSpeed                            48:02
3       Danke           Joel         Giant Squid All Stars               st
4       MOUTSOPOULOS    Basil        CRCA/SAKONNET TECHNOLOGY            48:26
5       RAGOT           Eric         Kissena Cycling Club                st
6       Minturn         John         Pharmacia                           48:47
7       Mains           Tom          Ready Pac                           49:12
8       SCHEMPF         Weston                                           49:22
9       Crooks          Andrew       Independent Fabrications            49:38
10      MAGUR           Mike         Verge Sport Test Pilot              49:56
11      Mayhew          Chris        FORT/GPOA                           50:04
12      HANSEN          Jonathan     Team Snow Valley/TSV/ABRT           50:11
13      SEMANCHIK       Jesse        First State Velo Sport              50:15
14      HESS            Wade         Team Beacon                         50:39
15      SZCZEPANSKI     Adam         Nittany Velo Club                   50:48
16      Townsend        Ethan        LSV/Trek                            50:56
17      PARTLAND        J.P.         Kissena Cycle Club                  51:15
18      Riendeau        Alec         HP Hermes                           51:33
19      WILSON          daniel       first state velo sport              51:46
20      Chamblin        Dave         Time Cycle                          st
21      JOHNSON         Christopher  Nittany Velo Club                   51:56
22      Kennedy         Patrick      Liberty                             52:04
23      MORGAN          Eric         Wissahickon                         52:09
24      SCOTT           Wayne        First State Velo Sport              53:07
25      Ignosh          Ray          Monkey Hill CS                      53:21
26      GULDALIAN       Drew         Wissahickon                         53:24
27      Callen          Callen       HP Hermes                           st
28      GIFFORD         William      Guy's Bicycles                      54:22
29      BURGESS         Brian        Team Beacon                         54:59
30      Hartman         John         QCW                                 55:15
31      JEREZ           Braulio      Kissena Cycling Club                55:19
32      Kerwin          Chris        Montclair                           st
33      VETTORI         marc         Wooden Wheels                       -1
34      FLICKINGER      David        Ashby Street Racing                 -1
35      Marshall        Brendan      Beacon                              -1
36      Dicks           Douglas      Bennets Bicycles                    -1
37      Brown           John                                             -1
38      BLACK           Greg         Verge Sport Test Pilot              -1
dnf     ALBRIGHT        Andrew       Aquafina
dnf     BABCOCK         Jason        Nittany Velo Club
dnf     FREEHOFF        Bruce        Beacon
dnf     LA PUNZINA      Charles      Kissena Cycling Club
dnf     PROCOPOS        Theo         Wissahickon
dnf     Greenhill       Noah         Kissena
dnf     Samuel          Chris        Team Express
dnf     McAllister      Elliott
dnf     Panzera         Robert       Kissena
dnf     Cassan          Todd         Rociante

Place   Last            First        Team
1       Maile           Rich         ClifBar                             45:42
2       verheul         john         Ideal Tile                          45:42
3       HACKER          Robert       Team Lite Bites                     45:42
4       SCHLAUCH        Eric         Somerset Wheelmen                   46:39
5       Saunders        Blair        First State Velo Sport              47:05
6       HEBE            mike         Monex                               47:23
7       ROOT            Randall      Team Snow Valley                    47:25
8       FREDERICK       rob          Evolution Racing                    47:25
9       JONES           Martin       Somerset Wheelmen                   47:37
10      Wiejak          Jan          Verge                               48:35
11      LUX             John         First Capital Velo                  48:49
12      WITTWER         fred         charlottesville racing club         48:58
13      CAFFREY         Stephen      First State Velo Sport              49:20
14      CLINE           Kelly        Wissahickon                         50:12
15      KAUFMAN         Larry        KMK Velo                            50:12
16      GRAY            Douglass     First State Velo Sport              51:03
17      MacNiven        Tom          Hampton Velo                        51:03
18      WILSON          Scott        Evolution Racing/Indy Fab           51:03
19      Campos          Robert       Hampton Velo                        51:27
20      Pizzini         Leo          First State Velo Sport              51:59
21      BRECKENMAKER    Kevin        Team Harrisburg                     51:59
22      McDaniel        Tom          Wooden Wheels                       53:31
23      LYON            ROBERT       FIRST CAPITAL VELO                  -1
24      Piacine         Bob          Guys                                -1
25      stutz           chris        SVVC                                -1
26      FOX             John         Verge Sport Test Pilot              -1
27      HOUSTON         Christopher  Yellow Breeches Racing              -1
28      HEEDE           Steve        FIRST CAPITAL VELO                  -1
29      Mangee          Gary         Watchung                            -1
30      Perkins         TC           Table Rock                          -1
31      Marzocca        Dean         HP Hermes                           -1
32      DITTEBRANDT     karl         kissena cycling club                -1
33      STRIKA          Dusan        Kissena Cycling Team                -1
34      Appletans       Jeffrey      Time Cycle                          -1
35      REYNOLDS        Scott        Evolution                           -1
36      IRVINE          Ronne        Fuji Racing T.E.A.M.                -1
37      Vegh            Christopher                                      -1
38      LEONARD         patrick      evolution racing                    -1
39      Byrne           Chris        CRCA                                -1
dnf     LONG            Christopher  Independent Fabrication/Gotham
dnf     Groome          Sean         Action Wheels
dnf     Burgess         Ed           Verge Test Pilot

Juniors 17-18 (UCI)
Place   Last            First        Team
1       LEBAS           Konrad       Richard Sachs/CYBC                  48:20
2       Ruhl            Chris        East Coast Velo                     48:46
3       JOHNSON         Geoffrey     Portland Velo                       51:51
4       ESCOBAR         Gonzalo      Squadra Coppi                       53:10
5       LEA             Syd          T.E.A.M. Fuji                       -1

Juniors 10-16 (USCF)
Place   Last            First        Team
dnf     MacNiven        Cory         Hampton Velo

Women B
Place   Last            First        Team
1       Powers          Catherine    CRCA                                31:53
2       MAGUR           Jenn         Verge Sport Test Pilot              33:06
3       LEA             Tracy        T.E.A.M. Fuji                       34:21
4       Koh             rebecca      CRCA                                36:04
5       Schultz         Krista       Trispeed                            36:04
6       TOURIAN         Karen                                            36:44
7       LINDSEY         Christina                                        37:00
8       SANTIAGO        Nina         Liberty Cycle                       39:02
9       MCWHINNEY       Susan        Kissina                             39:04

Men C
Place   Last            First        Team
1       Webster         Brian        SVVC                                29:50
2       Buyon           Nate         Ideal Tile                          30:09
3       LEA             Rob          T.E.A.M. Fuji                       30:10
4       watkins         jim          Somerset Wheelmen                   30:29
5       GOREL           Greg         Somerset Wheelmen                   30:37
6       Stauffer        David        Cycleworks                          31:24
7       GILMORE         Brian        Rutgers                             31:26
8       Lev             Corey        Penn State                          31:54
9       JAKUBOWITCH     Andrew                                           31:58
10      Singson         Andy         Hermes                              32:05
11      LOWENSTEIN      Eric                                             32:07
12      WINDH           Rolf         Unattached                          32:12
13      Greenhill       Noah         Kissena                             32:12
14      BLACKLOCKS      Stephen      Kissena                             32:12
15      SANDS           Robert       Evolution Racing                    32:21
16      KELLEY          GARY         Yellow Breeches                     32:40
17      Peterson        Rolland      Hp Hermes                           32:44
18      STINE           Christopher  Cedar Bike                          32:44
19      McGregor-Mento  Matthew      Black Cross                         32:54
20      Wagner          Justin       Penn State                          33:26
21      Peterson        Matthew      Hp Hermes                           33:30
22      Macheel         Chad                                             33:55
23      Walters         Todd         Harts                               34:20
24      Ekberg          Tom          Liberty Cycle                       34:27
25      AMBAGIS         James        Wooden Wheels                       34:38
26      SANCHEZ         Gustavo      Evolution Racing                    34:57
27      Panzera         Robert       Kissena                             35:16
28      ROTHBERG        Jay          Evolution Racing                    35:35
29      Karavidas       Phil         Hp Hermes                           36:07
30      Padzell         Russ         Cycle Fanatic                       36:35
31      damelio         louis        unattached                          37:22
32      VARESCHI        Mark         Hp Hermes                           38:00
33      Restaino        Thomas                                           40:27
34      ZIEGERT         Thaddeus                                         -1
dnf     Deckert         Mike