New Jersey State Cyclo-Cross Championships

Sunday, December 7, 2003

New Jersey State Cyclo-Cross Championships
December 7, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Team Beacon hosted the New Jersey State CX event for the second year running.
Folowing the trend from last year of severe weather for the race,
this year offered no less than 4 inches of snow, freezing temperatures and some
blistering winds by mid-day.  The infamous "lake" section from 2002 was
formed again this year from previous rains, but with an added icy covering
and some deep mud underneath.  20 feet across and 2 feet deep, it was certainly
a challenge to ride this year.  After the Men's C race had some difficulty
in navigating this section (rider over the bars, bike left standing upright in the mud),
the course was routed around it for the rest of the day.  We didn't need any
hypothermia just to make the course challenging. As it is, the course was hard enough,
snowy, slippery, with 3 run-ups and some off camber sections and icy fire roads, the lap times
stretched out above 10 minutes.

With all other cyclo-cross races in the North-East cancelled due to snow, we had
a few extra riders from out of state brave the drive and the conditions.  Most found
the efforts well worth it, just to ride this course was an experience they won't forget,
the smiles were beaming as the bikes were cleaned up and the layers of warm clothes put back on.

The Men's C race was lead from start to finish by Matthew McGregor from NY, maybe the
disc brakes on his bike helped him out.  He went off course a little in one spot due
to wind blowing the tape down, but he managed to hold off a fast finishing Jim Watkins at the end.
The Women's Elite race was much the same for Saturn pro Sarah Uhl, leading from
the gun, the long back section of fire roads favoured her power and she cruised
in with a 4 minute gap over 2nd place.
Martin Jones had a great ride to blow away the Masters field as some of his regular
competitors took on the A race today instead, he increased his lead every lap in the slick conditions.
The host team took the win in the Men's B race with Wade Hess duelling Chris Samuel
and Tom Mains for the lead in the early stages before both of those riders had
trouble with flats.  Wade took advantage and kept the hammer down, the gap was too
large for Mains to make up and he rolled in for 2nd place.
The Elite men's field have been racing each other all season long.  Reynolds, Ferguson
and Yozell all finished in the top 10 of the overall standings in the Mid-Atlantic series this year.
The early laps were tight with those 3 switching leading at the front while the rest
tried to keep close contact.  As the laps wore on, Yozell started to fade from the
group and Reynolds showed his strength to gradually pull
away from Ferguson (the 2002 Champ) to take the win.  Andrew Wulfkuhle finished fast
to almost take 3rd place from Yozell but Mike held him off in the sprint to the line.

Another great day of cyclo-cross, make sure you are there when we do it all again in 2004.

Some pictures of the event:


Men "A"
1 Joe Reynolds Wissahickon 			51:12(NJ rider)
2 Greg Ferguson Fort/GPOA   			51:39(NJ rider)
3 Mike Yozell   Wissahickon 			52:47
4 Andrew Wulfkuhle Wissahickon			52:49
5 Joe Alachoyan   YSG       			53:49(NJ rider)
6 Kristopher Auer Trek/VW  			54:01
7 Eric Schlauch Somerset   			54:15(NJ rider)
8 Randall Root   Annapolis Bicycle 		56:33
9 Eric Morgan   Wissahickon 			61:03
10 Drew Guldalian Wissahickon			61:51
11 Nate Buyon      YSG        			DNF(NJ rider)

Womens "A"
1 Sarah Uhl   Saturn   				49:00
2 Megan Render Snow Valley 			53:00
3 Kami Tremblay Essex County Velo		53:48
4 Brooke Wilson Somerset   			63:00(NJ rider)
5 Erica Miller   Wissahickon 			dnf

Mens "C"
1 Matthew McGregor  Black Cross   		41:35
2 Jim Watkins       Somerset      		41:39(NJ rider)
3 Eric Lowenstein   unattached    		42:40(NJ rider)
4 Rolf Windh        unattached    		45:45
5 Matt Peterson     HP Hermes     		47:01(NJ rider)

1 Adam Schlauch     Somerset       		43:45(NJ rider)

Mens "B"
1 Wade Hess        Beacon Cycling 		48:57(NJ rider)
2 Tom Mains        Ready Pac       		50:50(NJ rider)
3 Garvin Louie     Union Velo      		51:40(NJ rider)
4 Alec Riendeau    HP Hermes       		53:08(NJ rider)
5 Chris Samuel     Pro Pedals       		dnf(NJ rider)

Masters 35/45+
1 Martin Jones(35+)     Somerset    		45:36(NJ rider)
2 Kelly Cline(35+)     Wissahickon 		48:16
3 Mark Elsasser        Wissahickon 		48:41
4 Doug Gray(35+)       FSVS         		49:46
5 Kevin Breckenmaker(45+) Harrisburg   		53:32
6 Marc Bechtold(35+)   Breakwaway   		55:00(NJ rider)
7 Nunzio Dibiasi(45+) Harrisburg   		57:03
8 Alan Remefelt(45+)   Lateral Stress 		51:56 -1lap
9 Rod Murray(45+)      Somerset     		51:58 -1lap(NJ rider)