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Bethel Spring Development Series

Bethel, CT

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bethel Spring Development Series
Bethel, CT
March 14, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 5 Race 1      Name                        Team
1                 Travis       Turner         Bicycle Depot
2                 Anthony      Billard        Capitol Velo Club
3                 Todd         Hamel          Unattached
4                 Frank        Lovell         Unattached
5                 Colin        Gotheer        Tokeneke
6                 Matthew      Pearson        Sleepy Hollow Cycling Club
7                 Peter        Hood           Unione Sportiva Italiana
8                 scott        knight         Unattached
9                 Jpoe         Straus         Unattached
10                Richard      Magee          Unattached

Cat 5 Race 2      Name                        Team
1                 Tom          Arcari         Pedal Power
2                 Damian       DiCostanzo     Unione Sportiva Italiana
3                 Dana         Alia           Kingston Cylcery
4                 Tom          Kraak          Mystic Velo Club
5                 Scott        Roth           Unattached
6                 Robert       Kelly          HVVC
7                 Richard      Linsky         Unattached
8                 Markus       Holtby         Unione Sportiva Italiana
9                 Alster       Clark          Soul Brother
10                Alexander    Timkovich      Unattached

Cat 4             Name                        Team
1                 Ian          Sinclair       Northeast Bicycles Road Club
2                 Dan          Davenport      CogWild Cycling Team
3                 Nathan       Smith          NAV / Mercury Web Solutions
4                 Andrew       Kalter         Notheast Bicycle
5                 Paul         Levine         Jersey Rock 'n Road
6                 Thomas       Chiudina       Unione Sportiva Italiana
7                 Miguel       Pagan          Fiordafruita
8                 Michael      Wonderly       CogWild Cycling Team
9                 Matthew      Jamieson       CogWild Cycling Team
10                Charles      Litty          Bethel Cycle Sport Club

Juniors           Name                        Team
1                 Gavriel      Epstein        C C Evesham
2                 Barry        Miller         Unione Sportiva Italiana
3                 Kyle         Foley          NECSA
4                 #N/A         #N/A           #N/A
5                 #N/A         #N/A           #N/A
6                 #N/A         #N/A           #N/A

Women             Name                        Team
1                 Jen          Magur          Verge Sport
2                 Laura        Summers        Hudson Valley Velo Club
3                 Elisa        Gagnon         CRCA/AguaFina
4                 Robyn        Passander      Laurel
5                 Penny        Buchar         Hudson Valley Velo
6                 Dale         Malkames       Unione Sportiva Italiana

Masters           Name                        Team
1                 Morgan       Stebbins       Westwood Velo
2                 Scott        Bodin          Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3                 Andrew       Ruiz           CCB/Volkswagen
4                 Stephen      Gray           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5                 Christopher  Guglielmo      CTS
6                 Charles      Mattison       Tokeneke Road Club
7                 Eugene       Pringle        Tri State Velo
8                 rick         malkames       Unione Sportiva Italiana
9                 Thomas       Chiudina       Unione Sportiva Italiana
10                Rich         Foley          Bethel Cycle Sport Club

Cat 3/4           Name                        Team
1                 Morgan       Stebbins       Westwood Velo
2                 Akira        Sato           Carpe Diem Racing
3                 Dave         Kim            Westwood Velo
4                 Sean         Marvel         Axis/CRCA
5                 Dominic      Gillen         3 Sports
6                 JOHAN        KOSERIUS       Fiora Difruitta/ Ridgefield Bank
7                 Mark         Risigo         Stage 1
8                 Alex         Gulla          CRCA/
9                 peter        petrillo       cvc pig iron sports
10                Todd         Crisafulli     North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solutions Cycling

Pro/1/2/3         Name                        Team
1                 Timothy      Unkert         Unnattached
2                 Andrew       Ruiz           CCB/Volkswagen
3                 Brian        Wirtz          Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4                 David        McCutcheon     Kingston Cyclery
5                 Rosselvert   Marte Quezada  Mengoni
6                 Anthony      Alessio        CRCA/Remax
7                 Marc-wayne   Addison        Espoirs de Laval
8                 Juan         Castro         Ideal Tile-Brielle Cyclery
9                 Daniel       Greenfield     Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
10                John         Legere         Benidorm/ Createx