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Bethel Spring Development Series

Bethel, CT

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Bethel Spring Development Series
Bethel, CT
April 4, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Name                            Team
1       Patrick         McNamara        FiorDiFrutta
2       Rosselvert      Marte Quezada   Mengoni
3       Brian           Wirtz           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4       Timothy         Unkert          Unattached
5       Todd            Cassan          Rocinante
6       Juan            Pimental        Team Squiggle

Cat 3/4
Name                            Team
1       Fernando        Ferreira        Northeast Bicycles
2       Donavan Gow						Unattached
3       Matthew			Jamieson		CogWildCycling/CTRocknRoad
4       Istvan          Benyei          Northeast Bicycles Road Club
5       Rick            Spear           Northeast Bicycles Road Club
6       Robert          Woudenberg      Century Road Club Assoc
7       Dave            Kim             Westwood Velo
8       Jonathan        Baxendale       Bethel Cycle Sport Club
9       Alan            Tooraen         Tokeneke
10      Miguel          Pagan           FiorDifruita

Name                            Team
1       Morgan          Stebbins        Westwood Velo
2       Stephen         Gray            Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3       Greg            Pelican         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4       Donald          LaBonte Julio
5       Scott           Bodin           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
6       Rich            Foley           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
7       Brian           Wolf            Bethel Cycle Sport Club
8       John            Morgan          Bethel Cycle Sport Club
9       Tom             Toal            Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10      Tom             Officer         Richard Sachs/CYBC

Name                            Team
1       Jen             Magur           Verge Sport
2       Dale            Malkames        Unione Sportiva Italiana
3       Cheryl          Wolf            Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4       Penny           Buchar          HVVC
5       Theresa         Bentz           Tokeneke Road Club
6       Susan           Adams           Bethel Cycle Sport Club

Name                            Team
1       Barry           Miller          Unione Sportiva Italiana
2       Kyle            Foley           NECSA
3       Philip          Brunjes         Ridgefield Bank

Cat 4
Name                            Team
1       Ian             Sinclair        Northeast Bicycles Road Club
2       Matthew			Jamieson        CogWildCycling/CTRocknRoad
3       Barry           Miller          Unione Sportiva Italiana
4       Peter           Babins          CogWild Cycling/CT Rock'n Road
5       Daniel          Zalenski        Cycle Center Racing
6       Brendan			Shafer          Necsa/fraysee's sports resort
7       Charles         Litty           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
8       Mark            Jamieson        CogWild Cycling/CT Rock'n Road
9       Mark            Foster          Cycle Center Racing Club
10      vince           marrone         unione sportiva italiana

Cat 5
Name                            Team
1       Colin           Grotheer        Tokeneke Road Club
2       Tom             Arcari          Pedal Power
3       Dana            Alia            Kingston Cyclrey
4       Scott           Brundage        Kingston Cyclrey
5       Damian          DiCostanzo      Unione Sportiva Italiana
6       Richard         Magee           HVVC
7       Pascal          Fernandez       Unione Sportiva Italiana
8       John            Vitti           Cycle Center Racing
9       John            Portlock        Unattached
10      Alister         Clarke          Unattached

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