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Pinecone Curcuit-Road Race

Elwood, NJ

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Pinecone Curcuit-Road Race
Elwood, NJ
April 4, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

cat pro-123     60 miles
1.Mike Beers-Gotham Cyclists
2.Randy Smzagiassi-Gotham Cyclists
3.Mike Pudlinski-Fuji
4.Ryan Dewald-Snow Valley
5.Mike Miller-K2
6.Trey Reinhardt-Land Rover
7.Karl Woitas-Land Rover
8.Peter Sargent-Cadence
9.Ted Inove-K2
10.Robert Ryan-CC Evesham
11.Robert Lea-Team Fuji
12.Karl Rahn-Century
13-Mark Light-Land Rover
14-Kevin Power-CC Evesham
15-Fred Billet-mlc bikyle
16-Chris Schuster-CCEvesham
17-Nicholas Schaffer-MLC bikyle
18-Mark Krajci-Gotham
19-David Flesher-Bucks City
20-Vladimar Barokov-Somerset

cat 3-4   40 miles

1-Austin Armstrong-Century
2.Christian Mambell-Colivita
3.Matt Kupsky-Beacon
4.Chris-Rvitz-East Velo
5.Pat Kelly-Guys
6.Julian Cushing-East Velo
7.Mike Chauner-Rio Grande
8.Neal Stoeckel-QCW
9.John Conway3D
10.John Nyman-TRI state velo
11.Hank Alexander-TSV
12.Mark Valentine-QCW
13.Russell Yung
14.Ati Bekes-riptide
16.Norm Morrison-qcw
17.Darco Lalavic-Qcw
18.Mike Aravich-riptide
19.Robert Way...
20.William Wisse

cat 5   30 miles

1.Paul Wagner-Action Wheels
2.Steve Blackman.....
3.John Parks-mountain edge
4.John Bonino-Pro Pedals Team Express
5.Jesse Hartigan-Swarthmore
6.Rolf Windh-Guys
7.Ken Foran
8.Graig Barrington
9.Rob Gaegler
11.Donnell Hudson
12.Jared Guckenberger-fsvs
13.Tracy Campbell-Beacon
15.Mark Pfeiffer
17.Herman Pharo-Stafford Police
19-Scott Chew-Pro Pedals Team Express

45 plus   40 miles

1.Ivan Solero-Mainline
2.John Dalzel-qcw
3.Bob Kehl-Guys
4.Scott Hodder-3d
5.Roman Paczka-MLC
6.Christian Sell-QCW
7.Kevin Greene-QCW
8.Mike Taxter-Bethel Cycle
9.Dave Mitchell-QCW
10.Joe Keras-Guys
11.Ron Livingston-MLC
13.Peter Wilson-summit
14.Micheal Speranzo-QCW
15.Keith Cramer-QCW
16.Micheal Radvola-QCW

Women   20  miles

1.Erica Allar-Fuji
2.Alison Fischer.-East Coast Velo
3.Dana Hanchin-Sturdy Girl
4.Jacqueline Paull-Land Rover
5.Karen Tourian-Wissahickon

55 plus 20 miles

1.John Auer
2. Mike Slusinski-Pro Pedals Team Express
3.Eddie Lowenstein-Qcw
4.Mark Matthews-QCW
5.Charles Elkins-Summit
6.Jon Bachelor-Pro Pedals Team Express

Pro Pedals would like to send a "thank you" to the Mullica Township
Police,Stafford Township Police,Mullica Rescue Squad
and all of our great volunteers and "friends"who make these events true road
race classics..