Highland Park Cross (UCI C2)

Highland Park, NJ

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Highland Park Cross (UCI C2)
Highland Park, NJ
November 22,2004

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ -With a second place finish at the Highland Park Cyclocross Race on Sunday, Kona's Ryan Trebon claimed the inaugural Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross and a ticket to the 2005 world championships in St. Wendel, Germany.

Trebon used a mid-race sledge hammer of an attack to shake Canadian Geoff Kabush (Maxxis-Giant) - who has held the Crank Brothers leader's jersey since the third leg of the six-race series - and set up his overall victory. The only racer able to cover Trebon's move was GT-Hyundia's Todd Wells, who then repeatedly gapped Trebon through the course's three mud baths and ultimately jumped away for a well-deserved victory.

"This is great," said Wells, the 2001 U.S. national champion. "It feels like I have done 50 of these races and I've finally broken through for a win."

Wells and Trebon were at the front for the entire race. The two were part of a 14-man lead bunch established on the first lap - a group that included all the favorites, including Kabush and Adam Craig (Maxxis Giant), Barry Wicks (Kona), Ben Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada) and Mark McCormack (Clif Bar - Colavita).

Thanks to a torrential rainstorm overnight, much of Sunday's course was raced through ankle-deep mud. After two laps, the 14-man group split in two, and Kabush, Trebon and Wells found themselves with a small but sustainable gap.

"Geoff was riding pretty well the first three laps," said Trebon, who, after five races in the Crank Brothers series, was the only remaining challenger who could pose a challenge to Kabush's lead. "I thought then that it was going to be a pretty tough day."

But in the fourth lap, Kabush inexplicably lost contact with his rival, and fans started counting series points. If Trebon finished second and Kabush third, the Canadian could salvage his series lead. But Kona teammate Wicks came out of nowhere to overtake Kabush and give Trebon the cushion he needed to claim the overall victory. A clearly defeated Kabush could only manage a disappointing eighth on the day.

"I could see what was happening behind me," Trebon said after the race. "I felt a whole lot better once I saw Barry between Geoff and me."

That's because Trebon realized that Sunday was going to belong to his friend Wells. The Durango, Colorado resident was flying through the mud pits and all the transitions on the course and paid close attention to Trebon's reactions. "I could see Ryan was not coming back to me as fast as I expected him to, so I tried to pour it on," Wells said.

There was one unscripted moment when Wells' handlebars got caught up in the tape that lined the course. Wells went down and Trebon essentially ran over him. But both jumped up quickly, remounted and their lead was never really threatened.

Unlike nearly everyone else on the course, Wells never changed his bike. By the race's end, it was caked in mud three inches thick in places.

As for Trebon, he said his trip to World's is by no means certain. "It's been a long season and there's still a couple of months - I really need to think about it," he said. "You know, winning the (Crank Brothers) series is a pretty nice reward in itself."

Finishing ninth in the race was U-23 champion Jesse Anthony, which gave him the Espoirs victory. It also meant that Anthony would claim the series championship over NCC-BikeReg.com's Matt White. Like Kabush, White held the advantage over his fellow Massachusetts resident going into the Highland Park race, but Anthony's great day, combined with White's poor showing (5th among espoirs), led to the change in leaders.

Second place went to Wells - Troy Wells, brother of Todd Wells. NCC-BikeReg.com's John Hanson finished third.

Among the women, Ann Knapp (Kona) put an exclamation point on her dominating performance in the Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross series, taking her fifth victories in six races. As she had each time before, Knapp worked hard on the first lap to create a decisive break, and as before, only Missing Link's Gina Hall and Seven Cycle's Mary McConneloug could respond.

Each time through, Knapp seemed to float through the mud, while Hall and McConneloug struggled through the goop that sucked at their ankles. With three laps to go, Hall's chain picked up some debris from the course that allowed Knapp a small gap, and that was all the diminutive Kona rider needed. "I didn't even know it was a 'move' at the time," she said. "But people were telling me I had a gap so I just drove it."

Knapp would add about five seconds to her lead on each of the remaining laps to enjoy a solo victory. Hall attacked hard to shake McConneloug on the very last lap, but McConneloug summoned up an Olympian effort to pull the Missing Link rider back. At the end, it was McConneloug taking second.

'I would have liked to have pulled Ann back, but that wasn't going to happen today," McConneloug said.

Unlike Trebon, Grand has already planned her trip to World's, which she's guaranteed by virture of her overall title in the Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross.

"This series has been great," she said. "It's so much better than having to travel everywhere to chase down points. With the series, you knew where the races were and who you were going to race against."

In the junior race, Corner Cycle's Toby Marzot rode with the cool demeanor of a seasoned pro to claim the overall lead in the Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross and a trip to St. Wendel. Marzot joined a breakaway group of Bjorn Selander (ALAN), Adam McGrath (Excel Sports) and Peter Stetina (TIAA-CREF/Clif Bar). Although Selander has been the cream of the crop over the last three races in the series, Marzot was more worried about McGrath, who poised the main challenge to the youngester's slim lead. "When Bjorn went, I let him go," Marzot explained. "Stetina was working for a teammate and wasn't going to help chase, and I didn't want to blow up and have McGrath attack me."

Selander rode away with 16 second victory over Stetina, while Marzot dropped the hammer on McGrath at the finish for third, enough to secure the berth on the US world's cyclocrosss team.

"I'm really psyched to go to world's," Marzot said, who ended up 14 points ahead of McGrath. "This series has been great. Last year, there were only two or three guys capable of winning a race. This year, the best racers from across the country are racing against each other, and there are five or six guys going head to head."

"It's like racing nationals every weekend," agreed Luke Brechwald, who finished seventh over all. "It's been a great experience."
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Elite Men Pos Last Name First Name Team Time 1 WELLS TODD GT 1:00:44 2 TREBON RYAN Kona 0:00:09 3 WICKS BARRY Kona 0:01:05 4 MCCORMACK MARK Clif Bar/Colavita Olive Oil 0:01:30 5 JAQUES-MAYNES BEN sierra nevada cycling 0:01:40 6 CRAIG ADAM MAXXIS GIANT 0:01:39 7 GULLICKSON MARC Redline 0:01:56 8 KABUSH GEOFF MAXXIS GIANT 0:02:04 9 ANTHONY JESSE Cyclocrossworld.com 0:02:28 10 TURNER BEN TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR 0:12:42 11 SUNDT JONATHAN MAXXIS GIANT 0:03:18 12 TONKIN ERIK Kona 0:03:39 13 BRODERICK MICHAEL Seven Cycles 0:04:04 14 STEWART JACKSON Clif 0:04:46 15 JAQUES-MAYNES ANDY SPECIALIZED R&D 0:04:48 16 WELLS TROY Kona/Easton/CCA/Hillenbrand 0:05:03 17 PRENZLOW BRENT Salsa/Celo Pacific 0:05:03 18 STORM CHARLIE BTD RACING 0:05:28 19 LEECH RYAN FORT-GPOA ! 0:05:36 20 MCGOVERN CHRIS sierra nevada cycling 0:05:52 21 HODGES MYERSON ADAM Cycle-Smart 0:06:00 22 KRAUS MATT Alan Factory Team 0:06:06 23 ROBINSON JUSTIN BULLION STIL 0:06:32 24 HAMBLEN JONATHAN FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team 0:06:35 25 MARINI GREG BAYSIDE VELO 0:07:07 26 HANSON JOHN NCC / BikeReg.com 0:07:55 27 HUSEBY JOHANNES FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team 0:08:16 28 WALKER JEREMY Cane Creek 0:08:37 29 SNEAD JOSHUA Rock Lobster / Jeff Traugott Guitars 0:09:58 30 DRISCOLL JAMEY Richard Sachs/CYBC 0:10:25 31 WHITE MATT NCC / BikeReg.com 0:11:51 32 WEINERT JEFF Cane Creek/Saturn of Toledo -1 33 CARD JONATHAN CANE CREEK/TAILWIND.NET -1 34 APPLEGATE ANDY Easton / Kona / CCA -1 35 KUHL CHRIS CRCA/SAKONNET TECHNOLOGY -1 36 GRABOWSKI ZAK TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR -1 37 DEIBERT NATHAN Evolution Racing -1 38 STECHMANN JACOB Subway-Express -1 39 PICCILLO JOSEPH Evolution Racing -1 40 WITTWER GREG Cyclocrossworld.com -1 41 WULFKUHLE ANDY Alan Mid Atlantic -1 42 BROOKS RYAN HELLS KITCHEN -1 43 SHOGREN GUNNAR FORT-GPOA ! -1 44 YOZELL MIKE fort-gpoa ! -1 45 BEHRENS JOHN Celo Pacific/Salsa -1 46 AUER KRISTOPHER Alan Mid Atlantic -1 47 REYNOLDS JOE Wissahickon -1 48 ROMANOW MYLES Hampton Velo Club -1 49 MOULE MICHAEL BBC / Cane Creek -1 DNF JOHNSON TYLER CYBC - RICHARD SACHS DNF SCHNEIDER JED Alan Factory DNF DWIGHT BRANDON TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR DNF WYANDT DAVID FAMILY CYCLING DNF THOMPSON JOEY Balance Bar/Devo DNF NEYENS DANIEL BRAODMARK DNF SUNDT JONATHAN MAXXIS GIANT DNF SHRIVER MATT Kona/Easton/CCA/Hillenbrand Elite Women Pos Last Name First Name Team Time 1 KNAPP ANN KONA 43:12 2 MCCONNELOUG MARY Seven Cycles/Kenda Tires 0:41 3 HALL GINA Missing Link Bicycle Shop 1:07 4 MAZZA RHONDA VanillaBicycles/Team S&M 1:50 5 HOWE BARBARA Velo Bella 1:50 6 BEGGS JOSIE Starbucks-CCA 2:04 7 MONROE MEGAN LEMOND 2:24 8 MILKOWSKI ANNA RONA 2:36 9 BRUNO ROY MAUREEN Cyclocrossworld.com 3:00 10 KERLIN SARAH VELLO BELLA 3:24 11 THOMAS MELISSA Bike Source/Tokyo Joes 3:32 12 METZGER MELODIE Velo Bella 3:32 13 MUCH REBECCA ALAN 4:37 14 VARDAROS CHRISTINE VELLO BELLA 5:09 15 GOULD GEORGIA alan mid atlantic 5:29 16 ITLE AMBER Yellow Breeches Racing 5:38 17 DAVIS KATRINA Richard Sachs/ CYBC 5:58 18 LOZANO MANDY Easton/Kona/CCA 6:31 19 ROSS TARA Team Diet Cheerwine 6:49 20 FITZGIBBON SINEAD Aquafina / CRCA 6:57 21 FRASCONE PAULINE ARC EN CEIL 7:03 22 PARSONS TARA CRCA AQUAFINA 7:10 23 MAURER MELISSA EVOLUTION 7:34 24 SCHAUER BETSY FORT-GPOA! 8:27 25 CLARK MEGAN Cycle-Smart 9:01 26 FARINA ROBIN DIETCHEERWINE 9:35 27 WELLONS REBECCA Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling Team 10:33 28 MOST LISA Wissahickon -1 29 EBERSOLE TAMMY Evolution Racing -1 30 FARAGO KATHERINE NEBC/Cycleloft -1 DNF GENEST ALICIA Richard Sachs/ CYBC DNF MARTINEZ MARYANN CCB/Volkswagen DNF MAGUR JENN Verge U23 Pos Last Name First Name Team Time 1 ANTHONY JESSE cyclocrossworld.com 1:03:12 2 WELLS TROY Kona/Easton/CCA/Hillenbrand 0:02:35 3 HANSON JOHN NCC / BikeReg.com 0:05:27 4 DRISCOLL JAMEY Richard Sachs/CYBC 0:07:57 5 WHITE MATT NCC / BikeReg.com 0:09:23 6 KUHL CHRIS CRCA/SAKONNET TECHNOLOGY -1 7 GRABOWSKI ZAK TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR -1 8 WITTWER GREG cyclocrossworld.com -1 DNF THOMPSON JOEY Balance Bar/Devo DNF NEYENS DANIEL BROADMARK UCI Juniors Pos Last Name First Name Team Time 1 SELANDER BJORN ALAN 39:03 2 STETINA PETER TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR 0:16 3 MARZOT CHARLES Coast to Coast/KAM/Stelvio 0:43 4 MCGRATH ADAM Redline/Excel Sports 1:03 5 HOWES ALEX TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR 1:16 6 BELCHER JON Union Velo 1:16 7 BRECHWALD LUKE Rad Racing 1:17 8 KAPPIUS BRADY TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR 2:23 9 RUHL CHRISTOPHER RIOGRANDE 2:34 10 MACLEOD MORGAN Portland Velo/Jamis 3:16 11 HARWOOD NOAH People Cycle/Stelvio Teamwear 3:55 12 PICHE EVAN Necsa/Cuevas 4:14 13 RYLAND PARTICK Rad Racing Northwest 4:39 14 HALLIDAY TIMOTHY America's Cycling Team 5:35 15 MCELWAINE COLT Northeast Bicycle Club-Cycle Loft 10:06 MASTERS MEN 35/45 PLACE 45+ FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM TIME 1 Andy APPLEGATE Easton / Kona / CCA 41:07 2 ROGER ASPHOLM Westwood Velo 41:15 3 RICH MAILE art by opsal 41:27 4 MIKE YOZELL FORT-GPOA! 41:58 5 GUNNAR SHOGREN FORT-GPOA! ST 6 Timothy ELLIS Recycled Cycles-Raleigh Bicycles ST 7 Greg FERGUSON FORT/GPOA 42:09 8 ERIC SCHLAUCH Somerset Wheelmen 42:31 9 1 EJ SIGETY SPEEDGOAT 42:37 10 2 RANDALL ROOT Team Snow Valley / SIBEX ST 11 RANSOM WEAVER Guys Bicycles ST 12 PHIL NOBEL AIRBORNE ST 13 AL SENFT NUVO/Bicycle Action Project 42:54 14 MARTY JONES Somerset Wheelmen 43:28 15 KIRK REISINGER Club Wissahickon 43:39 16 3 ROBERT KENNELLY 43:41 17 Evan ADAMS Big Swingin Cycles 43:42 18 ROBERT CAMPOS HAMPTON VELO 43:47 19 4 CHRISTOPHER LONG Independent Fabrication/Gotham ST 20 5 FRED WITTWER Charlottesville racing club 44:07 21 JOHN LUX First Capital velo 44:22 22 Mike HEBE FORT-GPOA! 44:36 23 CLIFF SAPER CRCA 44:42 24 Kelly CLINE Wissahickon ST 25 BILL ALCORN SPEED GOAT 44:47 26 Tim HAITZ Team Dupont /RITCHEY 45:16 27 CHRIS MILLIMAN HUP UNITED 45:23 28 6 Rob FREDERICK Evolution Racing 45:45 29 7 KEVIN SAINT CLAIR QCW/Bike Addicts 45:52 30 8 Kevin BRECKENMAKER Team Harrisburg 45:58 31 9 GEOFFRY SULLIVAN EASTERN BLOC ST 32 PAUL NYBERG BENIDORM CREATEX 46:13 33 Alan BUDAY rotations racing 46:26 34 FRED HANDEL NITTANY VELO CLUB 46:32 35 Stephen CAFFREY First State Velo Sport 46:36 36 10 JERRY CONDISCO Westwood Velo 47:08 37 11 JOSEPH BROWN FLYING RHINO 47:11 38 MARK PODGURSKI MT NITTANY WHEELWORKS 47:16 39 12 DAVID STOKES KISSENA 47:20 40 MARK FEATHERMAN Breakaway 47:26 41 13 RICHARD SACHS CYBC-Richard Sachs ST 42 JAMES PERREN Wissahickon ST 43 14 Mike CONNAIR First State Velo Sport ST 44 MARK LASER YELLOW BREECHES ST 45 15 JEFFREY CRAFT PDQ 47:33 46 Douglas DICKS CRCA/BENNETTS BICYCLES 48:05 47 PAUL WEISS Portland Velo Club 48:48 48 ROB LYON FIRST CAPITAL VELO 49:08 49 CHIP SOVEK Potomac Velo Club 49:41 50 JOHN RIEDEL Independent Fabrication -1 51 16 JAMES FREEHAN KISSENA -1 52 TC PERKINS TABLE ROCK -1 53 Chris FACAS Westwood Velo -1 54 17 LARRY TOWNER Liberty Cycle -1 55 18 PATRICK KENNEDY liberty cycle -1 56 JAY DOWNS FORT-GPOA! -1 57 Stephen CANNAVALE unattached -1 58 HENREY TREMPER First State Velo Sport -1 59 PAUL INCOGNITO First State Velo Sport -1 60 19 David GENEST Richard Sachs -1 61 20 JOSEPH KENAS Guys Bicycles -1 62 21 DONALD MORRISON Wissahickon -1 63 MALCOM TOYNBEE Evolution Racing -1 64 22 NUNZIO DIBIASI Team Harrisburg -1 65 PEYMAN RAZIFARD -1 66 MARK MCCABE 3 D -1 MEN B PLACE FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM TIME 1 Logan HODSON Alan Factory Team 42:25 2 Patrick CUSACK Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro S42:37 3 Weston SCHEMPF FORT-GPOA! 42:51 4 Mike MAGUR Verge 43:13 5 COLBY BROOKS 43:19 6 BRENT BIDDLE FSVS 43:25 7 ANDREW CROOKS HAMPTON VELO 43:26 8 PAOLO ZENONI WESTWOOD 43:35 9 MYRON BAKER VERGE ST 10 PAUL BOUDREAU ECV 43:37 11 CHRIS MAYHEW FORT-GPOA! 44:00 12 COLIN SANDBERG FORT-GPOA! 44:10 13 Todd TURNER Team Airborne.net 44:34 14 Alvaro ARNAL Ardmore Bike Line 44:43 15 Eric RAGOT Kissena Cycling Club ST 16 Tom MAINS Velocity Sports/CCE 45:07 17 Matthew HOWARD CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Translations.com 45:21 18 Nick TURNER ALAN Factory Team 45:26 19 Adam SZCZEPANSKI Yellow Breeches Racing 45:31 20 Daniel BRILL Team Beacon 46:01 21 Don SNOOP Verge 46:16 22 JOHN BERNARDI ACTION WHEELS 46:28 23 Wade HESS Team Beacon 46:33 24 Chris NYSTROM LSV/Kelly 46:49 25 FREDRICK HUGHES BIKE DOCTOR 46:52 26 Greg MARTIN Bethel Cycle Sport Club ST 27 Christopher JOHNSON Nittany Velo Club ST 28 Ray IGNOSH Gotham Cyclists 47:08 29 Partland JP Kissena 47:15 30 ELLIOT MCMASTER Ardmore Bike Line 47:20 31 ALESSANDRO DESOUZA HERMES 47:44 32 Dusty LABARR The Elephants Perch, Hammer Gel ST 33 Trevor WILLIAMS Guy's Bicycle Racing 47:57 34 John HOSTETTER III ALAN Mid-Atlantic 48:35 35 Corey LEV Bikery/Shebell Shebell 48:40 36 Sean PFAFF LSV/Kelly ST 37 Eric MORGAN Wissahickon 49:06 38 ROBERT FULMER CRCA/Foundation 49:15 39 JOHN JANSEN BCA 49:19 40 David LOWE Ardmore Bike Line 50:12 41 Craig GOODSTEIN SANCHEZ/METRO-CRCA 50:23 42 LEYTON MURRAY CRC 50:55 43 Brian BURGESS Team Beacon 51:03 44 Dusan STRIKA Kissena Cycling Team ST 45 Luke SAUDER First Capital Velo ST 46 Jay FITZGERALD CRCA/Foundation ST 47 Greg BLACK Verge 51:40 48 PETER BIAMONTE BROOKLYN VELO FORCE 51:55 49 CHRIS EVANS Wissahickon ST 50 JOHN LINVILL MAIN LINE 51:55 51 YUSUKE SEMMYO BOULDER CHAOS 52:05 52 CHARLES CHICESTER 52:25 53 TERRENCE FINA 52:32 54 MONTANA NORVELL Wissahickon 52:39 55 DARREN CRUPI HNECC PEERLESS ST 56 TROY OSTRANDER UNATTACHED ST 57 JASON CHUPICK LIBERTY CYCLE 52:48 58 Charles LA PUNZINA Kissena Cycling Club 53:58 59 Philip HUNNICUTT Courier One -1 60 Joe MULLIGAN Peninsula Velo / Kondra Systems -1 61 ROBERT PANZERA Kissena Cycling Club -1 62 DANIEL TEIGER ECV -1 63 Philip DIDIER Cranford Bike Team\CTS -1 64 ZACHARY JOHNSON ECV -1 WOMEN B PLACE junior FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM TIME 1 Lynda MALDONADO Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri State Vel28:24 2 Sheila SENFT CITGO/PBF 28:45 3 Alicia kahn Hermes 29:19 4 Karen TOURIAN Club Wissahickon 29:24 5 Marilyn GALEGHER First Capital Velo 29:52 6 Gegina Hammond crca 30:38 7 Erin Reilley HVCC st 8 1 Nina Santaigo Liberty Cycle 31:32 9 Michelle Moffat Rocinate 31:24 10 Sandra Kerr 31:33 11 Donna LaCasse BCA Tosk 31:50 12 Laney Seigrist Ardmore Biike line 32:35 13 Christina LINDSEY Yellow Breeches Racing 34:40 14 Melissa Galietta Evolution -1 15 Carolyn CALLAN -1 MEN C Place SS "MO" FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM Time 1 Rolf WINDH Guy's Racing 25:47 2 Noah Greenhill kissena cycling club 26:30 3 Chris Allen Swamis 26:31 4 Marcus Burnett 26:40 5 Bernard MCDONALD LSV/Kelly 27:02 6 Paul Stevenson Northern Hardware 27:12 7 Joe SALING Somerset Wheelmen 27:23 8 1 Andrew Statinsky Kensington Boys 27:24 9 Kenneth HAMEL AFD/OSVC 27:25 10 Larry VonMoss 27:38 11 James Debuke Evolution Racing st 12 Ken COLEMAN BCA/Tosk 27:43 13 Robert SANDS Evolution Racing 28:10 14 Alex Montgomery Kensington Boys 28:15 15 Matt Peterson Highland park 28:33 16 Gary Kelley Yellow Breeches 28:35 17 Bob CARY Skylands Cycling st 18 Richard Pinto 29:05 19 Richard Jager 29:15 20 2 James AMBAGIS Wooden Wheels 29:45 21 Cliff Sapen CRCA 30:11 22 Rob REBER 30:15 23 Mark McCabe 3D 30:21 24 Dave Fitzhenry CRC 30:28 25 Emerson Loustau Kensington Boys 30:25 26 Steve LEE Steve Lee st 27 Brad Bostdorff High gear st 28 Stephen CANNAVALE unattached 31:53 29 Paul Reiss 32:40 30 3 Patrick Gillam Kensington Boys 33:21 31 Todd MOYER CRCA 34:36 32 4 Karl DITTEBRANDT kissena cycling club 35:03 33 Jeff CALLAN -1 34 Albert RUIGROK -1 JUNIOR 10 -16 PLACE FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM TIME 1 Ryan BARLOW NECSA 26:06 2 Morgan GERLAK LSV/Kelly 26:28 3 Michael Garretson Yellow Breeches Racing 27:08 4 Zach ADAMS Yellow Breeches Racing 27:30 5 Brad Quinnan Evolution 28:11 6 Micheal Tessler 28:24