2004 MABRA Cyclocross Championships

Saturday, December 4, 2004

2004 MABRA Cyclocross Championships
National Capital Velo Club
Saturday, December 4, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. �� Total Starters: 88 A Open 1 Greg NARINI Coffee Plus 2 Mike YOZELL FORT-GPOA ! 3 Jon HANSEN Richmond Ciclismo/Embestida! 4 Rodger CARTER Legg Mason Race Pace 5 Andrew WULFKUHLE ALAN Mid-Atlantic 6 Joseph PICCILLO Evolution Racing 7 Evan ELLICOTT City Bikes 8 James W. WAGNER 9 Chris PICKETT NCVC & Georgetown University Cycling Team B Open 1 Chris HUHN Evolution Cycling 2 Todd PITTMAN 3 Chris MAYHEW FORT-GPOA ! 4 Chip HOOVER NCVC/Edge Technologies 5 John HOSTETTER III ALAN Mid-Atlantic 6 Andres WRIGHT All American 7 Ronald PALETZKI Squadra Coppi/ IM SAAB 8 Chris NYSTROM LSV/Kelly 9 Brent BIDDLE First State Velo Sport 10 Allen PRITCHARD Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 11 Joel NACE First Capital Velo 12 Jonathan HOUGHTON 13 Erik LEAVER NCVC/Edge Technologies 14 Rob CAMPBELL NCVC/Edge Technologies 15 Wayne SCOTT First State Velo Sport 16 Dusty LABARR The Elephants Perch, Hammer Gel 17 James REVERE Team Cobblestone 18 Sean PFAFF LSV/Kelly 19 Garner WODALL Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Shop 20 Steven DONTIGNY Evolution Cycling/Pedal N Spoke C Open 1 Morgan GERLAH LSV/Kelly 2 Steve GURNEY Evolution Cycling Club 3 Bernard MCDONALD LSV/Kelly 4 Christopher SALICE Team BBC 5 Joe FOLEY City Bikes 6 Mark DRAJEM 7 Syd LEA TEAM Fuji 8 Kevin DILLARD NCVC/Edge Technologies 9 Monts WARING 10 Rob LEA TEAM Fuji 11 Thor ENGBLOM 12 Larry MAUCH 13 Larry VON MOSS 14 Cory BENSON Blue Collar Velo Club 15 Abby RAYMOND Route 1 Velo 16 Yoav GERY NCVC/Edge Technologies 17 Jesse SALDANA Evolution Cycling Club 18 Dave JONES NCVC/Edge Technologies 19 Alvin WILLIAMS 20 Gary DUNN Juniors 1 Tony GONCALVES All American 2 Justin MAUCH Masters 1 Mike HEBE FORT-GPOA! 2 John LUX First Capital Velo 3 Richard MIHILLS Henrys Bikes 4 Christopher CLARK City Bikes 5 Joe FRETSCH 6 Roger MASSE All American 7 Marc GWADZ City Bikes 8 David KAY 9 Brian POOCHIGIAN City-Bikes 10 Paul LEMAR Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 11 Brian MORONEY LSV/Kelly 12 John McGILL 13 Henry TREMPER First State Velo Sport 14 Carlor GONCALVES All American 15 Paul INCOGNITO First State Velo Sport Masters 1 Mark KUTNEY Charlottesville Racing 2 Jim BRONSON LSV/Kelly Racing Team 3 Kevin BRECKENMAKER Team Harrisburg 4 Karl KENSINGER ALAN Mid-Atlantic 5 Brad DEVRIES Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 6 Scott REYNOLDS Tailwind 7 Ad BAX Artemis 8 Tom MEYER Legg Mason-Race Pace/Velo Club of Baltimore 9 John ROGERS DC Velo 10 James BELLORA Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB 11 Tony BILOTTE Charlottesville Racing 12 Alan ROMEFELT LSV - Kelly A Women 1 Georgia GOULD Alan Mid-atlantic 2 Megan CLARK Cycle-Smart 3 Jennifer MAXWELL NCVC 4 Janet OLNEY 5 Heidi VON TEITENBERG Alan/MidAtlantic B Women 1 Janet OLNEY Alan/MidAtlantic 2 Heidi VON TEITENBERG Alan/MidAtlantic 3 Marilyn GALEGRER 4 Tracy LEA Team FUJI 5 Tracy RANKIN DC Velo

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