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Ronde de Bethel

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Ronde de Bethel
Week 1 of the Bethel Spring Series
Race Day March 6, 2005

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Cat 5 Race 1 Name Team 1 Frank Dally Bethel Cycle Sport Club 2 Gerry Clapper Benidorm/Createx Colors 3 Joe Tramontano, Jr Northeast Bicycles Roas Club 4 jay moody Bethel Cycle Sport Club 5 Mark Flanagan Bethel Cycle Sport Club 6 Andrew Zalasin Unattached 7 Richard Shear Tokeneke Road Club 8 Matthew Snow Dons Cycle 9 Donald Gustarson Unattached 10 Roger Billharz HVVC Cat 5 Race 2 Name Team 1 Andrew Hackel Bethel Cycle Sport Club 2 Justin Bohan Unattached 3 Jay Dailey Northeast Bicycles Road Club 4 Christian Forsyth Unattached 5 victor jerez Northeast Bicycles Road Club 6 Gustavo Pecunia Northeast Bicycles Road Club 7 David Scherp Team Edge 8 Brandon Reynolds Mohawk Valley Bike Club 9 Ryan Haug Bethel Cycle Sport Club 10 Jay Vincent Bethel Cycle Sport Club Cat 4 Name Team 1 Ian Sinclair Northeast Bicycles Road Club 2 Carlos Quintero Cafeteros 3 John Teall Tokeneke Road Club 4 Matthew Pearson Sleepy Hollow Cycling Club 5 Jeffrey Von Dauber Trailblazer 6 Stephan McDonnell Bethel Cycle Sport Club 7 Jay Mongillo Nautilus Velo Club 8 Maximino Veiga FASTAR Juniors Name Team 1 Barry Miller USI 2 Pascual Caputi Cafeteros 3 Kyle Foley Cuevas Women Name Team 1 Anne Marie Miller Verizon Wireless 2 Jennifer Magur TeamBiovail 3 Robyn Passander Capital Velo 4 Emma Nelson CRCA/Bicycle Workshop 5 Kathleen Billington Fuji 6 Elizabeth Seward CRCA Masters Name Team 1 Morgan Stebbins Fastar 2 Stephen Gray Bethel Cycle Sport Club 3 Andy Ruiz CCB Volkswgen 4 Jorge Ortiz cafeteros cycling club 5 Robert Whalen Sleepy Hollow Cycling Club 6 Charles Whalen Sleepy Hollow Cycling Club 7 Scott Bodin Fastar 8 Jim Escobar Honeywell Cycling 9 Jon Furminger HVVC 10 Eugene Petrella Mid State Gear Works Cat 3/4 Name Team 1 Morgan Stebbins Fastar 2 John Morales Cafeteros Cycling Club 3 Akira Sato Carpe Diem Racing 4 Todd Crisafulli North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solutions Cycling 5 Monte Frank Zephyr Cycling Team 6 jamin Turits North Atlantic Velo 7 Christopher Chapleau Stage 1 8 Stephen Gray Bethel Cycle Sport Club 9 Jonathan Baxendale Mclagan National Financial/FASTAR 10 Anthony Canger Century Road Club Pro/1/2/3 Name Team 1 Matthew Jamieson CogWildCycling/CTRocknRoad 2 Michael McGinley CVC 3 Brian Wirtz Bethel Cycle Sport Club 4 Eneas Freyre TargeTraining 5 Daniel Greenfield DK Cycling 6 Michael Norton Nerac.ocm 7 Timothy Unkert Unnattached 8 Christopher Pile Century Road Club