Results » Road » 2005

Ronde Van Mullica

Elwood, NJ

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Ronde Van Mullica
Presented by
Pro Pedals-Team Express
Elwood, NJ
Sunday, April 03, 2005

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Women 30 MILES 1.Susan Duff Tri State Velo 2.Caroline Hacker Vella Bella 3.Ninnie Howard Verducci Racing 4.Allison Fischer East Coast 5.Tammy Ebersole Evolution 6.Nancy Heller 7.Peg Fontello First State Velo 8.Jackie Paull Alliance 9.Sarah Charlesworth Tri State Velo Men Cat 123 60 MILES 1.Karl Woitas Team Alliance 2.Ryan Oelkers Sports book 3.Daniel Stewart Northeastern Hardware 4.Norm Morrison QCW 5.Randy Smargiassi Gotham 6.Shawn Teske 7.James Bernstein Mambo 8.Jared Gaudet Brielle 9.Carlos Rogers Team Axis 10.Jared Strowbridge Central Jersey 11.Ryan Graff Meredith 12.Trey Reinhardt Alliance 13.Mike Allie Tri State Velo 14.Adam Pantastico Ideal Tile 15.John Brauman Y 56 16.Joe Whitman Dyno Flo 17.Rich Klosinsky Tri State Velo 18.David Flesher X-Presidents 19.Tom Mains Velocity 20.Jerry YU Pro Pedals Men cat 3-4 40 miles 1.Coiton Valentin Drive Sports 2.David Berson East Coast 3.Chad Totaro Breakaway 4.Alvaro Armal Human Zoom 5.Dan Brill Beacon 6.Steve Blackman Tri State Velo 7.Randal Henderson Doylestown 8.Darco Lalevic QCW 9.John Manailovich ACT 10.Matt Kupsky Beacon 11.Rodney Rios Beacon 12.Team Riptide 13.Matt Warner Drive Sports 14.Daniel Ryan FSV 15.Craig Lebain Breakaway 16.Marcus Zach Doylestown 17.------ 18.Donnell Hudson QCW 19.Richard Miller QCW 20.Pablo Arias #D Cat 35 plus 40 miles 1.Pat Kelly 2.Robert Moskal 3.Chris Foster TSV 4.Dave Bond 5.Norm Connelly 6.Joe Wentzell 7.---- 8.Richard Leibfried 45 Plus 40 miles 1.Ron Livingston MLC 2.Bob Kehl Guys 3.Roman Paczka MLC 4.Andy Rola Summit 5.Brian Gristick Skylands 6.Manny Lopez Cranford 7.Mike Tacci MLC 8.David Stokes Kissena 9.Chris Kunkel Century 10.Mike Cornell Summit 11.Randy Inglis Deep Blue 12.Eric Perkins Weatwood 13.Tom Simpson Summit 14.Decki Smith MLC 15.Pete Wilson Summit 16.Justin Miller Breakaway 17.Eric Stacer Cycle Funattic 18.David Frankford MLC 19.David Nesler FSV 55 Plus 30 miles 1.Scott Haverstick ERA 2.Jerome Weiner Guys 3.William Care ERA 4.Barry Free ERA 5.David Jellquist MLC 6.Bill Hitz FSV 7.Philip Seechal Guys Cat 5 30 miles 1.Doug Frederick Beacon 2.Joe Yacona Peddlers 3.Todd Schwartz 4.John Eorio 5.Jason Newcome Action Wheels 6.William Johnston Drive Sports 7.Brian Rosener 8.Trevor Hamlin Beacon 9.Chris Allen Action Wheels 10.Louis Damelio CRCA 11.Dave Beaudry Pro Pedals 12.Ted Moven 13.Tom Grothes Pro Pedals 14.Scott Williamson 15.John Bonino Pro Pedals 16.Chad Hebert Action Wheels 17.=== 18.Dennis Gunn Pro Pedals 19.Geoffrey Clark Peddlers 20.Mark Incollingo

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