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Northampton Youth Cycling Series #2

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Northampton Youth Cycling Series #2
Northampton, MA
5 July 2005

The day after Independence Day saw kids free from a long school year and ready to use up some energy on the second race of the second annual Northampton Youth Cycling Series.

Under graying skies (but it will NOT rain on Tuesdays) with temperatures and humidity climbing 30 valley and beyond children, ages 5 � 12, came to Look Park to participate in this year�s second race. Postponed from last week due to inclement weather, the children had taken advantage of the extra week to practice. Close races were seen in all categories, many coming down to the sprint at the finish.

The 5 and 6 year-olds started the event off. Nine youngsters sprinted around the shorter course all coming in one right behind the other. Zach Crisafulli just held off the winner from the first race (May 21st) Matt Conner to take first. Quinn North-Smith was then only inches behind Matt. Kira Wilson and Nia Mitchell crossed the line almost together for 4th and 5th respectively. The field finished out with Joshua Hyslip, Anna Kerwood, Tom Greto and Sam Shelfo finishing so close it was almost too close to call.

The course remained the same distance, but the 7 and 8 year-olds took two laps on the shorter oval. Eli Heath took the jump at the start and held off David Stamm and Eli Friman who placed second and third. William Bass joined Cooper Holland and David Rioux for the second group across the line. Amelia Francis, Lucy Greto and Maya Wilson rounded out the field moments later.

The 9 and 10 year-olds took the field for the a two lap race on the larger course. Craig Blair managed to hold off the attacks of Avery Norton-Smith and Ben O�Connor to take first place. Tenzin Lekmon showed who practice pays off by edging out Austen Rioux and Nicholas Newhall for fourth. Craig�s sister Kyra, Emily Stamm, Jeremiah Hyslip were right on the second group�s wheel to finish the field.

The final full lap race of the evening was three lap run between Patrick Crowther, Tenzin Yeshi, and Kay Holland. After being reminded to pace themselves for this longer event, Kay and Patrick took an early jump. Tenzin showed her fortitude by hanging on and never letting the other two out of her sight. Kay took advantage of multiple years of time trialing to put a lead on Patrick to take first.

Congratulations to all of our participants and thank you to the cheering section. Hope to see you all again next week.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. 5-6 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 1 Lap (short) PLACE NAME CITY 1st Zach Crisafulli Easthampton, MA 2nd Matt Cormier Easthampton, MA 3rd Quinn Norton-Smith Northampton, MA 4th Kira Wilson Northampton, MA 5th Nia Mitchell Springfield, MA 6th Joshua Hyslip Williamsburg, MA 7th Anna Kerwood Florence, MA 8th Tom Greto Florence, MA 9th Sam Shelfo Northampton, MA 7-8 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps (short) PLACE NAME CITY 1st Eli Heath Haydenville, MA 2nd David Stamm Florence, MA 3rd Eli Friman Amherst, MA 4th William Bass Greenwich, CT 5th Cooper Holland Amherst, MA 6th David Rioux Easthampton, MA 7th Amelia DeFrancis Northampton, Ma 8th Lucy Greto Florence, MA 9th Maya Wilson Northampton, Ma 9-10 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Craig Blair Easthampton, MA 2nd Avery Norton-Smith Northampton, MA 3rd Ben O'Connor Florence, MA 4th Tenzin Lekmon Florence, MA 5th Austen Rioux Florence, MA 6th Nicholas Newhall Cummings, GA ?! 7th Kyra Blair Easthampton, MA 8th Emily Stamm Florence, MA 9th Jeremiah Hyslip Williamsburg, MA 11-12 Year-Olds (3 Starters) 3 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Kay Holland Amherst, MA 2nd Patrick Crowther Northampton, MA 3rd Tenzin Yeshi Florence, MA