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Northampton Youth Cycling Series #3

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Northampton Youth Cycling Series #3
Northampton, MA
12 July 2005

With skies that went from blue to gray to blue (but it will NOT rain on Tuesdays) 40 excited, and warm, children came to challenge the course at Look Park, participating in this year�s third race. This week saw a double heat in the 7-8 yr old race with many children bringing friends to experience the fun of the race.

An almost completely new 5-6 yr old field lined up at 6pm to start the evening. Sam Shelffo showed the newcomers a quick jump out but was unable to hold the lead over this enthusiastic group. Will O�Connor held off John Ferrara and Chris West to take 1st. This group was quickly followed in by John O�Connell, David Helems, Johnny Emond, Sam Shelffo, and Joseph Sireci. This group will definitely challenge the group of the past two weeks. Hopefully next week will see them all joined together for some great racing.

6 veteran 7-8 yr olds took shared the course with 8 new riders. After dividing the field in half the first group lined up for the instructions on this two laps race on the shorter oval. Eli Friman repeated his win of three weeks ago against David Stamm. Allison Helems then took 3rd directly in front of Phoebe Gelbard, 4th. Ryan Wall, racer from last year, brought in the rest of the field with Ben Bruscoe and Joseph Ryan.

William Bass crossed the line barely in front of Vincent Sireci and Davis Rioux for the podium of the second group. Brenna Mottor then led in David Brewer, Bryce Wall, and Colin Rudolph.

A quick changed to the course and the 9-10 yr olds were set for a two lap race on the longer course. Craig Blair repeated his will of last week by sliding by Theo Viola in the last corner. Ben O�Connor, after a mechanical on the back of the course during the second lap, came back to take third place in front of Leland Rege-Colt who has aged up from last year. Kyra Blair led in the second group of riders follwed quickly by Austen Rioux, Emily Stamm, Sophie Lellman, and Caelin Mottor.

The final full lap race of the evening was three lap race with a record breaking 7 11-12 yr olds, joined by 9 yr old Craig Blair. Instructions given, the group readied themselves for a long race. Owen West gained steadily and finally turned on the gas to finish in front of Seth Samuelson. Craig Brown showed that warm-up really can help by cruising to a third place just moments before Maya Gelbard, who had recovered from a mechanical during the first lap. Fifth place was too close to call and Charlotte Lellman and Chantel O�Shepa were awarded with identical ribbons. Latoya Brown and Charlie Brewer finished strong with close sixth and seventh.

Aiden and Sophie then took their places in the first corner to compete in a 50 yr dash. Sophie, and mom, finished seconds before Aiden, and dad.

Congratulations to all of our participants and thank you to the cheering section. Hope to see you all again next week.
5-6 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 1 Lap (short) PLACE NAME CITY 1st Will O'Conner Florence MA 2nd John Ferrara Northampton MA 3rd Chris West Northampton MA 4th Jack O'Connell Southampton MA 5th David Helems Southampton MA 6th Johnny Emond Hatfield MA 7th Sam Shelffi Northampton MA 8th Joseph Sireci Florence MA 7-8 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps (short) Heat 1 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Eli Eriman Amherst MA 2nd David Stamm Florence MA 3rd Allison Helems Southampton MA 4th Phoebe Gelbard Haydenville MA 5th Ryan Wall Florence MA 6th Ben Bruscoe Hatfield MA 7th Joseph Ryan Southampton MA 7-8 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps (short) Heat 2 1st William Bass Greenwhich CT 2nd Vincent Sireci Florence MA 3rd Davis Rioux Easthampton MA 4th Brenna Mottor Easthampton MA 5th Daniel Brewer Amherst MA 6th Bryce Wall Florence MA 7th Colin Rudolph Windsor CT 9-10 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Craig Blair Easthampton MA 2nd Theo Viola Florence MA 3rd Ben O'Conner Florence MA 4th Leland Rege-Colt Florence MA 5th Kyra Blair Northampton MA 6th Austen Rioux Easthampton MA 7th Emily Stamm Florence MA 8th Sophie Lellman Florence MA 9th Caelin Mottor Easthampton MA 11-12 Year-Olds (3 Starters) 3 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Owen West Northampton MA 2nd Seth Samuelson Easthampton MA 3rd Craig Blair Easthampton MA 4th Maya Gelbard Haydenville MA 5th Chantel O'Shepa Hatfield Ma 5th Charlotte Lellman Florence MA 6th Latoya Brown Haydenville MA 7th Charlie Brewer Amherst MA 50 yard grass Dash PLACE NAME 1st Sophie & Mom 2nd Aiden & Dad