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Northampton Youth Cycling Series #4

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Northampton Youth Cycling Series #4
Northampton, MA
26 July 2005

34 enthusiastic children braved the hottest day of the summer to take on each other and the course at Look Park, during this year�s fourth race of the series. With a double heat in the 5-6 yr old race and a record number of girls in the 9-10 yr old race we again saw a number of new riders participating.

After counting what seemed like an endless supply of 5 and 6 yr olds, the field was split into two heats. Newcomer Seok-joo Yoon jumped out to an early lead and held off tied 2nd place winners Cameron Velez and Matthew Conner for 1st. Third place was then taken by Anna Kerwood. Tyler Greenwood and David Helems soon followed her in with Alexis Benoit rounding out the field.

After the 1st heat was lead off the field for water, the 2nd heat quickly took their place. Christopher West slid in just in front of rival John Ferrara for 1st. Jack O�Connell rounded out the podium for third. Maddie Illingsworth was then followed in by Johnny Emond and her brother Jack.

Nine 7 and 8 yr olds lined up for the first multi-lap race of the evening. After sorting themselves out in the first lap, another new face, Aidan Greenwood would take the lead and the win of this race. Eli Friman and David Stamm came in hot on his heels for 2nd and 3rd. Inderjeet Singh, brought the next group in followed closely by Colin Hodgson and Sammi Stolar. Sopira Bellavance-Grace, Daniel Brewer, and Theo Miller rounded out the field.

After some course work six 9-10 yr olds were set for a two lap race on the longer course. With a pep talk by their brothers, Emma West settled in to a good groove to head off Kyra Blair at the line. Jeremiah Hyslip defended third from challenges by Deven Greenwood. Carolyn Ehlers and Emily Stamm finished the field for 5th and 6th.

The long race of the evening, three laps, saw Sukhjit Kaur challenging the boys by jumping out to an early lead. Owen West and Craig Blair then traded places back an forth for the second lap. Patrick Crowther slowly made his way through the field after a slow start. When the line was finally crossed Craig (9) passed Owen to reverse their finish of two weeks ago. Patrick finished 3rd with Sukhjit finishing strong in 4th.

Sophie and Mykayla got themselves in place to take on the 50 yrd dash course. Mykayla, and dad, crossed the line moments before Sophie, and mom

Congratulations to all of our participants and thank you to the cheering section. Hope to see you all again next week (August 2nd) for our final race of the series.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. 5-6 Year-Olds (7 Starters) 1 Lap (short) Heat 1 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Seok-joo Yoon Amherst, MA 2nd Cameron Velez Florence, MA 2nd Matthew Connor Easthampton, MA 3rd Anna Kerwood Florence, MA 4th Tyler Greenwood Easthampton, MA 5th David Helems Southampton, MA 6th Alexis Benoit Northampton, MA 5-6Year-Olds (6 Starters) 1 Laps (short) Heat 2 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Christopher West Northampton, MA 2nd John Ferrara Northampton, MA 3rd Jack O'Connell Southampton, MA 4th Maddie Illingsworth Northampton, MA 5th Johnny Emond North Hatfield, MA 6th Jack Illingsworth Northampton, MA 7-8 Year-Olds (9 Starters) 2 Laps (short) 1st Aidan Greenwood Easthampton, MA 2nd Eli Friman Amherst, MA 3rd David Stamm Northampton, MA 4th Inderjeet Singh Amherst, MA 5th Colin Hodgson Leeds, MA 6th Sammi Stolar Hampden, MA 7th Sopira Bellavance-Grace Northampton, MA 8th Daniel Brewer Amherst, MA 9th Theo Merrill Amherst, MA 9-10 Year-Olds (6 Starters) 2 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Emma West Northampton, MA 2nd Kyra Blair Northampton, MA 3rd Jeremiah Hyslip Florence MA 4th Devon Greenwoord Easthampton, MA 5th Carolyn Ehlers Hampden, MA 6th Emily Stamm Florence, MA 11-12 Year-Olds (4 Starters) 3 Laps PLACE NAME CITY 1st Craig Blair Easthampton, MA 2nd Owen West Northampton, MA 3rd Patrick Crowther Northampton, MA 4th Sukhjit Kaur Amherst, MA 50 yard grass Dash PLACE NAME 1st Mykayla & Dad 2nd Sophie & Mom