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Pinecone Road Race

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pinecone Road Race
Elwood,New Jersey
Sunday ,July 31,2005

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Cat Pro 123 60 miles 1.Valimar Borokov -Somerset 2.Stephan Kincaid-k2 3.John Loehner-Axis 4.David Alves-Trek 5.Graig Cook-Century 6.Eric Wallenburg-Pro Pedals 7.Joe Reynolds-Wiss 8.Drew Showers-Mambo 9.Scott Schuster 10.Christian Young-Ideal Tile Cat 3-4 40 miles 1.John Simes-TSV 2.Rich Gonzales-Bikery 3.Pat Kelly-Guys 4.Charles Denton-White Rose 5.Matt Kupsky-Beacon 6.Carlos Rivera-Sanchez 7.Rodney Rios-Beacon 8.Marty Carreras-Bikyle 9.Mike Aravich-YSG 10.Tim Borsetti-Brielle Cat 45 plus 40 miles 1.Aubrey Gordon-Squiggle 2.Chuck Carnila-Mambo 3.Steve Cochrane-Mambo 4.Bob Kehl-Guys 5.Peter Breuninger-MLC 6.Joe Zuppa 7.Roman Pazzka-Mlc 8.Graig Leju 9.Brian Smiga-Fuji 10.Ruben Osborne-Kissena Cat 4-5 30 miles 1.Mike Csuy-Breakaway 2.Thomas Weatherall-Beacon 3.Pete Wilson-Summit 4.Tony DeOrio -3d 5.Donnell Hudson-QCW 6.Johnathon Lockburner 7.Timothy Dowling 8.Benjamin Garnett 9.Tim Orr 10.Victor Rallo Thanks again for attending our event,especially the great people that helped make the course extremely safe. Pro Pedals bunch.