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Northampton Youth Cycling Series #5

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Northampton Youth Cycling Series #5
Northampton, MA
August 2, 2005

The dog days of summer brought with them the final race of the 2005 Northampton Youth Cycling Series. The make-up day for the rained out race of July 19th saw the most participation to date, both rider and cheering section. 56 (!) children put it all on the line to show their stuff under blue skies without a cloud in sight. 8 races total were run with two heats in every age category except the oldest and the youngest (and they almost needed one!).

The first heat of the first race of the night was lead in by Cameron Velez. Rounding out the podium were Gabrielle Pettock and Jack O�Connell. In close contention was Anna Kerwood leading in the second group of David Helems, Calvin Rioux and Ileana Fourier. After clearing the first field, the second heat took the course. Dana Kelly held off Christopher West and Bailey Gordon for the win. Matthew Connor and Maddie Illingsworth cross the line just in front of Natalie Ross and Tyler Greenwood.

After separating out the two field the first heat of the 7 and 8 yr olds l lined up for their race. Eli Friman, perpetual favorite again jumped out to an early and decisive lead and placed first. Seek-joo Yoon, upgrading from 5-6 yr olds place second just in front of Davis Rioux. Colin Hodgson slipped in just in front of Amelia DeFrancis. Daniel Brewer, Brenna MOttor, and Colin Rudolph finished up the field.

William Bass led the second heat in for first. Second was so close that without a camera we had to award a tie to Eli Heath and Aidan Greenwood. Sammi Stolar took the final podium spot with third. Adam Rioux, Inderjeet Singh, and Allison Helems then finished within the next few seconds.

A new, extra long course meant the 9 and 10 year-olds took the field but only did one lap. After instructions were given Sam Gordon decided that an all out effort was needed to finish in front of Sam Walker and Emma West. Wilona Ryder and Avery Nortonsmith used the challenge to follow in moments later. Max Swenson and Caelin Mottor rounded out the field almost side by side.

The second heat was led in by Keenan Ryan with Alex Stenson right on his wheel.. Austen Rioux and Jeremiah Hyslip then led the chase group of Lilly Ross, Sophie Lellman, and Abby Cresetelli in to finish the race.

The final full lap race of the evening was a two lap ride. Owen West came around Charlotte Lellman to take first. Sukhjit Kaur and Patrick Crowther came for a close third and fourth.

Finally the 50 meter dash was set-up for the four and unders (and accompanying helpers). With nine starters there was a discussion of separating the field. Since no one wanted to wait it was decided that one sprint would do it. Gabriel, Karlie, and Ronan were the podium winners. Gus, MiKayla, and Linna were the second group across and Aiden, Carlie, and Sophie rounded out the field. (Apologies for name misspellings and lack of helper names!)

Congratulations to all our racers and thanks to everyone who has helped out this year.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. 5-6 Year-Olds (7 Starters) 1 Lap (short) Heat 1 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Cameron Velez Florence, MA 2nd Gabrielle Petlock Easthampton, MA 3rd Jack O'Connell Southampton, MA 4th Anna Kerwood Florence, MA 5th David Helems Southampton, MA 6th Calvin Rioux Worthington, MA 7th Ileana Fournier Florence, MA 5-6Year-Olds (2 Starters) 1 Laps (short) Heat 2 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Dana Kelly Florence, MA 2nd Christopher West Northampton, MA 3rd Bailey Gordon Springfield, MA 4th Matthew Connor Easthampton, MA 5th Maddie Illingsworth Northampton, MA 6th Natalie Ross Florence, MA 7th Tyler Greenwood Easthampton, MA 7-8 Year-Olds (8 Starters) 2 Laps (short) Heat 1 1st Eli Friman Amherst, MA 2nd Seok-joo Yoon Amherst, MA 3rd Davis Rioux Easthampton, MA 4th Colin Hodgson Leeds, MA 5th Amelia DeFrancis Northampton, MA 6th Daniel Brewer Amherst, MA 7th Brenna Mottor Easthampton, MA 8th Colin Rudolph E. Windsor, CT 7-8 Year-Olds (7 Starters) 2 Laps (short) Heat 2 1st William Bass Greenwich, CT 2nd Eli Heath Haydenville, MA 2nd Aidan Greenwood Easthampton, MA 3rd Sammi Stolar Hampden, MA 4th Adam Rioux Worthington, MA 5th Inderjeet Singh Amherst, MA 6th Allison Helems Easthampton, MA 9-10 Year-Olds (7 Starters) 1 Lap (long!) Heat 1 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Sam Gordon Springfield, MA 2nd Sam Walker Northampton, MA 3rd Emma West Northampton, MA 4th Wilona Ryan Leeds, MA 5th Avery Nortonsmith Northampton, MA 6th Max Swenson Leeds, MA 7th Caelin Mottor Easthampton 9-10 Year-Olds (7 Starters) 1 Lap (long!) Heat 2 PLACE NAME CITY 1st Keenan Ryan Leeds, MA 2nd Alex Stenson Williamsburg, MA 3rd Austen Rioux Easthampton, MA 4th Jeremiah Hyslip Florence, MA 5th Lilly Ross Florence, MA 6th Sophie Lellman Florence, MA 7th Abby Cresetelli Florence, MA 11-12 Year-Olds (4 Starters) 2 Laps (long!) PLACE NAME CITY 1st Owen West Northampton, MA 2nd Charlotte Lellman Florence, MA 3rd Sukhjit Kaur Amherst, MA 4th Patrick Crowther Northampton, MA 50 yard grass Dash PLACE NAME 1st Gabriel 2nd Karlie 3rd Ronan 4th Gus 5th MiKayla 6th Linna 7th Aiden 8th Carlie 9th Sophie