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Tour de Parc Criterium presented by Cadence Cycling

Wantagh (Long Island), NY

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tour de Parc Criterium presented by Cadence Cycling Presented by Kissena Cycling Club in cooperation with the Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks Wantagh (Long Island), NY Sunday, May 17, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

52 starters

1. Shane Kline (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
2. Anthony Lowe (WS United)
3. Luis Aquino (Unatt)
4. Amaury Perez (GS Mengoni)
5. Anthony Taylor (Hot Foot Cycles)
6. Chad Butts (Champion System)
7. Igor Volshteyn (Champion System)
8. Euris Paulino (Champion System)
9. Tadeusz Marszalek (Sommerville Sports)
10. JP Partland (Kissena)
11. Rafael Meran (GS Mengoni)
12. Jason Urbanczyk (CC Eversham)

Category 3
36 Starters

1. Tadeusz Marszalek (Sommerville Sports)
2. Kyle Foley (Cuevas/ACT)
3. Lenny Katz (Kissena)
4. Eric Robertson (Kissena)
5. Kevin Yarde (Northampton Cycling Club)
6. Johan Burrowes (WS United)
7. James Joseph (WS United)
8. Filip Capala (Capala Brothers)
9. Juan Pimental (CRCA/Global Locate)
10. Sergio Atocha (GS Gotham)

Category 4
46 Starters

1. Karl Nelson (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
2. Gino Scotto (CRCA/Luzzo's)
3. Ed Zimmerman (WS United)
4. Lawrence Uhrlass (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
5. Chris Gurr (Unatt)
6. Kazuto Tanahashi (GS Parkridge)
7. Mathew Monastero (CRCA/Babylon Bike)
8. Rob Havemeyer (EECT/Kreb Cycle)
9. Steven Marmo (CRCA/Setanta)
10. Danny Habig (Unatt)

Masters 40+
34 Starters

1. Alan Buday (CRCA/Global Locate)
2. Scot Willingham (CRCA/Sanchez/Houlihan-Lokey)
3. Gary Steinberg  (CRCA/Global Locate)
4. Juan Pimental (CRCA/Global Locate)
5. Anthony Maisto (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
6. Eutimo Quintero (CRCA/Foundation)
7. Richard Foley (Bethel Cycle Sport)
8. Samuel Martinez (WS United)

15 Starters

1. Evelyn Stevens (CRCA/Radical Media)
2. Ann Marie Miller (CRCA/Sanchez/Houlihan-Lokey)
3. Ellen Moses (CRCA/Comedy Central)
4. Deb Killmon (CRCA/Team Signature Cycles)
5. Donna McHahon (GBSC)
6. Beth Renaud (CRCA/Comedy Central)

Category 5
20 Starters

1. Willie Nicholas (Unatt)
2. Charles Salzer (Franklin and Marshall Cycling Team)
3. Luke Harris (Team Bikeworks)
4. Reid Evans (Unatt)
5. Alexander Minski (Unatt)

Thanks to all the marshals, registration volunteers, pacers and officials!