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Cadence Prospect Park Series

Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cadence Prospect Park Series Presented by Kissena Cycling Club Brooklyn, NY Sunday, June 29, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

61 starters

1. Paul Burrowes (WS United)
2. John Durso (Liberty Cycle)
3. Stephan Dioslaki (YSG Racing)
4. Somraj Seepersaud (Champion System)
5. Robert Wing (Sommerville Sports)
6. Rashad Guerra (Kissena)
7. Vinicius Tavares (CRCA/Avenue A)
8. David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports)
9. Edwin Morrel (Gotham/TOGA)
10. Jerry Martinez (CRCA/Global Locate)

Category 4
50 starters

1. Celeste Hernandez (Chelsea Bicycles)
2. Alessandro Matte chi (BVF)
3. Samuel Barkea (Liberty Bicycle)
4. Francisco Soriano (Unatt)
5. Brian Breach (Chelsea Bicycles)
6. Mark Spottiswood (EECT/Kreb)
7. David Lee (Unatt)
8. Akin Dorsett (Pedallers Paradise)
9. John Messino (Unatt)
10. Dexter Hypolite (Pedallers Paradise)

Category 5
30 starters

1. Neil Bezdek (Unatt)
2. Stefan Kusurelis (Cadence)
3. Aaron Demtsch (Unatt)
4. Kenneth Zorovich (Propeller Racing)
5. Joe Steele (CRCA/Major Taylor)
6. Kevin Sprouse (Unatt)
7. John Buenaventura (CRCA)
8. Eric Voss (Unatt)
9. Derick Darlington (Unatt)
10. Edward Chalker (Van Dessel)

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