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Commerce Bank Liberty Classic

PCT Pennsylvania, LL

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Commerce Bank Liberty Classic Presented by PCT Pennsylvania, LLC Philadelphia, PA Sunday, June 08, 2008
Commerce Bank Liberty Classic

Dutchwoman Beltman solos to victory

Like Big Brown at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg came up short in her bid to sweep the Triple Crown. But unlike the heavily favored horse, Teutenberg had teammates to fall back on.

Teutenberg won the first two rounds of the Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling in the Lehigh Valley and Reading, but settled for third in Sunday�s Philadelphia Liberty Classic. In her place, fellow High Road rider Chantal Beltman soloed out of a late-race, four-rider break to take the final leg win.

�We won as a team today,� said Beltman, who finished the 57.6-mile race in 2:28:52, six seconds ahead of Brooke Miller (Team Tibco) who won the bunch sprint for second. �When you have a strong sprinter like Ina on your team, you are always in a good position. We have six strong riders so we had a lot of cards to play.�

The endgame in the women�s four-lap race unfolded during the final trip up the famed Manayunk Wall. With the field already whittled away by the blistering heat that was nearing 90 degrees by the end of the race, High Road launched the three-pronged attack of Kim Anderson, Mara Abbott and Beltman.

Team Tibco�s Joanne Kiesanowski was the only non-High Road rider able to respond, and the foursome crested Manayunk�s precipitous 17-percent climb together, then rocketed downhill toward the finish line back on Philadelphia�s famed Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

From there, the High Road tactic was simple � take advantage of superior numbers to wear down the isolated rider. Anderson delivered the first blow, ramping up the speed as the riders dropped down Manayunk Avenue and onto Kelly Drive. Abbott took over from there, launching an attack that drew out Kiesanowski, who knew she either chased or watched the race disappear up the road.

Kiesanowski managed to hold Abbott�s wheel, but Beltman was still lurking, biding her time for the perfect moment to launch another High Road offensive.

�As soon as Joanne caught Mara, I went on my own just before Lemon Hill,� explained the Dutchwoman Beltman, alluding to the short climb that precedes the final run in to the finish. �From there I just gave it my all because I knew I had nothing to lose. If the field catches me, then we have Ina for the sprint. We had it under control all day. It was awesome.�

Kiesanowski couldn�t respond to the final sortie, getting scooped up by the main field and ending up seventh.

Meanwhile, Teutenberg missed out on her chance to post a second straight Triple Crown sweep, but got ample consolation from the team win.

�I would have been sad if my teammate didn�t win,� said Teutenberg, who won the Liberty Classic in 2005 and 2007. �But since High Road won, that�s all that matters. We wanted to win the race and that�s what we did.�

Teutenberg and company also grabbed the lion�s share of the women�s $27,200 prize purse, which included $5,000 for the overall series winner � a prize the German did win.

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PLACE  NAME                         TEAM                                 TIME
1      BELTMAN, Chantal             Team High Road - Women               2:28:52
2      MILLER, Brooke               Team Tibco                           2:28:58
3      TEUTENBERG, Ina              Team High Road - Women               2:28:58
4      MCRAE, Jen                   Team Advil/Chapstick                 2:28:58
5      SCHLEICHER, Regina           Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung       2:28:58
6      PIC, Tina                    Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       2:28:58
7      KIESANOWSKI, Joanne          Team Tibco                           2:28:58
8      OLDS, Shelley                PROMAN Racing                        2:28:58
9      ROORDA, Steph                Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te       2:28:58
10     ALLAR, Erica                 Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:28:58
11     MCNELLIS, Carmen             Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:28:58
12     DUSTER Sarah                 Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:28:58
13     FRANGES, Lauren              Team Tibco                           2:28:58
14     CHEATLEY, Catherine          Cheerwine Cycling                    2:28:58
15     CANDRIAN, Lorena             HPC Powered by Altarum               2:28:58
16     MARPLE, Stacy                Cheerwine Cycling                    2:28:58
17     VAN GILDER, Laura            Cheerwine Cycling                    2:28:58
18     SANBORN, Melissa             Vanderkitten Racing                  2:28:58
19     VALLETTI, Leigh              Vanderkitten Racing                  2:28:58
20     CROMWELL, Tiffany            Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       2:28:58
21     WYNTER PARKS, Iona           Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       2:29:04
22     CARROLL, Katharine           Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:29:04
23     SANDERS, Kristin             Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:29:04
24     ABBOTT, Mara                 Team High Road - Women               2:29:04
25     LARSON, Rebecca              Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:29:04
26     ALLPRESS, Sharon             ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        2:29:04
27     METZGER, Melodie             PROMAN Racing                        2:29:04
28     VZESNIAUSKAITE, Modesta      Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung       2:29:04
29     ANDERSON, Kim                Team High Road - Women               2:29:15
30     WOOD, Oenone                 Team High Road - Women               2:29:19
31     MANDERFIELD , Kacey          Verduci Breakaway Racing             2:29:25
32     OLIVEIRA, Flavia             Vanderkitten Racing                  2:29:25
33     MILLER, Meredith             Aaron's Women's Professional C       2:29:29
34     POWERS, Alison               Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       2:29:29
35     ELLIOT, Amity                Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te       2:29:33
36     THORBURN, Christine          Webcor Builders Cyclng Team          2:29:33
37     GRAIN, Gina                  Webcor Builders Cyclng Team          2:29:33
38     ELLIS, Lauren                Jazz Apple Cycling Team              2:29:41
39     LLOYD, Rachel                PROMAN Racing                        2:29:44
40     BENJAMIN, Kelly              Cheerwine Cycling                    2:29:48
41     WILLOCK, Erinne              Webcor Builders Cyclng Team          2:30:13
42     RAIS, Amber                  Team Tibco                           2:30:13
43     DOPPMANN, Priska             Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:30:50
44     RICKARDS, Emma               Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:32:17
45     ARMSTRONG, Kristin           Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:32:17
46     HAMBLETON, Marni             ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        2:32:17
47     DE GOEDE, Suzanne            Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung       2:32:17
48     BAMBERGER, Sarah             Cheerwine Cycling                    2:36:47
49     STEELMAN, Holli              Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te       2:36:52
50     WILSON, Jennifer             Vanderkitten Racing                  2:36:52
51     SCHNIDER, Pascale            Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:36:52
52     PERKINS, Virginia            PROMAN Racing                        2:36:52
53     EVERS, Sonja                               2:36:52
54     KEMMERER, Arley              Hub Racing                           2:36:52
55     FLORE, Kate                  HPC Powered by Altarum               2:36:52
56     HUIZING, Marjan              Tream Kendra Tire                    2:36:52
57     SCHWAGER, Patricia           Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling        2:36:52
58     WARNER, Rachel               Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te       2:36:52
59     MYERS, Andrea                Tream Kendra Tire                    2:36:52
60     SCHEFFENACKER, Kristy        HPC Powered by Altarum               2:36:52
61     LINDBERG, Marie              Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung       2:36:52
62     FARINA, Robin                Cheerwine Cycling                    2:36:56
63     PETERSEN, Emma               Jazz Apple Cycling Team              2:38:19
64     CARNILA, Tricia              Verduci Breakaway Racing             2:38:19
65     PATELLA, Martina             ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        2:38:19
66     CLARK, Kathryn               Tream Kendra Tire                    2:38:19
67     WANGSGARD, Nichole           Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       2:38:19
68     MANDERSON, Leeanne           Hub Racing                           2:40:42
DNS    CLIFF-RYAN, Theresa          Verduci Breakaway Racing
DNS    WRUBLESKI, Alex              Webcor Builders Cyclng Team
DNS    GOSS, Belinda                Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNS    PRYDE, Susy                  Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNS    MCCAUGHEY, Laura             Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te
DNS    VOCI, Gina                   Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te
DNF    BATES, Kate                  Team High Road - Women
DNF    KLEINMANN, Larissa           Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung
DNF    MACLEAN, Jessie              Verduci Breakaway Racing
DNF    MURDIN, Kele                 Verduci Breakaway Racing
DNF    JELLET, Lisa                 Verduci Breakaway Racing
DNF    HOLCOMB, Janel               Webcor Builders Cyclng Team
DNF    OLSON, Cora                  BMW-Bianchi
DNF    BOSSIE, Nicole               BMW-Bianchi
DNF    WEISLO, Laura                BMW-Bianchi
DNF    PETOSA, Jennifer             BMW-Bianchi
DNF    MCCAULEY, Cara               BMW-Bianchi
DNF    OLNEY, Janet       
DNF    LIPFERT Lorraine   
DNF    MASON, Beth        
DNF    GAUTHIER, Shontell           Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki
DNF    WILLIAMS, Jenette            HPC Powered by Altarum
DNF    RASMUSSEN, Jen               HPC Powered by Altarum
DNF    GOLENOR, Lesley              HPC Powered by Altarum
DNF    TYE, Dale                    Hub Racing
DNF    GIDDENS, Emma                Hub Racing
DNF    FARRIN, Sheba                Hub Racing
DNF    LEYDEN, Liz                  Hub Racing
DNF    MACLEAN, Malindi             Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNF    DRUMM, Helene                PROMAN Racing
DNF    DRUMM, Kristin               PROMAN Racing
DNF    PALMER-KOMAR, Sue            Team Advil/Chapstick
DNF    LYONS, Brenda                Team Advil/Chapstick
DNF    KLEMKO, Natalie              Team Advil/Chapstick
DNF    TILLOTSON, Sarah             Team Advil/Chapstick
DNF    BOWLES, Laura                Team Advil/Chapstick
DNF    HARKER, Marni                Tream Kendra Tire
DNF    MAXWELL, Jennifer            Tream Kendra Tire
DNF    NAKAMURA, Yukie              Tream Kendra Tire
DNF    HEAL, Rachel                 Team Tibco
DNF    KELLY, Helen                 Team Tibco
DNF    KROEPSCH, Lara               ValueAct Capital Cycling Team
DNF    ZELL, Emily                  ValueAct Capital Cycling Team
DNF    RUITER, Christina            ValueAct Capital Cycling Team
DNF    HATCH, Liz                   Vanderkitten Racing
DNF    TILLEY, Jennifer             Vanderkitten Racing