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Blue Hills Classic

Milton, MA

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blue Hills Classic Presented by Blue Hills Cycling Club & Milton Rotary Milton, MA Sunday, May 04, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Photo Finish and results furnished by Speed Sport Timing

MEN CAT 4 * 28.8 MILES
Place  First Name    Last Name     Team Name                               State  Time
1      Ben           REGAN         Travis Cycle                            MA     1:21:49.0
2      John          WILDE         International Bicycle Centers           MA     st
3      Leo           DESFORGES     Team BreakAway Boston                   MA     st
4      Thomas        MIDDLETON     MBRC/Bicycle Link                       MA     st
5      Stephen       WRIGHT        Minuteman Road Club                     MA     st
6      Steeve        BRETON        Everactive-Workers CompSolutions        MA     st
7      Brian         CAMPBELL      NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental       MA     st
8      Jason         CLEVENGER     Boston Road Club                        MA     st
9      Graham        ANDERSON      Refunds Now                             RI     st
10     Joshua        TETRAULT      NEBC/Cycle Loft                         MA     st
11     Casey         MARKS         Refunds Now                             RI     st

Joseph        BARROSO       Millwork One Racing/         RI     fin
Lester        BETHEL        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental       MA     fin
MARK          BREVE                                                        fin
Michael       BRIER         Refunds Now                             RI     fin
Matthew       BUCKLEY       Onion River Sports                      VT     fin
Shane         BUKER         Harvard University Cycling Asso         MA     fin
Sheldon       CHARLES       Millwork One Racing/         MA     fin
Michael       COOK          Minuteman Road Club                     MA     fin
Seth          DAVIS         Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Fr         MA     fin
David         DORNAUS       Blue Hills Cycling Club                 MA     fin
Julian        ELIZ III      Team BreakAway Boston                   MA     fin
Nicholas      FANARAS       NorEast Cycling                         MA     fin
James         HALL          NEBC/Cycle Loft                         NH     fin
Kenneth       HAN           QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Jeff          HEBERT        Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Neal          HEFFRON       Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Nestly        HYPPOLITE     TRAVIS ROAD CLUB                        MA     fin
Jerry         JACOBS        NEBC                                    MA     fin
Radu          JIANU         Refunds Now                             MA     fin
Paul          JOBIN         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent         NH     fin
Charles B.    LABBE         BikeWorks/Hallamore                     MA     fin
David         MACCUTCHEON   MBRC / Bicycle Link                     MA     fin
Eric          MARTIN        QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Nicholas      MASHBURN      Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Fra         MA     fin
Michael       MCKITTRICK    Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart F         MA     fin
Doogie        MEAD          CCB/Volkswagen                          MA     fin
JIM           MIDURANDNO    MBRC                                           fin
John          NAEGLE        QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Justin        NORMAN        BikeWorks/Hallamore                     RI     fin
Michael       OLBRYS        Minuteman Road Club                     MA     fin
Anthony       OLIVA         Everactive Workers Comp                 MA     fin
Gabriel       POLONSKY      Boston road club                        MA     fin
Gary          SACON         Cyclonauts Racers                       MA     fin
Antonio       SILVA         Refunds  Now                            RI     fin
David         SMALLWOOD     Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Ian           SUTTON        QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Marc          TATAR         Bikeworks/Halamore                      RI     fin
Tim           WALSH         QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Stefan        WAWERSIK      NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent         MA     fin
Brent         WETTERS       Refunds Now                             RI     fin
Ian           WHITTLE       NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental       MA     fin
Zachary       WILLS         IBC racing                              MA     fin
Jordan        WINKLER       Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart F         MA     fin
Jamie         WONG          Harvard University                      MA     fin
Stephen       WRIGHT        Minuteman Road Club                     MA     fin

CAT 5 * 21.6 MILES
Place  First Name    Last Name     Team Name                               State  Time
1      Jeremy        DURRIN        Gamache Cyclery                         MA     0:58:11.0
2      Daniel        DONOVAN       unattached                              MA     st
3      Callum        INGRAM        unattached                              VT     st
4      Jason         GOLDSCHMIDT   Team BreakAway Boston                   MA     st
5      Matt          DALESSIO      BreakAway Boston                        MA     st
6      Andy          WILLETT       Blue Hills Cycling Club                 MA     st
7      William       CAMPBELL      unattached                              MA     st
8      Robert        DIBATTISTA    unattached                              MA     st
9      Andrew        SCHMITT       NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental       MA     st

Benjamin      ANDERS        Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Tad           BAUM          NEBC                                    MA     fin
Brett         BERSSON       unattached                              MA     fin
Michael       BISSANTI      Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Roger         CADMAN        unattached                              MA     fin
Joseph        CRUZ JR       Quad Cycles & NIBRCC                    MA     fin
MARK          MCTINNERY                                                    fin
SYNJIN        MARROCO       BHCC                                           fin
DAVE          WATERMAN      BHCC                                           fin
Michael       FOLEY         Team Bicycle Alley                      MA     fin
Aaron         HALL          Harvard                                 MA     fin
William       KIMERIA       QuadCycles                              MA     fin
Cal           LANKTON       unattached                              MA     fin
Dan           LARSON        Team Rockland Cycle                     MA     fin
Randall       LEVERE        CCB/Volkswagon                          MA     fin
TOM           FLANAGAN                                                     fin
Christopher   MERRILL       unattached                              MA     fin
Jerry         MOFFETT       unattached                              MA     fin
Matthew       NELSON        Mass Bay Road Club                      MA     fin
Enrico        NUTTOLI  IV   unattached                              MA     fin
Gerry         O' CONNELL    Union Velo                              MA     fin
Erik          PETERSON      Cambridge/Igleheart                     MA     fin
Justin        RINGLING      unattached                              RI     fin
John          SLONIMSKY     Quad Cycles & NIBRCC                    MA     fin
Philip        SUTHERLAND    Boston Road Club                        MA     fin
Eric          THORBAHN      Blue Hills Cycling Club                 MA     fin
Andrew        TUCKER        NEBC                                    MA     fin
Gregory       WRIGHT        Corner Cycle Cape Cod                   MA     fin

MASTER 35+ * 28.8 MILES
Place  First Name    Last Name     Team Name                               State  Time
1      Mark          MCCORMACK     Team FUJI fueled by Clif Bar            MA     1:05:48.6
2      Thomas        FRANCIS                      MA     1:05:50.2
3      Bill          SHATTUCK                      MA     1:07:22.0
4      Matthew       KRESSY        Millwork One Racing/         MA     1:08:43.0
5      Greg          WERNER                      MA     1:08:46.8
6      Matthew       THEODORE                    MA     1:08:47.4
7      AARON         MANGER                                                       1:08:48.5
8      Ron           JACOBS        Corner Cycle                            MA     1:08:49.4
9      COLEMAN       O'CONNOR                                                     1:08:50.3
10     Marvin        WANG          International Bicycle/Global            MA     1:08:54.5
11     HARRY         STOVER                                                       1:10:06.5
12     Kurt          SCHMID        SALEM CYCLE/FELT/RUDY PROJECT           MA     1:10:06.9
13     Gregory       ZYSK          Boston Road Club                        MA     1:10:07.4
14     John          PETERSON      Blue Hills Cycling Club                 MA     1:10:07.6
15     Bridge        HUNTER        Boston Road Club                        MA     1:10:10.7
16     John          STONEBARGER   MBRC/Bicycle Link                       MA     1:10:11.2
17     Bruce         PIERCE                      MA     1:12:36.5
18     MURAT         ATTENBASAK                                                   1:12:39.5
19     Steven        BONADIO       Arc-en-ciel Racing                      MA     1:12:45.1
20     Ralf          GEIBEN LYNN   Millwork One Racing/         MA     1:12:45.3
21     Eric          JENSEN                      MA     1:13:39.5
22     Kyle          GATES         Millwork One Racing/         MA     1:14:50.7
23     AUSTUS        KELLEY                                                       1:14:51.0
24     Dale          STEPHANOS     Team Fuji fueled by Clif Bar            MA     1:16:43.9

MASTER 45 + * 28.8 MILES
Place  First Name    Last Name     Team Name                               State  Time
1      Patrick       MCNAMARA      Fiordifrutta                            CT     1:06:39.8
2      James         NASH          CCB Volkswagen                          NH     1:06:40.1
3      Chris         BORRELLO      Gear Works/Spin Arts                    MA     1:06:48.9
4      Alan          HAMILTON      Minuteman Road Club                     MA     1:06:57.6
5      Christopher   BURKE         Bikeworks/Hallamore                     RI     1:07:18.6
6      Rich          KORN          CCB/Volkswagen                          MA     1:07:18.9
7      David         TAYLOR        Union Velo Club                         MA     1:07:18.9
8      Kevin         HINES         Corner Cycle                            MA     1:07:19.1
9      Paula         MCNAMARA      unattached                              CT     1:07:19.4
10     Mark          THOMPSON      Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving          NH     1:07:19.5
11     DAVID         BEENAP                                                       1:07:19.6
12     Paul          LYNCH         bicyclelink/mbrc                        MA     1:07:21.6
13     Brian         ANDERSON      International Bicycle/Global            MA     1:07:23.1
14     TOM           DICKINSON                                                    1:07:25.5
15     Paul          CURLEY        Gearworks/Spinarts                      MA     1:07:30.5
16     Jeffrey       PROCTOR                        NH     1:07:44.8
17     Bob           BISSON        Gear Works/Spin Arts                    MA     1:07:53.2
18     FRANK         JENNINGS                                                     1:08:26.1
19     DOUG          SHEPARD                                               MA     1:09:20.3
20     MARK          LESCOULT                                                     1:09:47.8
21     William       SAWYER        Gear Works/Spin Arts                    MA     1:09:47.8
22     Jesus         VAZQUEZ       MBRC/Bycicle Link                       MA     1:09:48.5
23     Brian         STONE         Hallamore/Bikeworks                     RI     1:09:48.7
24     Tom           STEVENS       Gear Works/Spin Arts                    MA     1:09:49.0
25     Jody          DEAN          Team International Bicycle Cent         MA     1:09:49.6
26     Art           BARIL         Minuteman Road Club                     MA     1:09:50.0
27     Michael       DI RADO       mbrc/bicycle link                       MA     1:09:50.2
28     SKIP          FOLEY                                                        1:09:50.5
29     David         TREMBLAY      Boston Road Club                        MA     1:09:51.1
30     Bill          DOONAN        Minuteman Road Club                     MA     1:09:51.9
31     STEVEN        IVESTER                                                      1:10:18.4
32     Colin         KERNAN        Missing Link Bicycle Club               MA     1:15:55.6

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