Tacchino Ciclicross - 2007 BikeReg.com MABRAcross Series Event #5

Leesburg, VA

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tacchino Ciclicross - 2007 BikeReg.com MABRAcross Series Event #5 Presented by Squadra Coppi Leesburg, VA Sunday, November 04, 2007
November 4, 2007; Leesburg, VA, USA: The BikeReg.com MABRAcross Series wrapped-up it�s weekend double header in the beautiful southern town of Leesburg, Virginia with another strong entry that showed quality as well as quantity. Earlier in the day, during the first of the amateur classes, organizers received word that Trek-VW superstars Jeremiah Bishop and Sue Haywood had phoned and said they were coming to the race. What they didn�t realize was that another �cross superstar, Jonne Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast) had decided that it was time to start his 2007 cyclocross program following a few recovery weeks from a long road season and was also headed to the course.

In all, well over 200 racers swarmed the hilly Ida Lee Park on a comfortable autumn day despite the fact that the race was the second half of a BikeReg.com MABRAcross weekend doubleheader, and was over two hours away from the previous day�s �Wayne Scott Memorial�. An indication of the continued growth of the �fastest-growing cycling series in America� is that half of all entries were in the novice classes, with the men�s Category 4 race accounting for 91 entries alone.

The featured Elite Classes started with the Women�s race. Lining up beside Sue Haywood were some of the East Coast�s fastest women, including three-time Verge MAC champion Betsy Shogren (Fort Factory Team), defending BikeReg.com MABRAcross champion Lisa Vible, Team Kenda Tire�s Jennifer Maxwell, Vanderkitten�s Mandy Lozano and Libbey Sheldon of Tokyo Joe�s. Roaring out of the prologue loop, Shogren and Maxwell had the advantage as they powered up the finishing hill straight to begin the first of their laps. By the time they entered the backside of the course, which is out-of sight from the main spectator area, Shogren had a decisive lead and Haywood, in her first cyclocross race in two years, was charging. And then things got weird.

�We were climbing the short, hard hill in the back,� said Shogren after the race, �and I asked Sue what she thought the sound was that was coming from my bike.� Haywood�s quick assessment was that the sound was coming from Shogren�s cassette -- it wasn�t. Moments later, Shogren�s left crankarm came off, with her foot still attached. Shortly afterwards the rest of her crankset fell off. �It was pretty funny,� said Shogren.

With Shogren running a quarter of the lap (after first retrieving the crankarm!), Haywood powered away and by the time they came back into view, Haywood had a commanding lead with Maxwell, Lozano and Jessica Hill (Trail�s End Cycling) forming the chase group. By the time Shogren ran to the pits, she was nearly half a lap behind. Up front, Haywood continued to grow her lead until the end of the race for a dominating win. Maxwell used a well-thought attack to separate herself from the other chasers and finished second. Eventually, however, the attention shifted back to Shogren.

Riding her single-speed pit bike that was significantly over-geared for the hilly course, Shogren began reeling in the riders in front of her. No stranger to single-speed riding (she finished 11th at this year�s XC mountain bike National Championships on a single speed), Shogren was dubbed the �drama queen� by race announcer Ken Getchell as she methodically passed rider after rider, eventually finishing third just seconds behind Maxwell.

Elite Men�s Race: Goin� for it
With Jeremiah Bishop and Jonne Sundt on the starting line, none of the riders in the Elite men�s field had any illusions about how difficult the race was going to be. But BikeReg.com MABRAcross regular Greg Wittwer (FORT Factory Team) knew that it was going to be even more difficult the others thought because he had already decided that he was going to control the pace. �I haven�t won a race yet this year, and this is the race I wanted to win!� he said afterward. From the start, Wittwer attacked and forced Bishop to respond. Meanwhile, a good portion of the field, including Sundt, was lying in a pile between the barriers following a chain reaction crash. No injuries occurred and not much time was lost, but Sundt lost many positions.

Up front Wittwer matched every one of Bishop�s many accelerations. Riding above his usual level, Wittwer was determined not to let Bishop in front. Meanwhile, Sundt was laying down accelerations of his own as he ripped through the field. Eventually, Bishop did get into the lead, but Wittwer responded. After trading off the lead several times, Bishop was able to gap Wittwer just enough to prevent a counter attack. Once firmly in the lead, Bishop was able to extend the time gap. It appeared that Wittwer was closing in the final laps, but Bishop responded to take his first �cross win of the year.

Sundt eventually caught third place rider Steve Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center). Racing in his first �cross race of the year, Sundt said that he was surviving on his road fitness. �I don�t have that top-end yet,� he said. �It�s hard to get that, because it hurts.� Still, fitness and world-class technique help and Sundt was able to separate himself from Cummings for a third place finish.

Race Notes:
� 18 Year old sensation Nick Bax (Hot Tubes) was hounded all race by impressive 17 year-old newcomer Stephen Koebl of Blue Competition Cycles. Koebl was competing in just his second cyclocross race, and his first at the Elite level.
� Gunnar Shogren (FORT Factory Team), won the Elite Masters Category ahead of Randy Root (ABRT/Latitude) and points leader Marc Gwadz (DCMTB/City Bikes)

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men Cat1/2/3                                         21 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1            517    Jeremiah      Bishop             Trek / VW                                           Harrisburg              VA
2            504    Greg          WITTWER            FORT Factory Team                                   Richmond                VA
3            516    Jonne         Sundt              KBS Medifast                                        Chanceville             0
4            511    Stephen       Cummings           Indiana Regional Medical Center                     Pittsburg               PA
5            519    Jeffrey       Buckles            Alan N. America                                     Richmond                VA
6            505    John          BREWER             Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB                               Arlington               VA
7            503    Dave          WEAVER                                                                 Towson                  MD
8            520    Nick          Bax                Hot Tubes                                           Bethesda                MD
9            515    Stephen       Koelbl             Blue Competetition
10           509    James W.      WAGNER                                                                 Bethesda                MD
11           507    Justin        RAYNES             bikes unlimited                                     Toano                   VA
12           514    Brian         Fouche             AVL                                                 Hagerstown              MD
13           512    Michael       Hosana             Tripower                                            VA Beach                VA
14           518    David         Duke               Page Valley Cycling                                 Luray                   VA
15           506    Chris         MCGILL             FORT Factory Team                                   Washington              DC
16           510    Jared         Nieters            Haymarket Bicycle                                   Haymarket               VA
17           508    Eric          RUSSELL            Clif Bar                                            Alexandria              VA
18           521    Morgan        Gerlak             C3 Sollary                                          Baltimore               MD

Women Cat1/2/3                                       9 starters
Place   35+  Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1       35+  566    Sue           Haywood            Trek / VW
2       35+  562    Jennifer      MAXWELL            TEAM KENDA TIRE                                     Washington              DC
3            560    Betsy         SHOGREN            Fort Factory Team                                   Morgantown              WV
4            567    Mandy         Lozano             Vanderkitten                                        Charlottsville          va
5       35+  568    Libbey        Sheldon            Tokyo Joe's                                         Washington              DC
6            564    Jessica       Hill               Trails End Cycling                                  Upperville              VA
7       35+  563    Terri         SPANOGLE           NCVC/Inova Health System                            Alexandria              VA
8       35+  561    Lisa          VIBLE              C3-Sollay.com                                       Wilmington              DE
9       35+  565    Beth          Mason              C3-Sollay.com                                       Ft Meade                md

Men Cat3/4                                           31 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1            429    Eric          Linder             Marathon Roofing                                    Baltimore               MD
2            410    Taylor        JONES              Inland Construction/AU Cycling                      Washington              DC
3            403    Robert        CAMPBELL           NCVC/Inova Health System                            Kensington              MD
4            428    Andy          McKeegan           KBS / LSU                                           Harrisonburg            VA
5            426    Chris         Mayhew             Wissatickon                                         Pom                     PA
6            419    Kyle          MURPHY             The Bike Lane                                       Washington              DC
7            421    Kevin         HORVATH            Tri-Power                                           Chesapeake              VA
8            404    David         CROUSE             The Bike Lane                                       Springfield             VA
9            402    Steve         FIFE               ETS / Silver Cycles                                 Reston                  VA
10           417    George        MILINKOVIC         Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Falls Church            VA
11           411    Alex          MONTE-SANO                                                             Silver Spring           MD
12           406    Sean          YEAGER             Richmond Ciclismo                                   Richmond                VA
13           424    Jonathan      HOUGHTON                                                               Baltimore               MD
14           409    Dave          CHAMBLIN           Sprint Club RVA                                     Richmond                VA
15           423    Michael       SCARDAVILLE        DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Washington              DC
16           430    Kenneth       McDowell           ABRT / Latitude                                     North Bethesda          MD
17           415    Matthew       DONAHUE            DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Washington              DC
18           412    Andrew        TROY               VCU Cycling Team                                    Charlottesville         VA
19           408    Matthew       MARCHAL            Team Altius                                         Richmond                VA
20           420    Charly        HERMANSON          Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling       Columbia                MD
21           425    Ryan          Newill             Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Alexandria              VA
22           422    Syd           LEA                T.E.A.M FUJI                                        Taneytown               MD
23           427    Joshua        Goyet              VA Beach Wheelmen                                   VA Beach                VA

Women Cat3/4                                         17 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1            102    Jean          COLSANT            Squadra Coppi                                       Arlington               VA
2            101    Christina     BRISENO            Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington              DC
3            113    Cynthia       Anderson           AMVC                                                alexandria              VA
4            103    Lynda         ARTUSIO                                                                Frederick               MD
5            108    Tracy         LEA                T.E.A.M. FUJI                                       Taneytown               MD
6            105    Cynthia       JOHNSON            Artemis                                             Washington              DC
7            109    Lindsey       Hillesheim         Squadra Coppi                                       Arlington               va
8            116    ilana         Knopf              DC MTB team                                         washington              dc
9            115    Heather       Ross               The bike rack                                       washington              DC
10           112    laurie        Johnston           bianchi mid atlantic                                morgantown              WV
11           110    Marisa        Peacock            Velo Bella                                          Alexandria              VA
12           107    Karen         ASHBROOK-BARNES                                                        Vienna                  VA
13           104    Christie      FINNEY             The Children in the Shoe                            Washington Dc 20016     DC
14           111    Constaince    Mack                                                                   Leesburg                VA
15           106    Christina     HUEBNER            Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford               VA
16           117    zoraida       Rodriquez          mbw bike team                                       washington              dc
17           114    patricia      Yriart             trails End Cycling                                  roundhill               VBA

Men Cat4                                             91 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                Hometown                ST
1            203    Christopher   KING               Route 1 Velo / Capitol Hill Bikes                   Washington              DC
2            205    Matt          PARSE              Route 1 Velo / Capitol Hill Bikes                   Hillsboro               VA
3            202    Darren        BIGGS              DCMTB\City Bikes                                    Arlington               VA
4            263    Ryan          BANNON             The Bike Lane                                       Fairfax                 VA
5            268    Dave          PARSE              Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington              DC
6            250    James         JOHNSON            Germantown/Avalon/Fix Bikes                         Frederick               MD
7            207    Corey         TWYMAN             Hub Racing                                          Washington              DC
8            258    Jackson       BARR               NCVC/Inova Health System                            Bethesda                MD
9            201    Stephen       WAHL               AVC/ Team Hagerstown-Washington Co                  Frederick               MD
10           288    Loren         Vandivere          The Bike Lane                                       Manassas                VA
11           234    Rodges        ANKRAH             Route 1 Velo /Capitol Hill Bicycles                 Hyattsville             MD
12           245    Steven        KENDALL            NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Fairfax                 VA
13           220    Kevin         LYNCH              unattached                                          Chantilly               VA
14           271    Ronald        BARRY              All American Bicycle Club                           Gaithersburg            MD
15           213    Ryan          DOUGLAS            Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington              DC
16           256    Steven        BURKE              Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing               Baltimore               MD
17           270    Benjamin      BASSETT                                                                Silver Spring           MD
18           239    Todd          BICKLING           Team N~tieractive/Bike Doctor-Waldorf               Churchton               MD
19           204    Kevin         DILLARD            C3-Sollay.com                                       Washington              DC
20           211    David         BATTAN             Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB                               Bethesda                MD
21           240    Matthew       HENNESSY           Team BBC                                            Baltimore               MD
22           272    John          BAVIER                                                                 Washington              DC
23           242    Brian         GEARY              All American Bicycle Club                           Rockville               MD
24           249    Norman        BRACH              C3-Sollay.com                                       Sykesville              MD
25           223    Scott         CERNICH            Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington              DC
26           243    Ryan          DELANEY            Potomac Velo Club                                   Burke                   VA
27           280    jeff          peel                                                                   Washington              dc
28           255    Todd          GUE                dhbd /bicycle place velo                            Glenwood                MD
29           235    Gary          MORRIS             Lanterne Rouge                                      Arlington               VA
30           277    michael       Yriart             trails end cycling                                  round hill              VA
31           218    Stephen       RISKUS                                                                 Silver Spring           MD
32           219    Jake          DANOFF             DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Rockville               MD
33           241    Alan          LEUNG              Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Alexandria              VA
34           221    Chris         ZANGMEISTER        All American Bicycle Club                           Gaithersburg            MD
35           236    John          HEYWOOD            1412 Velo Club                                      Washington              DC
36           229    Timothy       PAUL                                                                   Eldersburg              MD
37           281    Justin        Gordon             Power                                               Manassas                VA
38           265    John          GLODEK             NCVC/INOVA Health Systems                           Rockville               MD
39           238    Leon          CHOU               Prince William Elite Racing                         Manassas                VA
41           261    Larry         MAUCH              National Capital Velo Club/Inova Health System      Sterling                VA
42           212    David         LEE                Unattached                                          Falls Church            VA
43           290    Jeffrey       Cundiff            UNAT                                                Leesburg                VA
44           246    Michael       GIANCOLI           Hub United                                          Shippensburg            PA
45           264    Jason         PEARLMAN           The Bike Rack                                       Silver Spring           MD
46           210    Aaron         GHAIS              ALL-AMERICAN BICYCLE CLUB                           Potomac                 MD
48           215    Rod           ERICKSON           Evolution Cycling Club                              Leesburg                VA
49           252    Eric          CICCORETTI                                                             Arlington               VA
50           233    Will          SAUNDERS           HPC List                                            Rockville               MD
51           287    Adam          LEWANDOWSKI        The Bike Lane                                       Catonsville             MD
52           217    Dave          PARRAMORE          Cadence Cycling                                     Alexandria              VA
53           260    Mike          DAVIS              Conte's Bikes                                       Arlington               VA
54           276    steve         harouff            Bianch mid atlantic                                 Morgantown              WV
55           289    Joseph        Mplin              Landerne Rogue                                      Arlington               VA
56           285    Jonathan      Nguyen-Weaver      Carytown Bicycle Company                            Richmond                VA
57           273    Douglas       OWENS              NCVC/Inova Health System                            Arlington               VA

Master Men Cat1/2/3                                  14 starters
Place   45+  Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1       45+  604    Gunnar        SHOGREN            FORT Factory Team                                   Morgantown              WV
2       45+  602    Randall       ROOT               ABRT/Latitude                                       Merrifield              VA
3            601    Marc          GWADZ              DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Washington              DC
4            605    Todd          PITTMAN                                                                Ellicott City           MD
5       45+  608    Fred          WITTWER            Charlottesville Racing Club                         Charlottesville         VA
6            613    Chris         Scott              Shenandoah Mnt Touring                              Harrisburg              VA
7            610    Michael       BUCHNESS           Pedal Shop/Old Dominion Brewing Company             Reston                  VA
8       45+  612    Jim           Bronson            LSV Kelly                                           Gaithersburg            MD
9            609    Sean          MCCORMICK          ETS/Silver Cycles                                   Washington              DC
10      45+  607    Tony          BILOTTA            Van Dessel Factory Team                             Earlysville             VA

Men 35+/45+ - Cat3/4                                 38 starters
Place   45+  Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1       45+  304    Roger         MASSE              All American Bicycle Club                           Bethesda                MD
2            333    Scott         GIBBONS            racing union                                        Reston                  VA
3       45+  302    Ron           HUEBNER            Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford               VA
4            323    Barry         HOLMAN             Team Fuji                                           Washington              DC
5            326    Mark          RUSSELL            Independent Fabrication                             Staunton                VA
6       45+  314    Albert        GREENE             Yellow Breeches Racing                              Woodbridge              VA
7            306    Matt          MICHEL             NCVC / Inova Health System                          Manassas                VA
8            310    Scott         THOMPSON           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Arlington               VA
9       45+  320    Karl          KENSINGER          NCVC/Inova Health System                            Arlington               VA
10      45+  309    Jeff          ANDERSON           HPC/List                                            Vienna                  VA
11      45+  307    John          ROGERS             Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Takoma Park             MD
12           316    Thor          ENGBLOM            NCVC/Inova Health System                            Frederick               MD
13           305    Darren        BERNARD            Haymarket Bicycles                                  Haymarket               VA
14           308    Chip          SOVEK              Potomac Velo Club                                   Centerville             VA
15           336    Norman        Kreiselmeier       Team Army                                           Myersville              MD
16      45+  330    Cary          HUNTER             Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford               VA
17           332    Bryan         BILLINGTON         Racing Union                                        Oakton                  VA
18           318    Bruce         BUCKLEY            THE Bike Lane                                       Reston                  VA
19           334    Marc          Fvazer             Kelly Berefits / LSU                                Owings Mills            MD
20           322    Chris         SCHAEFER           Yellow Breeches Racing                              Enola                   PA
21      45+  324    Joseph        KOTUN              Lanterne Rouge                                      Falls Church            VA
22           329    Mark          DRAJEM             DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Silver Spring           MD
23           319    Geoffrey      HEINTZ             The Children in the Shoe                            Chevy Chase             MD
24           312    Chris         HUHN               Evolution Cycling                                   Leesburg                VA
25           325    Thom          MOORE              Potomac Velo                                        Arlington               VA
26      45+  337    Tony          Thompson           3D Fitness WWVC                                     Alexandria              VA
27           321    Michael       TAYLOR             Yellow Breeches Racing                              Mechanicsburg           PA
28      45+  338    Ronnie        Irvine             Team Fugi
29           335    James         MCNEELY            Squadra Coppi / IM Saab                             Crofton                 MD
30      45+  328    Steve         BREEDEN            Winchester Wheelmen                                 Winchester              VA
31           311    Ken           WOODROW            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Arlington               VA
32      45+  313    Michael       KINNEY             Potomac Velo club                                   Manassas                VA

Men 55+                                              5 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1            705    Nunzio        Dibiasi            Yellow Breeches Racing                              Elizabethtown           PA
2            702    James         WAGNER             Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Arlington               VA
3            701    James         CARLSON            Potomac Velo Club                                   Springfield             VA

MABRA Juniors (U18)                                  3 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                Hometown                ST
1            761    James         WITTWER            Charlottesville Racing Club                         Charlottesville         VA
2            762    Sam           O'Keefe            C3 Sollay                                           Baltimore               Md
3            760    Justin        MAUCH              NCVC/Inova Health System                            Sterling                VA

Juniors (U16)                                        9 starters
Place        Bib #  First Name    Last Name          Team                                                City                    ST
1            731    Steven        KENDALL            NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Fairfax                 VA
2            730    Justin        MAUCH              NCVC/Inova Health System                            Sterling                VA
3            736    Jackson       BARR               NCVC/Inova Health System                            Bethesda                MD
4            738    Dan           Adler              Trails End Cycling                                  Purcellville            VA
5            732    Avery         WILSON             NCVC/Inova Health System                            Arlington               VA
6            737    Emily         HUEBNER            Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford               VA
7            733    Zeke          ROGERS             Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Takoma Park             MD
8            734    Jake          THOMPSON           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Arlington               VA
9            735    Nicholas      BATTAN             squadra coppi                                       Bethesda                MD