Bio Wheels/United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park Cyclo-Cross (UCI C2)

Cincinnati, OH

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bio Wheels/United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park Cyclo-Cross (UCI C2) Presented by Bio Wheels Racing Cincinnati, OH Sunday, October 14, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Place   First Name   Last Name         Team                                              Time
1       Barry        WICKS             Kona - Your Key Mortgage Team                     1:04:57
2       Joachim      PARBO             CCV Protek                                        1:05:39
3       Brent        PRENZLOW          Alan North America                                1:05:48
4       Ryan         LEACH             GPOA-Cannondale                                   1:05:48
5       Molly        CAMERON           Vanilla Bicycles                                  1:05:48
6       Taylor       CARRINGTON        Turin - Powerbar                                  1:05:53
7       Tristan      SCHOUTEN          Planet Bike                                       1:05:53
8       Brandon      DWIGHT            Boulder Cycle Sport                               1:07:17
9       Steve        TILFORD           Team HRRC/The Trek Stores/        1:07:31
10      Nathan       CHOWN             handlebars CC/kona Canada                         1:07:31
11      Marko        LALONDE           Bob Brown Cycles/Bareknuckle Brigade              1:07:31
12      Michael      WISSINK           SPECIALIZED                                       1:07:31
13      Michael      GALLAGHER         U S Armed Forces                                  1:07:34
14      Josh         JOHNSON           Big Shark Racing                                  1:07:41
15      Nathan       RICE              Big Shark Racing                                  1:07:52
16      Kyle         DOUGLAS           3 Rox Racing- Scott                               1:08:32
17      Jeff         WEINERT           Team Giant                                        1:08:52
18      Lucas        LIVERMON          BTD/Inland Construction                           1:09:26
19      Derek        LAAN              Turin Bicycling Society                           1:09:59
20      Travis       LIVERMON          Cycling Spoken Here                               1:09:59
21      Tim          BARRETT           Team Myogenesis                                   1:09:59
22      John         BEHRENS           Bailey/Black Mountain Bicycles                    1:10:01
23      Brandon      JESSOP            BioWheels Racing                                  1:10:31
24      Ryan         GAMM              Abercrombie & Fitch                               1:10:45
25      Justin       HINES             Rapid City Cycle                                  1:11:01
26      Nathan       WYATT             SRAM/Santa Cruz/Carolina Fatz                     1:11:45
27      Isaac        NEFF              Alderfer Bergen Cycling Team                      1:12:10
28      Ian          MANNING           3 Rox Racing- Scott                               1:12:20
29      Kyle         JACOBSON          ISCorp                                            1:12:39
30      Phil         NOBLE             BioWheels Racing                                  1:12:58
31      Brent        EVANS             color me safe racing                              1:13:29
32      Robert       FOSHAG            SATURN OF TOLEDO                                  +1 Lap
33      Keiran       SIKDAR            Bikesource/Ohio Ortho                             +1 Lap
34      Gordon       DANIELL           Barbasol/Rapid Transit Racing                     +1 Lap
35      Matt         ROTROFF           Inland Construction - BTD                         +1 Lap
DNF     John         STEVENS           Barbasol
DNF     Charles      PENDRY            Inland Construction - BTD
DNF     John         MINTURN           Meredith Group - GPOA
DNF     Brian        NIEPORT           Anthem
DNF     Paul         MARTIN            Texas Roadhouse
DNF     Kevin        ATKISSON          Texas Roadhouse
DNF     Anthony      SLOWINSKI         Clarkesville A Team
DNF     Adam         MCGRATH           Team Maxxis
DNF     Mark         LEGG              Spike Shooter
DNF     Shawn        ADAMS             October Lake Effect
DNF     Ryan         RISH              Abercrombie & Fitch
DNF     Andrew       MESSER            Ridley
DNF     Donald       GALLIGHER         DRT Consulting
DNF     Chris        SAUNDERS          Coach / Ted Velikonja
DNF     Scott        OGILVIE           Mesa Cycles
DNF     Mark         BATTY   
DNF     Ryan         KNAPP             Ridley Factory Team
DNF     Rick         TOLER             Team Kreitler Rollers
DNF     Katie        COMPTON           Spike Shooter
DNF     Marcus       MORAN             Team Louisville
DNF     Oscar        CLARK             Land Rover/The Briar Rose
DQ      Mike         SHERER            Metlife/Pony Shop
DQ      Jonathan     CARD              SATURN OF TOLEDO

Place   First Name   Last Name         Team                                              Time
1       Katie        COMPTON           Spike Shooter                                     0:40:08
2       Kelli        EMMET             Giant Bicycles                                    0:40:32
3       Wendy        WILLIAMS          River City Bicycles                               0:40:48
4       Sue          BUTLER            River City Bicycles                               0:41:31
5       Melissa      THOMAS            Team Maxxis                                       0:41:44
6       Amanda       SIN               3 Rox Racing                                      0:42:58
7       Anne         SCHWARTZ          Flying Rhino                                      0:43:02
8       Debbie       DUST              Team Kenda Tire                                   0:43:49
9       Christine    WALBERG           Team Kenda Tire                                   0:44:24
10      Kim          SAWYER            BMW-Bianchi                                       0:45:27
11      Kathryn      ROSZKO                                         0:46:57
12      Anne         CONROY            Revolution                                        0:47:36
13      Heidi        VON TEITENBERG                                     0:48:08
14      Rachel       STEELE            Saturn of Toledo                                  0:48:34
15      Amanda       MCKAY             BioWheels Racing                                  0:49:04
DNF     Annajean     DALLAIRE          Barbasol

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