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Sturbridge Road Race

Fiskdale, MA

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sturbridge Road Race Presented by Cyclonauts Racers and is a MCRA race Fiskdale, MA Saturday, April 28, 2007

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the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Sturbridge Road Race

Elite Men                   92           starters

PlaceU23Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1    1  2:15:06   Jake      Keough       CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Sandwich                   MA
2       st        Michael   Cody         Jelly Belly Cycling                                    Hadley                     MA
3       st        Alec      Donahue      Nerac                                                  Hadley                     MA
4       st        Johannes  Huseby       FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team                        Malden                     MA
5       st        Skip      Foley        360 racing
6    2  st        Adam      Branfman     FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                          Newton                     MA
7       st        Ryan      Tie          CRCA - Bandit Racing                                   New York                   NY
8    3  st        Brendan   Cornett      Mechanical Services/Cyclemania                         Lewiston                   ME
9    4  st        Dylan     O'sullivan   Housatonic Wheel Club U23                              Worcester                  MA
10      st        Joao      Correia      Bicycling magazine
11      st        Jonathan  Husk         kenda-raleigh/coyote hill mtb camps                    Burlington                 VT
12      st        Scott     Kasin        Bike America
13      st        Craig     Cook         CRCA-Remax                                             New York City              NY
14      st        Bradley   Tisdahl                                                             Stamford                   CT
15      st        Matthew   Howard       CRCA/Bandit Racing                                     New York                   NY
16      st        Nikola    Smutny       Nerac Pro Cycling                                      Vernon                     CT
17      st        Alejandro Guzman       CRCA / EMPAIRE CYCLING                                 Ny                         NY
18      st        Stephen   Weller       FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                          Dorchester                 MA
19   5  st        Brian     Hayes        FAST/IF p/b Lionette's                                 Guilford                   CT
20      st        Stephen   Gray         Bethel Cycle Sport
21      st        Piers     North        crca/princton review - think racing                    New York                   NY
22      st        Kevin     Putman       CBRC                                                   Gloversville               NY
23      st        Will      Schneider    GS Gotham/Toga Bikes                                   Nyc                        NY
24      st        Andrew    Mills        New England Masters Elite/Galaxy                       Sturbridge                 MA
25      st        Shawn     Forsyth      CCB/Volkswagen
26      st        Michael   Mcginley     AMTHEM BLUE CROSS @ BLUE SHIELD-CCCC                   Berlin                     CT
27      st        Chris     Coutu        Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Upton                      MA
28   6  st        Adam      St. Germain  TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Providence                 RI
29   7  st        Daniel    Estevez      Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc.                Worcester                  MA
30      st        Nathaniel Ward         NAV/                                      Albany                     NY
31      st        Peter     Bradshaw     MIMA / Marathon                                        Arlington                  MA
32      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
33      st        Brad      Sheehan      Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Newton Center              MA
34   8  st        Yuri      Whitehead    Housatonic Wheel Club U23                              Gt. Barrington             MA
35      st        Amaury    Arias        CRCA
36   9  st        Justin    Lindade      TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Maplecrest                 NY
37      st        Keith     Szolusha     Pacific State Bank Anderson Homes                      Los Altos                  CA
38      st        Ciaran    Mangan       CCB/Volkswagen                                         Brighton                   MA
39      st        Brendan   Matthias                                      Newmarket                  ON
40      st        Ghram     Garber       Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -
41      st        Toby      Walch        Mechanical Services/ Cycle Mania                       Marlborough                MA
42      st        Ted       Neu          CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                                  New York                   NY
43   10 st        Patrick   Goguen       CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Hopedale                   MA
44   11 st        ChristopheKohnle       Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield-CCCC                   Glastonbury                CT
45      st        ChristopheReidy                                                               West Lebanon               NH
46      st        Brian     Keegan       Nor East Cycling                                       Bristol                    NH
47      st        Thomas    Bencivengo   Anthem-CCCC                                            Brooklyn                   NY
48      st        Carl      Desroches    �quipe cycliste Bluberi - Martin Swiss - Specialized CyMontr�al                   PQ
49      st        Timothy   Stanley      NorEast Cycling
50      st        Steve     Francisco    North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com / Giant / Pedro's  Williston                  VT
51      st        Aaron     Molloy       Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -
52      st        Ben       Carbonetti   NorEast Cycling                                        Concord                    NH
53      st        Greg      Montello     FAST/IF pb Lionette's                                  West Newbury               MA
54      st        Robert    Lattanzi     CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                                  Ny                         NY
55   12 st        Noah      Harwood      Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Bedford                    NH
56   13 st        David     Bergeron     �quipe cycliste Bluberi - Martin Swiss - Specialized CyMercier                    PQ
57      st        Hugues    Lapointe     �quipe cycliste Bluberi - Martin Swiss - Specialized CyLasalle                    PQ
58      st        Jason     Skalski      Preferred Care                                         East Aurora                NY
59      st        Corey     Piscopo      NorEast Cycling                                        Dover                      NH
60      st        Armand    Della Monica CRCA/Bandit Racing                                     New York                   NY
61      st        Mukunda   Feldman      Kenda Raliegh                                          Amherst                    MA
62      st        Roger     Friedman     CRCA/Princeton Review-ThinkRacing                      Brooklyn                   NY
63      st        Matt      Baldwin      TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Danbury                    CT
64      st        Adam      Sullivan     Boston Scientific Elite Cycling Team                   East Greenwich             RI
65   14 st        Mike      Mathis       Preferred Care/QCC                                     Rochester                  NY
66      st        John      Hanson       FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                          West Hartford              MA
67      st        George    Suter        CRCA/Visit Britian-THINK RACING                        New York                   NY
68      st        Jonathan  Bruno        FAST / IF powered by Lionette's                        Boston                     MA
69      st        Alex      Bhogal                                      Oakville                   ON
70      st        Ryan      Fleming      Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Portsmouth                 NH
71      st        Charles   Mccarthy     Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Waitsfield                 VT
72      st        Stephen   Jamison      CRCA/ Sid's-Cannondale                                 New York                   NY
73   15 st        Luke      Krisch       FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                          Burlington                 VT
74      st        Matthew   Purdy        North Atlantic Velo/                      Albany                     NY
75      st        Rafael    Diaz-granadostarget training                                        Leonia                     NJ
76      st        Rick      Ball         Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear                            Cresco                     PA
77      st        Mark      Paggioli     Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC                 Glastonbury                CT
78   16 st        Peter     Bell         Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -                  Middlebury                 VT
79      st        David     Taylor       CRCA/Blue                      New York                   NY
80   17 st        Kevin     Wolfson      CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Belmont                    MA
81      st        Ron       Fantano      Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC                 West Haven                 CT
82      14:45     Haluk     Sarci
83      14:45     Marc      Lapointe     �quipe cycliste Bluberi - Martin Swiss - Specialized CyDrummondville              PQ
dsq  18 no roll ouMichael   Hruska                                      Hamilton                   ON

Elite Women                 31           starters
PlaceU23Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:25:41   Samantha  Van Gerbig                                                          Cambridge                  MA
2       st        Amity     Elliot                                                              Gloversville               NY
3       st        Zoe       Owers        Independent Fabrication/Kempner
4    1  st        Celeste                                      Brampton                   ON
5       st        Christy   Mcardle      Anthem-CCCC                                            Middletown                 CT
6       st        Breanne   Burgos       Team Tibco
7       st        Kim       Blodgett     INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Somerville                 MA
8       st        Silke     Wunderwald   Anthem - CCCC                                          Stonington                 CT
9       st        Rebecca   Nelson       MAZURCOACHING.COM                                      Toronto                    ON
10      st        Amanda    Lawrence     North Atlantic Velo                                    Gates Mills                OH
11      st        Susanne   Delaney      NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Portsmouth                 NH
12      st        Ireen     Weditz       Terry Precision                                        Toronto
13      st        Kerry     Litka        Terry Precision                                        New Hampton                NH
14      st        Erin      Duggan       Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC (road)/Velo BellAvon                       CT
15      st        Rosie     Garlapow     Terry Precision                                        Allen                      NY
16   2  st        Kathryne  Carr         CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Easthampton                MA
17      st        Robyn     Passander    Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC                 West Haven                 CT
18      st        Jessica   Spence       MAZURCOACHING.COM                                      Toronto                    QC
19      st        Kathryn   Douglas      Anthem - CCC                                           New Haven                  CT
20      st        Bridget   Nester       Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Sheild - CCCC                 Hamden                     CT
21      st        Michelle  Hurley       INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Northfield                 MA
22      st        Darcy     Foley        MTBMind                                                Sturbridge                 MA
23      st        Marianne  Stover       Independent Fabrication/Kempner                        Thetford                   VT
24      st        Naomi     Cermak       Terry Precision                                        Hamilton
25      st        Rebecca   Wellons      NEBC/Cycle Loft
26      st        Kendall   Dwyer        CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish                                New York                   NY
27      st        Amy       Mcguire      Wachovia/International Bicycle Centers                 Oakland                    CA
28      st        katherine Lambder      Team Tibco
29      st        Amy       Wallace      NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Medford                    MA
30      st        Ann       Hansgate     Terry Precision                                        Cambridge                  MA

Women 3&4&40+               36           starters

Place40+Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:28:53   Maria     Quiroga      CRCA/ Third Nature                                     New York                   NY
2       st        Heidi     Von TeitenberABRT/Latitude                                          Baltimore                  MD
3       st        Maria     Oliveria     retro velo                                             West Nyack                 NY
4       st        Karin     Holmes       International Bicycle Centers                          Beverly                    MA
5       st        Rebecca   Menke        INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Boston                     MA
6    1  st        Stephanie Chase        INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Cumberland Foreside        ME
7       st        Giulia    Righi        INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Providence                 RI
8       st        Jennifer  Rhodes       INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Brookline                  MA
9       st        Mary      Zider        INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Newton                     MA
10   2  st        Caitlin   Mcvarish     connecticut coast cycling                              Stamford                   CT
11      st        Hannah    Kirshner     Circle A Cylocross/the Hub                             Providence                 RI
12   3  st        Chery     Wolf         Bethel Cycle                                           Ridgefield                 CT
13      st        Elaine    Molinaro     Team Bikery                                            Montclair                  NJ
14      st        Bonnie    Fletcher     CRCA/NYVELOCITY                                        New York                   NY
15   4  0:00:07   Rachel    Brown        INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS
16      0:00:11   Abigail   Newell       Terry Precision                                        Cortland                   NY
17   5  st        Karen     Franzen
18   6  st        Lydia     Barter                                            North Brookfield           MA
19   7  st        Madeleine Cozine       Team Somerset                                          Titusville                 NJ
20      st        Martha    Bush         CRCA / Sanchez-Metro                                   Brooklyn                   NY
21      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
22   8  st        Erica     Adelberg     CRCA/Radical Media                                     New York                   NY
23   9  st        Susan     Maclean      Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team                      Plaistow                   NH
24      st        Stacey    Moseley      unattached                                             Westerly                   RI
25      st        Julie     Lefebvre     INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Cambridge                  MA
26   10 0:02:25   Sherrie   Kingsley     Pace Line Sports                                       Cherry Valley              NY
27      0:03:07   Hannah    Sarnow       INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Cambridge                  MA
28      0:03:21   Mary-lynneWilliams     CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling                    Brooklyn                   NY
29   11 0:03:21   Lisa      Agrusa       CRCA/AvenueA/RazorFish                                 New York                   NY
30      0:03:21   Loraine   Warner       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Stoneham                   MA

Cat 3&4                     89           starters

Place   Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:46:59   ChristopheUglietta     CRCA /Jonathan Adler Racing                            New York                   NY
2       st        Ernest    Tautkus      Exodus Road Racing/Pools etc/Brumble Bikes             Uncasville                 CT
3       st        Scott     Demel        CRCA / Brooklyn Velo Force                             Brooklyn                   NY
4       st        Justin    Brown        CRCA / Empire Cycling                                  New York                   NY
5       st        Francisco Liuzzi       Jonathan Adler Racing CRCA                             New York                   NY
6       st        Roy       Van Cleef    NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Brookline                  MA
7       st        Carl      Maslag       Team Fitness Mission/Allwood Bicycles                  North Arlington            NJ
8       st        David     Chiu         NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Arlington                  MA
9       st        Arrow     Laflamme     SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike                                Dayton                     ME
10      st        Aaron     Wolfe        CRCA/                                   Beacon                     NY
11      st        Liciano   Pavan        Fitchburg Cycling Club
12      st        Timothy   Collins      CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                             Brooklyn                   NY
13      st        Peter     Miller                                                              New London                 CT
14      st        Scott     Brooks       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Westford                   MA
15      st        Gregg     Cosgrove     Westwood Velo                                          Pearl River                NY
16      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
17      st        ChristopheBagg         Putney Bicycle Club                                    Putney                     VT
18      st        Greg      Olsen        CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                             Ny                         NY
19      st        John      Broussard    NEBC/cycleloft                                         Wilmington                 MA
20      st        Philip    Porter       CCB/Volkswagen                                         Arlington                  MA
21      st        Nicholas  Keough       CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Sandwich                   MA
22      st        Luke      Keough       CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Sandwich                   MA
23      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
24      st        Jonathan  Peterson                                                            Somerville                 MA
25      st        Daniel    Smith        Bethel Cycle                                           Woodstock Valley           CT
26      st        AleksanderBetko        CRCA/Blue                      New York                   NY
27      st        Justin    Howe         NEBC/Cycleloft                                         Arlington                  MA
28      st        Brendan   Gallivan     Gallivan Corporation/westwoodvelo trade manage racing  Troy                       NY
29      st        Robert    Wing         Sommerville sports                                     Brooklyn                   NY
30      st        Mike      Troisi       INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Lancaster                  MA
31      st        Tony      Giguere      SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike                                Winslow                    ME
32      st        Adam      Schildge     Brooklyn Velo Force                                    Brooklyn                   NY
33      st        Kyle      Foley        Cuevas/ACT                                             Wallingford                CT
34      st        Christian Eager        QuadCycles                                             Somerville                 MA
35      st        Benjamin  Tyszka       CRCA/                                   New York                   NY
36      st        Joe       Straub       CRCA - DKNY/Signature Cycles                           Chester                    NY
37      st        Damian    Bolduc       GMBC/CATAMOUNT                                         South Burlington           VT
38      st        Jurgen    Nebelung     Linscott Real Estate Racing/Peak Performance           Portland                   ME
39      st        ChristopheLoudon       CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                                  Ny                         NY
40      st        Terry     Totemeier    ICE Rocky Mtn Surgery                                  Simsbury                   CT
41      st        Joshua    Bardige      Velo Europa-Cyfac                                      Brookline                  MA
42      st        Kim       Riseth       CRCA / Jonathan Adler Racing                           New York                   NY
43      st        Peter     Hines        CRCA
44      st        Andrew    Grabarek     CCC- Keltic                                            Clinton                    CT
45      st        Mike      Bennett      INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                          Ashland                    MA
46      st        Darius    Filipak      CYCLONAUTS CYCLING TEAM
47      st        Nicholas  Bruno        westwood cycle                                         Oakland                    NJ
48      st        Ryan      Nye          Preferred Care Elite Cycling Team                      Lockport                   NY
49      st        David     Costa        Watchung Wheelmen                                      Roselle Park               NJ
50      st        Timothy   Smith
51      st        Kevin     Bessett      GMBC/CATAMOUNT
52      st        ChristopheFacas        Westwood Velo Masters Team                             Hillsborough               NJ
53      st        Corey     Masson       VeloEuropa-Cyfac                                       Concord                    NH
54      st        Jeffrey   Dixon        SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike                                Windham                    ME
55      st        Michael   Berk         DC Racing                                              Brooklyn                   NY
56      st        Ian       Harris       CRCA JrDev/Orbea                                       New York                   NY
57      st        A.j.      Morrill      Portland Velo Club/CycleMania                          Hiram                      ME
58      st        Phil      Penman       Sids - Cannondale                                      New York                   NY
59      st        Jack      Piller       Team Placid Planet                                     Plattsburgh                NY
60      st        Todd      Crisafulli   NAV - Pedros -
61      st        Joseph    Cruz         NAV - Pedros -
62      st        Lucas     Fortini      CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Kingston                   MA
63      st        Dan       Hoffman      Westwood Velo                                          Harrison                   NJ
64      st        Cheyne    Hoag         JW Dundees-Home Performance                            Dansville                  NY
65      st        David     Rizzo        NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Woburn                     MA
66      st        Jerome    Townsend     CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                           Princeton                  MA
67      st        Benjamin  Clapp        Nor East Cycles                                        Portsmouth                 NH
68      st        Dan       Butler       Boston Road Club                                       Arlington                  MA
69      st        Michael   Savona       MIMA/Marathon                                          Somerville                 MA
70      st        Paul      Dolan        Team Velo Europa-Cyfac                                 Boston                     MA
71      st        Jason     Parkin       CRCA/Blue                      New York                   NY
72      st        Gustavo   Cinci        BRC                                                    Watertown                  MA
73      st        Manny     Goguen       Minuteman Road Club                                    Hopedale                   MA
74      st        Ralph     Karam        SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike                                Portland                   ME
75      0:00:40   Kyle      Smith        ESSEX COUNTY VELO                                      Boston                     MA
76      0:02:58   Bill      Mcgreevy     Team Placid Planet                                     Wilmington                 NY
77      0:04:15   Edward    Zimmermann   The Princeton Review - Thinkracing                     Brooklyn                   NY

Cat 4                       94           starters
Place   Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:43:02   Greg      Brown        NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Boston                     MA
2       st        Chad      Dalles       Bethel Cycle                                           Middlefield                CT
3       st        James     Morrison     unattached                                             Schuylerville              NY
4       st        Keith     Reynolds     NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Chelmsford                 MA
5       st        Todd      Burns                                                               Nantucket                  MA
6       st        Eric      Merrill      ccc/keltic const./zanes cycles                         New Haven                  CT
7       st        Joseph    Crooks       Cyclonauts Racers                                      Chicopee                   MA
8       st        Bertil    Petersson    CRCA/Avenue A-RazorFish                                Ny                         NY
9       st        Michael   Harney       Majik Coffee / Apex Tech Group                         Pawcatuck                  CT
10      st        Andrew    Durham       CCB/Volkswagon                                         Andover                    MA
11      st        Douglas   Campbell     Cambride Valley Cycling                                Salem                      NY
12      st        Gabrielle Gentile      cafeteros cycling club                                 White Plains               NY
13      st        Bob       German       CCNS/pedal power cycling team                          Higganum                   CT
14      st        Joe       Kubisek      Epic Velo/Cheshire Cycle                               Southington                CT
15      st        Ron       Larose 3     Anthem-CCCC Cycling Team                               Higganum                   CT
16      st        Eric      Jensen       Cape Cod Cyclist                                       Falmouth                   MA
17      st        Matthew   Theodore     Cape Cod Cyclist/E-caps                                Mashpee                    MA
18      st        Rick      Hall         CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish Cycling Team                   Ny                         NY
19      st        Steven    Smith                                                               Cooperstown                NY
20      st        ChristopheMecray       CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie                            New York                   NY
21      st        Jason     Gulbinas     NEBC/CycleLoft                                         Boston                     MA
22      st        Daniel    Owen         CBRC                                                   Manchester Center          VT
23      st        Robert    Dadekian     CBRC                                                   Niskayuna                  NY
24      st        Craig     Milano       HVVC                                                   Saugerties                 NY
25      st        Ben       Hughes       CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports                     New York                   NY
26      st        Sol       Mclellan     North Atlantic Velo                                    West Rutland               VT
27      st        David     Fierro       Mystic Velo Club                                       Uncasville                 CT
28      st        Kevin     Cummisford   Boston Road Club                                       Boston                     MA
29      st        David     Loszewski    BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops       Derry                      NH
30      st        Michael   Blanchard    Fitchburg Cycling Club                                 Lunenburg                  MA
31      st        Todd      Mickel       Connecticut Coast Cycling                              Stamford                   CT
32      st        Michael   Good         NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Wilmington                 MA
33      st        Chris     Butler       Epic Velo \ Cheshire Cycle                             Meriden                    CT
34      st        Andrew    Hudon        Team Bicyle Alley                                      New Haven                  CT
35      st        Kansas    Waugh        CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                             Brooklyn                   NY
36      st        Andreas   Runggatscher DKNY Signature Cycles                                  Monroe                     NY
37      st        ChristophePrice        CRCA/NY Velocity                                       New York                   NY
38      st        Marc      Mcshane      CCC Keltic                                             Clinton                    CT
39      st        Brian     Stone        Bikeworks
40      st        Sean      Soltysik     Team Bike Alley                                        Boylston                   MA
41      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
42      st        Bill      Moss         CRCA/                                   New York                   NY
43      st        Peter     Shapiro      AFD/                                        Cranston                   RI
44      st        Austin    Mclenithan   farm Team Cycling                                      Cambridge                  NY
45      st        Sean      Groenewald   Westwood Velo                                          West New York              NJ
46      st        Charles   Berckmann    Merrill Lynch                                          Ny                         NY
47      st        Adam      Duncan       CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear                 Hoboken                    NJ
48      st        Etsu      Taniguchi    CRCA/Avenue A I Razorfish                              New York                   NY
49      st        Sebastien Dumont       Cape Cod Cyclist                                       Dennis                     MA
50      st        Keith     Putnam                                                              Marstons Mills             MA
51      st        Oscar     Jimenez      NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Lowell                     MA
52      st        Darrell   Morrow       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Hollis                     NH
53      st        Kurt      Hoffmann     CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                                     Astoria                    NY
54      st        Greg      Herrman      BCA/VOmax                                              Lenox                      MA
55      st        Jerry     Bueno        Laredo Cycling Club                                    Austin                     TX
56      st        Daniel    Marcy        GMBC/Catamount                                         South Burlington           VT
57      st        Joseph    Drivers      CYCLONAUTS CYCLING TEAM
58      st        Joe       Parker       Bethel Cycle Sport Club                                Fairfield                  CT
59      st        Andrew    Kennedy      Boston Road Club                                       Brighton                   MA
60      st        Robert    Adams        Mystic Velo Cycling Club                               Colchester                 CT
61      st        Reed      Rubey        CRCA
62      st        Julian    Hjortshoj    NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Boston                     MA
63      st        Craig     Goodstein    SANCHEZ/METRO-CRCA                                     Merrick                    NY
64      st        Sean      Langford     CCB/Volkswagen/Time                                    Middleton                  MA
65      st        Nat       Eng          CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish Cycling Team                   Forest Hills               NY
66      st        Antony    Slokar       CRCA/                                   New York                   NY
67      st        Paul      Lynch        Mystic Velo Club                                       Colchester                 CT
68      st        Collin    Huston       SMCC/Base36/Gorham Bike                                Kennebunk                  ME
69      st        Bob       Guatelli     Sanchez-Metro/CRCA                                     New York                   NY
70      st        Timothy   Oakes        Champion System Racing                                 New York                   NY
71      st        Uri       Halevi       Team International Bicycle                             Brookline                  MA
72      st        Dan       Ouellette    Gamache Cyclery                                        Westminster                MA
73      st        Michael   Mckittrick   QuadCycles                                             Brighton                   MA
74      st        Kimani    Nielsen      CRCA/Edgemont Capital                                  East Elmhurst              NY
75      st        Tron      Witt         CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                             New York                   NY
76      st        John      Naegle       QuadCycles                                             Somerville                 MA
77      st        Ian       Sutton       QuadCycles                                             Allston                    MA
78      st        Joel      Rathbun      CRCA\ Avenue A Razorfish                               New York                   NY
79      0:00:55   #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
80      0:01:04   Tom       Prugar       NorEast Cycling                                        York                       ME
81      0:01:47   Tom       Stevenson    Tokeneke Road Club                                     Stamford                   CT
82      0:03:34   Peter     Floss        NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Littleton                  MA
83      st        Nathan    Sentz        Paceline Sports                                        112 Glimmerhill Lane CooperNY
84      st        Peter     Greer        housatonic wheel club                                  Great Barrington           MA
85      0:07:48   Kurt      Johnson      NEBC/CYCLE LOFT                                        Wilmington                 MA
86      st
87      0:07:56   ChristopheBouchard     Cyclonauts Racers                                                                 CT
88      0:11:39   Clifton   Valarose     Epic Velo/Cheshire Cycle                               Cheshire                   CT

Cat 4&5 35+                 52           starters
Place   Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:06:07   Daniel    Mcneilly     DKNY/Signature Cycles                                  Chester                    NY
2       st        Jay       Vincent      Cycle Center Racing                                    Bethel                     CT
3       st        John      Romano       Bethel Cycle Sport Club                                Bethel                     CT
4       st        Robert    Follansbee                                                          Grafton                    MA
5       st        Todd      Brown        Mystic Velo                                            Groton Long Point          CT
6       st        Alan      Blond        fitness coach                                          East Greenbush             NY
7       st        Michael   Stimson      Benidorm Eastern Bloc                                  West Hartford              CT
8       st        Jances    Gomez        QuadCycles
9       st        Alvin     Morson                                                              Newington                  CT
10      st        Chris     Petrillo     Benidorm/Eastern Bloc                                  Simsbury                   CT
11      st        Bryon     Lewis                                                               Monson                     MA
12      st        Brian     Dansin       Cambridge Valley Cycling                               Cambridge                  NY
13      st        Alwin     Winkler      cambridge Valley cycling                               Salem                      NY
14      st        Kenneth   Han          QuadCycles                                             Somerville                 MA
15      st        Chip      O'lari       Mystic Velo                                            Voluntown                  CT
16      st        Michael   Dimson       USI                                                    Bedford                    NY
17      st        Tim       Ahern        n/a                                                    Essex                      CT
18      st        Joseph    Hefta        BCA/VOmax                                              Cropseyville               NY
19      st        Lester    Bethel       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Acton                      MA
20      st        Todd      Savage       Minuteman Road Club                                    Westboro                   MA
21      st        Philip    Vanderwilden Monsters Cycling                                       Concord                    MA
22      st        John      Smathers                                                            Cambridge                  MA
23      st        Mark      Gillies      Target Training                                        Ridgefield                 CT
24      st        Eric      Scarbrough   bethel cycle club                                      Wading River               NY
25      st        Stephen   Power        Northeast Roadmasters                                  Bernardston                MA
26      st        Chuck     Berger                                                              Washington Depot           CT
27      st        Tim       Fulco        Housatonic Wheel CLub                                  Sheffield                  MA
28      st        Jess      Hatch                                                               Wellesley                  MA
29      st        Randall   Welner       UFO                                                    Ludlow                     MA
30      st        Ted       Esselstyn                                                           Higganum                   CT
31      st        Peter     Romeyn       Pedal Power                                            Durham                     CT
32      st        Gregg     Giddes                                                              Easton                     CT
33      st        John      Johnson      Connecticut Coast Cycling                              Norwalk                    CT
34      0:00:14   James     Hoard                                                               Saunderstown               RI
35      st        Phil      Simon        QuadCycles                                             Somerville                 MA
36      0:00:16   John      Vedoe                                                               Westminster                MA
37      0:01:19   Dan       Abbe         Cycloanuts Racers                                      Warren                     MA
38      0:01:45   Robert    Dillon       mad river riders                                       Warren                     VT
39      0:02:08   David     Tupponce                                                            Northampton                MA
40      st        Jim       Lynch        Mystic Velo Club                                       Colchester                 CT
41      st        Timothy   Kenefick     Capital Velo Club / Vernon Cycle                       South Windsor              CT
42      0:03:01   Gary      David        Minuteman Road Club                                    Stow                       MA
43      0:03:17   Jeffrey   Carney       NHCC/Team NH MCRA                                      Enfield                    NH
44      st        Jim       Thompson     Eastern Bloc Cycling Club                              Avon                       CT
45      st        Kurt      Reiner       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Cambridge                  MA
46      0:06:02   Michael   Foley        Team Bicycle Alley                                     Paxton                     MA
47      0:08:43   Tim       Savage       Southern Maine Cycling Club                            Saco                       ME
48      0:10:07   Michael   Mccombs      Minuteman Road Club                                    Marlborough                MA
49      0:10:34   Michael   Vagnone      Cycle Fitness                                          Trumbull                   CT
50      0:22:17   William   Walmsley                                                            Southbridge                MA

Cat 4&5 Open                51           starters

Place   Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:05:35   Matthew   Miller       OrganicAthlete                                         Jamaica Plain              MA
2       st        Cort      Cramer       Minuteman Road Club                                    Watertown                  MA
3       st        Paul      Fronhofer    cambridge valley cycling                               Argyle                     NY
4       st        Nick      Pignatello   Mystic Velo Club
5       st        Stephen   Wright       Minuteman Road Club                                    Holliston                  MA
6       st        Jon       Bernhard     CCB/Volkswagon                                         Newburyport                MA
7       st        Eric      Jarvi        NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Littleton                  MA
8       st        William   Fowler                                                              Northwood                  NH
9       st        Pieter    Van Lieu     Cyclonauts                                             Westfield                  MA
10      st        Nicholas  Bartlett                                                            Brunswick                  ME
11      st        Evan      Huff                                                                Russell                    MA
12      st        Pat       Bachant      NCC/                                        Amherst                    MA
13      st        Jason     Prusaczyk                                                           Farmington                 CT
14      st        Robert    Weiss        TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Weston                     CT
15      st        Brad      Queen        Wheelworks Multisport                                  Brookline                  MA
16      st        Bill      Doonan       Minuteman Road Club                                    Blackstone                 MA
17      st        ChristopheOpie         Arlington Bike
18      st        Tim       Mitchell                                                            Ashland                    MA
19      st        Brian     Croteau      Noreast Cycling                                        Dover                      NH
20      st        Matthew   Buckley      Onion River Sports                                     East Hardwick              VT
21      st        Yonder    Gillihan     Team Bicycle Alley                                     Worcester                  MA
22      st        James     Buckless                                                            Rochester                  NH
23      st        Andrew    Regan        Minuteman Road Club                                    Hudson                     MA
24      st        Eric      Morse                                                               Cambridge                  MA
25      st        Robert    Haber        CRCA/NYVelocity                                        New York                   NY
26      st        Michael   Cook         Minuteman Road Club                                    Blackstone                 MA
27      st        Jorge     Hernandez    Minuteman Road Club                                    West Newton                MA
28      st        Matthew   Hardy        Minuteman Road Club                                    Acton                      MA
29      st        Jesse     Perreault    Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycles                      Cambridge                  MA
30      0:00:14   Kevin     Davis        Quad Cycles
31      st        Peter     Meussig
32      st        Ric       Leeds        Minuteman Road Club                                    Needham                    MA
33      st        Matt      Clarke       Minuteman Road Club                                    Southborough               MA
34      st        Chris     Kowaleski                                                           Greenfield                 NH
35      st        Robert    Capodanno    targetraining/fastar                                   Fairfield                  CT
36      st        John      O'fallon     Connecticut Coast Cycling                              Bridgeport                 CT
37      st        Edouard   Vo-quang     Ropes & Gray LLP                                       Somerville                 MA
38      0:00:31   Thomas    Hoogendyk    NCC - Northampton Cycling Club                         Holyoke                    MA
39      0:01:12   Leo       Grepin       Boston Road Club
40      0:11:37   Erik      Schneberger  Connecticut Coast Cycling                              Stamford                   CT

Masters 35+                 80           starters

Place45+Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:46:04   Brian     Wirtz        Horst-Benidorm-PRC/TWZ Masters Cycling Team            Cheshire                   CT
2       st        Roger     Aspholm      Westwood Velo                                          Haworth                    NJ
3       st        Matthew   Kressy       360 Racing/Landry's                                    Wellesley                  MA
4    1  st        Scott     Bodin        TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Nanuet                     NY
5       st        Troy      Kimball      Westwood Velo                                          Guttenberg                 NJ
6       st        Jonny     Bold         Corner Cycle                                           Marstons Mills             MA
7       st        Kevin     Power        Van Dessel Factory Team                                Ewing                      NJ
8       st        Donny     Mills        Boston Scientific Cycling/Everactive Online            Exeter                     NH
9       0:00:05   Gary      Jasdzewski   Boston Scientific Cycling                              Arlington                  MA
10      0:00:44   Kyle      Wolfe        TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Stamford                   CT
11      st        Arik Jon  Holm         Union Velo                                             Westborough                MA
12      st        Abdul     Kabia        TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Hartsdale                  NY
13      st        Ted       Inoue        Liberty Cycle                                          New Hope                   PA
14   2  st        Anthony   Taylor       TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Brooklyn                   NY
15      st        Anthony   Maisto       Deno's Wonder Wheel                                    Brooklyn                   NY
16      st        Anthony   D Alessio    Century Road REMAX
17   3  st        Paolo     Mion         Targetraning/Fastar                                    Danvers                    MA
18      st        Michael   Norton       Cyclonauts Race                                        Monson                     MA
19   4  st        Paul      Nyberg       Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.                 Avon                       CT
20      st        Ralf      Geiben       Boston Bicycle Club
21      st        Gerard    O'shea       CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles                          Clinton                    CT
22      st        Troy      Fenderson    Boston Scientific Cycling/Everactive Online            Rye                        NH
23      st        William   Turner       Minuteman Road Club                                    Northboro                  MA
24      st        David     Rusnak       Corner Cycle                                           Claremont                  NH
25      st        Dan       Gagliarde
26      st        Leo       Devellian    CCB/Volkswagen                                         Topsfield                  MA
27      st        Michael   Patrick      Lemond/Gary Fisher Subaru/GU/Kenda                     Milford                    CT
28      st        Maximino  Veiga        TARGETRAINING / FASTAR                                 Danbury                    CT
29      st        Doug      Mckeon       Cyclonauts Racers                                      East Longmeadow            MA
30      st        Richard   Carlton      Capital Velo Club/Vernon Cycle                         Glastonbury                CT
31      st        Todd      Cassan       Westwood Velo                                          Nyc                        NY
32   5  st        Douglas   Shepard      Boston Scientific Cycling/Everactive Online            Mansfield                  MA
33      st        Torbjorn  Phillpotts                                                          Medford                    MA
34      st        Todd      Wheelden     Portland Velo Club/Kennebec Bike & Ski                 Kents Hill                 ME
35      st        Brian     Specyalski   Cycloanuts Racers                                      Tolland                    CT
36      st        Steven    Bonadio      Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team                                Arlington                  MA
37      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
38      st        Adam      Sternfield   Boston Bicycle Club                                    Brookline                  MA
39      st        Jim       Escobar      ECFA/Honeywell                                         Stamford                   CT
40      st        A. Zane   Wenzel       Horst - Benidorm - Property Research Corp              Middletown                 CT
41      st        Keith     Gauvin       cyclonauts                                             Ellington                  CT
42      st        Wayne     Prescott     Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.                 Burlington                 CT
43      st        Harry     Stover
44      st        Richard   Brown        NorEast Cycling                                        Plaistow                   NH
45      st        Paul      Richard      CCB/Volkswagen                                         Amesbury                   MA
46      st        Ralf      Warmuth      Westwood Velo                                          Highland Park              NJ
47      st        William   Shattuck                                     Bridgewater                MA
48      st        Mark      Gunsalus                                     Dudley                     MA
49      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
50      st        Mark      Stotz        Corner Cycle                                           Easthampton                MA
51      st        Wade      Summers      Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp                  Southington                CT
52      st        Dan       Staffo       JW Dundee's/Home Performance                           Amherst                    NY
53      st        Michael   Spangenberg  Cyclonauts Racers                                      Shaftsbury                 VT
54      st        Curtis    Eastin       TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   New Haven                  CT
55      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
56      st        Brian     Vickery      Arlington Bicycle Club
57      st        Peter     Vollers      Boston Scientific Cycling Club                         Woodstock                  VT
58      st        Matthew   Domnarski    Horst-Benidorm-PRC                                     Ware                       MA
59      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
60      st        Jamie     Pelletier    INCLINE TRAINING                                       East Longmeadow            MA
61      st        Brianne   Burgess      Team Tibco
62      st        Matt      Boobar       SRAM                                                   Plymouth                   NH
63      st        Art       Podgorski    Cyclonauts Racers                                      Feeding Hills              MA
64      st        John      Tomlinson    Deno's Wonder Wheel                                    New York                   NY
65      st        Ray       Johnson      Boston Scientific Cycling                              Woburn                     MA
66      st        Katherine Lambrien     Team Tibco
67      st        Alan      Cote         GMBC                                                   Essex                      VT
68      0:04:31   Gary      Aspnes       Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.                 Rockville                  RI
69      0:09:43   John      McGill

Masters 45+                 78           starters

Place55+Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:49:39   Eric      Pearce       Bethel Cycle                                           Chelmsford                 MA
2       0:00:03   Paul      Curley       TEAM Gearworks/Spinarts                                Taunton                    MA
3       st        Ray       Diaz         TARGETRAINING/FASTAR
4       st        Brian     Wolf         Bethel Cycle                                                                      CT
5       st        John      Grenier      BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Bike Shops      Lewiston                   ME
6       st        Daune     Skofield     BOB                                                                               NH
7       st        Mark      Czarnecki    Laurel Bicycle Club                                    Guilford                   CT
8       st        ChristopheDimattio     Bethel Sport CLub                                      Wilton                     CT
9       st        David     Taylor       Union Velo Club                                        West Roxbury               MA
10      st        Tim       Dodd         NEBC                                                   Westford                   MA
11      st        Roman     Paczka       Main Line Cycling Club                                 Brooklyn                   NY
12      st        Mike      Allaire      TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   North Salem                NY
13      st        #N/A      #N/A         #N/A                                                   #N/A                       #N/A
14      st        Mark      Thompson     Sunapee/S&W Racing Team
15      st        John      Della Torre  CYCLONAUTS RACERS                                      Southwick                  MA
16      st        Gene      Petrella     CCB/Volkswagon                                         Stoneham                   MA
17      st        Thomas    Butler       CCC/ Keltic Const/ Zanes Cycles                        Coxsackie                  NY
18      st        Paul      Hayes                                                               Guilford                   CT
19      st        John      Liston       portland velo                                          North Yarmouth             ME
20      st        Joseph    Rano         Gearworks/Spin Arts                                    Oxford                     MA
21      st        Glen      Fraser       NorEast cycling club                                   Hudson                     NH
22      st        Karl      Hambrecht    CCB/Volkswagen                                         West Newbury               MA
23      st        Earl      Perretti     Team Bikery                                            Montclair                  NJ
24      st        Terry     White        unattatched                                            Dorset                     VT
25      st        Kevin     Mahoney      JW Dundee's - Home Performance Cycling Team            Amherst                    NY
26      st        John      Laupheimer   NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Weston                     MA
27      st        Scott     Hodder       CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles                             Oceanport                  NJ
28      st        Mike      Pavlov       NEBC/Cycle Loft                                        Manchester                 MA
29      st        George    Adams        CCB/Volkswagen
30      st        Jay       Carrington   Cyclonauts Racers                                      Haverhill                  MA
31      st        Tom       Stevens      Gear Works/Spin Arts                                   Higganum                   CT
32      st        Edward    Deming       Mystic Velo Club                                       Mystic                     CT
33      st        Richard   Linskey
34      st        Eric      Derivera                                                            West Boylston              MA
35      st        Don       Rice         CCB/Volkswagen                                         Rensselaer                 NY
36      st        Vladimir  Scerbin      Team International Bicycle Centers                     Westborough                MA
37      st        Wesley    Beeman       laurel                                                 Branford                   CT
38      st        Keith     Button       noreast cycling                                        Nottingham                 NH
39      st        Rich      Korn         CCB/Volkswagen                                         North Reading              MA
40      st        Paul      Ayers        Arc En Ciel/MCRA                                       Wakefield                  RI
41      st        Gerald    Spignesi     Keltic/Zanes                                           Madison                    CT
42      st        Claude    Raineault    gmbc/catamount                                         Underhill                  VT
43      st        Kevin     Young        International Bike                                     Northbridge                MA
44      st        Tom       Officer      Cycle Fitness                                          Litchfield                 CT
45      st        Bob       Hachadoorian Main Line Cycling                                      Bryn Mawr                  PA
46      st        Brian     Mcguiness    Capital Velo Club                                      Colchester                 CT
47      st        Douglas   Crane        FASTER/TARGETRAINING MCRA                              Norwalk                    CT
48      st        Stephen   Ivaster      Gear Works/Spin Arts
49      st        Ken       Abrams       Arc-En-Ciel                                            North Kingstown            RI
50      st        Randy     Kirk         Cycle Fitness
51      st        Ron       Livingston   Main Line Cycling                                      Paoli                      PA
52      st        Rick      Spear        TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                   Westport                   CT
53      st        Mark      Hagen        CCB/Volkswagen                                         Natick                     MA
54      st        Peter     Saloom       none                                                   Gardner                    MA
55      st        Mark      Januskiewicz Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                                Concord                    NH
56      st        Eric      Marro        BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farms-Ariza-Goodales                                         NH
57      st        Cleofus   Price        Gotham Cyclists
58      st        Tony      Settel       Deno's Wonder Wheel                                    Brooklyn                   NY
59      st        Tim       Shea         BOB                                                    Amherst                    NH
60      st        William   Sawyer       Gearworks - Spinarts                                   Arlington                  MA
61      st        Thomas    Denny                                                               Erving                     MA
62      0:01:33   David     Foley        BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops         N. Easton                  MA
63      0:04:31   Kevin     Haley        Skylands Cycling                                       Vernon                     NJ
64      0:07:05   James     Fitzgerald   CCB/Volkswagen                                         Georgetown                 MA
65      0:07:40   Jorge     Ramirez      TEAM BICYCLE ALLEY                                     Worcester                  MA
66      st        Peter     Crowley      NCC                                                    Pelham                     MA
67      0:11:03   James     Marshall     BCA/VOmax; Masters Cycle Racing Association            Shaftsbury                 VT
68      st        Tom       Martyn       Incline Training                                       Brattleboro                VT
69      st        Sherwood  Veith        Schoharie Valley Cycling Club                          Cobleskill                 NY
70      0:15:03   Alan      Grant        Cyclonauts Racres                                      North Granby               CT

Masters 55+                 51           starters
Place65+Time      First NameLast Name    Team                                                   City                       State
1       1:12:25   Chip      Berezny      Bike Line / LWA                                        Easton                     PA
2       st        James     Themig       Mystic Velo MCRA                                       Niantic                    CT
3       st        Horacio   Ahumada      CAFETEROS CYCLING CLUB                                 White Plains               NY
4       st        Doug      Dale         Incline Training                                       South Deerfield            MA
5       st        Andrew    Buck         Bike Line/LWA                                          Dresher                    PA
6       st        Phillip   Hershberger  CBRC                                                   Climax                     NY
7       st        Michael   Mccusker     NCC/                                        Buckland                   MA
8       st        George    Pawle        Cyclonauts Racers
9       st        Ken       Goebel       Mystic Velo Club                                       Tolland                    CT
10      st        Al        Stewart      New Hampshire Cycling Club                             Manchester                 NH
11      st        Gerry     Ryerson      Skylands Cycling                                       Sparta                     NJ
12      st        Steve     Pucci        ccb/ volkswagen                                        West Newbury               MA
13      st        David     Burnell      cox communications cycling team                        Jamestown                  RI
14      st        Bill      Connolly     MBRC/Bicycle Link                                      Milton                     MA
15      st        Daniel    Sullivan     DKNY Signature Cycles                                  Florida                    NY
16      st        Richard   Martin       Masters Velo Club                                      Attleboro                  MA
17      st        Steven    Heath        Masters Velo Club                                      Woonsocket                 RI
18      0:00:05   Graydon   Stevens      Portland Velo                                          Cape Elizabeth             ME
19      0:00:10   Clive     Woakes       Competitive Edge/ARC                                   Belchertown                MA
20      st        Will      Kraham       Putney / West Hill                                     Brattleboro                VT
21      st        Mike      Kennedy      Mystic Velo                                            Groton                     CT
22      0:00:25   David     Kliger       Competitive Edge/Cafeteros                             Yonkers                    NY
23      0:01:25   John      Auer                                                                East Stroudsburg           PA
24      st        Hajo      Thiele       USI                                                    Larchmont                  NY
25      st        Michael   Miller       Masters Velo Club/MCRA                                 Middletown                 RI
26   1  st        Michael   Patterson                  New York                   NY
27      st        Peter     Leblanc      NHCC/MCRA                                              Nottingham                 NH
28      st        John      Whisnant     Boston Road Club                                       Cambridge                  MA
29      st        Stephen   Sirico       Zephyr                                                 Milford                    CT
30   2  st        William   Yellig       laurel bicycle club                                    Hamden                     CT
31      st        Steven    Ahlen                                                               Wellesley                  MA
32      st        Joe       Hepp         Southern Maine Cycling Club                            Arundel                    ME
33   3  0:02:29   Charles   Beristain    Mercury Brewing - Ipswitch Ma.                         West Hartford              CT
34      st        Ken       Swankie      Laurel Bicycle Club-mcra                               Guilford                   CT
35      0:02:08   Barry     Boyce        CCB/Volkswagen                                         Andover                    MA
36   4  st        Kaarel    Piirand      NHCC/Team N.H.                                         Manchester                 NH
37      st        Thomas    Downey       Bicycle Link/MBRC                                      Plymouth                   MA
38      0:03:58   Bob       Ludecke      laurel bike club                                       Milldale                   CT
39      0:04:39   Gary      Stewart      Boston Road Club
40   5  0:04:42   Pete      Murphy       none-MCRA                                              Glastonbury                CT
41      0:05:39   Tom       Wing         Benidorm/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club                     Torrington                 CT
42      0:07:53   Harold    Schmidt      Team Placid Planet                                     Lake Placid                NY
43      st        Van       Fronhofer    Cambridge Valley Cycling                               Salem                      NY
44      0:11:20   Annette   Kennedy      NEBC/cycleloft-MCRA                                    Winchester                 MA
45   6  st        David     Reed         Mystic Velo Club -- MCRA                               Niantic                    CT
46      0:14:03   Jeff      Fryer        Zephyr Cycling Club                                    Wolcott                    CT