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Bethel Spring Series - Ronde de Bethel

Bethel, CT

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - Ronde de Bethel Presented by Carpe Diem Promotions & Bethel Cycle Sport Club Bethel, CT Sunday, March 04, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Ronde de Bethel
Race Day                                 March 4, 2007

Cat 5 Race 1Name                         Team
1           eric          merrill        ccc/keltic const./zanes cycles
2           eugene        doherty        team dc racing
3           greg          ciocci         clinton cycling club/zanes/keltic
4           John          Romano         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5           Hank          Osborn         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
6           sergio        atocha         Century Road Club Association
7           Eugene        Cundelan       USI
8           Chris         Burke          Cycle Center Racing
9           Peter         Eagleton       Unattached
10          Jim           Reid           Bethel Cycle
11          Brendan       Mansfield      Unattached
12          Carlos        Fonseca        Unattached
13          John          Johnson        Connecticut Coast Cycling
14          Kevin         Czinger        Unattached
15          Mathew        McPartland     Unattached
16          jay           moody          bethel sport club
17          Louis         Rice           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
18          Christian     Baks           Pawling Cycle and Sport
19          Chris         Bingman        Unattached
20          #N/A          #N/A           #N/A

Cat 5 Race 2Name                         Team
1           zachary       staszak        Pawling Cycle & Sport
2           Thomas        Butner         Verge
3           Daniel        McNeilly       DKNY/Signature Cycles
4           Matthew       Jackson        Unattached
5           Patrick       Clifford       Unattached
6           Mike          Koroly         Team 118
7           Lyle          Baron          Unione Sportiva Italiana
8           Garry         Howe           DANNY'S CYCLES
9           David         Corr           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10          Thomas        Thornton       Unattached
11          Matt          Muney          Connecticut Coast Cycling
12          Adam          Grare          Unattached
13          Michael       Maher          Westwood Velo
14          Gregg         Ziebell        Unattached
15          Jim           Brockway       Pauling Cycle Sport
16          Brian         Tompkins       Eastern Bloc Cycling Club
17          Bart          McDonough      Target Training
18          Kurt          Weber          Bethel Cycle Sport Club
19          #N/A          #N/A           #N/A
20          Cristiano     Gloria         Cycle Center Racing

Cat 4       Name                         Team
1           Joe           Straub         DKNY/Signature Cycle
2           Jordan        Copeland       Team DC Racing (Danny's Cycles)
3           Jonathon      Warchol        Connecticut Coast Cycling
4           George        Meyer          DKNY/Signature Cycle
5           Ron           LaRose 3       Anthem-CCCC Cycling Team
6           Chad          Dalles         Bethel Cycle
7           Brian         Kelley         Pawling Cycle and Sport
8           gabrielle     gentile        cafeteros cycling club
9           Glenn         Babikian       DKNY/Signature Cycle
10          Todd          Gay            Bethel Cycle club
11          #N/A          #N/A           #N/A
12          Lee           Davis          Unattached
13          Todd          Nicotra        Connecticut Coast Cycling
14          Eduardo       Atehortua      Cafeteros Cycling Club
15          Kansas        Waugh          CRCA
16          Sam           Dodge          Stage 1/Fusion Think
17          Charles       Litty          Bethel Cycle club
18          Matt          Pascale        DC Racing
19          Andreas       Runggatscher   DKNY/Signature Cycle
20          Jesse         Gutierrez      DC Racing Team

Juniors     Name                         Team
1           Robert        Schmidt        Capital Bicycle Racing Club
2           Greg          Carpenter      DEVO/NSO
3           Ryan          Barlow         ACT
4           Filip         Capala         Capala Brothers Polska
5           Kyle          Foley          ACT
6           #N/A          #N/A           #N/A

Women       Name                         Team
1           Robin         Farina         Target Training
2           Anna          Milkowski      Target Training
3           Leigh         Valletti       Target Training
4           Tania         Ayoub          CRCA
5           Jennifer      Magur          Team
6           Kathleen      Billington     Target Training
7           Valerie       Hopkins        Connecticut Coast Cycling
8           Mandy         Lozano         Target Training
9           Elena         Leznik         CRCA
10          Bridget       Petrillo       Anthem-CCCC
11          cecelia       pleva          CRCA/Radical Media
12          Jacquelin     Paull          Watchung Wheelmen
13          Kathryn       Douglas        Anthem-CCCC
14          Maria         Quiroga        CRCA
15          Penny         Buchar         HVVC
16          Maria         Murphy         GS Retro Velo
17          Laura         Summers        Horst Benidorm PRC
18          Michelle      Faurot         Connecticut Coast Cycling
19          Heather       Peck           Independent Fabrication
20          Mary Ann      Martinez       CCB/Volkswagen

Masters 40+ Name                         Team
1           Eric          Pearce         Bethel Cycle Sport
2           Joe           Straub         DKNY/Signature Cycles
3           Shawn         Forsythe       CCB/Volkswagen
4           Curtis        Eastin         Target Training
5           Nelson        Macy           Bethel Cycle Sport Club
6           Christopher   Ryan           CRCA
7           Morgan        Stebbins       Target Training
8           Greg          Pelican        Bethel Cycle Sport
9           Matt          Murphy         Westwood Velo
10          David         Williams       CRCA
11          Scott         Boden          Target Training
12          Todd          Hamel          Stage 1 Cycling
13          Patrick       Lynch          Zephyr Cycling Team, Inc.
14          Rich          Foley          Keltic Construction
15          Tom           Officer        Cycle Fitness
16          Jay           Mongillo       CCC /Keltic Construction / Zanes Cycles
17          Rogelio       Frutos         Zephyr Cycling Team, Inc.
18          Christopher   DiMattio       Bethel Cycle Sport Club
19          Gerry         Clapper        Benidorm Bikes/ Eastern Bloc CC
20          Ken           Hamel          OSVC/AFD-Bikeman

Cat 3/4     Name                         Team
1           Robert        Marcinko       Connecticut Coast Cycling
2           Sal           Abbruzzese     cafeteros cycling club
3           Ryan          Haug           CONNECTICUT COAST CYCLING
4           John-Paul     Kaminski       Connecticut Coast Cycling
5           Bryan         Haas           Zephyr Cycling Team, Inc.
6           Ian           Farrar         CRCA
7           matthew       emeott         bethel cycle
8           Chris         Crowell        Stage 1/Fusion Think
9           Akira         Sato           Carpe Diem Racing
10          Max           Lippolis       TargeTraining/ FASTAR
11          Johan         Slanmark       Saab Sweden
12          Timothy       Collins        CRCA
13          Ian           Strever        Cycle Fitness
14          hunter        pronovost      Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC
15          christopher   cummings       crca /
16          Brian         Kelley         Pawling Cycle and Sport
17          Andrew        Grabarek       Clinton Cycling Club
18          Michael       Chapleau       Stage 1/Fusion Think
19          Jonathon      Warchol        Connecticut Coast Cycling
Tie 20      Joeseph       Regan          TargeTraining/ FASTAR
Tie 20      Christopher   Uglietta       CRCA/Jonathan Adler

Pro/1/2/3   Name                         Team
1           Jacob         Hacker         Unattached
2           Chad          Butts          Unattached
3           Mike          McGinley       Anthem - CCCC
4           Matthew       Baldwin        Targetraining
5           Brian         Wirtz          Horst-Benidorm-PRC/TWZ Masters Cycling Team
6           Stephan       Badger         CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
7           Eric          Brownell       Honeywell
8           Edward        Angeli         Benidorm
9           Bradley       Tisdahl        Team Swanson Tools
10          Kyle          Wolfe          TARGETRAINING / Fastar
11          Brian         Girard         Stage 1 Cycling
12          Christopher   Fisher         Saium
13          Thomas        Bencivengo     Anthem - CCCC
14          Peter         Petrillo       Anthem - CCCC
15          James         Thomas         Breaking Away Bicycles
16          Eneas         Freyre         Target Training
17          John          Funk           FIORDIFRUTTA
18          Peter         Horn           Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
19          Jahor         Buben          CCB/VW/Time
20          Tom           Officer        Cycle Fitness