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Turkey Hill Country Classic

Lancaster, PA

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Turkey Hill Country Classic
Presented by
MHC Sports
Lancaster, PA
Saturday, May 06, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Category: Pro 1/2/3 63 starters Place Time Last Name First Name Team 1 03:26:05 SANDBERG Colin Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 2 TAYLOR Josh Rite Aid Pro 3 KINCAID Stephan Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 4 03:29:14 VIERA Donna Rite Aid Pro 5 MENARD George monstrhealth cycling 6 KLOSINSKI Rich Tri-State Velo 7 HIPP Todd Evolution Cycling / Team DLS 8 WHITMAN joe dynaflo/technocycle 9 BABIK Jared Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 10 BENITEZ Ramon 11 WARNO Mark Evolution Cycling 12 STRAUB Rich Main Line Cycling 13 GAUNT Elliot Watchung Wheelmen 14 DEWALD Ryan Rite Aid Pro 15 TRDINA Brian Swashbuckler Brewing/ 16 FERRARI Matthew Penn State 17 HIJAR Pedro Team DLS / Evolution Cycling 18 REIDENBACH Fred HydroMax 19 HACKER Robert Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 20 STUBNA Mike Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale 21 03:30:48 SHORT Bill Alliance Environmental 22 GILLIAM Alex Breakaway Racing 23 BLAKE Russell Monstr Health Cycling Team 24 PIEKIELEK Nate Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 25 KONG Yong Guy's Bicycle Club 26 CHAUNER Mike CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25 27 WILSON Keith GS Lancaster 28 MAY Steve Monstr Health Cycling 29 HEBE Michael Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 30 SMITH Geoff Watchung Wheelmen 31 DEIBERT Nathan Dynaflo Racing / Technocycle BRC 32 GERBER Keith MLC 33 ATTIE Mike Tri-State Velo 34 PECK Chris Fiordifrutta 35 CUMMINGS Steve Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 36 BEERS Mike Rite Aid Pro DNS KIDSTON stewart Evolution Cycling DNS SHAW Andrew US Armed Forces DNF BILLET Fred Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale DNF DEVLIN Lou Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC DNF GRAFF Ryan Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale DNF HALTER Joseph Handlebars/Fortistar/QCC DNF HUNOLD Christian Breakaway Racing DNF KAHLENBERG Jordan Breakaway Racing DNF MARTIN Chadd Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale DNF SILBERMAN Marc High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen DNF SECRETO Louis MLC DNF BURROWES Horace Team United DNF TURNER Glenn MLC DNF SHAFFER Nicholas MLC DNF LEECH Ryan Meredith Group - GPOA DNF ARNAL Alvaro Human Zoom DNF LENART John 0 DNF MILLER Mike Alliance Environmental DNF WORK Wayne Swashbuckler Brewing/ DNF RUHL Chris CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25 DNF WOITAS Karl Alliance Environmental DNF CARNEY Jane Alliance Environmental DNF LIGHT Mark Alliance Environmental DNF WENTZELL Joe Breakaway Racing DNF FERGUSON Greg Meredith GPOA DNF TESKE Shawn PSR Racing DNF CUSHING Julian Breakaway Racing Category: Men 3/4 115 starters Place Last Name First Name Team 1 KASHUBA Dave Lehigh Wheelmen Association 2 YOUNG Chad Snow Valley 3 JACOBY Brett Gotham Cyclist 4 HENDERSON Randal Cycle Sports/Premier Bank 5 WALLS James Iron Hill 6 LALEVIC Darco Breakaway Racing 7 JOHNSON Turner 0 8 TOTARO chad Team Human Zoom 9 WINSOR Curtis Team Snow Valley/ABRT 10 MCALLISTER Elliot Team Human Zoom 11 UHL Sarah Home Depot 12 CRAKER III george monstr health cycling 13 SMITH Eli Monstr Health Cycling 14 SPOHN Matt White Rose Racing 15 SOHMER Ryan Faulkner Honda Racing 16 GERGELY Steve Swashbuckler/Pa Renaissance Faire 17 SMITH Brian World Cup Ski and Cycle Cycling Team 18 SANDERSON Scott Faulkner Honda Racing 19 MILLER art International Christian Cycling 20 POMAJEVICH Ryan Gotham Cyclist 21 FOSTER Greg LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 22 KRAUSE Eric All American Bicycle Club 23 D'ANDREA Joseph C3/ADG/Joe's 24 REYNOLDS Joe Breakaway Racing 25 PERRY Matt Iron Hill/WCCC 26 COY Graham Tri-State Velo 27 DANEY Evan Tri-State Velo 28 FRYBERGER kevin Iron Hill 29 JOHNSON Christopher Mt. Nittany Wheelworks 30 MILLER Mark Cadence 31 KIRK Barton Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC 32 HESS gale International Christian Cycling Club 33 KARABIN Timothy 0 34 MURPHY John 0 35 STAUFFER David Team Cycle Works 36 REIDER Cameron Gotham Cyclists 37 GDOWIK Jon Team Snow Valley / Annapolis Bicycle Club 38 DENTON Charles White Rose Racing 39 SCHIEL Douglas Monster Healthcare 40 FEILPEL Zachary Red Rose Rockets 41 TODD Patrick GS Gotham/Toga 42 NEIGH Matthew AABC 43 KRIAL David Bikeline/LWA 44 CENTRELLA Kyle Penn State U Cycling 45 BROADWATER Mark C3/ADG/Joe's 46 MORRISON Norman Breakaway Racing 47 KAHLER Adam Bucknell University 48 SANDBERG Ian Keswick Racing 49 NEUGEBAUER Matthew Team DRT/Deep Blue 50 KLOTZ Timothy Yellow Breeches Racing 51 ADOMSKY Jonathan Technocycle BRC/Dynoflo Racing 52 KOPANSKI kevin Iron Hill 53 MCKEON Marty Guys Racing 54 LANIER Dan LSV/Kelly Benefits Strategies 55 SWIATEK Matt Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC 56 THOMPSON Chris Penn State U Cycling 57 RUNYON Paul Tri State Velo 58 WITMER Mitchell Red Rose Rockets 59 PISCITELLO joey Cadence 60 GOVERNO Eic Squadra Loppi 61 LEMAN Adam Team Independence/Bell's Bike Shop 62 SHORT Ron Pro Pedals-Team Express 63 SMITH matthew Swashbuckler/Pa Renaissance Faire 64 SMITH Christian Evolution Cycling 65 JOHNSON Andy N/A 66 EORIO John Premier bank/Cycle Sports 67 BERSON David East Coast Velo Category: Master 40+ 65 starters Place Time Last Name First Name Team 1 2:17:25 OBER Michele GS Lancaster 2 OSBORNE David Artemis 3 INOUE Ted K2/Shirks 4 MOSKAL Robert Elite Bicycles 5 GROSE Charles Elite Bicycles 6 BLACK David ERA Cycling 7 YOST Tim Monster Health Cyclist 8 BYDOSH Jesse Upstate Velo 9 NAOYAMASHITA Nao Gotham Cyclist 10 MERRITT Michael Buck Co 11 KOLODZIEJSKI Kevin Tri-State Velo 12 VAILLANCOURT Bob GS Lancaster 13 WALSH Ken K2/Shirks 14 MITCHELL Ryan Elite Bicycles 15 CLINTON Dwayne GS Lancaster 16 ZBAN Michael GS Lancaster 17 KROTICK Glen Breakaway Racing 18 SPITTAL John GS Lancaster 19 SMITH Dean Bike Line / LWA 20 CRAMER Keith Quaker City Wheelmen 21 SHOGREN gunnar Swashbuckler Brewing/ 22 BALLARD Jere South Mt. Velo 23 VITULLI Brian Shirks 24 MCMENAMIN Tom Somerset Wheelmen 25 PAPROSKI John K2/Shirks 26 BROWN Christopher Spinners Cycling 27 DEE Michael Elite Bicycles 28 POMEROY Jim FCV 29 CORDERO Rich Guys Racing Club Category: Masters 50+ 35 starters Place Time Last Name First Name Team 1 1:01:23 KEHL Bob Guy's Racing 2 HAVERSTICK Scott ERA Cycling 3 BUCK Andrew Bike Line / LWA 4 MCHUGH Art Morgan Stanley 5 BEREZNY Chip Bike Line / LWA 6 GAUNT Jay Main Line Cycling Club 7 SAYLOR Brian Dynaflow/Technocycle 8 LORENZ Martin Guy's Racing 9 CARVALHO Joaquim Guy's Racing 10 BREUNINGER Peter 11 FREE Barry ERA Cycling 12 KENAS Joseph Guy's Racing 13 HAMILTON John Susquehanna Valley Velo Club 14 LICORISH thomas Cadence Cycling 15 WOLF Richard First State Velo 16 STOCKARD Dan ERA Cycling 17 GOSLIN Julius MLC 18 ROHLFING Jr. W. Robert BBC 19 GENTILE William Spinners/Gretna Bikes 20 CARE William ERA Cycling 21 HARTNETT Jim South Mtn Velo 22 NESLER David Main Line Cycling 23 TUTTLE Kevin Main Line/BiKyle 24 RUGGIERO Ron Tri-State Velo 25 MARTIN Paul BBC 26 CHIZKOV michael Amoroso/Victory Rasing Team 27 GUSSMAN Neil MainLine Cycling 28 WARFEL John Christiana Cycling 29 GARDNER Jack Dream Racing 30 FRAMPTON Merrick VCB/Race Pace 31 MATTHEWS Mark Guy's Racing DNF LEA Rob TEAM Fuji DNF DREESENS Peter South Mtn Cycles DNF STANLEY Phil Morgan Stanley Category: Women 3/4 20 starters Place Time Last Name First Name Team 1 1:10:20 ALLAR Erica Team Fuji 2 HAYDEK Colleen TEAM Fuji 3 SALTZGUEBER Pamela Premier Bank/Cyclesport 4 MALOUIN Annie Tri State Velo 5 MORSBERGER Susanne Team BBC 6 POLIWODA Sally Sturdy Girl Cycling 7 FETROW Mary Yellow Breeches Racing 8 COSTELLOE Mary East Coast Velo 9 TAKAHASHI Naomi Sturdy Girl Cycling 10 LIPFRET Lorraine East Coast Velo 11 GURSKI Alaina Verducci/Breakaway 12 ZEIGLER Ashley Verducci/Breakaway 13 TWEL Jody Sturdy Girl Cycling 14 LEA Tracy TEAM Fuji 15 BETHONEY Kelley Tri-State Velo 16 DEELY Diane Verducci/Breakaway 17 CROWLE Doreen Sturdy Girl Cycling DNF LEISTER Erica Morgan Stanley/Market Edge DNF GUNTER Beth Chesapeake Wheelmen DNF EBERSOLE Tammy Evolution Category: Men Cat 5 47 starters Place Time Last Name First Name Team 1 1:03:50 GILL Karandeep 2 LEA Syd TEAM Fuji 3 HESS Joseph Spinners Cycling 4 MONROE Andrew Team Faulkner Honda 5 WEBSTER Andrew Univerisity of Delaware Cycling Team 6 PANDELIDIS Nicholas Spinners Cycling 7 TERMEULEN Ryan 8 KWASNICA Anthony Central Penn Racing 9 CAVEY Mark Velo Club of Baltimore 10 COHEN Ken FSVS 11 GORDON joseph Team Cycle Works 12 LONG Michael International Christian Cycling Club 13 DISHART Matthew Monstr Health Cycling 14 GROSHANS Keith Monstr Health Cycling 15 JOHNSON Greg Philly Ciclismo 16 MILLS michael GES Technology 17 NEUGEBAUER russell qcw 18 ROW Stephen 19 SCOTT John LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 20 SANFORD Mark 21 GUY Andy 22 SWARM Paul Tri State Velo/ Amoroso 23 DUKE Ben 24 PLOWRIGHT Paul Team Cycle Works 25 BRODOWSKI Bruce Premier Bank/Cycle Sports 26 WITMAN seth Team Cycle Works 27 VILLAREAL Alexander Dynaflo/Technocycle BRC 28 STONER brian DNF AMAROSO James DNF ARMSTRONG Richard NCVC DNF BASHORE Ben DNF BROCK Jamie Cadence Cycling DNF CONNOLLY karl LSV Kelly Benefit Strategies DNF KOKUS Jon Team Cycle Works DNF MCCREADY Shane First Capital Velo DNF POTENA David PPT Racing/Squadra Avanti DNF ROSENBAUM Dan East Coast Velo DNF WATERFIELD Charles DNF WELSH Alex Quaker City Wheelman DNS ALVARENGA Carlos Squadra Coppi DNS BURNS matt DNS CLINE Anthony Snow Valley DNS CONNELLY Eric Philadelphia Ciclismo DNS DECHEKE Balint DNS KULLEN Martin DNS NEWCOMER Dan Monstr Health Cycling DNS WERNER Erik

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