Volkswagen Iron Cross 2004 Cyclocross

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Volkswagen Iron Cross 2004 Cyclocross
Sunday, 10/17/04
Michaux S.F., PA

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

On a brisk, windy, dry fall day in South-central Pennsylvania, 100
racers competed in the 2nd Annual Volkswagen Iron Cross race.  The
course for America's longest cyclocross race included 62 miles of road,
fireroad, singletrack, long rocky run-ups, gnarly descents, and a true
'cross course to start and end the race.  The race also featured 6500+
feet of grueling climbing.

Despite the difficult race course and some directional difficulties, a
strong podium emerged by the end of the day.  The men's race was won by
Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/VW/Sara Laser) in 4 hours 14 minutes and 8
seconds, followed by Chris Eatough (Trek/VW), and Gerry Pflug (SciFit,
Dirty Harry's/Go Rocket).  Bishop also won the KOM competition and
survived a late-race road crash that cost him some skin.  Eric Roman
(Independent Fabrication) was the first place single speed racer.

Deirdre Winfield (Charlottesville Racing Club) repeated as women's
champion with a time of 5 hours, 35 minutes, and 31 seconds, followed by
Mandy Lozano (Kona/Easton/CCA), and Erin Garvin (Unattached).  The
women's QOM competition was won by Elizabeth Sheldon of Tokyo Joe's.

A 10 km (+ a few k's!) running event was held in conjunction with the
bike race.  In keeping with the Iron Cross spirit, the race included
gravel paths, rooty, rocky trails, a stream crossing, and a couple of
laps of the 'cross course.  The winner of the men's race was Ed Boardman
(Yellow Breeches Racing), followed by Spencer Rennels (Boiling Springs
HS CC) and Jason McDermott (Boiling Springs HS CC).  The women's race
was won by Dr. Kirsten Guss (Yellow Breeches Racing), followed by
Jennifer McCartney (Yellow Breeches Racing), and Elizabeth Hunter.

Iron Cross was sponsored by the Volkswagen Dealers of South Central PA,
Carlisle Family YMCA, Accelerade, Inside Track, Psycho Lube, Sock Guy,
Memphis Blues Restaurant, Dr. Casey J. Williams DDS, and Galbraith
Pre-Design.  The race was a fundraiser for the Carlisle Family YMCA.

Volkswagen Iron Cross 2004 Cyclocross Results - Sunday, 10/17/04, Michaux S.F., PA

PLACE  FIRST              LAST           TEAM                                      ST  TIME      Notes

1      Jeremiah           Bishop         Trek/Volkswagen & Sara Laser              VA  4:14:08   KOM
2      Chris              Eatough        Trek/Volkswagen                           MD  4:16:15
3      Gerry              Pflug          SciFit/Dirty Harry's/GoRocket             PA  4:41:38
4      Andy               Applegate      Easton / Kona / CCA                       NC  4:43:48
5      Joseph             Ruggery        Freddie Fu                                PA  4:46:14
6      Ryan               Brooks                                                   NY  4:46:30
7      Eric               Roman          Independent Fabrication                   PA  4:49:47   1st SS
8      Mike               Buchness       Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo                  VA  4:50:37
9      Brandon            Draugelis      Cannondale Mountain Bike Team             PA  4:50:48
10     Josh               Moore          All About Bikes                           VA  4:51:04
11     michael            schultz        bluestone bicycles                        PA  4:53:05
12     Mike               Kuhn           Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  4:56:57
13     Roger              Masse          All American Bicycle Club                 MD  4:57:58
14     David              Fahnestock     LSV/Kelly                                 MD  5:01:13
15     Scott              Root           Dirty Harrys Bicycles                     PA  5:11:39
16     Steve              Hetherington                                             VA  5:19:41   2nd SS
17     Tim                Yost           World Cup Cycling of Mechanicsburg        PA  5:23:38
18     Nicholas           Broskovich     Cycle Center Racing                       CT  5:25:05
19     Steven             Viers                                                        5:26:02
20     Albert             Greene         Yellow Breeches Racing                    VA  5:32:35
21     chuck              Quackenbush    CBRC-Saab of Halfmoon/New Salem           NY  5:32:37
22     Ron                Kinser                                                   VA  5:34:12
23     Joel               Moats          Mountain Bikers of Michaux                PA  5:43:04
24     william            gilmer         tri-power                                 VA  5:46:21
25     Darius             Mark                                                     PA  5:46:26
26     Wade               Newell                                                   NJ  5:51:00
27     Jeff               Lange                                                    PA  5:58:07
28     Jonathan           Houghton                                                 MD  5:58:22
29     Jim                Swigart        Cycle Center Racing                       CT  5:59:40
30     michael            Hosany         Tri-Power                                 VA  6:00:50
31     Ed                 DeLuca         Scholl's Bicycle Center                   PA  6:01:31
32     joshua             cohen                                                    PA  6:03:27
33     Brian              Burgess        Team Beacon                               NJ  6:03:32
34     Christopher        Redlack        Chico's Bail Bonds                        MD  6:07:19
35     Terry              Ashby          Richmond Ciclismo                         VA  6:14:18
36     John               Rogers         DC Velo                                   MD  6:20:55
37     Brian              Sellers                                                  MD  6:23:13
38     George             Santucci       Biking Buddies                            NC  6:24:23
39     Monty              Warsing        Wheelbase Bikes/Trek                      MD  6:29:55
40     Chuck              Buczeskie      Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  6:29:59
41     Garvin             Louie          Union Velo                                NJ  6:34:09
42     mark               Stephenson     Charlottesville Racing Club               VA  6:40:05
43     Brandon            Eller          Biking Buddies                            NC  6:41:07
44     Russ               Berry                                                    PA  6:41:18
45     James              Wilson         Ardmore Bikeline                          PA  6:42:16
46     kevin              horvath        Tri-Power                                 VA  6:42:24
47     Sean               Smith                                                    NH  6:42:28
48     Larry              Von Moss                                                 MD  6:42:58
49     Howard             Harnett                                                  PA  6:46:07
50     John               Moody                                                    NJ  6:47:06
51     Elijah             Feinstein                                                DC  6:57:54
52     Dan                Jansen         macatawa cycling club                     MI  6:58:06
53     Dan                Jelens         Groundscontrol                            MI  6:58:06
54     Rick               Plite                                                    MI  6:58:06
55     Trevis             Benchoff       Mountain Bikers of Michaux                PA  7:03:44
56     Brian              Kane           Mountain Bikers of Michaux                MD  7:03:44
57     Paul               DePenning      CSH Racing                                VA  7:04:16
58     Richard            Hess           ICCC                                      MO  7:10:00
59     Scott              McDowell                                                     7:16:42
60     Darryl             Hawkins        Dogfish                                   MO  7:26:28
61     Robert             Sands          Evolution Racing                          PA  7:28:00
62     Len                DePue                                                    PA  7:28:00
63     Gary               Kelley         Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  7:28:12
64     Vincent            Galatro                                                      7:51:18
65     Nik                Vigener                                                  MD  7:55:33
66     Dave               Fowler                                                   PA  8:08:58
DNF    Fafar              Bayat                                                    NJ  DNF
DNF    Doug               Milliken       Team Snow Valley/ABRT                     MD  DNF
DNF    Nate               Rex            Cycle Center Racing                       CT  DNF
DNF    Brian              Wieczorek      Freddie Fu                                PA  DNF
DNF    Drew               Kolbeck                                                  NJ  DNF
DNF    Blair              Kolbeck                                                  NJ  DNF
DNF    Jim                Cooney                                                   PA  DNF
DNF    Garrett            Powell                                                       DNF
DNP    Chris              Scott                       VA  4:29:18
DNP    Colby              Brooks                                                   NY  4:32:28
DNP    T.J.               Platt          Dirty Harrys Bicycles                     PA  4:38:02
DNP    andrew             crooks         Hampton Velo/IF                           NY  4:44:24
DNP    Will               Kembery        MultisportMassage                         MD  4:55:35
DNP    Chip               Sovek          Potomac Velo Club                         VA  4:56:25
DNP    Nick               Fischer        Freddie Fu                                PA  5:00:11

1      Deidre             Winfield       Charlottesville Racing Club               VA  5:35:31
2      mandy              lozano         Easton/Kona/CCA                           NC  5:03:07
3      Erin               Garvin                                                       5:53:28
4      Cara               McCauley       Easton/Kona/CCA                           NC  6:12:42
5      Daniele            Staskal                                                  NC  6:47:23
6      Elizabeth          Sheldon        Tokyo Joe's                               DC  6:42:18   QOM
7      Anne               Grofvert       AAVC                                      MI  6:43:46
8      Laura              Johnson        AAVC women's team                         MI  6:43:51
9      Jill               Wiest          Sutliff Hummer                            PA  7:15:36
10     Christina 'C-Bo'   Bohensky       Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  7:28:30
11     Marni              Harker         Revolutions/RCR                               7:30:54
12     Karen              Moody                                                    NJ  7:43:45
13     Vanessa            Cooney                                                   PA  8:05:28
14     Donna              Weiser         Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  7:11:27   Shortened course
15     Andrea             Brunhofer                                                    7:28:06   Shortened course
16     GWYNNE             KINLEY         Yellow Breeches Racing                    PA  7:28:12   Shortened course
DNF    Jen                Boxer          Charlottesville Racing Club               VA  DNF
DNF    Betsy              Sellers        Revolutions/RCR                           DC  DNF
DNF    Sarah              Worthington                                              NC  DNF