* * * * * * Michael R. Rabe * * * * * *

Waterford, MI

Saturday, October 2, 2004

* * * * * * Michael R. Rabe * * * * * *
Presented by
Tailwind Enterprises
Waterford, MI
Saturday, October 02, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Fall weather came just in time for the second annual Michael R. Rabe Cyclo-Cross Race.  This UCI
Class 2 event saw riders from all over the Midwest and Canada toe the line for some of the first
UCI points up for grabs in the 2004 season.

Unlike last year's event that saw tight group racing at Bloomer Park, this year's venue saw just
the oppposite as the Elite Men were spread all over the place.  Waterford Hills Speedway offered
two sets of natural obstacles in addition to the one set of barriers allowed by the UCI.  The
first obstacle of the day was a gravel pit that proved impossible to ride, while the second was a
set of logs that some of the more talented riders were able to bunnyhop.  The course also had more
changes in elevation compared to last year, forcing more of a natural selection.

Jeff Weinert (Cane Creek/Tailwind.net) won the holeshot and never looked back.  The fight for
Weinert's wheel was taken up by Jer Walker (Cane Creek/Tailwind.net), Nathan Chown (Gears
Racing/Fuji), Phil Noble (Airborne.net), Ben Turner (TIAA-CREF/Clif Bar), and Jake Stechmann
(Subway-Express).  Walker was the first to go with a rolled tire.  Chown would chase, but crashed
later and lost contact.  Turner went next and got the closest, but would also crash.  He chased
steadily and held on for second.  Up front, Weinert seemed to be the only rider not experiencing
any bad luck as he rode smoothly, padding his gap slowly as each lap wore on.

The battle for third would get exciting as former Collegiate National Champion Jed Schneider (Alan
Factory Team) made contact with Noble and Stechmann.  Stechmann was the next victim of bad luck as
he crashed heavily.  Noble and Schneider would ride together until the closing laps, when Noble
pulled away to cinch third place.  Scneider would hold onto fourth with Stechmann coming in fifth.

Coming off a win the week before, Weinert (former Master's National Champion) was able to cruise
to his first UCI victory with a margin of 1:04.

Elite Men

1. Jeff Weinert (Cane Creek/Tailwind.net) 1:04:48
2. Ben Turner (TIAA-CREF)/Clif Bar)          1:04
3. Phil Noble (Airborne.net)                 1:51
4. Jed Schneider (Alan Factory Team)         2:04
5. Jacob Stechmann (Subway-Express)          2:34
6. Bjorn Selander (Alan Factory Team)        4:22
7. Nathan Chown (Gears Racing/Fuji)          4:37
8. Ryan Myers (PBF Cycling)                  4:45
9. Jer Walker (Cane Creek/Tailwind.net)      4:45
10. Jeff Bannink (Bike Fit)                  5:09
11. Mark Hekman (Wolverine Sports)           6:02
12. Al Senft (Nuvo/Bap)                      6:04

1 lap behind

13. Vince Roberge (AAVC/Team Bikesport)
14. Nathanael Ziccardi (Wolverine Sports)
15. Steve Mlujeak (U.S. Armed Forces)
16. Jason Lummis (Bells Beer/Trek)
17. Joe Bellante (Biowheels Racing)
18. Billy Holmes (Intense Factory)
19. Nathan Griffith (Ford/Giant Bikes)
20. Todd Turner (Airborne.net)