Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race
Elwood,New Jersey
September 19, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men cat 3-4    45 miles
1.David Smith-Metro
2.Paul Montemuro-Liberty Cycle
3.Daniel Brill-Beacon
4.Gregory Danielwicz-Bucks County
5.Matt Harington-MLC
6.Nathaniel Buyon-Ideal Tile
7.Pablo Arias
8.Benjamin Garrett-QCW
9.Eric La Flamme
10.Randy Inglis-DRT

Cat 35-  45 miles
1.Rich Ross-Mambo
2.Anthony Settel-Conrads-
3.Shawn Ricci-Guys
4.Kevin Keith-Mambo
5.Dave Hudson-Mambo
6.Steve Cochrane-Mambo
7.Dan Matchett-
8.William Jones-Bucks County
9.Kelly Cline-Wissahickon
10.Chris Roster-tsv

Men 123 60 miles

1.Chris Samuel-Pro Pedals
2.Eric Wallenburg-Pro Pedals
3.Dave Taylor-Century
4.Franz Martin
5.Alberto Blanco-508
6.Greg Ferguson
8.Bob Janssen-Pro Pedals
9.Joe Reynolds-wissahickon
10.Christian Young-Ideal Tile
11.Yong Kong-Guys
12.Anthony Settel-Conrads
13.Graig Worst-bcrc
14.Jim Small-Pro Pedals

Men 45  45 miles

1.Joseph Canio-Liberty
2.Vladimir Borovkov-Somerset
3.Joe Manacchio-Guys
4.Dave Buegler-jrnr
5.Brian Gristick
6.Tom Simpson-Summit
7.Bob Kehl-Guys
8.Tim Toms
9.Mike Speranza
10.Joe Zuppa-3d

Cat 5  30 miles
1.Pete Wilson -summit
2.William Bulman-Pro Pedals
3.Andrew Quinn
4.Scott Chew-Pro Pedals
5.Otto Sanchez-Pro Pedals
6.Mike Broderick
7.Lawrence Roman-Pro Pedals
8.Dave Istuan
9.Marcus Handy-mlc
10.Brad Clark
11.Louis D Amelio
12.Herman Pharo-Pro Pedals

Women  30 miles
1.Nancy Heller-Breakaway
2.Kimille Taylor-crca
3.Racheal Lederman -crca
4.Laura Carlson-Mambo
5.Cheryl Silva-stpd
6.Kathy Mulholland-Action Wheels

Men 55   30 miles
1.Eddie Lowenstein-qcw
2.Jerome Weiner-Guys
3.Mike Slusenski-Pro Pedals
4.Eddie Mack-Atlantic
5.Charles Elkin

Pro Pedals would like to thank the following people for their support of road cycling.
Without them we would not have these great events.
Thanks Guys

STPD-Chief Parker                STPD-Police motorcycle guys
STPD-CP.Larry Parker
STPD-LT.John Halbeison
STPD-Cheryl Silva
STPD-Herman Pharo
Mulica Township Ambulance

Chuck DeFebbo
Pat Kelly
Mike "Buttons"Nigro
Mike Sirolli
"Big" Jim Mauroff
Steve Carroll
Dave Heritage
Melissa Janssen